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David Bolton

David Bolton

With multiple family members currently in senior living facilities, David is in the trenches every week, learning the ins and outs of nursing homes, assisted living, memory care, and general senior living.

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Nichole Lindemier

Nichole Lindemier

Nichole Lindemier BSN, RN is a Neuro-Rehabilitation Nurse, educator and freelance writer based in Michigan who has 15 years of experience caring for adults in Emergency, Long-Term Care and Assisted Living settings. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan-Flint and is currently pursuing her degree as aFamily Nurse Practitioner with the University of Cincinnati. Nichole is also the Nurse Planner for the Brain Injury Association of Michigan’s annual FallConference and Origami Rehabilitation’s annual Brain Injury Symposium. Nichole has a passion for writing, education, and public health, and truly believes that you can change the world with compassion, empathy and in the service of others.

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Connor McChurch

Connor McChurch

Connor McChurch is a native of Nashville, Tennessee where he currently is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Connor’s specific license gives him Preceptorship status in the State with Administrator-In-Training applicants who desire to become an Administrator. Connor has operated Nursing Homes and Senior Living facilities in both urban and rural areas since 2013, and has touched every aspect of Senior Living operations. Connor specializes in many aspects of Nursing Home operations including Personnel Staff Satisfaction, 5 Star Quality Metrics, Reimbursement Management, and Quality Assurance.

Connor began his career in 2013 with Signature Healthcare, a large national provider of Skilled Nursing Care headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2017, Connor managed a cluster of Nursing Homes in two states and provided oversight and management to 10 management teams. During his 7 year career with Signature, Connor’s teams attained numerous intra-company milestones for both financial and clinical outcomes. Connor was finally designated as a Special Projects Administrator, helping struggling facilities stabilize and “turn around” for the organization. Connor has since found other opportunities in Long-Term Care with other providers, as well as managing a large multi-service Assisted Living and Memory Care facility in Tennessee.

Aside from Nursing Facility Licensure, Connor also holds a Health Insurance Agent License in Tennessee. This license has enhanced his knowledge of the co-relationship both the Nursing Home Industry and the Insurance industry share.

Connor has also obtained a Six Sixma Black Belt certification. Starting in the industry in 2013, Connor quickly noticed the amount of waste and inefficiency and how this ultimately affects clinical outcomes and business outcomes for Long-Term Care settings.By studying the various Lean tools, systems, and techniques, Connor can apply this advanced skill set to better impact Nursing Home operations system integrity of his Nursing Facilities.

Connor has been leading high-impact teams since his early teens. Having a sports background and having played football collegiately, Connor understands how critical high-impact Leadership is for Nursing Facilities and Senior Living campuses. Connor’s Leadership style can be described as being a positive force, an optimistic and likeable Leader, and a results-oriented and energetic individual who thrives in a fast-paced environment.

Connor began blogging in 2021 in an effort to join other Industry peers in sharing a unique but alarming perspective on the Skilled Nursing environment through his personal experiences and perspective as a Nursing Home Administrator.

In his spare time, Connor is a board member of the Tyler McChurch Memorial Foundation; a foundation in memoriam of his late brother who tragically passed away in 2013. Through this foundation, the organization organizes and funds various Youth support programs in Tennessee. Connor is originally from Clinton, Iowa however has called Tennessee home for much of his life. Connor is a husband and father of two children, and enjoys camping, hiking, golfing, sports events and concerts.

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