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David Bolton

If you're thinking about retiring in Florida, you need to evaluate the decision thoroughly. Take a look at some benefits of retiring in Florida (pros & cons).

Benefits of Retiring In Florida (Pros & Cons)

David Bolton

Many folks in older age brackets ask an important question: can senior citizens collect unemployment?

Can Senior Citizens Collect Unemployment?

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We love planning for retirement. It's somewhat of a hobby, and we want to share what we've learned with you. Over the years we've found the best ways to live, how to travel, take on new hobbies and give back. Happiness in retirement is the main goal, and having the right information allows us (and you) to achieve that.

David Bolton

When retirement comes close, you have to consider the right place to go through the process. What are the benefits of retiring in New Jersey?

Benefits of Retiring In New Jersey (Pros & Cons)

David Bolton

If you are reaching the end of your career, then retirement is probably just around the corner for you, but where can you do it without owning a car?

Best Places To Retire Without A Car

David Bolton

If you are nearing your retirement and love playing golf, then the one thing you probably want is a never-ending session on the course - we know how you feel!

Best Golf Communities To Retire In

David Bolton

Are you dreaming of retiring to a tropical paradise? You may wonder whether Hawaii or Florida would make a better retirement home.

Should You Retire In Hawaii Or Florida?

David Bolton

Being a U.S. Senator may seem like a cushy job, with great salary and benefits. But how much do Senators make when they retire.

How Much Do Senators Make When They Retire?

David Bolton

Do you dream of a retirement spent riding horses and watching them graze in peaceful meadows?

Best Places To Retire With Horses

David Bolton

If you are a single man and looking forward to your retirement, there is really no better way to do it than by leaving the country and living abroad.

Best Places Abroad To Retire For A Single Man

David Bolton

Retirement is something that all couples look forward to after a long career, but you may find that certain locations will suit you better if you are gay.

Best Places To Retire For Gay Couples

David Bolton

If you are looking forward to settling down, then you really can’t go wrong with Kentucky or Tennessee, but which one is better for retirement?

Kentucky Or Tennessee To Retire?

David Bolton

Do senior citizens need a fishing license? Given that fishing is an enjoyable and relatively low-cost pastime, that’s one question many older Americans ask.

Do Senior Citizens Need a Fishing License?

David Bolton

Can senior citizens join the Peace Corps? Some older Americans who never got the chance to serve when younger often ponder this question.

Can Senior Citizens Join The Peace Corps?

David Bolton

After retirement, many seniors wish to travel, but traveling abroad presents the challenge of communication. You may wonder if it is possible for older adults to learn a new language.

Can Senior Citizens Learn A New Language?

David Bolton

If you are a senior citizen looking for ways to serve your local area, you may wonder if you are eligible to donate blood.

Can Senior Citizens Donate Blood?

David Bolton

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about free government cell phones, leaving some wondering - can senior citizens get free cell phones?

Can Senior Citizens Get Free Cell Phones?

Nichole Lindemier

Looking into Aging in Place, but don’t know where to start? Follow these guidelines to help you find a qualified specialist near you.

How To Find & Choose an Aging In Place Specialist

David Bolton

Can senior citizens be foster parents? A valid question since the average life expectancy has doubled over the past centuries.

Can Senior Citizens be Foster Parents?

David Bolton

There’s no simple answer to the question “Can senior citizens be excused from jury duty?” because each state court system and federal court has its own rules.

Can Senior Citizens be Excused from Jury Duty?

David Bolton

As more Americans continue driving beyond the age of 70, some may wonder if senior citizens can apply for a driving license.

Can Senior Citizens Apply for a Driving License?

David Bolton

Southwest Airlines has a complicated boarding process. Senior citizens may wonder if they can board early for easier access to seating.

Can Senior Citizens Board Early on Southwest?

David Bolton

Low income seniors often have a hard time because they have a fixed income. If this is you, then you may benefit from property tax exemptions.

Senior Low Income Property Tax Exemption

David Bolton

Internet access is a necessity, but it can also take away funds that you need for things like food or rent. Luckily, there are some programs for low-income seniors.

Can Seniors Get Free Internet?

David Bolton

If you are receiving Social Security benefits, you may also wonder about medical coverage. Do you have to sign up or are you already enrolled in Medicare?

Does Social Security Automatically Enroll You In Medicare?

David Bolton

While internet discounts for seniors aren’t as common as retail or grocery discounts, elderly internet users can still get reliable networks at cheaper prices.

Best Low Cost Internet For Seniors

David Bolton

When it comes to choosing the right gifts for seniors or elderly friends, make sure that the gifts are practical, functional, and sometimes sentimental.

Gifts for Elderly Friends: 100 Ideas

David Bolton

What does it actually mean to be retired? And how can someone possibly cope with this new phase of life having been a professional all their lives?

What Does Being Retired Mean?

Its a new phase of life...

David Bolton

As the youngest baby boomer (born in 1964), your full retirement age is 67 for Social Security. This means that your retirement window will start in 2026.

When can I Retire if I was Born in 1964?

Youngest baby boomers...

David Bolton

What do you do if in your 50s, you’re unequipped to retire comfortably in the next decade? Or you are 30, and would love to retire early on your 40th birthday?

How to Retire in 10 Years with No Savings

Retire in 10 years...

David Bolton

When the owner of a company retires, how does the company deal with the transition into a new phase and cope with the changes of a new owner?

What Happens to a Corporation After Its Owner Retires?

Everyone retires at some point...

David Bolton

A stairlift is, without a doubt, one of the best tools for maintaining your independence after a serious injury or in the face of aging.

Best Stair Lifts - A Complete Guide (With Our Top 5)

Maintain your independence...

David Bolton

Some cell phone plans are better for retired people than others. The best plan for one person is not the best plan for everyone; each plan has its strengths.

9 Best Cellphone Plans For Seniors

Pick the right one for you...

David Bolton

For many Americans, one of the best strategies is retiring abroad. But which are the best countries to retire to? Well, let's find out.

5 Best Countries To Retire To

Several things to consider...

David Bolton

While it may be tempting to look for simpler options such as selling your property when a family member has difficulty with mobility, installing a home elevator can be one of the best moves.

Top 5 Home Elevators: A Complete Guide

One of the best moves...

David Bolton

Many benefits accompany your 55th birthday. These benefits are available in almost every facet of life from health, finances, transportation, education, travel, and everyday purchases.

What Benefits Do You Get at Age 55?

Many benefits accompany your 55th birthday...

David Bolton

Retirement is an involved process that often evolves. The most important thing is to have enough finances to sufficiently fund your retirement.

What Do You Need to Do to Retire?

Retirement is an involved process...

David Bolton

People often feel confused about what to say in their resignation letter for retirement, and knowing how big of an impact it can make, their confusion is justified.

What Should a Resignation Letter Say for Retirement?

What it should say...

David Bolton

You've worked for so many years, saved wisely, and now feel that you're fully ready to retire. Do you have to give notice to retire?

Do I Have To Give Notice To Retire?

Never leave ‘em hanging...

David Bolton

Is Social Security enough to retire on? Unfortunately, not. If you're looking to maintain something similar to the lifestyle you had when working, you have to understand that Social Security alone will not be enough.

Is Social Security Enough to Retire On?

A lifeline for millions of retired Americans...

David Bolton

Final expense insurance is a great way of protecting your family from the burden that comes with funeral and burial expenses. Let's figure out if this policy might be right for you.

Is Final Expense Insurance A Good Deal?

Protect your family...

David Bolton

There are several senior housing options that it's easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the wide variety of care types and styles of senior living communities.

Guide To Senior Housing - All The Options

Make the best senior living housing choices...

David Bolton

Senior discounts are one of a few great incentives that you can get when you become older. You've done your part in life and now you deserve some discounts.

2022 Senior Discounts - Where To Save

You deserve some discounts...

David Bolton

There are several ways to increase your savings and retire quickly before you attain the age of 60.

How To Retire Quickly

Retiring early can seem like an impossible long shot...

David Bolton

Ordinarily, the best age to retire is about 65 years old. 60-65 is a pretty universally acceptable retirement age.

What Is The Best Age To Retire?

Retirement can't come fast enough...

David Bolton

Retirement is the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of people. You may be starting to feel "old", but you are about to have a sense of freedom you've never had before.

When Should You Tell Your Employer You Are Retiring?

Retirement is the light at the end of the tunnel

David Bolton

This article will help you differentiate between resignation and retirement so you can find the best option for you.

Is It Better To Resign Or Retire?

There are several options in front of you...

David Bolton

An elderly person age 65 years or older is considered to be a senior citizen. This is because senior citizenship is closely associated with retirement and this is when most people retire.

What Is The Senior Citizen Age?

Age Is Just But A Number...

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