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Nursing Homes

David Bolton

As you grow older, you will need the assisted living and care of a nursing home. The best nursing homes in San Antonio, TX help you cherish you’re remaining years.

Best Nursing Homes In San Antonio, TX

Nichole Lindemier

If you’ve found yourself in need of nursing home care and are looking in the Fort Worth area, we have found the most luxurious facilities to suit your needs.

Best Nursing Homes In Fort Worth, TX

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Nichole Lindemier

If you’re looking to settle in Plano, TX or relocating mom and dad to nursing home level care, you can’t miss the stellar communities we’ve assembled for you.

Best Nursing Homes In Plano, TX

Nichole Lindemier

If you or your loved ones in the Dallas area are in need of high level care, look no further. We’ve found the best nursing homes in Dallas to fit your needs.

Best Nursing Homes In Dallas, TX

Nichole Lindemier

Knowing the difference between a nursing home and a skilled nursing facility can be difficult. We’re here to show you what you can expect from each setting.

Skilled Nursing Facility Vs Nursing Home

Nichole Lindemier

Researching nursing homes in your area and want to know how they compare to other states? We’ve compiled a list of the average cost of a nursing home by state.

Average Cost of a Nursing Home By State

Nichole Lindemier

You’re looking at long-term care needs but don’t know how to protect your assets from Medicaid’s income requirements? Follow this guide to protect your assets.

How Can I Protect My Assets From Nursing Home Care?

Connor McChurch

There are a number of ways to file a Complaint against a Nursing Home, but failing to follow a certain cadence may affect the outcome of your Complaint.

How To File a Complaint Against a Nursing Home

Connor McChurch

When a spouse goes into a Nursing Home, you may experience a whirlwind of clinical and financial circumstances that can leave you feeling disoriented and helpless.

What Happens When One Spouse Goes Into a Nursing Home?

Connor McChurch

A Nursing Home is not a place to go to die. Today’s Nursing Home has transformed into a transitional healthcare setting for Seniors on their way to recovery.

What Is a Nursing Home?

Connor McChurch

Nursing Home Care can be more costly than a Hospital stay. Thankfully, in America we have two main programs to help pay for Nursing Home Care.

How To Pay For a Nursing Home

David Bolton

The older parents get, the more help they need. Sometimes Assisted Living care isn’t enough anymore. Enter, Nursing Homes, providing additional required care.

When To Move From Assisted Living to Nursing Home

David Bolton

Recent national figures paint an alarming picture of the life expectancy of retired nursing home residents during the global pandemic.

Average Life Expectancy of a Nursing Home Resident

It's changed recently...

David Bolton

Is home care cheaper than a nursing home? This is a question that many people get to ask when looking at the best place to retire. But before answering this question, it's worth noting that various factors go into making this decision.

Is Home Care Cheaper than a Nursing Home?

It's worth noting a few factors...

David Bolton

Even though these laws are rarely enforced, many states have filial responsibility laws that might have adult children on the hook for their parents' nursing home bills if the aging parents cannot pay.

Are Family Members Responsible for Nursing Home Bills?

Many states have filial responsibility laws...

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