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Assisted Living

Nichole Lindemier

Looking to settle in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and eyeing Garland for your retirement home? Take a look at the 5 best assisted living facilities in the area!

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Garland, TX

Nichole Lindemier

Making your retirement home in San Antonio, TX and looking for an assisted living community that’s right for you? We’ve got the top 5 communities in the area!

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities San Antonio, TX

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Nichole Lindemier

Looking to put down some retirement roots in Denton, TX but unsure of the best options? We’ll provide you with the best assisted living facilities in the area.

Best Assisted Living Facilities In Denton, TX

Nichole Lindemier

While searching for assisted living, knowing the financial details is imperative. We’ll explain exactly how much Medicaid pays for assisted living care.

How Much Does Medicaid Pay For Assisted Living?

David Bolton

Arlington, TX has plenty of assisted living facilities to choose from, but they all have different amenities and some are better than others.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Arlington, TX

David Bolton

There are several great assisted living facilities in Georgetown, Texas, but sometimes it can be really hard to know which ones are the best.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Georgetown, TX

David Bolton

There are several options for quality assisted living care in Mckinney, TX. Choosing one is an important decision that takes a lot of consideration.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Mckinney, TX

Nichole Lindemier

Checking out the Houston area for assisted living living options may seem like a hassle, so I’ve found the top 5 communities to make your search easy!

Best Assisted Living Facilities In Houston, TX

David Bolton

There are tons of assisted living facilities in Fort Worth, TX. It is important to compare them in order to choose the best one for you or your loved one.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Fort Worth, TX

David Bolton

There are several assisted living facilities in Conroe, TX. They all have different levels of care and amenities. It is important to consider your options.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Conroe, TX

Nichole Lindemier

Ready to settle into El Paso and enjoy your retirement with some fun in the sun? These are the top assisted living communities in the El Paso area!

Best Assisted Living Facilities In El Paso, TX

David Bolton

Dallas, Texas has some great options for assisted living and memory care. It is important to look at all your options before deciding on the one for you.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Dallas, TX

David Bolton

As we age, we often find that living alone is difficult. There are many care options you can choose from, but assisted living may be the best choice.

What Is Assisted Living?

David Bolton

The high cost of assisted living is a barrier for many people, but don’t let the cost deter you. You have more resources available for this than you realize.

How To Get Into Assisted Living With No Money

David Bolton

Sugar Land, TX has a lot of options for assisted living that offer different services and amenities. So how do you narrow down the choices?

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Sugar Land, TX

David Bolton

Whether you need assisted living, memory care, or temporary care, there are options in Keller, TX. It is important to know about the best facilities.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Keller, TX

David Bolton

If you are looking for assisted living in Plano, TX, then you know that there are plenty to choose from. It is important that you pick one right for you.

5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Plano, TX

David Bolton

Owning an ALF can be a great investment, thanks to a growing senior population but like everything there are some costs and trends you need to be aware of.

How Much Money Can You Make Owning An Assisted Living Facility?

David Bolton

Budgeting for an assisted living home can be hard.Your senior deserves the best care but how do you arrive at a figure, factoring included services and care?

How Much Is An Assisted Living Home?

David Bolton

When one’s parent struggles with dementia, it becomes really important that they have qualified staff around them to give them the required level of care they need.

How To Move a Parent With Dementia To Assisted Living

David Bolton

They might not admit it but with age your parents need a bit more help. Trying to get them that help is important for their safety but how do you go about it?

How To Get Parents Into Assisted Living

David Bolton

Seniors can cover assisted living costs through Social Security benefits but these amounts aren’t enough and should be enhanced by Optional State Supplements.

Can Social Security Pay for Assisted Living?

It can cover a portion...

David Bolton

These are the requirements you must know before seeking admission for your aged ones in assisted living facilities or senior care services.

How to Qualify for Assisted Living

Before you seek admission...

David Bolton

Whether you refer to it as assisted living insurance or long-term insurance, the truth is that this policy can be quite expensive but very necessary for your golden years.

How much is Assisted Living Insurance?

It can be expensive...

David Bolton

Are the costs of assisted living tax deductible? They are if you are both considered chronically ill and are being treated systematically by a professional. If you do not meet these two criteria, you cannot deduct your assisted living costs.

Is Assisted Living Tax Deductible?

It could help...

David Bolton

You've perhaps come across the term "levels of care" when looking at the types of services provided by assisted living communities. But what exactly does it mean? Well, let's find out.

What Does Level 2 Assisted Living Mean?

Let's find out...

David Bolton

Perhaps the most significant difference between a group home and an assisted living facility is the layout of the environment.

Group Home and Assisted Living Compared

There are significant differences...

David Bolton

Many seniors often delay moving into assisted living facilities because they have the misconception that assisted living facilities will take all their money the minute they walk through the door.

Does Assisted Living Take All Your Money?

It's a misconception...

David Bolton

Many seniors are left wondering if Medicare or Medicaid will cover some or all of the expenses that are associated with living in an assisted living facility.

Is Assisted Living Covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

Assisted living is often a necessity...

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