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Retirement Communities

David Bolton

Low income senior housing is a great way to make the most out of your limited income. But how do you apply for different programs?

How To Apply For Low Income Senior Housing

David Bolton

If you are denied low income senior housing, you may feel like you are out of options. However, there still may be something you can do.

What To Do When Denied Low Income Senior Housing

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We love planning for retirement. It's somewhat of a hobby, and we want to share what we've learned with you. Over the years we've found the best ways to live, how to travel, take on new hobbies and give back. Happiness in retirement is the main goal, and having the right information allows us (and you) to achieve that.

David Bolton

A lot of seniors find that it is difficult to afford housing and other necessities on a fixed income. One option to consider is to apply for low income senior housing.

Minimum Age For Low Income Senior Housing

David Bolton

Lots of people hit retirement just to realize they aren’t as prepared as they thought. Low income senior housing may be a good solution.

How to Qualify for Low Income Senior Housing

David Bolton

Aging has taken a different turn since the turn of the century. Seniors are more active than they've ever been. They value their independence yet still require a certain level of care.

Types of Retirement Homes: A Complete Guide

David Bolton

Owning an ALF can be a great investment, thanks to a growing senior population but like everything there are some costs and trends you need to be aware of.

How Much Money Can You Make Owning An Assisted Living Facility?

David Bolton

Budgeting for an assisted living home can be hard.Your senior deserves the best care but how do you arrive at a figure, factoring included services and care?

How Much Is An Assisted Living Home?

David Bolton

When one’s parent struggles with dementia, it becomes really important that they have qualified staff around them to give them the required level of care they need.

How To Move a Parent With Dementia To Assisted Living

David Bolton

The older parents get, the more help they need. Sometimes Assisted Living care isn’t enough anymore. Enter, Nursing Homes, providing additional required care.

When To Move From Assisted Living to Nursing Home

David Bolton

They might not admit it but with age your parents need a bit more help. Trying to get them that help is important for their safety but how do you go about it?

How To Get Parents Into Assisted Living

David Bolton

How much income must seniors earn before they qualify for the various housing programs put in place by Housing and Urban Development?

What is the Maximum Income for Senior Housing?

Find out if you qualify...

David Bolton

Which American states have the best cost of living in terms of social housing rent, housing index, and average median housing cost?

How Much Does Social Housing Rent Cost?

It varies from state too state...

David Bolton

There are different types of continuing care retirement communities, but all provide increasing care without the stress of moving. Learn the basics in advance.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

There are different types...

David Bolton

Seniors can cover assisted living costs through Social Security benefits but these amounts aren’t enough and should be enhanced by Optional State Supplements.

Can Social Security Pay for Assisted Living?

It can cover a portion...

David Bolton

These are the requirements you must know before seeking admission for your aged ones in assisted living facilities or senior care services.

How to Qualify for Assisted Living

Before you seek admission...

David Bolton

Are you planning to spend your golden years sleeping most of the time? Well, we strongly believe that it might not be a good idea and that's why you need to look for the best retirement city for physically active residents.

12 Best Retirement Cities for Physically Active Residents

Keep active in retirement...

David Bolton

Mobile home parks are increasingly becoming popular with those older than 55. They're affordable, friendly, energy-efficient, and offer the prospects of downsizing.

Mobile Home Parks for Seniors: A Complete Guide

Mobile homes are becoming more popular...

David Bolton

Are the costs of assisted living tax deductible? They are if you are both considered chronically ill and are being treated systematically by a professional. If you do not meet these two criteria, you cannot deduct your assisted living costs.

Is Assisted Living Tax Deductible?

It could help...

David Bolton

Choosing to retire in a retirement community, especially if it offers several activities that will make you stay active as well as on-site healthcare, maybe all you require to live longer and have a more fulfilling life.

Do People in Retirement Communities Live Longer?

Have a more fulfilling life...

David Bolton

Recent national figures paint an alarming picture of the life expectancy of retired nursing home residents during the global pandemic.

Average Life Expectancy of a Nursing Home Resident

It's changed recently...

David Bolton

Is home care cheaper than a nursing home? This is a question that many people get to ask when looking at the best place to retire. But before answering this question, it's worth noting that various factors go into making this decision.

Is Home Care Cheaper than a Nursing Home?

It's worth noting a few factors...

David Bolton

You've perhaps come across the term "levels of care" when looking at the types of services provided by assisted living communities. But what exactly does it mean? Well, let's find out.

What Does Level 2 Assisted Living Mean?

Let's find out...

David Bolton

Adult daycare can offer a perfect alternative to caregivers by providing a stimulating social environment for the seniors outside of the home while giving caregivers a much-needed break.

Adult Day Care: A Complete Guide

A perfect alternative to caregivers...

David Bolton

A retirement community focuses on giving residents a strong sense of belonging and commits to helping seniors age well in a home life environment where they are considered a vital part of the community.

What It's Like Living In A Retirement Community

An environment like home...

David Bolton

Perhaps the most significant difference between a group home and an assisted living facility is the layout of the environment.

Group Home and Assisted Living Compared

There are significant differences...

David Bolton

Many seniors often delay moving into assisted living facilities because they have the misconception that assisted living facilities will take all their money the minute they walk through the door.

Does Assisted Living Take All Your Money?

It's a misconception...

David Bolton

Many seniors are left wondering if Medicare or Medicaid will cover some or all of the expenses that are associated with living in an assisted living facility.

Is Assisted Living Covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

Assisted living is often a necessity...

David Bolton

Even though these laws are rarely enforced, many states have filial responsibility laws that might have adult children on the hook for their parents' nursing home bills if the aging parents cannot pay.

Are Family Members Responsible for Nursing Home Bills?

Many states have filial responsibility laws...

David Bolton

For many seniors, the prospect of moving out of the home they've lived in for most of their lives and moving into a senior living community instead may feel like surrendering to a fight that they aren't ready to surrender.

Why Are Senior Apartments Cheaper?

Minimal living expenses...

David Bolton

With millions of retirees trying to find affordable senior housing, the waitlists are staggering, and being on the waitlist for two to five years is considered normal.

How Long Is The Wait For Senior Housing?

It could be a long wait...

David Bolton

At a time when more and more Americans are looking for the perfect places to live after retirement, it's of great importance to look at the real costs of senior living.

How Much is Senior Living per Month?

The real costs of senior living...

David Bolton

Affordable senior housing may not be one of the glitziest properties but they are important in serving low-income seniors throughout the United States.

How Does Affordable Senior Housing Work?

Affordable Senior Housing

David Bolton

Most senior living communities allow their residents to live full and independent lives in their own abode. But how does one qualify for senior living?

How Do You Qualify for Senior Living?

How to qualify...

David Bolton

Living by the rules and regulations will not only make your life in the communities a lot easier but may also influence the type of services and amenities that are offered to the residents.

Rules for 55+ Communities - All You Should Know

There are rules...

David Bolton

Are you looking to retire in Sin City? Well, there's a wide array of excellent senior housing options that makes Las Vegas worth checking out.

Best Senior Housing Options in Las Vegas

Retiring in Sin City...

David Bolton

Do 55+ communities pay school taxes? Yes, you're responsible for paying property taxes if you own a home in a 55+ community. School taxes are included in property taxes, so it's difficult to avoid them.

Do 55+ Communities Pay School Taxes?

Yes, you're responsible...

David Bolton

Looking for the best 55+ communities in the United States? Our experts have researched for you and present the best places to retire in each state.

The Best 55+ Retirement Communities (2021)

Only the best...

David Bolton

While many people always wait for a crisis to occur before making the move, it’s often advisable to plan ahead of time and move before something bad happens.

When Should You Move To A Retirement Community?

It's a very complicated decision...

David Bolton

When you’re looking for a retirement home, you are looking for more than just a new home.

How To Evaluate a Retirement Community

More than just a new home

David Bolton

The best place to start finding low-income senior housing is by contacting your local public housing agency or HUD office.

How To Find Low Income Senior Housing

Finding them can be challenging...

David Bolton

Finding the best city to retire to should be about finding the most perfect place where you are free to be you, and meets your financial requirements.

10 Best Cities To Retire To

Now it's time to have some fun...

David Bolton

It is important to have a conversation with them and involve them in the decision. Your parent may be getting older, but they are still just as deserving of love, respect, and compassion. 

How Can I Convince My Parent To Move To A Retirement Home?

Your parent may be getting older...

David Bolton

One of the most common questions are concerns for knowing when the right time to move into a retirement home will be.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Move to a Retirement Home?

For some, getting older comes with a sense of dread.

David Bolton

There are many ways in which your family members can help take some of those things off your plate. Asking for help doesn’t mean admitting weakness.

How Can Family Help With Moving To A Retirement Home?

That’s what family is for!

David Bolton

It is a normal human behavior to worry about parents, but sometimes this well-intended emotion goes a little too far and backfires.

What If I Don’t Belong In A Retirement Home?

Are you able to do everyday tasks without help?

David Bolton

Relax! Take a deep breath! What you’re feeling is perfectly and completely normal and expected. You’re dealing with a huge, and possibly one of your largest, life changes.

What To Expect In a Retirement Community

Getting settled in your new home...

David Bolton

When a resident of a retirement home is unhappy, changes need to be made in order to give them a better life.

My Parents Are Unhappy In Their Retirement Community

Do we move them, or work with the situation?

David Bolton

During a period of change, love and support is necessary for a smooth transition. Having a strong community of people around you is so beneficial to your health.

Preparing Parents to Move to a Retirement Home

Support and preparation is key...

David Bolton

While most people would prefer to have a single room while living in a retirement community, that may not always be possible.

How to Share a Retirement Living Space

It can be a fulfilling experience...

David Bolton

They can prove to be centers for community, safety, peace, along with many other wonderful qualities...

What Are The Benefits of Moving To A Retirement Home?

There are more benefits than you'd think...

David Bolton

It can often be tempting to feel the need to pack every single item that you own into a box and bring everything...

What Should You Bring to a Retirement Community?

Don't forget the family photos...

David Bolton

Whenever you talk to someone about retirement, one of the first subjects of discussion will be location change. How do you decide where you want live in retirement?

How to Decide Where to Live in Retirement

Do you prefer beach or mountains?

David Bolton

This is one of the most crucial questions to answer when planning for life after career.

Where Will You Spend Your Retirement?

The choice can be tough...

David Bolton

When you’re looking for retirement homes, it is often confusing and frustrating trying to figure out which community is best.

What Types of Retirement Communities are There?

Which community is best for you?

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