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Low income senior housing is a great way to make the most out of your limited income. But how do you apply for different programs?

How To Apply For Low Income Senior Housing

David Bolton

If you are receiving Social Security benefits, you may also wonder about medical coverage. Do you have to sign up or are you already enrolled in Medicare?

Does Social Security Automatically Enroll You In Medicare?

David Bolton

If you are denied low income senior housing, you may feel like you are out of options. However, there still may be something you can do.

What To Do When Denied Low Income Senior Housing

David Bolton

A lot of seniors find that it is difficult to afford housing and other necessities on a fixed income. One option to consider is to apply for low income senior housing.

Minimum Age For Low Income Senior Housing

David Bolton

While internet discounts for seniors aren’t as common as retail or grocery discounts, elderly internet users can still get reliable networks at cheaper prices.

Best Low Cost Internet For Seniors

David Bolton

When it comes to choosing the right gifts for seniors or elderly friends, make sure that the gifts are practical, functional, and sometimes sentimental.

Gifts for Elderly Friends: 100 Ideas

David Bolton

We all love our children and want to prepare them for the future as best we possibly can, right? Of course we do! What are the best ways to invest for your children?

How To Invest For Your Children

David Bolton

Lots of people hit retirement just to realize they aren’t as prepared as they thought. Low income senior housing may be a good solution.

How to Qualify for Low Income Senior Housing

David Bolton

Maxing out your 401(k) is exciting but you may still have the itch to invest more. With all the options out there, how else should you invest for your future?

How To Invest For Retirement After Maxing Out a 401K

David Bolton

Safe investing is not as exciting as riskier options, but it gives you a better chance of having a guaranteed nest egg. But what is the safest way to invest?

What Is The Safest Retirement Plan?

David Bolton

You may be curious if social security affects unemployment or vice versa. You may also want to know if public or private disability payments affect benefits.

Does Social Security Affect Unemployment?

David Bolton

Aging has taken a different turn since the turn of the century. Seniors are more active than they've ever been. They value their independence yet still require a certain level of care.

Types of Retirement Homes: A Complete Guide

David Bolton

There is no such thing as being too old to practice yoga. Yoga can be quite beneficial the older you get. It can be a great way to enhance your overall wellness and physical health.

Yoga For Seniors: How To Get Started

David Bolton

Saving for retirement means sacrificing now for a better future. But it’s hard to determine how much you should be saving to enjoy life both now and later.

What Percentage Should I Contribute To My 401k?

David Bolton

An actively managed 401(k) can outperform the market and give you a bigger nest egg in retirement. It’s time to learn how to find out how yours is managed.

How Can I Find Out If My 401k Is Actively Managed?

David Bolton

Managing your own 401(k) account can be beneficial or disastrous depending on how you choose to invest, but it gives you complete control over your future.

Can I Manage My Own 401k?

David Bolton

A look into the possibility of having multiple 401(k) retirement accounts in your name and the advantages and disadvantages of having more than one.

Can I Have Multiple 401k Accounts?

David Bolton

If you are nearing the time in your life when you can draw Social Security, you may be wondering if it counts as taxable income.

Does Social Security Count as Income?

David Bolton

Deciding whether or not to use a wealth manager is a big decision. Knowing everything you can will help you decide without too much stress.

Is a Wealth Manager Worth It?

David Bolton

Owning an ALF can be a great investment, thanks to a growing senior population but like everything there are some costs and trends you need to be aware of.

How Much Money Can You Make Owning An Assisted Living Facility?

David Bolton

Budgeting for an assisted living home can be hard.Your senior deserves the best care but how do you arrive at a figure, factoring included services and care?

How Much Is An Assisted Living Home?

David Bolton

When one’s parent struggles with dementia, it becomes really important that they have qualified staff around them to give them the required level of care they need.

How To Move a Parent With Dementia To Assisted Living

David Bolton

The older parents get, the more help they need. Sometimes Assisted Living care isn’t enough anymore. Enter, Nursing Homes, providing additional required care.

When To Move From Assisted Living to Nursing Home

David Bolton

They might not admit it but with age your parents need a bit more help. Trying to get them that help is important for their safety but how do you go about it?

How To Get Parents Into Assisted Living

David Bolton

We all know we need to save money in order to retire comfortably, but that doesn’t mean we all do. Retirement seems like a distant future, but it comes fast.

When to Start Saving for Retirement

David Bolton

A 401(k) match is additional money that an employer contributes to an employee’s 401(k) plan, matching some, or all, of the employee’s contribution.

How Does 401k Matching Work?

David Bolton

You can receive guaranteed payments after retirement through an annuity, a pension, and Social Security to help give you the retirement of your dreams.

What Investment Guarantees Payments After Retirement?

David Bolton

Retirement funds are accounts that you contribute money to for future use during retirement that are tax-advantaged to help your money grow more over time.

How Do Retirement Funds Work?

David Bolton

Is child support for retired parents the same as it is with the employed one? And how do you obtain child support from the Social Security benefits of a senior?

How Does Retirement Affect Child Support?

David Bolton

What is it like for those who are planning to retire at the earliest age given by the SSA? How much do they get as social security benefits? And how can they not go broke?

How Does Retiring Early Affect Social Security?

David Bolton

What does it actually mean to be retired? And how can someone possibly cope with this new phase of life having been a professional all their lives?

What Does Being Retired Mean?

Its a new phase of life...

David Bolton

As the youngest baby boomer (born in 1964), your full retirement age is 67 for Social Security. This means that your retirement window will start in 2026.

When can I Retire if I was Born in 1964?

Youngest baby boomers...

David Bolton

Will your savings, social security benefits, and money in your retirement accounts be sufficient to last the duration of your retirement life?

How Long Will My Savings Last in Retirement?

Plan accordingly...

David Bolton

What will the Social Security Administration do with the benefits of someone that dies before retirement and how can a social security claim this benefit?

What Happens to Your Social Security Benefits When You Die?

Heres what happens...

David Bolton

What is the best retirement plan you can undergo after receiving an inheritance of $200,000 and what are the possible outcomes you will face?

How to Retire on 200k Inheritance

Tips for inheritance...

David Bolton

For many seniors, staying on top of daily housekeeping can be challenging. For that reason, having a housekeeping plan for your aging loved ones is paramount.

Housekeeping for Seniors: A Complete Guide

Simplify your housekeeping...

David Bolton

What are the special benefits that low income earning seniors can enjoy, and how do they go about the application of these programs?

What Low Income Senior Benefits Are Available?

There's more than you think...

David Bolton

How much income must seniors earn before they qualify for the various housing programs put in place by Housing and Urban Development?

What is the Maximum Income for Senior Housing?

Find out if you qualify...

David Bolton

Which American states have the best cost of living in terms of social housing rent, housing index, and average median housing cost?

How Much Does Social Housing Rent Cost?

It varies from state too state...

David Bolton

What do you do if in your 50s, you’re unequipped to retire comfortably in the next decade? Or you are 30, and would love to retire early on your 40th birthday?

How to Retire in 10 Years with No Savings

Retire in 10 years...

David Bolton

Understanding your healthcare options and planning ahead can save you the stress of finding quality healthcare when you retire.

How Does Healthcare Work in Retirement?

Healthcare in retirement...

David Bolton

When the owner of a company retires, how does the company deal with the transition into a new phase and cope with the changes of a new owner?

What Happens to a Corporation After Its Owner Retires?

Everyone retires at some point...

David Bolton

How does your savings or other money you receive in your account affect your social security benefits as a retiree in the USA?

Does Money in The Bank Affect Social Security?

Many seniors do not understand...

David Bolton

Do you wonder what you need to do to make enough money to retire at the age of 40, and how much you need to retire that early?

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire at 40?

Do you wonder?

David Bolton

What are the possible best jobs most befitting for a senior? Here, we list 40 of the best jobs for seniors seeking employment, how to find them and the benefits.

40 Best Jobs for Seniors

The possibilities are endless...

David Bolton

Delayed doesn’t have to mean defeat when it comes to saving for retirement. What are the best ways to start saving now, and which secret strategies can I learn?

How to Start Saving For Retirement at 50

Is there any hope?

David Bolton

There are different types of continuing care retirement communities, but all provide increasing care without the stress of moving. Learn the basics in advance.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

There are different types...

David Bolton

Seniors can cover assisted living costs through Social Security benefits but these amounts aren’t enough and should be enhanced by Optional State Supplements.

Can Social Security Pay for Assisted Living?

It can cover a portion...

David Bolton

These are the requirements you must know before seeking admission for your aged ones in assisted living facilities or senior care services.

How to Qualify for Assisted Living

Before you seek admission...

David Bolton

There's no one size fits all answer when it comes to deciding whether to take your pension as an annuity or a lump sum.

Should I Take My Pension as an Annuity or a Lump Sum?

It's not one size fits all...

David Bolton

Paying off your home mortgage before you retire is always a sound financial decision and it's the right thing to do.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement?

It's the right thing to do...

David Bolton

Are you planning to spend your golden years sleeping most of the time? Well, we strongly believe that it might not be a good idea and that's why you need to look for the best retirement city for physically active residents.

12 Best Retirement Cities for Physically Active Residents

Keep active in retirement...

David Bolton

Mobile home parks are increasingly becoming popular with those older than 55. They're affordable, friendly, energy-efficient, and offer the prospects of downsizing.

Mobile Home Parks for Seniors: A Complete Guide

Mobile homes are becoming more popular...

David Bolton

As you get older, it is increasingly important to eat healthy meals, but it also gets more difficult. A meal delivery service can help you.

Best Meal Delivery For Seniors

Eat healthy meals...

David Bolton

A stairlift is, without a doubt, one of the best tools for maintaining your independence after a serious injury or in the face of aging.

Best Stair Lifts - A Complete Guide (With Our Top 5)

Maintain your independence...

David Bolton

Some cell phone plans are better for retired people than others. The best plan for one person is not the best plan for everyone; each plan has its strengths.

9 Best Cellphone Plans For Seniors

Pick the right one for you...

David Bolton

As a senior, you perhaps already know that you can't have both the traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. The one you take will ultimately determine how you get your medical care and how much it costs, so you have to choose wisely.

Traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Choose wisely...

David Bolton

As a senior, finding the best car insurance for you is all about finding excellent customer service at the right price. So if you're aged 50 or older, the time has come for you to enjoy the best car insurance rates.

6 Best Car Insurance for Seniors

Enjoy the best rates if you're 50+

David Bolton

Knowing how much life insurance you need is one of the most important first steps when looking to buy the right policy that best fits your needs.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Here's the golden rule...

David Bolton

Whether you refer to it as assisted living insurance or long-term insurance, the truth is that this policy can be quite expensive but very necessary for your golden years.

How much is Assisted Living Insurance?

It can be expensive...

David Bolton

Are the costs of assisted living tax deductible? They are if you are both considered chronically ill and are being treated systematically by a professional. If you do not meet these two criteria, you cannot deduct your assisted living costs.

Is Assisted Living Tax Deductible?

It could help...

David Bolton

Not everyone gets a good night's rest on a standard straight bed. That's why you should seriously consider getting one of the best adjustable beds currently available in the market.

Best Adjustable Beds: A Complete Guide (With Our Top 5)

The best options are here...

David Bolton

Choosing to retire in a retirement community, especially if it offers several activities that will make you stay active as well as on-site healthcare, maybe all you require to live longer and have a more fulfilling life.

Do People in Retirement Communities Live Longer?

Have a more fulfilling life...

David Bolton

Recent national figures paint an alarming picture of the life expectancy of retired nursing home residents during the global pandemic.

Average Life Expectancy of a Nursing Home Resident

It's changed recently...

David Bolton

If you are saving for retirement, you should know how a Roth 401K is different from a traditional 401K in detail. Otherwise, you could lose money.

Traditional vs Roth 401k: Which Is Better?

One of the best...

David Bolton

Is home care cheaper than a nursing home? This is a question that many people get to ask when looking at the best place to retire. But before answering this question, it's worth noting that various factors go into making this decision.

Is Home Care Cheaper than a Nursing Home?

It's worth noting a few factors...

David Bolton

You've perhaps come across the term "levels of care" when looking at the types of services provided by assisted living communities. But what exactly does it mean? Well, let's find out.

What Does Level 2 Assisted Living Mean?

Let's find out...

David Bolton

With lifespans lengthening, financial experts say you should have saved a considerable amount of money for your retirement. But if this isn't possible, you can still retire without money.

How to Retire With No Money

You'll need to get creative...

David Bolton

Adult daycare can offer a perfect alternative to caregivers by providing a stimulating social environment for the seniors outside of the home while giving caregivers a much-needed break.

Adult Day Care: A Complete Guide

A perfect alternative to caregivers...

David Bolton

In the past, being a millionaire meant you were rich. Today, a single million no longer means you are wealthy. Is a million still enough to retire?

How Long Will a Million Dollars Last In Retirement?

Is a million still enough to retire?

David Bolton

Typical life insurance is always a complicated beast that comes in various shapes and forms. If you're looking for life insurance, it's of great importance to understand which type of life insurance is ideal for your particular situation.

Types of Life Insurance (And What's Right For You)

Typical life insurance is always a complicated beast...

David Bolton

Even if you do not have a huge amount of money, you should save for retirement. With the right strategy, an ordinary person can retire comfortably.

How to Save for Retirement

Save for retirement...

David Bolton

For many Americans, one of the best strategies is retiring abroad. But which are the best countries to retire to? Well, let's find out.

5 Best Countries To Retire To

Several things to consider...

David Bolton

A retirement community focuses on giving residents a strong sense of belonging and commits to helping seniors age well in a home life environment where they are considered a vital part of the community.

What It's Like Living In A Retirement Community

An environment like home...

David Bolton

For seniors, a walk-in tub is one of the best and safest ways to bathe. In addition to being the safest way to bathe, a walk-in tub can provide water massaging joint relief.

Best Walk-In Tubs: A Complete Guide (With Our Top 5)

The safest way to bathe...

David Bolton

Perhaps the most significant difference between a group home and an assisted living facility is the layout of the environment.

Group Home and Assisted Living Compared

There are significant differences...

David Bolton

Many seniors often delay moving into assisted living facilities because they have the misconception that assisted living facilities will take all their money the minute they walk through the door.

Does Assisted Living Take All Your Money?

It's a misconception...

David Bolton

While it may be tempting to look for simpler options such as selling your property when a family member has difficulty with mobility, installing a home elevator can be one of the best moves.

Top 5 Home Elevators: A Complete Guide

One of the best moves...

David Bolton

Many seniors are left wondering if Medicare or Medicaid will cover some or all of the expenses that are associated with living in an assisted living facility.

Is Assisted Living Covered by Medicare or Medicaid?

Assisted living is often a necessity...

David Bolton

Many benefits accompany your 55th birthday. These benefits are available in almost every facet of life from health, finances, transportation, education, travel, and everyday purchases.

What Benefits Do You Get at Age 55?

Many benefits accompany your 55th birthday...

David Bolton

Even though these laws are rarely enforced, many states have filial responsibility laws that might have adult children on the hook for their parents' nursing home bills if the aging parents cannot pay.

Are Family Members Responsible for Nursing Home Bills?

Many states have filial responsibility laws...

David Bolton

Retirement is an involved process that often evolves. The most important thing is to have enough finances to sufficiently fund your retirement.

What Do You Need to Do to Retire?

Retirement is an involved process...

David Bolton

According to a 2019 report by Vanguard on how Americans save for retirement, the average 401k for a 65-year-old is $192,877.

401k: The Average Balance at 65 Years Old

Have you saved enough for your retirement?

David Bolton

For many seniors, the prospect of moving out of the home they've lived in for most of their lives and moving into a senior living community instead may feel like surrendering to a fight that they aren't ready to surrender.

Why Are Senior Apartments Cheaper?

Minimal living expenses...

David Bolton

If you're aged 62 and above and have an annual income that's below the federal poverty level, then you may be considered a low-income senior citizen.

What's Considered Low Income For A Senior Citizen?

Age 62 and above...

David Bolton

With millions of retirees trying to find affordable senior housing, the waitlists are staggering, and being on the waitlist for two to five years is considered normal.

How Long Is The Wait For Senior Housing?

It could be a long wait...

David Bolton

At a time when more and more Americans are looking for the perfect places to live after retirement, it's of great importance to look at the real costs of senior living.

How Much is Senior Living per Month?

The real costs of senior living...

David Bolton

Affordable senior housing may not be one of the glitziest properties but they are important in serving low-income seniors throughout the United States.

How Does Affordable Senior Housing Work?

Affordable Senior Housing

David Bolton

Most senior living communities allow their residents to live full and independent lives in their own abode. But how does one qualify for senior living?

How Do You Qualify for Senior Living?

How to qualify...

David Bolton

People often feel confused about what to say in their resignation letter for retirement, and knowing how big of an impact it can make, their confusion is justified.

What Should a Resignation Letter Say for Retirement?

What it should say...

David Bolton

Living by the rules and regulations will not only make your life in the communities a lot easier but may also influence the type of services and amenities that are offered to the residents.

Rules for 55+ Communities - All You Should Know

There are rules...

David Bolton

Are you looking to retire in Sin City? Well, there's a wide array of excellent senior housing options that makes Las Vegas worth checking out.

Best Senior Housing Options in Las Vegas

Retiring in Sin City...

David Bolton

Do 55+ communities pay school taxes? Yes, you're responsible for paying property taxes if you own a home in a 55+ community. School taxes are included in property taxes, so it's difficult to avoid them.

Do 55+ Communities Pay School Taxes?

Yes, you're responsible...

David Bolton

Looking for the best 55+ communities in the United States? Our experts have researched for you and present the best places to retire in each state.

The Best 55+ Retirement Communities (2021)

Only the best...

David Bolton

You've worked for so many years, saved wisely, and now feel that you're fully ready to retire. Do you have to give notice to retire?

Do I Have To Give Notice To Retire?

Never leave ‘em hanging...

David Bolton

Is Social Security enough to retire on? Unfortunately, not. If you're looking to maintain something similar to the lifestyle you had when working, you have to understand that Social Security alone will not be enough.

Is Social Security Enough to Retire On?

A lifeline for millions of retired Americans...

David Bolton

Final expense insurance is a great way of protecting your family from the burden that comes with funeral and burial expenses. Let's figure out if this policy might be right for you.

Is Final Expense Insurance A Good Deal?

Protect your family...

David Bolton

There are several senior housing options that it's easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the wide variety of care types and styles of senior living communities.

Guide To Senior Housing - All The Options

Make the best senior living housing choices...

David Bolton

Senior discounts are one of a few great incentives that you can get when you become older. You've done your part in life and now you deserve some discounts.

2021 Senior Discounts - Where To Save

You deserve some discounts...

David Bolton

There are several ways to increase your savings and retire quickly before you attain the age of 60.

How To Retire Quickly

Retiring early can seem like an impossible long shot...

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