Lisa Rapaport

Lisa Rapaport

Lisa Rapaport

Hi, my name is Lisa Rapaport, a health & weight loss nut from San Diego California. I offer help and support to people who are trying to lose weight and get healthy. I'm here to help you find the right tools you need to get started!

I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. Being 200 pounds was my breaking point, and that’s when I decided to get serious about losing weight. I had been in and out of different weight loss programs over the years without ever finding something that worked for me. I felt hopeless, like nothing I tried worked. I decided that if I was going to lose weight for good, I needed to do something different. I needed to change the way I thought about food and exercise. I started reading about nutrition and was more thoughtful about what I ate and how I got moving each day. I started to love myself more and I got to be mindful of how I was treating my body. Seeing results made me feel stronger and more energized, and within eight months, I had lost over 60 pounds! I finally reached my goal weight for the first time in my adult life! 

And that was just the beginning for me. I was ready to help others who were going through the same struggles that I had experienced. I believe that everyone is capable of achieving their weight loss goals - they just need the right information and support to get them started.

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