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David Bolton

Indoor cycling is a sport marketed to the young and old; however, is the peloton a good workout for seniors?

Is Peloton A Good Workout For Seniors?

David Bolton

Before purchasing a walker, you want to make sure that you choose one that suits your needs and increases your mobility. There are tons of good options.

Best Walkers For Seniors

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We love planning for retirement. It's somewhat of a hobby, and we want to share what we've learned with you. Over the years we've found the best ways to live, how to travel, take on new hobbies and give back. Happiness in retirement is the main goal, and having the right information allows us (and you) to achieve that.

David Bolton

As a senior, quality dental care is important. However it is also expensive since it is not typically covered by Medicare. So what are the best options?

Best Senior Low Income Dental Care

David Bolton

There is no such thing as being too old to practice yoga. Yoga can be quite beneficial the older you get. It can be a great way to enhance your overall wellness and physical health.

Yoga For Seniors: How To Get Started

David Bolton

For many seniors, staying on top of daily housekeeping can be challenging. For that reason, having a housekeeping plan for your aging loved ones is paramount.

Housekeeping for Seniors: A Complete Guide

Simplify your housekeeping...

David Bolton

Understanding your healthcare options and planning ahead can save you the stress of finding quality healthcare when you retire.

How Does Healthcare Work in Retirement?

Healthcare in retirement...

David Bolton

As you get older, it is increasingly important to eat healthy meals, but it also gets more difficult. A meal delivery service can help you.

Best Meal Delivery For Seniors

Eat healthy meals...

David Bolton

As a senior, you perhaps already know that you can't have both the traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. The one you take will ultimately determine how you get your medical care and how much it costs, so you have to choose wisely.

Traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Choose wisely...

David Bolton

Not everyone gets a good night's rest on a standard straight bed. That's why you should seriously consider getting one of the best adjustable beds currently available in the market.

Best Adjustable Beds: A Complete Guide (With Our Top 5)

The best options are here...

David Bolton

For seniors, a walk-in tub is one of the best and safest ways to bathe. In addition to being the safest way to bathe, a walk-in tub can provide water massaging joint relief.

Best Walk-In Tubs: A Complete Guide (With Our Top 5)

The safest way to bathe...

Pete Olsson

Finding out what’s behind your aching and sore joints immediately and getting the proper therapies can potentially save you from long term damage.

Is Joint Pain a Warning Sign For a More Serious Condition?

Get an early diagnosis

Pete Olsson

Pain relievers are the most common, most of which are medications like Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Codeine - better known as opioids.

3 Dangerous Pain Relievers You Should Avoid

It's easy to get overwhelmed

Michelle Johnson

Experts recommend a combination of measures to ensure that the brain has the best chance of staying at tip-top shape.

Mental Activities To Improve Brain Health

Improve mental ability

Lauren DeVito

There are many ways to increase the foods in your diet that protect and improve memory and brain function. Try new flavors and find new uses for old favorites.

17 Best Foods for Brain Health

Make smart choices in the foods you eat and drink.

Pete Olsson

Over the years you’ve worked hard, and in doing so, probably accumulated some aches and pains along the way, most commonly, different types of Arthritis.

What types of arthritis are there?

Take care of yourself. You’ve earned it.

Michelle Johnson

Because digestion, metabolism, and other systems ease into a more relaxed pace as the years go by, it becomes more important than ever to infuse ourselves with nutrition that is mindful of our changing needs.

What Healthy Nutrition Guidelines Should I Follow?

“To eat is human; to digest, divine”

Alex Zeus

Several studies have shown no correlation between knuckle cracking and the development of arthritis.

Why Do Joints Make Popping Sounds?

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

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