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David Bolton

How does your savings or other money you receive in your account affect your social security benefits as a retiree in the USA?

Does Money in The Bank Affect Social Security?

Many seniors do not understand...

David Bolton

Do you wonder what you need to do to make enough money to retire at the age of 40, and how much you need to retire that early?

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire at 40?

Do you wonder?

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We love planning for retirement. It's somewhat of a hobby, and we want to share what we've learned with you.

Over the years we've found the best ways to live, how to travel, take on new hobbies and give back.

Happiness in retirement is the main goal, and having the right information allows us (and you) to achieve that.

David Bolton

What are the possible best jobs most befitting for a senior? Here, we list 40 of the best jobs for seniors seeking employment, how to find them and the benefits.

40 Best Jobs for Seniors

The possibilities are endless...

David Bolton

Delayed doesn’t have to mean defeat when it comes to saving for retirement. What are the best ways to start saving now, and which secret strategies can I learn?

How to Start Saving For Retirement at 50

Is there any hope?

David Bolton

There's no one size fits all answer when it comes to deciding whether to take your pension as an annuity or a lump sum.

Should I Take My Pension as an Annuity or a Lump Sum?

It's not one size fits all...

David Bolton

Paying off your home mortgage before you retire is always a sound financial decision and it's the right thing to do.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement?

It's the right thing to do...

David Bolton

As a senior, finding the best car insurance for you is all about finding excellent customer service at the right price. So if you're aged 50 or older, the time has come for you to enjoy the best car insurance rates.

6 Best Car Insurance for Seniors

Enjoy the best rates if you're 50+

David Bolton

Knowing how much life insurance you need is one of the most important first steps when looking to buy the right policy that best fits your needs.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Here's the golden rule...

David Bolton

Whether you refer to it as assisted living insurance or long-term insurance, the truth is that this policy can be quite expensive but very necessary for your golden years.

How much is Assisted Living Insurance?

It can be expensive...

David Bolton

If you are saving for retirement, you should know how a Roth 401K is different from a traditional 401K in detail. Otherwise, you could lose money.

Traditional vs Roth 401k: Which Is Better?

One of the best...

David Bolton

With lifespans lengthening, financial experts say you should have saved a considerable amount of money for your retirement. But if this isn't possible, you can still retire without money.

How to Retire With No Money

You'll need to get creative...

David Bolton

In the past, being a millionaire meant you were rich. Today, a single million no longer means you are wealthy. Is a million still enough to retire?

How Long Will a Million Dollars Last In Retirement?

Is a million still enough to retire?

David Bolton

Typical life insurance is always a complicated beast that comes in various shapes and forms. If you're looking for life insurance, it's of great importance to understand which type of life insurance is ideal for your particular situation.

Types of Life Insurance (And What's Right For You)

Typical life insurance is always a complicated beast...

David Bolton

Even if you do not have a huge amount of money, you should save for retirement. With the right strategy, an ordinary person can retire comfortably.

How to Save for Retirement

Save for retirement...

David Bolton

According to a 2019 report by Vanguard on how Americans save for retirement, the average 401k for a 65-year-old is $192,877.

401k: The Average Balance at 65 Years Old

Have you saved enough for your retirement?

David Bolton

If you're aged 62 and above and have an annual income that's below the federal poverty level, then you may be considered a low-income senior citizen.

What's Considered Low Income For A Senior Citizen?

Age 62 and above...

David Bolton

Your retirement will need a steady base to start. You might have begun personal savings that earn the best interest.

How Do You Retire?

What lifestyle would you like in retirement?

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