5 Best Assisted Living Facilities San Antonio, TX

Making your retirement home in San Antonio, TX and looking for an assisted living community that’s right for you? We’ve got the top 5 communities in the area!

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Making your retirement home in San Antonio, TX and looking for an assisted living community that’s right for you? We’ve got the top 5 communities in the area!

The 5 best assisted living facilities in San Antonio, TX are Newforest Estates, The Inn at Los Patios, Brookdale N. Fredericksburg Road, Villa de San Antonio, and Franklin Park Sonterra. Each boasts stellar amenities, beautiful grounds and a variety of floor plans to suit your individual tastes.

When you’re searching for the right assisted living community, knowing what to look for can be difficult to pin down. That’s why we’ve collected the data for you! We have researched each of these stellar communities to help you determine what the best fit is for you.

If amenities are what you’re after, we have detailed out what standards you can expect from each of these facilities, as well as what extras they provide that have helped them stand out above the rest. From dining to activities to household luxuries, each of our top 5 communities have put their all behind making sure your home is as comfortable as possible.

We have property details available for you including floor plans, grounds information, and local area highlights so that you can appreciate the surrounding areas where you will be settling down. Our list has a variety of settings that the communities are nestled in, so whether you enjoy the urban hustle and bustle, or prefer the quieter setting of a serene neighborhood, we will have the right property to suit your needs.

We have also run the numbers for you. Assisted living costs are always an area of concern, and despite knowing the amenities and all that you are getting, sometimes the price tag is an area that is difficult to pin down, and especially to know how it stacks up against other facilities. We have the costs associated with each of our communities, as well as the national averages, so you can get a good side by side comparison and have comfort in knowing where your dollars are going.

We also go the extra mile to establish the safety of each facility. We have gathered information from the state of Texas’s inspections board for assisted living communities and found the most recent inspection data for each of our highlighted communities. Knowing what areas they needed improvement on, and detailing out the severity of the infractions, will help you better understand the setting in which you decide to call home.

As a nurse working in the extended care arena for over 15 years, I have extensive experience, knowledge and skills in evaluating a community and knowing what amenities are luxury and what are simple fluff. I am also able to detail out the specifics of the board inspection results, so you can be assured that everything in your new home will be up to snuff. So sit back and enjoy as we discuss all you need to know about San Antonio’s 5 best assisted living facilities.

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5 Best Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is located in south-central Texas and is a thriving, large historical city. Settled near the San Antonio River, the city is surrounded by beautiful natural state lands and wildlife preserves. Home to multiple armed forces bases, San Antonio has a bustling community of like-minded individuals and a solid patriotic undercurrent to much of the area. San Antonio is also home to The Alamo and a plethora of existing historical sites and museums for the history buff in you.

With large city highlights like Sea World, an international airport and a sprawling zoo right downtown, you may think it would be hard to find a peaceful property inside of the city. Rest assured, our list of the best assisted living communities have found a way to make a quiet repose inside of the bustling city limits.

Newforest Estates

Located in the affluent Dreamhill Estates neighborhood of northwest San Antonio, Newforest Estates is perfectly settled in a welcoming, quiet environment surrounded by a multitude of options for entertainment. Within minutes of the community are delightful options to spend some spare time- Oak Hills Golf Course has sprawling grounds to perfect your game, the San Antonio aquarium is within a short drive if you want to entertain your grandchildren, and Wonderland of the Americas is nearby offering a host of shop ‘til you drop options to keep yourself and your pocketbook light.

Additional highlights of the neighborhood include the University Health system not 5 minutes from the community’s doors for all of your medical needs, as well as exceptional and varied dining out options. While your meals will always be prepared for you, sometimes a delightful treat night out at Albi’s Italian Kitchen, Red Lobster or the local chinese joint is in order to treat yourself or your visiting family members.

 The community at Newforest boasts top-tier standard amenities included in their rates- you have a selection of meal options for 3 meals a day, daily housekeeping for your private quarters and the shared grounds, and laundry services for both your personal and flat linen needs. The community also offers top-notch partnerships with local medical providers for the convenience of on-site medical services that include a physician, physiatrist, therapy services and home care within your own home community so that you don’t need to venture out for your care needs if you are more comfortable receiving services within your home.

The community also offers a full activity calendar with events that include crafting, strength and exercise classes, outings and a variety of clubs to join. The grounds offer beautiful patios for outdoor leisure, a full-service salon, and even a vibrant swimming pool on the grounds to keep you cool in those hot Texas summers.

These amenities at Newforest have the monthly rate beginning at $2800/month, which is well below the national average of assisted living costs of around $4000/month. This rate covers room (floor plan of your choice), board, meals and many of the included amenities. There are a la carte services that are provided as well for additional costs.

The facility’s state inspection was in June of 2019 and four infractions were found. Two infractions were in the state’s health code designation, meaning related directly to the care provided to the clients. These infractions were minor and were related to food regulations. The other two infractions were related to the state’s life code, which is in relation to maintenance and grounds safety. These infractions were minor and related to signage and smoking designated areas. Each of these infractions were cleared by the facility within a short timeframe.

The Inn at Los Patios

The Inn at Los Patios is located in the northeast neighborhood of San Antonio known as Marymont. Just steps from Northeast Baptist Hospital, The Inn is nestled up by Salado Creek, offering beautiful natural scenery. Nearby is Macarthur Park, which offers walking/hiking trails, patios and pavilion areas to enjoy with your family. Within walking distance is also the Tobin Park Trailhead where you can hike your way through gorgeous green scenery despite being settled so close to downtown.

The amenities offered at The Inn are expansive, and include the basic commodities of laundry services, housekeeping, grounds maintenance and upkeep of your private living space. There are three fantastic meals a day offered in a variety of different dining environments for your benefit. The Inn also offers individualized care plans aimed at your particular level of needs, so if you need an additional hand with bathing, dressing or any other daily living items, the staff on hand is equipped and ready to help.

A thriving activity calendar boasts options like group hikes on local trails, art classes for crafting, and even a weekly book club for the enrichment of your mind. Yoga, pilates and tai chi, along with aerobic classes, walking clubs, and even meditation are surefire ways to enrich your daily schedule with something fresh and new.

The Inn’s rates begin near the national average at $3895/month. These rates are inclusive for your individual floor plan, needed levels of care in activities of daily living, and include oversight of medication management and local transportation needs as well.

The most recent state survey of The Inn was in October of 2020 and was found to have 5 citations, all of which were in the life code designation. These citations were related to generator servicing needs and general maintenance requests, and were all cleared to the satisfaction of the state within a short period of time.

Brookdale N. Fredericksburg Road

Brookdale at N. Fredericksburg Road is part of a large corporate chain of assisted living communities through Brookdale properties, and is located in the far northeast of San Antonio in a neighborhood known as Kensington Row. Located in a very residential area, there are sprawling grounds of apartment living homes nearby, childcare services for visiting family members, and dining options galore for the nights where Sonic is just calling your name.

The grounds at Brookdale N. Fredericksburg are pet-friendly so you can keep your furry companion by your side. A 24-hour safety monitoring system is in place to ensure you and your spouse are secure and well-looked after in the community at large. Brookdale offers transportation to local events and appointments, as well as a concierge service to go out and grab the must-have items you need at a moment’s notice.

Amenities at the grounds at Brookdale are numerous, and include the basic laundry, housekeeping and maintenance services you expect, with a host of extras to set them apart. From an on-site library to a gardening center and greenhouse, other options available include an arts and crafts studio, well-appointed game room and walking paths on the grounds for your exercise needs.

The starting costs for Brookdale N. Fredericksburg are around $2295/month, with add-on amenities available. These costs do include items like WiFi access, all of your daily care needs and medical oversight, as well as items like available guest suites for family and friends to come and visit.

Brookdale underwent their state evaluation in March of 2020 and were found to have 5 health code violations in relation to food prep standards and record keeping errors. These were corrected and codes met up to date within a few months’ time of the infractions.

Villa De San Antonio

The Villa de San Antonio is a luxurious property located in the Apple Creek neighborhood to the far northwest of the city. Located in a medical community area, the Villa is mere minutes from the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital and medical center to meet your healthcare needs at a moment’s notice. There is a Sonic just down the road and Starbucks so you can always spruce up your daily cuisine options with something a little less healthy when you’re feeling like it.

The Villa offers amenities on par with the other communities on our list- housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services are but the beginning of the community’s offerings. An on-site beauty salon, restaurant-style dining options and a 24-hour on-site healthcare staff to assist you with all of your daily needs are also amenities that the Villa offers. One amenity that stands out is the activity schedule, jam-packed with clubs to join like baking club, crafting groups and exercise challenges to keep you active and engaged.

The Villa’s base rate comes in at $2700, which in comparison to the neighboring communities makes the Villa one of the top for affordability on our list. With the expansive amenities listings and varied activities offered, to say the Villa is a bargain hunter’s dream home is an understatement.

There are no active evaluations of the Villa de San Antonio listed on the state investigation website. Either the window for survey is newly opening for the Villa, or results have yet to be published.

Franklin Park Sonterra

Franklin Park Sonterra is located just north of downtown San Antonio in the Hollywood Park and Canyon Creek Estates neighborhoods. Situated in a thriving business community, Franklin Park Sonterra is minutes from The Club at Sonterra, a gorgeous clubhouse and golf course sure to suit your every golf need. There are shopping options galore at the Blanco Market Shopping Center, and fast food options delight in the neighborhood with options like Torchy’s Tacos and Kirby’s Steakhouse just down the road.

Franklin Park Sonterra has the top of the line amenities that exceed all expectations. From the standard fare- housekeeping, laundry, utilities, maintenance, etc.- to the extravagant- indoor pool, fitness center, and even a putting green- Franklin Park Sonterra has exactly the items you need to know you are pampered in your new home.

The community has three different floor plans to meet your every need, with a base price of $3830/month placing it near the national average for assisted living communities. What sets this property apart from the rest are the on-site luxury amenities- an in-house bar for socializing, an actual theater inside of the property for movie viewing, a wood shop for tinkering and a full-service kitchen to meet you every culinary need are just some of the extras that truly set Franklin Park Sonterra above and beyond the rest.

The property underwent their state inspection in April of 2019 and was only found to have two minor infractions in the life code designation. These infractions were related to lighting needs and minor maintenance updates, and all items were cleared satisfactorily in no time.

What Assisted Living Community is Right for Me?

Knowing your personal budget, assets, and healthcare needs is a first step in knowing what community is best suited to your individual needs. Knowing the amenities available to you in each property, as well as knowing the setting that is going to best suit your lifestyle, will be key in helping you understand what facilities can offer you the best setting for your retirement. Each property listed has a specialized agent that is available to help you learn more about the property and what they have to offer, as well as how they can assist you to meet your needs. Reach out today and schedule a viewing at any of these exceptional locations- you’re sure to find your forever home here.

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