Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel (My Honest Review)

If you have any experience with fishing, you have probably heard of the Abu Garcia before. This Revo SX review discusses the best features of their top reel.

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‍If you have any experience with fishing, you have probably heard of the Abu Garcia before. This Revo SX review discusses the best features of their top reel.

We have all had issues during a day out fishing when our reel gets jammed, the bail spring fails, or the line gets twisted. This can ruin a great day and for this reason, you need to consider the Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel to avoid these problems.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is a bait caster fishing reel that works great for anglers who need something in freshwater. It includes features like an Infini brake system, nine ball bearings, and a power stack carbon matrix drag system for the best durability and performance.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is designed for fishing in a variety of conditions and has a low profile design. The lightweight, low-profile design allows for excellent comfort during use. It also comes with nine ball bearings, which provide smooth casting performance and increased durability.

This reel is sleek and has a great design that makes it stand out from others on the market. It is also made out of high-quality materials that are durable and lightweight. We have tested many products in this industry before, so our team understands what to look for in a reliable fishing reel.

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‍Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is perfect for people who are looking for a high-quality reel at an affordable price point. It has some features that you would typically find in more expensive reels like the ability to cast long distances and smooth drags.

We love this reel because it is lightweight, easy to use, and has an excellent drag system that makes reeling in big fish easier. The design of the reel also helps with casting - which is one of the most important parts of fishing.

This is a great reel for beginners or even experienced anglers who want to fish in shallow water. It has a smooth drag and an aluminum frame which makes it durable and lightweight for long-term use.

It has a lot of features and is very affordable. It has a lot of different functions to help with your fishing experience and the design includes high-quality materials to focus on improving durability.

We consider this reel to be one of the best choices for anglers who are looking for an easy-to-use reel that can handle big fish and provide them with excellent performance. It is a fourth-generation design with improved torque and performance too.

What Is The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel?

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is a reel that is designed for the new generation of fishing. It has a lightweight and low-profile design, which makes it easier to transport, store and use.

It also features a variable speed control with a single button, which makes it easy to use even by beginners. This reel is an excellent option for fishing in small ponds and streams with improved performance in freshwater.

The low-profile design makes it easy to load up your favorite line and get back to fishing. The reel features a variable speed control with a single button, which makes it easy to use even by beginners.

It is an ideal option for anglers that want to cast light, sensitive lines, and crankbaits. This is also a durable, lightweight reel that can be used on light spinning rods with sensitivity.

This reel has a super smooth drag system and comes with an aluminum spool that is corrosion-resistant and durable. It also has a large bail arm for easy casting without tangles or snags.

It comes with an array of features that truly makes it one of the best baitcasting fishing reels on the market. These features include 6.6:1 gear ratio adjustability to improve your fishing mode applications.

Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel Features

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is a great reel for fishing enthusiasts. Everything about this reel makes it ideal for fishing in shallow water. It is also extremely light and easy to carry around with you on your next fishing trip.

But you may be wondering what exactly this reel has that makes it the right option for you. Below we have listed some of the most reliable features it can offer in design, performance, and durability.

Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag System

The Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag system provides extreme drag pressure up to increase the capacity of your line. The increased drag pressure also gives you better durability.

The carbon matrix is a thin layer of carbon fiber that has been molded into the shape of the reel. This process creates a stronger and more durable product, allowing up to 24 pounds of pressure to catch fish.

This reel is perfect for light to medium duty applications like spinning or baitcasting fishing applications or light saltwater applications. It also features a smooth stainless steel body with an aluminum spool, giving it an overall lightweight feel.

The key advantage of this feature is how smoothly you can operate with this reel in your hands. The line never feels too heavy or unstable, allowing the extra weight capacity to be reeled in smoothly with no line issues.

This design includes a carbon washer that maintains the durability and performance of the reel at all times. Without this drag system, this reel would not be able to provide such high-level fishing support.

DuraClutch Design

The DuraClutch design on this low-profile fishing reel allows for effortless casting with smoother line engagement. The design is a result of the company’s research and development team’s extensive experience in the field of fishing.

This is achieved by the blade design, which provides a smooth and fluid motion to the spool. The reel also features a lightweight aluminum frame and a smooth, frictionless spool to improve durability.

This feature also does a great job to reduce the thumb bar resistance that can cause heavy baits to get weighed down or stuck. Instead, you will notice the line being cast much smoother despite the increased weight on the end.

Everslik Finish

The everslik finish on this fishing reel creates more durability and performance. It can hold up in inclement weather too. It creates increased corrosion resistance after long-term exposure to saltwater or freshwater environments.

This is a process that produces a smooth, durable, and more corrosion-resistant surface. This finish is applied to the aluminum and stainless steel components of an angler reel.

You will also like the look of your fishing reel better with this type of finish. It is a black color with a glossy look to it. This finish also creates more comfort when holding your reel.

C6 Carbon Side Plates

The C6 carbon side plates are light and strong, making them the perfect choice for fishing reel manufacturers that want to reduce weight without sacrificing strength and durability. This is a critical feature for freshwater fishing.

These side plates are a critical feature for both comfort and long-term durability too. It allows your reel to hold up better over time along with creating a better handling grip when using it to fish.

These plates also connect with the PVC knobs to allow for better leverage when casting your line. The key to using a reel of this quality is finding something you think is most comfortable and most reliable.

Low Profile Design

The low-profile design is ideal for those looking to do lighter fishing with less focus on big fish. The idea with this style of reel design is that it is much easier to hold for long days and it provides much more of a comfortable feel in your hand.

The design is considered to be much slimmer when compared to a round reel, so it is light and easy to maneuver. This also means it is easier to transport with you in your bag or vehicle during your fishing trips.  

You should consider your style of fishing before choosing between a low-profile reel and a round fishing reel.

X2-Craftic Alloy Frame

The X2-Craftic Alloy Frame on this fishing reel is extremely durable. It is lightweight but very difficult to break too. This frame type does raise the price to be a bit more expensive than other fishing reels but it is worth every penny because of its amazing features and performance.

This frame is made of a composite material that has been developed to be extremely durable and lightweight, yet also resistant to corrosion, heat, and abrasion.

It is extremely durable and it doesn't have any parts that can break easily. It also comes with an extra-strong drag system that allows users to have more control over their catches.

Upgraded Ball Bearings

The upgraded ball bearings on this fishing reel is one of the most important features for your success. There are nine stainless steel bearings along with an extra roller bearing to create an extra smooth retrieve.

This bearing design also creates better castability. This allows you to upgrade your bait type and increase the weight on the line without struggling for stability or balance from your reel or fishing rod in the process.

These bearings should always be monitored too. It is a common issue to see your bearings decay and cause your reel to damage. This can be a costly problem that could ultimately require you to replace the entire reel.

Is The Revo SX Low Profile Reel Right For Me?

This Abu Garcia reel is an affordable option that provides a lot of features. It has an adjustable brake, a magnetic braking system, and a double-bearing system.

It is also one of the most reliable reels on the market. It has a lot of features that make it worth the money. This reel is perfect for beginners who are just starting with fishing and need something that won't break the bank.

There are a few things to keep in mind when determining whether this fits you best though. Those factors include the budget, the reel type, reel design, and your fishing style.


There are a wide variety of fishing reels on the market today that vary in price. Some are affordable and some can be pretty expensive. When you're looking for a reel, you need to consider what your budget is and what your fishing needs are.

A good reel can make all the difference in catching more fish and having a better time on the water. It's important to know how much you can afford before making any purchase.

When considering the best fishing reel, you need to keep in mind what you can afford and what your budget is. It is important to set your budget and only shop within it because there are lots of things you need to fish, so keeping it affordable is critical.

Reel Design & Type

The reel is one of the most important components of a fishing rod. It is how you can control when to cast and what type of lure you can use.

When considering the best fishing reel, you need to keep in mind what the reel type and design are like. For example, this is a low-profile reel that operates with a specific weight capacity so if you want to catch heavier fish it may not work best.

The reel type and design can greatly affect the performance of a fishing reel. While there are many different types of reels, the best fishing reels are low-profile reels with smooth drag systems.

Fishing Style

You should also consider what type of fishing you do before even considering what type of reel you should buy. There are many types of reels for different purposes. Some reels are meant for freshwater fishing while others are meant for saltwater fishing.

Saltwater reels have a different design than freshwater ones and they also have different features that make them more suitable for saltwater. They also need to be able to withstand saltwater and corrosion from seawater which is harsher on metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

This reel specifically works best in freshwater, but it has minor saltwater capabilities too. If you fish in the ocean regularly, you should look elsewhere for something more suited to your fishing style.

Is The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel Reliable?

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is a good option for those who are looking for a reel that is affordable and reliable. This reel is made for people who want to fish in mainly freshwaters.

The reel features a stainless steel frame design and carbon fiber drag system to provide great durability. It also has a low-profile design with less weight to make fishing easier and more enjoyable.

This is one of the best reels on the market. It's easy to use and has a low cost. It also has an adjustable drag system that makes it easy to set up for different types of fishing conditions.

We consider this to be one of the best bait caster low-profile reels you can find and it should be considered if you're looking for something with reliability, affordability, and ease of use.

Does This Reel Work In Saltwater?

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is one of the most popular freshwater fishing reels and has been around for a while. It is typically bought by experienced anglers who want a reel that can do everything from casting to fighting fish.

This reel is primarily meant for freshwater so it does have some limitations if used in saltwater conditions. You should consider your style of fishing before deciding on whether or not this reel would suit you best.

The smooth drag system allows the most versatility but because this reel is low-profile, it does not have the full capacity to handle larger freshwater fish. This could put too much pressure on the line to cause damage.

Is This Reel Available For Right & Left Handed Users?

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is a very popular fishing reel that is widely available in different sizes. It is also available in different styles and models for right-handed and left-handed users.

You may see a slight increase in pricing for a left-hand model, but overall pricing for these reels remains pretty consistent. They tend to be less popular, but you should not have any problems finding the right fit.

How Long Does The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel Last?

The Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel is a durable fishing reel that can last you for over 10 years if it is cared for properly. It can be a great investment for those who love to fish and want to make sure they have a reliable reel for the long term.

The stainless steel design provides smooth casting without any backlash and the aluminum handle ensures a firm grip while reeling in line. It has a low-profile design and the stainless steel frame makes it durable and reliable.

It also comes with a solid 1-3 year warranty, so you won’t have any need for replacing this reel anytime soon. This keeps you protected from any manufacturing defects or immediate damages that might occur.

The reel is lightweight and easy to use, but it’s fragile if you do not store it properly. You should avoid letting the line ever get tangled and keep an eye on the ball bearings because they can wear down.

Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel Alternatives

There are a lot of reel alternatives that you can find in the market if this reel doesn’t seem like the best fit for you. There is no right or wrong reel, so it is up to you to decide which one suits you best.

We like what the two reels below have to offer. One is a round reel while the other is a low-profile reel to give you a variety of options to consider. While we do recommend the Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel, both of these options are suitable too.

Abu Garcia AMBS-5500 Round Reel

The Abu Garcia AMBS-5500 is a round reel that has been designed with the fisherman in mind. It has a durable construction and comes with a variety of features that make it suitable for various fishing applications.

This reel is made to be durable and versatile for different types of fishing applications. It comes with an aluminum and stainless steel construction with 2 ball bearings to give more direct and smooth operation.

It also has a one-way anti-reverse bearing system that allows for smooth casting at any speed or distance. This reel provides high strength and durability making it great for long fishing trips.

This is a good alternative option because it has a multi-disc drag system that gives a similar feel to your hand. The line can remain smooth while providing an ergonomic feel for maximum comfort.

Okuma Komodo SS Low Profile Baitcaster Reel

The Okuma Komodo SS Low Profile Baitcaster Reel is a fishing reel that has a lot of features for the fisherman. It is one of the most popular reels in the market and it has been reviewed by many users.

It features a low-profile design, which makes it easier to cast and retrieve lures. It also has a high gear ratio that allows for improved power and speed on the water. The reel also uses an anti-reverse system with an anti-reverse brake to prevent line twists while reeling in fish.

This is a great reel that is perfect for fishing in different types of water. It also has been designed to be easy to use and control. It provides a few great features that make it an excellent alternative, but it is a bit more expensive too.

The reel's stainless steel design is strong yet lightweight. The reel also includes a carbon fiber drag system which makes it more durable than other reels in its price range.

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