How Much Is Amazon Prime For Seniors With AARP?

Are you a senior curious about Amazon Prime & AARP? Learn about pricing and benefits in our informative article today!

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Prime costs $14.99/month or $139/year for seniors with AARP membership.
  • There are currently no discounts for senior citizens with AARP subscriptions.
  • Those on Medicare receive a senior discount of 50% on Amazon Prime membership.
  • Amazon Prime offers many benefits, such as fast shipping and discounts on products.

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Are you a senior curious about Amazon Prime & AARP? Learn about pricing and benefits in our informative article today!

Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year for seniors with an AARP membership, with no specific discounts available. However, seniors on Medicare can receive a Prime membership for as little as $6.99 per month, offering significant savings.

As someone who has experienced the same confusion and inquiry about Amazon Prime and AARP discounts, I made it my mission to conduct extensive research. From my findings, I can confidently say that I have a wealth of knowledge on the matter and opinions from experts in the field. Let me share with you what I've learned and help you make the most of your Amazon Prime membership and AARP discounts!

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How Much Is Amazon Prime For Seniors With AARP

Amazon Prime is a popular Prime subscription service with numerous benefits, such as free two-day shipping, access to streaming video, and more. Seniors, specifically those with AARP subscriptions, may wonder if they can receive discounted Amazon Prime rates.

So, how much is amazon prime for seniors with AARP? Currently, the standard Amazon Prime membership fee is $14.99 per month or $139 per year, even for seniors with AARP membership, as no specific discounts are offered in this regard.

Amazon Prime for Seniors with AARP

AARP Membership and Amazon Prime

AARP is a well-known organization that offers numerous benefits to individuals aged 50 and above. While Amazon Prime offers a wide range of perks, such as free two-day shipping, access to Amazon Prime Video and Music, and more, the question arises: Can AARP members receive a discounted Amazon Prime membership?

Seniors with AARP have to pay the standard Amazon Prime membership price of $14.99 per month or $139 per year after utilizing the one-month free trial. Currently, Amazon does not offer a Prime membership discount explained for seniors with AARP.

Senior Citizen Discount

Despite the lack of an AARP-specific Prime discount, there are other ways for seniors to save money on Amazon Prime. One such option is the senior citizen discount available prime for seniors on Medicare.

Qualifying seniors with Medicare can receive an Amazon Prime membership discount for as little as $6.99 per month.

Further, seniors can also get Amazon Prime for $6.99/month if they are enrolled in these qualifying government assistance programs:

  • TANF
  • SNAP
  • Medicaid card
  • SSI
Prime Membership Discount Type Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Standard Amazon Prime $14.99 $139
Senior Discount (Medicare or Qualified Government Assistance Program) $6.99 Not applicable

Besides the discounted price, seniors can still take advantage of all Amazon Prime subscription benefits. Some of the perks include

  • Free 2-day shipping on eligible items
  • Amazon Prime Video and movie streaming, TV shows, and Amazon Originals
  • Prime Music, with ad-free access to millions of songs
  • Prime Reading offers access to a rotating selection of free Kindle books, magazines, and more
  • Exclusive deals and discounts on numerous products

Membership Fee and Discounts

Standard Amazon Prime Membership Fee

The standard Amazon Prime membership charges for seniors with AARP are currently $14.99 per month or $139 per year after the one-month free trial ends. This fee applies to AARP members and others who do not qualify for any discounted rates.

Discounted Amazon Prime Membership for Eligible Seniors

Fortunately, discounted price rates are available for seniors who meet specific eligibility criteria. One such Amazon senior discount applies to seniors on Medicare. Qualifying seniors can receive an Amazon Prime membership for as little as $6.99 per month.

Eligible seniors:

  • Must be on Medicare
  • Monthly cost: $6.99

Another Amazon senior discount is available for seniors currently enrolled in government assistance programs such as TANF, SNAP, EBT or Medicaid card, SSI, and others.

Eligible seniors:

  • Must be enrolled in a qualifying government assistance program
  • Monthly Fee: $6.99
Senior Discount Type Monthly Fee Conditions
Seniors on Medicare $6.99 Must be on Medicare
Seniors on Government Assistance Programs $6.99, e.g., TANF, SNAP, Medicaid card, SSI, etc.

Eligibility for Amazon Prime Discounts

Low-Income Seniors

Amazon offers a significant senior discount on Prime memberships for low-income seniors. Instead of the regular price of $14.99 per month, eligible seniors can access Amazon Prime subscription benefits for just $6.99 per month.

To qualify, seniors need to be enrolled in certain government assistance programs, such as SSI, Medicaid card, Amazon Prime EBT discount, SNAP, or TANF. Seniors must provide proof of eligibility when signing up for a discounted Amazon Prime account.

Government Assistance Programs

Amazon's senior discount extends to seniors who are part of various government assistance programs.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

It’s A federal income supplement discount program that helps aged, blind, and disabled individuals with limited income and resources. To be eligible, a person must be 65 or older, blind, or disabled, and meet specific income and resource limits.


A state and federal program that provides health insurance to low-income individuals, families, elderly adults, people with disabilities, and pregnant women.

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer)

A system used to distribute SNAP and TANF benefits to eligible individuals and families.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

A program that provides eligible households with assistance with eligible purchases of food items, formerly known as food stamps.

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

It's a program designed to provide temporary financial assistance to low-income families with dependent children and pregnant women during their last three months of pregnancy.

To sign up for this Amazon Prime discount, seniors enrolled in these programs should visit the Amazon Prime discount website or the official Amazon Prime EBT or Government assistance page. Once there, they can begin the signup process, which includes uploading documentation proving their enrollment in the specified programs.

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon Prime is a popular subscription service designed to make your life easier by offering numerous prime benefits and minimum purchase options.

Prime Video and Entertainment

Prime Video offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content. An Amazon Prime Member enjoys unlimited streaming of his favorite films and series, allowing him to watch on various devices such as Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon's own Fire TV devices.

Prime Music and Magazines

Amazon Prime members also have access to Prime Music. This service offers over 2 million ad-free songs and countless playlists to suit any mood or occasion.

Furthermore, Prime Reading provides access to a rotating selection of magazines, books, and comics, all available on various devices, including the Kindle app and tablet.

Free Shipping and Grocery Delivery

One of the most recognizable prime benefits of Amazon Prime discount is the free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items. This perk enables seniors with AARP to save money and time when they shop online.

Additionally, a Prime member receives senior discounts on Amazon's grocery delivery services, such as Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, resulting in a convenient and cost-effective way to purchase groceries. This is free same-day delivery.

Prime Day and Lightning Deals

Amazon Prime Day is an annual event exclusive to any Prime member, featuring incredible discounts on a wide variety of products. Seniors with AARP can take advantage of these deals to find great savings on items they need or want.

Furthermore, Prime membership grants early access to Lightning Deals, limited-time offers on select products with the potential for significant discounts.

Prime Pantry and Whole Foods Stores

Amazon Prime members enjoy additional prime benefits when shopping for groceries and household items. Prime Pantry is a service that allows members to shop for everyday essentials and have eligible purchases delivered to their doorsteps.

Prime members also receive exclusive discounts when shopping at Whole Food Stamps Market, such as an additional 10% off sale items and access to weekly discounts on select best-selling items.

Service Description Benefits
Prime Video Streaming platform Unlimited streaming of movies, and TV shows, unlimited photo storage, and channels
Prime Music Music streams Over 2 million ad-free songs and playlists, and you can cancel Amazon Prime anytime.
Free Shipping Online shopping Enjoy free shipping on eligible items and senior citizen discounts on grocery delivery services for two days
Prime Day Prima Day Sales Annual event featuring remarkable discounts on various products
Prime Pantry Grocery delivery Convenient shopping for everyday essentials and exclusive Whole Foods Market savings

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