How To Answer Calls On iPhone With Airpods

You are among your friends, wearing your flashy new AirPods, and in comes a call. It is best to learn how to answer calls on iPhone with AirPods beforehand.

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You are among your friends, wearing your flashy new AirPods, and in comes a call. It is best to learn how to answer calls on iPhone with AirPods beforehand.

When purchasing a gadget, it is better to learn all its features before using it publicly. This will save you from awkward looks from those around you.

Before answering a call, you must ensure that your AirPods are connected to your iPhone. With the first or second-generation AirPods, you need to double-tap on either of the AirPods to answer the call. You will have to press the force sensor once with the third generation.

AirPods make it much easier to answer a call without even taking your phone out of your pocket. You can continue to talk with your hands-free and without pesky wires on your body.

Our technology experts believe that AirPods deliver impressive performance and sound quality when listening to calls, music, or even informative content such as audiobooks. They are simple to use and make it convenient to use your iPhone without taking it out.

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How To Answer Calls On iPhone With AirPods (1st and 2nd generation)?

Connect Your AirPods with Your iPhone

Before you connect your AirPods to your iPhone, it is recommended that you have the latest iOS installed. Then you can follow these steps:

  1. When you are on your home screen, open the case, and bring it next to your phone. As soon as your phone detects them, it will prompt you with a setup animation and ask you to tap on Connect.
  2. With advanced versions of AirPods, you will have to set up Siri as well
  3. If you have signed in with iCloud, your AirPods will run with all your devices
  4. Once you have your AirPods connected to your iPhone, you can answer a call by double-tapping either of the AirPods. The double tapping needs to be done on the outside of the AirPod. You will need to ensure that the taps are sharp and quick. Remember, there is a difference between touching and tapping.
  5. Say you are in the middle of a call, and another call comes your way. You will want to put the first call on hold and answer the second call. The good news is that AirPods lets you do that. All you have to do is tap twice on either AirPod, and you will answer the second call while the first call is put on hold.
  6. You might think you need to pull out your phone to switch between calls. But the advanced technologies on AirPods let you switch between calls using, you guessed it, double-tapping.

How To Answer Calls On iPhone With AirPods (3rd generation)

To answer a call, you must ensure that your AirPods are turned on and connected to your iPhone. When you have an incoming call, all you need to do is press the force sensor and begin talking.

On the other hand, if you want to make a call, you can use Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, to make calls. You can say "Hey Siri" and ask her to make a call to any of your contacts. You can also wake up Siri by pressing and holding the force sensor.

You can also handle the following features using the force sensor:

  • To end a call, you can press the force sensor on any AirPod.
  • Tor decline a call, you will need to press the force sensor twice
  • If you are on a call and have another call coming in, you may use the force sensor, by pressing it once, to hold the first call and take the other call.
  • Suppose you wish to end the first call and answer the second call. Put the first one on hold and press the force sensor twice.

Changing Call Settings on AirPods

AirPods allow you a good degree of settings and customizations to ensure you get the most out of your little gadget. These little earbuds come with a lot of technology. Let us look at some of the features they have to offer and how you can customize them.

Changing The Double-Tap Action

Say you do not like the default actions that double-tapping your AirPods do. You can customize or even turn off double-tapping. You can even choose which AirPod does what when you double-tap it.

For instance, you can choose to have the right AirPod wake up Siri when you double-tap it. You can simultaneously choose to skip between tracks with the right AirPod. To modify these settings, you need to:

  1. Ensure that your AirPods are connected to your phone, even if they are still in the case
  2. Open Settings on your phone and go to Bluetooth
  3. You will notice a More Info button (denoted by small i) next to your AirPods
  4. Once you tap on the i, you will have to choose the right or left AirPod, and you can decide the action you want the AirPod to take once you double-tap. You can switch between skipping tracks, pausing or playing music, and waking up Siri.

Ear Detection

Do you know that your AirPods know when they are in or out of your ears? If you are listening to music and pull one AirPod out of your ear, the music will pause, and when you plug it back in, it will resume play. If you remove both AirPods, the music will stop playing and not resume even if you plug them both back into your ears.

Now, even though it sounds like a neat feature, not everyone thinks of it this way. Some people find this to be rather irritating. No matter what side of the table you sit in this debate, Apple allows you to turn this feature off.

Once turned off, the music from your iPhone will continue to play on your AirPods whether you are wearing them or not.


Both AirPods are equipped with microphones. They are used to talk over calls, record your voice, or talk to Siri. On the default setting, the phone selects any one of the two AirPods for microphone automatically. But if you are not happy with this setting, you can customize your AirPods so that either left or right AirPod can be used for the microphone.

Once you select a microphone, you can continue to use that AirPod's microphone even if you remove it from your ear or put it in the case.

Are you wondering where you can use this feature? This neat feature allows you to use one AirPod for hearing and the other as a microphone. This means you can place the AirPod anywhere within the Bluetooth vicinity of your phone and use it as a mic.

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