Apple Pencil Cap: Where To Buy And How To Use

The Apple Pencil is a popular and essential accessory for the iPad. But where can you buy its cap, and how do you use it?  

Key Takeaways

  • Apple Pencil caps protect the charging end and prevent the stylus from rolling off.
  • Replacement caps can be bought from online retailers like Amazon.
  • Tighten the nib if the Apple Pencil does not work without the cap.

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The Apple Pencil is a popular and essential accessory for the iPad. But where can you buy its cap, and how do you use it?

The Apple Pencil cap is readily available for purchase directly from the official Apple website or at authorized Apple retailers like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Staples, B&H Photo Video, and Adorama. To use, align the cap with the Pencil's charging port and a secure snap-in.

As a seasoned expert, I've delved deep into the world of Apple Pencils. With years of hands-on experience, I've tested various caps and techniques. My insights have guided countless users like you to maximize their stylus potential.

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Apple Pencil Cap: Purchase Options and Usage

There's one small component of the Apple Pencil that often goes overlooked - the Apple Pencil cap. This tiny piece plays a crucial role in keeping your stylus safe and functioning properly.

Apple Pencil caps are small, cylindrical accessories that slip over the top of the Apple Pencil, protecting the charging end from dust and debris. They also help prevent your stylus from rolling off surfaces and getting lost.

The cap has a magnetic design, which ensures it securely attaches to the Apple Pencil. However, this small component can easily be misplaced during daily usage or accidentally left behind when traveling.

Where To Buy an Apple Pencil Cap

Each of these stores offers a unique shopping experience and a range of options for Apple Pencil caps. Whether you prefer online shopping or visiting a physical store, these options cater to various preferences and needs.

1. Apple Stores

Apple Stores are the go-to for genuine Apple products, offering expert advice and a guaranteed match for your Apple Pencil model.

  • Availability: Widely available across the United States.
  • Benefits: Expert advice on model compatibility and original caps.
  • How to Purchase: Visit any Apple Store.

2. Amazon

Amazon boasts a vast selection of Apple Pencil caps, including both official and third-party options, with user reviews to guide your choice.

  • Variety: A broad range of original and third-party options.
  • Buying Tip: Check for customer reviews and seller ratings.
  • Purchase Method: Online through the Amazon website.

3. eBay

eBay offers a diverse array of Apple Pencil caps from various sellers, allowing for a wide choice in terms of price and style.

  • Selection: Diverse models and colors, including alternatives.
  • Advice: Pay attention to product listings and seller reputation.
  • How to Buy: Online, via eBay’s platform.

4. Best Buy

Best Buy is a reliable electronics retailer, providing a selection of Apple Pencil caps both in their physical stores and online.

  • Features: Known for electronics, it offers a selection of Apple Pencil caps.
  • Advantage: Physical stores for direct purchase and online options.
  • Purchase Mode: In-store or online at Best Buy's website.

5. Target

Target offers convenience in shopping for tech accessories like Apple Pencil caps, available in their physical stores and on their website.

  • Offerings: Stocks a variety of tech accessories, including Apple Pencil caps.
  • Convenience: Online shopping and physical store options.
  • How to Shop: Visit Target stores or their online portal.

6. Walmart

Walmart is known for its competitive pricing and wide availability, making it a good option for purchasing Apple Pencil caps.

  • Assortment: Hosts a range of Apple accessories, including pencil caps.
  • Perk: Competitive pricing and widespread store locations.
  • Buying Method: Available in-store and online on Walmart’s website.

7. Staples

Staples, primarily an office supply store, also stocks a range of tech accessories, including Apple Pencil caps.

  • Specialty: Office supplies and tech accessories.
  • Benefit: Accessible both online and in physical stores.
  • Method of Purchase: Visit Staples stores or visit their online shop.

8. B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video specializes in tech and photography gear, offering a selection of Apple accessories, including pencil caps.

  • Known For: Photography and tech gear, including Apple accessories.
  • Pros: Reliable service and a variety of options.
  • How to Purchase: B&H online platform or in-store in select locations.

9. Adorama

Adorama is a trusted source for electronics and photography equipment, providing a range of Apple Pencil caps among their products.

  • Focus: Electronics and photography gear, with a selection of Apple products.
  • Advantage: Professional customer service and quality products.
  • Purchase Options: Online at Adorama’s website or their physical store.

How To Use Apple Pencil Cap

While it may seem like a small, inconspicuous addition, this cap plays a crucial role in protecting and maintaining your Pencil. Let’s find out how to use it.

Pairing Process

To start using your Apple Pencil, you need to pair it with your iPad or iPad Pro. First, remove the Apple Pencil cap, revealing the charging end. Turn your iPad's Bluetooth on and insert the charging end into the iPad's Lightning port.

Once connected, a notification will appear on your Apple iPad, asking you to confirm the pairing. Tap on "Pair," and you're all set!


To charge your Apple Pencil, remove the cap to expose the charging end. You can either plug it into the Lightning port on your iPad or use an iPhone charger with a Lightning adapter. Keep an eye on the battery level in the iPad's Control Center or Notification Center, as the charging time may vary.

Double-Tap Function

The Apple Pencil 2 and Apple Pencil 3 come with a Double-Tap function, which enhances your overall experience while sketching or taking notes.

By double-tapping the lower part of your Apple Pencil, you can quickly switch between drawing tools and erasers without any interruption. Customize this function by visiting the Apple Pencil settings on your iPad.

Drawing and Sketching

Apple Pencil offers great precision and fluidity for drawing and sketching. While you work on your masterpiece, the Apple iPad Pro Pencil cap protects the charging end. With the cap in place, your hand won't accidentally hit the charging end, ensuring a comfortable grip and smooth sketching experience.


Say goodbye to traditional pen and paper; with Apple Pencil, note-taking is as easy and efficient as ever. The Pencil's pressure sensitivity provides a natural writing experience, allowing you to write or draw with various stroke weights.

Access features like Scribble in iPadOS, which converts your handwritten notes into digital text, making it easy to search and edit.


Apple Pencil is not just for drawing and note-taking; you can also use it for navigating your iPad. Scroll through apps, switch between tabs, and interact with on-screen elements seamlessly. Just be sure your Apple Pencil cap is securely in place while navigating to prevent any damage to the charging end.

This table highlights the features of the Apple pencil:

Apple Pencil Cap Options Material Compatibility Price Range
Original Apple Cap Silicone Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd Gen $19 - $29
Third-Party Replacements Various Varies by brand and model $5 - $15
Magnetic Attachment Magnet, silicone, and Plastic Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd Gen $12 - $20
Clip-On Cap Plastic Apple Pencil 1st Gen $8 - $15

Replacing Lost or Broken Apple Pencil Cap

If you happen to lose or break the cap of your Apple Pencil, it's essential to find a suitable replacement to protect your Apple Pencil's charging end from potential damage.

Replacement Cap

The replacement cap is designed to function just like the original cap, providing protection for the charging end of your Apple Pencil. Some replacement caps come with a magnetic cap feature, making it easy for you to attach the cap to your iPad when not in use.

This can be helpful as it reduces the chances of losing the cap again. It is vital to ensure that the replacement cap you choose is specifically made for your Apple Pencil model to ensure the best fit and protection.

Some third-party manufacturers also offer replacement caps compatible with your Apple Pencil, like the FRTMA For Apple Pencil Cap, which comes in various colors and is made of silicone.

Price and Purchasing Replacement Cap

The price of the replacement cap can vary depending on the brand, material, and compatibility with your Apple Pencil model. Apple doesn't sell the cap separately, though some users claim they've received one for free at the Apple Genius Bar.

For third-party options, you can find replacement caps on online retailers like Amazon, where prices usually range between $5 and $20. Read the reviews and check for user feedback before making your purchase, as some sellers might provide lower-quality products.

To protect your Apple Pencil's charging end while waiting for your replacement cap, avoid keeping your pen in pockets or bags and avoid placing it in areas where it could fall and potentially damage the charging end.

With the right replacement cap, you can ensure your Apple Pencil stays safe and functional for a long time.

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