How To Use AT&T's Grace Period To Get Out Of A Contract

Getting out of a contract with AT&T is nothing short of a nightmare. So is there an easy way? Here’s how to use AT&T’s grace period to get out of a contract.

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Getting out of a contract with AT&T is nothing short of a nightmare. So is there an easy way? Here’s how to use AT&T’s grace period to get out of a contract.

For those struggling with their income, a grace period is a huge benefit. Generally speaking, creditors have ten days after the exact due date as their grace period.

AT&T does not offer a grace period; however, even though this is the case, you might not have to pay a late fee. This is highly dependent on your payment history. You have 21 days to make payment after the date of the invoice. You can get out of a contract using the AT&T grace period.

You risk suspension if you don't secure any last-minute arrangements before the deadline. Some fees may leave you paying more than the initial payment if you want to have your service resumed. However, if you don’t want to get it back, there’s an easy way out of a contract.

After doing our research and having been stuck in a situation where we’ve tried to get out of a contract with AT&T, we’ve shared more details about late fees associated with AT&T and how you can use the 10-day period to get out of a contract.

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If You’re Late with Your Payments, What are the Consequences?

With a busy schedule, it can be tough to remember overdue payments, so it’s highly likely that you could forget to pay your AT&T bill on time. If the payment goes beyond the due date, AT&T will message you to notify you about it. You can use your account to make a payment online or over the phone. You can go online and set up a payment plan if you don't have the money when your payment is due.

You must make the agreed-upon payment by the due date, or else AT&T may immediately discontinue your services. You will be responsible for further costs after being terminated. The following fees will then apply if you wish to reconnect with your account:

  • A $40 reconnection cost and a $5 late charge would apply to each phone.

If you own three phones, you might have to spend $125 to reconnect in addition to whatever you originally owed. It is advised to keep your bill updated because there is no specified grace period for AT&T. However, if you wish to get out of the contract, you don’t have to renew the service.  Your contract will automatically be terminated.

What is the Period for Terminating Services at AT&T?

A suspension might not happen if you consistently make on-time payments on your invoices. However, if you decide to pay your bill after the deadline, a service charge is applied, and you can get an automatic alert that your account might be suspended.

During the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, AT&T actually made an exception and let consumers keep their accounts open for 60 days. Additionally, all late fees were removed for the first 60 days. Users of landlines and the internet were eligible for this promotion.

The company will make a conscious effort to encourage you to fulfill your payments on time. However, if you still neglect your bill and do not settle it, your service may be terminated at any time. It all depends on your payment history, including whether you make slow payments, partial payments, or fail to pay on time.

If it's your first offense, you might get away with it , but if you're consistently slow or you don't pay, you might get disconnected at any time. This interruption could come at any stage and without prior notice. You can maintain your phone number and extend your service if you reinstate before 60 days after the final day of service.

Will AT&T Grant a Bill Extension?

On AT&T’s website, there is a page where you can specify a due date for your overdue payment. They may turn off your services if you don't pay when you've agreed to, which you'll need to reinstate. Another choice is to make a phone call and speak to an agent.

They might be more accommodating and start a payment plan if you do choose to call, but they will ask you for a convenience fee in return for speaking with an agent. If you can somehow otherwise arrange things online, you would not be charged this price, which is $5.00. This fee is for making payment arrangements promptly.

Your past payment behavior could influence the type of payment you can use. Once the specific schedule has been chosen, it cannot be altered or canceled. In the event that AT&T stops your service due to late payment, you will be responsible for the cost of phone reactivation. The usual restoral cost of $40 is used to update and extend the customer's payment alternatives and processes.

How to work up a payment plan with AT & T?

Follow the steps given below to choose a payment plan as per your convenience.

  1. Login with your account.
  2. Visit the Payment Page.
  3. Options are shown on the payment calendar according to your eligibility. Date and transaction information should be entered. Choose Continue.
  4. To arrange your payment, check the payment information and click Submit.
  5. You may see your confirmation code and account value on the payment status page.

Details about Payment Arrangements at AT&T

  • You are not allowed to postdate a transaction if the calendar on your AT&T account doesn't offer alternatives after your deadline.
  • If you end up paying your bill after the given deadline, a late fee can be applied, and my AT&T app might automatically notify you that your account might be suspended.
  • The amount that you promise to pay must have been credited to your account by the date which was agreed upon.  Your service could be instantly stopped, and you could be charged a reconnecting or restoral charge if you don't make your payment on the due date.
  • Some payment options might not be accessible based on your past payment behavior. You agree to pay according to the selected payment method on the specified date when you engage in a payment arrangement.


You might need to stop the present month if you utilize AutoPay. In the following billing period, AutoPay will restart. Make sure the AutoPay drafting does not occur in addition to the payment plan you have arranged by contacting your financial institution. If it happens, your bank may charge you for an overdraft and impose additional fees.

Timing Requirements

Only payments that are expected to post prior to your deadline may be canceled or changed. Payments that are planned to be deposited after your due date cannot be altered or canceled once they are fixed. On the planned payment day, the processing of payments starts at 12 a.m. ET. If you wish to make edits or cancel your payments, you must be active at least one day before the planned payment date.

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