Best Assisted Living Facilities Frisco, TX

Looking to settle down in gorgeous Frisco, TX? We’ve researched the best assisted living facilities in the area for you!

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Looking to settle down in gorgeous Frisco, TX? We’ve researched the best assisted living facilities in the area for you!

The best assisted living facilities in Frisco, TX are Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco, BeeHive Homes of Frisco, The Landing at Watermere Frisco, and Bethesda Gardens Frisco Assisted Living. Each property has top-tier amenities, exceptional neighborhoods and great ratings from recent inspections.

We’ve researched assisted living communities in Frisco to provide you the most comprehensive list of the best facilities in the area. We’ll break down what you can expect from amenities, including what basics are typically included in assisted living care, and detail out the specific amenities that set these properties apart from the others.

Details regarding the neighborhoods that surround our communities are just as important as the amenities that they offer. We’ve looked into the highlights of each of the surrounding areas to provide you with the best picture of where you will be settling into. We’ve also included details surrounding the grounds of each property so you can be the most informed when choosing what environment suits you best.

Pricing is always an important detail when searching for your new community. We have rounded up the base cost for each of our highlighted properties, and will stack them up against the national average. You will know exactly what you’re paying for and where your dollars go in our communities.

When looking at an assisted living community, sometimes one aspect that isn’t considered is safety and performance in state evaluations. We have researched each property individually and pulled out their most recent state-run safety evaluations so that we can provide you with the most detailed information regarding the safety of each community. The state reports include information about building code violations, health and safety oversight, and presents an overall picture into how each of these properties manages their day to day responsibilities to you, their resident. Having this insight is a distinct advantage when looking at properties as potential homes and should always be a consideration when making a decision of this importance.

Having a background in long-term care nursing for over a decade, I have seen the ins and outs of some of the best and worst assisted living communities available. I have the knowledge base and background to be able to look at something like the state report for facilities and draw from it what is the important detail and what is inconsequential. Knowing what amenities are crucial is another highlight I have to offer, so you can know that the facilities on our list truly have passed a thorough inspection of what they have to offer.

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Best Assisted Living Facilities in Frisco, TX

The best assisted living facilities in Frisco are a diverse offering of properties sprawled around the amazing city of Frisco. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Frisco has the benefit of being removed from the metro area completely while still being within a short distance to the metro airport- crucial for visiting family members. Frisco has a reputation for being a sports-minded city, and with headquarters for the Cowboys and the Stars, it certainly holds up to the hype.

Frisco is also home to an array of unique museums that is a highlight that any visiting family member would enjoy seeing. From the heritage museum downtown filled with antiques, to the national videogame museum where the grandkids can see original consoles that you used to play on, the city has unique features all around that are sure to keep you entertained and busy through your retirement days.

Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco

Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco is situated in the western Frisco neighborhood known as The Trails. Nestled a very short drive from The Trails of Frisco Golf Club, this location is certain to appeal to the active retiree looking to improve their swing. A moderate distance away from Mustang Creek is also Little Elm Creek, which feeds into Lewisville Lake. The area offers a wide variety of boating and fishing options to fill your day to the brim with exciting adventure activities. Nestled nearly within walking distance is a variety of shopping options and restaurants that are sure to please when family comes visiting.

Mustang Creek is part of a larger chain of assisted living communities known for their luxurious touches to the living arrangements provided. The facilities offer 24-hour oversight of all of your care needs, including bathing, dressing and grooming items if your healthcare status warrants it. A unique feature of this facility is that the rates are all-inclusive from the beginning- meaning unlike many other facilities, their rates do not include a-la-carte upcharging for increased levels of care needs. This means that you can age in place, in your new retirement home, without having the fear of your monthly rates becoming outrageous.

Other amenities of Mustang Creek include the fairly standard three home-cooked meals a day, linen and laundry services, housekeeping of the grounds and your private living spaces, and oversight of healthcare needs. As a multi-home facility, the grounds at Mustang Creek provide for a smaller setting living environment, which gives a less industrial feel to the community. The beautifully landscaped grounds have paved areas for walking that make getting out and about to enjoy the weather a safe and wonderful experience for residents.

Mustang Creek’s base monthly rate starts at $3,330 for a private living space and private restroom. This comes in below the national average rates starting at around $4,000, and for a luxury living space, is an excellent starting point for an upscale assisted living community.

Mustang Creek’s most recent state evaluation was in October of 2020 and revealed no citations at all- a difficult feat for even the cleanest and safest of facilities. The state looks at a wide variety of regulations within the health code and life code frameworks- the former geared towards the healthcare provided, and the latter in relation to items like building codes and fire safety measures. Mustang Creek was able to clear both sections without an infraction.  

BeeHive Homes of Frisco

BeeHive Homes of Frisco is situated in the south west portion of Frisco, in a lovely residential neighborhood known as Stonebrook Crossing. BeeHive, like Mustang Creek, is situated within a moderate distance drive to Lewisville Lake, with all of its recreational offerings. BeeHive is also located close to Southwest Community Park, which is home to some lovely sporting event fields, a disc golf course, and an expansive dog park, so if you have your furry friend with you at your new community, this is an excellent space to consider.

BeeHive offers amenities similar to the others on the list- three home-cooked meals a day, housekeeping of the grounds and personal spaces, linen and laundry services, and healthcare assistance provided including bathing, grooming and dressing needs. BeeHive has a tiered care system which means that you pay a monthly rate based on the level of care needs that you have. A particular bonus of this community is that it has the ability to provide care at levels that typically supersede other assisted living communities- they can provide higher levels of transfer needs (like if you need a mechanical lift to help move you from bed to chair) and higher levels of medication management as well.

The base tier at BeeHive’s care packages starts at $3,600, which still falls below the national average rates. The second tier at $3,850 also falls below that benchmark, with higher levels of needs being met. The third care tier listed falls just over the national average at $4,100, but also includes a high level of care that would likely incur higher rates or require a different living environment like a nursing home altogether, so overall the care rates are quite excellent.

BeeHive’s annual evaluation took place in July of 2020 and revealed 2 small infractions from the life code section of the state’s regulations. These codes were in relation to building codes and designations, and were easily remedied to the satisfaction of the state within a few weeks’ time. There were no infractions found from the healthcare provided at this community.

The Landing at Watermere Frisco

The Landing at Watermere Frisco is located in the idyllic setting of the downtown Frisco area. It is located minutes away from Grand Park, a sprawling metro park that is newly developed and consists of multiple hiking trails, a kids park area, a large water feature that has a boathouse for leisure, and even a small train that takes you around the park. There are wetlands to explore, and even an outdoor sculpture park to take in the beauty. Also minutes away is the Frisco Market Center, home to a multitude of shopping options.

The Landing at Watermere grounds are second to none and are beautifully landscaped to provide the urban setting that surrounds the Landing while also providing a secluded environment that exudes luxury and elegance. The grounds are easily maneuvered and are open-concept, with plenty of outdoor living space to enjoy the weather each day. The private accommodations themselves boast multiple floor plans and options to meet your individual needs with ease.

The Landing has amenities galore on their sprawling land, including the standard housekeeping and laundry, along with healthcare options available for your specific needs. Dining at the Landing is far from standard, with upscale dining arrangements available including restaurant-style dining rooms, on-site bistros and coffee bar, and chef-prepared meals for each meal of the day. The grounds also boast an on-site dog park for your furry friends to enjoy. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the on-site wine bar as well, giving this particular property the tipping point for upscale refinements.

For such a lavish environment, the Landing begins their base monthly rates at a very reasonable $3,600/month. While level of care ultimately determines the final base rate expected to be paid per month, these luxury amenities and grounds are still proving ultra-affordable while appealing to even the finest of potential residents.

The Landing underwent their annual state survey in August of 2019 and were found to have absolutely no infractions in either the health safety code or life safety code designations for state regulation.

Bethesda Gardens Frisco Assisted Living

Bethesda Gardens Frisco is located in the Shaddock Creek Estates subdivision of Western Frisco. A quiet, residential community, Shaddock Creek is known for its proximity to the Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt nature area with hiking and creek wildlife abound for you to interact with. Nearby is the El Dorado Marketplace, with plenty of restaurant options and shopping centers for you to pick up whatever you heart may desire. There are schools nearby, which is a great option to have should you have children and grandchildren to want to settle near your community.

Highlights of living in the Bethesda Gardens community start with the numerous events and activities that the property has to offer. Given its proximity to nearby sporting facilities, there are ample options to join in an outing to catch a baseball or football game on any given night. Other active outings that the community engages in are frequent trips to the zoo, as well as exercise program events and other ways to stay active.

Bethesda offers home-style cooking for their three prepared meals each day, and the menus are overseen by a dietitian who can help you ensure your nutritional intake is where it needs to be to keep your health and endurance going. Another unique feature to this property is its roots in a faith-based approach to community, and there are ample opportunities to delve into your spiritual and emotional well-being at this community.

Bethesda’s monthly rates come in at an exceptionally affordable base rate of $3,495, and the community is proud to boast that they are one of the most affordable assisted living facilities in the area, despite the abundance of amenities available and individualized plans of care available to each resident.

Bethesda did not have citation information available for recent state evaluation, which likely means the facility is due for a visit soon for evaluation. Given its exemplary standards of care, it is likely to receive few citations in their annual review.

You are guaranteed to find an assisted living community that meets your particular tastes and interests in the wonderful community of Frisco. No matter what your ideal setting is, our list has the answer for anyone looking to relocate to this fine Texas town.

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