5 Best Assisted Living Facilities Garland, TX

Looking to settle in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and eyeing Garland for your retirement home? Take a look at the 5 best assisted living facilities in the area!

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Looking to settle in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and eyeing Garland for your retirement home? Take a look at the 5 best assisted living facilities in the area!

The 5 best assisted living facilities in Garland, TX are Brookdale Club Hill, Mayberry Gardens, Abba Care Assisted Living, Silver Creek Assisted Living, and Springfield Senior Living. Each property is nestled into vibrant areas of Garland and have amenities certain to meet your every need.

In researching the area of Garland, TX for your next move in retirement, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of assisted living and what you can expect from your assisted living communities. We’ll break down for you the detailed amenities that all assisted living communities offer, and provide you with a detailed listing of what makes these top communities stand above the rest.

We will detail out for you the location and grounds that each of the top 5 communities has to offer. You’ll be able to choose from sprawling metro urban settings to backyard neighborhood hot spots to see what location serves you best in your retirement. Whether your pace is leisurely, or whether you’re into the hustle and bustle, Garland has assisted living communities that are sure to meet your expectations.

We will show you what the national average for an assisted living community can cost, and detail out how each community stacks up to that. Knowing the base rates for each community can help you figure out your personal budgetary needs, as well as set into perspective exactly what amenities you are looking at and how they can fit the bill. Keeping in mind that assisted living is an all-inclusive living arrangement will help you wrap your head around the costs associated, and we will help you see the big picture.

We’ve also done the footwork of researching the safety information for each of the 5 best facilities in the Garland area. Utilizing Texas’s assisted living home evaluation database, we have compiled the list of top facilities in the area utilizing inspection data to help determine which properties are the safest and which properties operate within state guidelines the best. Keep in mind that minor infractions are common- we will help detail out the results so you can fully understand what the evaluations uncovered for each facility.

Given a 15 year history in nursing with assisted living and long term care communities, I have often found that many people just don’t know where to begin when considering retirement into a long term care community. Knowing the history and background of facilities as well as what state requirements indicate and how to prioritize the results are just some of the assets that I am passionate about sharing with the world. Helping people determine their perfect retirement community with peace of mind and comfort in the safety of their home is why I do what I do.

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5 Best Assisted Living Communities in Garland

The Garland area is a smaller suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and nestled adjacent to the beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard. Home to a variety of exceptional diversions to keep you busy, Garland hosts the Firewheel Golf Park, Rowlett Creek Preserve, Duck Creek Greenbelt and the Windsurf Bay Park for you to choose from when you’re looking for some daytime amusement or places to entertain the family when they come to visit. Settling in for your retirement years in Garland is a great choice, and the assisted living facilities in the area certainly do not disappoint.

Brookdale Club Hill

Brookdale Club Hill iis a property that is part of the expansive Brookdale assisted living community corporation. This particular property is situated in the Wykeham neighborhood to the southeast of Garland’s downtown district. It is nestled closeby to Lake Ray Hubbard and is surrounded by a neighborhood feeling certain to make you feel settled and at home. There are various restaurants nearby if you want to switch up the night’s menu, and local stores minutes away for the small necessities.

Brookdale Club Hill’s amenities are expansive and include a large variety of floor plans to choose from that all include a 24 hour security system, access to the outdoor pool and fitness center, and grounds that incorporate walking paths and landscaping to set a serene feeling. Extra amenities include a concierge service for your every need, an on-site barber shop to keep your look updated, and access to computers and internet service to keep in touch with family.

The general amenities of a Brookdale community include 3 chef-prepared meals daily, a laundry service for flat and personal linens, and housekeeping of the common areas and your private living quarters. Maintenance is available for any and all repairs and upgrades needed, and personalized healthcare oversight is part of what makes this property special.

Brookdale Club Hill’s monthly rates start at $2,290 which is vastly lower than the national average of nearly $4,000/month. This rate includes your floor plan, meals, the above amenities and medical oversight. There are additional amenities, health services and more that can increase the rate on an a la carte basis, depending on your personal needs.

Brookdale Club Hill underwent their state inspection in July of 2019 and were found to have 3 infractions in the live code category. This category is in relation to maintenance, building codes and related oversight of those areas. These infractions were specifically in relation to some minor maintenance adjustments and paperwork needing to be filed, and all citation areas were satisfactorily cleared in a short time frame.

Mayberry Gardens

Mayberry Gardens is an expansive residence located in the Coomer Creek neighborhood of northern Garland. Located minutes from Halff park, there is expansive greenery, trails and nature to be taken in in this beautiful location. Just down the road are dining options such as Popeye’s chicken, Jack in the Box, and Hana Hibachi & Sushi for nights when you want to change things up a bit. With the North Star Marketplace just across the street, all of you needs can be met easily within this serene neighborhood plot.

Mayberry Gardens has been in Garland for over 15 years and they boast a host of amenities that are sure to make you want to call them home. From three home-cooked meals each day, to a full laundry and linen service, Mayberry Gardens has fine-tuned the assisted living community environment.

Healthcare service is top-tier at Mayberry Gardens, where medication assistance, assistance with bathing, grooming and dressing, as well as medical oversight on a high staff to patient ratio make Mayberry Gardens a place where you can easily relax knowing your and your spouse are being taken care of by the best of the best. A thriving activity calendar packed with events, parties and smaller, day to day entertainment like games and crafts are certain to keep you busy through your everyday schedule.

Mayberry Gardens starts their monthly rate at $2395, and offers a variety of different floor plans and care options that can fit into your specific budget. The property itself is separated into 11 different homes with 11 individual units inside of each home. This is a unique property that feels more like home living than a facility, and this setup makes the property stand apart from most on our list.

Abba Care Assisted Living

Located to the southeast of Garland, Abba Care Assisted Living is nestled into the Kensington Gardens subdivision. Down the street from local schools, the Abba Care facility is located right in the heart of a neighborhood, and provides the at-home setting without feeling institutional. With the Homer B Johnson Stadium and James Park nearby, you have plenty of options for outdoor entertainment to get out and about when you’re not looking to be cooped inside the house.

The Abba Care Assisted Living community offers a host of amenities including home-made meals. Examples of some of the highlighted meals in the community are chicken fried steak, pizza, and stir fry- to keep things from being boring. Laundry and housekeeping, along with basic care assistance for activities of daily living including bathing, dressing and medication management are all part of the basic amenities Abba Care has to offer.

Abba Care also boasts a more holistic, individualized approach to your healthcare. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to your care plan, they’ve ensured that your daily life is tailored to your individualized needs. If you never were an early riser, rest assured that the community will not require you to attend 8am breakfasts. They also offer a variety of community events to ensure that there will be an activity to suit your particular interests.

Abba Care’s monthly rate hovers just over the national average at $4200/month. This rate includes the stellar grounds and personal floor plans, advanced assistance requirements that may be needed such as memory care and adapting care planning for increased needs as your health progresses.

Abba Care’s state inspection evaluation was performed in June of 2018 and six infractions were found. There were three infractions in the health code category- meaning in relation to the healthcare provided- that were primarily related to ensuring paperwork and documentation of staff and staff training was submitted in a timely fashion. The other three citations were in the life code category and were in relation to lighting codes and some minor maintenance repairs required. All were satisfied within a short timeframe.

Silver Creek Assisted Living

Silver Creek Assisted Living is located in southwest Garland and is adjacent to the Wykeham and Club Creek neighborhoods just west of Lake Ray Hubbard. If close proximity to water is your soft spot, Silver Creek is the location for you. With activities like fishing, boating and leisure on the water, Lake Ray Hubbard laying just minutes away may be the only amenity you require for residing at Silver Creek.

Aside from the exceptional location, Silver Creek Assisted Living also offers a host of amenities to choose from. From the basics of utilities, laundry services, housekeeping of the ground and of private apartments, and maintenance- to the dining options that include restaurant-style meals three times daily, Silver Creek pulls no stops when it comes to luxury. They offer 24/7 care on-site for medial and personal needs and designed their community to feel more like a family environment than a facility setting.

The grounds are protected with security code entry locks on each door, and a paging system for each resident to call for assistance when needed in their individual rooms. The healthcare assistance provided include medication management, personal care with bathing, dressing and grooming, and wellness checks monthly and as needed by licensed staff to ensure resident health and safety are being appropriately monitored.

Multiple pet-friendly floor plans are available for the base-rate starting at $2299/month, including floor plans of private studio, suite and two bedroom units. There are small kitchenettes in each private living quarter in case you’re not in the mood for chef-style cooking. Extra amenities that set Silver Creek apart include an on-site salon, a coffee and snack bar open all day for convenience, WiFi available in each room, and even local transportation for medical appointments and light shopping needs.

The state inspection performed at Silver Creek was in February of 2020. There were eleven violations found, though none in the health code department. All life code infractions found were in relation to building code requirements not being up to date. These building code requirements were settled and made satisfactory to the state by April of 2020.

Springfield Senior Living

Springfield Senior Living, located in east Garland, is just at the northern tip of Lake Ray Hubbard in the Kensington Gardens subdivision. Nestled into a very neighborhood-like feel, the community is minutes from the Merriwood Ranch, Rowlett Nature Trail, and access to Kuukuh Island on Lake Ray Hubbard for all of your outdoorsy inclinations.

Springfield Senior Living offers your standard amenities of three home-cooked meals a day with snacks offered in-between meal times, basic utilities and cable, daily laundry, housekeeping and maintenance services, all within the comforts of a home-like environment. There are staff available for medication oversight and health promoting activities to keep you active and well. Therapies are available on-site as well, along with professional dental services to keep you up to date.

Additional benefits available at Springfield include weekly hairdressing appointments, manicures and pedicures, a wide variety of social activities to keep you out and about. Specific costs are not available for Springfield’s location, but the Garland area assisted living average hovers around $3181/month and Springfield is likely to fall close to that benchmark.

Springfield’s state inspection occurred in February of 2019 and found seven infractions. One infraction was in the health code designation and was related to ensuring that proper personnel was passing medications during one medication pass. The remainder of the infractions were in relation to documentation of emergency plans, monthly inspections of maintenance equipment on-site, and making sure a fire marshall had conducted an annual evaluation of the property. Springfield cleared these infractions in a few months’ time.

What Assisted Living in Garland Is for Me?

Knowing the ins and outs of each of the listed properties is a starting point, but knowing your personal budget, healthcare needs and level of assistance required will be the first steps in identifying what community is best to suit your needs. Reaching out to the property that stands out to you on our list will put you in touch with a specialist from that property who can review your needs, funding and other areas that will help them and you determine what your appropriate next steps are to transition to the assisted living community of your dreams.

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