Best Assisted Living Facilities in Allen, TX

If you’ve decided to relocate to Allen, TX and want to check out your best assisted living options, we’ve got the top 4 communities in the area ready for you!

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If you’ve decided to relocate to Allen, TX and want to check out your best assisted living options, we’ve got the top 4 communities in the area ready for you!

The best assisted living facilities in Allen, TX are Mustang Creek Estates- Allen, The Heritage at Twin Creeks, Avalon Memory Care and Bertha’s Care Home. Each community ranks highly in their assisted living community evaluations by the state authorities and exceeds expectations for care.

We’ll walk you through just what makes an assisted living community rise above the rest in the area. Specifics like amenities, grounds, and local features are what really set an assisted living facility apart from other similar properties in the area, and it’s important you know exactly what you’re looking at when seeking information on a new potential home.

The city of Allen, TX is a gorgeous suburb of the Dallas area and has amazing features to offer. Whether you’re relocating to the area, or just looking for a change in scenery from what you already know of Allen, we promise that this town has exactly what you’re looking for in a retirement destination, and we will lay out for you all of the reasons it is on your radar on your assisted living search.

In searching for an assisted living community, things like safety and healthcare capabilities are always something to keep in mind. We looked at each of the communities in the area and researched their state inspection reports to ensure that both from a health and safety perspective, these facilities are a cut above the rest with their ability to ensure great results in their annual evaluations.

I’ve had over a decade of experience evaluating these types of facilities from the perspective of a healthcare provider. While amenities are important for home and comfort, knowing precisely what to look for in an inspection or evaluation is crucially important in making the decision on what community is best for you. I’ve applied my particular knowledge gathered from inside working these facilities to gather the vital details you need in making your decision for a long term assisted living community to live in.

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4 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Allen, TX

Deciding to relocate to Allen, TX to settle into your retirement is a great decision! With a population of just over 100,000 people, you get to have a perfect mixture of suburban culture with urban amenities just steps away. Neighboring nearby Dallas, Allen has a similar climate of long, hot summers that give you plenty of daytime to enjoy all of your outdoor adventures.

Allen boasts a local convention center for frequent events, as well as multiple large shopping outlets to lighten your pocketbook when you’re feeling in the mood, including Allen Premium Outlets, Watters Creek, and The Village at Allen. There are also plenty of local hotel and motel options which will come in handy when the family comes down to enjoy the heat!

As we discuss our top 4 assisted living communities, you’ll learn just what amenities are particular to each community, what they are most proud of in their community, as well as learn the starting costs so that you will be well-informed regarding how much assisted living can cost you. While the national average for assisted living costs hovers around $4,000, the majority of our selections fall under that benchmark, but provide exceptional care for the costs.

Mustang Creek Estates- Allen 

Mustang Creek Estates-Allen lies right on the edge of the Mustang Creek in the southeast region of Allen, TX. The Estates are just across from Shadow Lakes Park, which boasts 7 acres of urban park land and houses a pavilion for activities and picnics as well as a recreation trail for trail walking to keep in shape. Close nearby is the Joe Farmer Recreation Center which houses multiple fitness and wellness programs such as pilates, yoga, total body training and fitness instructors to help keep you motivated and in shape through retirement. The recreation center is enclosed within Bethany Lakes Park, which is home to a 40-acre, expansive community park that provides the area with many walking trails, hiking trails, picnic opportunities, and four ponds that even have fishing piers for your recreational leisure.

Mustang Creek Estates itself boasts a wide variety of amenities for your pleasure, including home cooked meals, laundry and housekeeping services, full maintenance of your individual living area as well as the whole grounds, and phone, cable and Wi-Fi all included in your monthly rent. The grounds have a multi-home setting with only 10-13 residents per home, making the property truly feel like a community setting while only having a small number of close-by neighbors for your privacy needs. They have an expansive brochure that lists amenities as well as what you can expect from their properties that you can browse for in-depth information or contact info, if desired.

Costs for Mustang Creek Estates-Allen begin at a standard room rate of $2950/month, far below the national average. There are a-la-carte services that do run extra, up to and including memory care services should the need arise in the future.

Mustang Creek Estates-Allen homes underwent a state evaluation in 2019 of each of their six homes on the property. Only one of the homes was found to have 2 violations- one related to maintaining employee records, and the other related to maintaining admission paperwork standards for new residents. Both infractions were minor and able to be cleared to the satisfaction of the state within 2 weeks of the inspection.

The Heritage at Twin Creeks

The Heritage at Twin Creeks is located on the northwest side of Allen, and is situated right in the thick of it. From nearby health facilities like the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital that is minutes away to the nearby PAM Rehabilitation hospital, your healthcare needs are but steps away. Also situated close by is the Allen Station Park, home to many youthful activities like the Hydrous Wake Park where you can view or even experience loads of aquatic activities including wakeboarding. The natatorium is also housed within the park, so you can get out on a beautiful sun-filled day and get some mild exercise in. Nearby are a ton of dining options as well, so if you tire of the chef-prepared meals on-site you are able to hop on out for a quick bite with the family at the Cracker Barrel or even grab a quick In-N-Out burger.

The Heritage is a 113 bed facility that offers 10 different, unique floor plans to suit your individualized needs and tastes. The Heritage boasts multiple community areas for socialization and enjoyment, including multiple living area lounges, internet lounge, a community garden to indulge your green thumb, outdoor lounging and walking trails, a hair salon and a spa onsite. They also offer a variety of engaging activities throughout each day to help break up any monotony you may feel.

Healthcare options provided at The Heritage include medication oversight, a helping hand with daily tasks that you may find yourself in need of such as bathing, dressing and grooming, as well as standard amenities such as housekeeping and laundry. They also offer a rare service of healthcare provider oversight onsite, so you have the opportunity to have your physician visits in the privacy of your own home setting if you should choose.

Other amenities that the Heritage provides includes basic cable and utilities, chef-prepared meals throughout the day, an on-site educational resource program to help keep your mind stimulated on a variety of new and interesting topics, and they are even pet-friendly for you to be able to keep your companions with you. Costs of The Heritage for these amenities starts at $3800/month. You can view an in-depth virtual tour of the rooms and grounds here.

The Heritage underwent their state evaluation in late 2019 and were found to have 7 minor infractions. 2 infractions were in the health code section of the state regulations, and were related to one food establishment rule and regulation and one failure to report an internal investigation. Both health code violations were resolved within 2 months’ time. The other 5 violations were in the life code regulations, which were all related to lighting, signage and the need to have a fire marshal inspection performed. Each of these requirements was met, and all violations were cleared through March of 2020.

Bertha’s Care Home

Unlike the other communities on our list, Bertha’s Care Home is a unique property in that it is in a quiet, home-like setting inside of a residential neighborhood. Located in the upscale Timber Brook North neighborhood located to the southeast of Allen, Bertha’s is a single brick dwelling with a small home feel. With a maximum of 6 residents at any given time, this property is sought after for its family environment and engaging 2-1 resident to caregiver ratio.

Bertha’s is located a few minutes’ drive from Oak Point Park and Nature Reserve. This pristine environmental landscape is home to a balloon festival, countless trails and creeks to observe nature within, and even an amphitheater that hosts local events. For the more daring members of your family, there is a zipline and adventure park located within the park. There is also a lake within the park that offers kayaking and paddleboarding opportunities, and natural playground options for your grandkids to enjoy when they come to visit. This nearly 800 acre preserve is guaranteed to have recreational opportunities abound for both you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Bertha’s has all of the amenities of your standard assisted living communities. They provide all meals, home-cooked three times daily. They oversee medication management, provide help with daily living needs, and have spacious rooms and living areas so you can feel right at home. Bertha’s is the option for you if you’re looking for less of a community setting and more of a transition to a new home feel. Bertha’s Care Home’s monthly fees begin well under national average at approx. $3,000/month.

Bertha’s Care Home was evaluated by the state in 2020 and was found to have absolutely no violations. They incurred no infractions in either the health or life safety codes, meaning that their facility has maintained all records and remained up to date on all codes and regulations set forth by the state for assisted living care standards.

Avalon Memory Care

Avalon Memory Care is located in the northwest neighborhood of Allen called Wetsel. The community is situated across from Allen High School and Allen Station Park. Nearby is also located Celebration Park, which is host to a number of accessible playgrounds for your grandchildren to enjoy. They also have 1.5 miles of walking and biking trails available in the park, and have multiple baseball, softball and tennis courts for you to take in a game or two during your leisure time. Also located just a few minutes’ drive from Avalon is the Allen Towne Center, a shopping district area home to multiple shopping establishments such as Beauty Supply Company, Walgreens and even an antique mall for your shopping delight.

Avalon as a community offers amenities seen in each of our other highlighted facilities: chef-prepared meals three times a day, housekeeping services, maintenance of the grounds and laundry services. Avalon also provides healthcare oversight through medication management, bathing, dressing and grooming assistance, and health promotion and exercise programs.

What sets Avalon apart from the other options on this list is the enhanced care items they provide. Avalon’s community is uniquely prepared for a higher level of care than other assisted living options, in that they provide dementia-trained care staff that can provide oversight for your needs should memory impairment become a health concern. They also have staff equipped to provide care and oversight for those requiring some extra assistance with balance and mobility issues, and have additional support available on-site to manage some memory-loss based behaviors securely and safely, such as wandering and confusion.

Avalon as a facility has beautiful accommodations with furnished living spaces and spacious private living quarters. Some of their rooms boast covered deck and garden areas for your outdoor leisure. They have a brochure that details their accommodations as well as what you can expect from their experience here. Their enhanced care provided does come at a slightly above average cost of $5475/month to start as they include items that would be a-la-carte in other care facilities for additional fees.

Avalon’s home-cooked meals and snack items are a particular point of pride for their community. They focus on healthy living meal options, and maintain a menu that is well-balanced. They are able to provide diets for medical and religious preferences and requirements, and emphasize the healthy content of their meals that contain nutrition from all of the main food groups to keep you healthy.

Avalon also provides a large array of activities to keep you active throughout the day. Whether you prefer baking and gardening, or if your emphasis is more geared towards physical activities such as exercise or crafting, their activity calendar is sure to have something of interest to maintain your days.

Avalon’s most recent state inspection was held at the end of 2020. They had no major or minor infractions noted in their inspection report. Their 27-bed facility has up to date paperwork and has maintained all building, life and safety codes set forth by the state.

Each of these facilities have their own unique features that put them miles above the rest that Allen has to offer. You can visit each community’s websites or schedule tours at each community to learn more in-depth information on what these beautiful establishments have to offer, and how they can each meet your individual needs and goals in your retirement.

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