Best Assisted Living Facilities In Austin, TX

If you’re seeking to set roots in Austin and don’t want the hassle or upkeep of a new home, check out our list of the best assisted living options in the city.

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If you’re seeking to set roots in Austin and don’t want the hassle or upkeep of a new home, check out our list of the best assisted living options in the city.

The best assisted living facilities in Austin, TX are The Village at The Triangle, Brookdale Round Rock, Elmcroft of Austin, and Belmont Village Senior Living West Lake Hills. Each of these top properties offer all-inclusive property highlights, offer expansive floor plans and exquisite amenities.

Whether you’re new to the assisted living lifestyle or an experienced resident, we have the information you’ll need to determine the best options for yourself. We delve into each property in detail to provide you with the best picture to make your decision on where to settle in Austin. Are amenities your deciding factor? Does your healthcare require in-depth oversight? We look at all of your individual needs when researching these facilities to provide you with the best options for your unique needs.

Property specific information like floorplans, lifestyle options, neighborhood highlights and grounds are all thoroughly researched and detailed out for you to paint the picture of where you’ll be settling into. We have properties with an urban feel, and properties with a home-like appeal that will be perfect for your own tastes and styles.

Knowing the pricing of each property is important. You need to know what you’re paying for, what those costs look like, and how they stack up with the averages in the area. We’ve gathered the base price starting values for each of our esteemed properties and will show you how they compare with similar facilities in the area and nationwide.

One consideration that is often overlooked is the safety of a property. We not only look into what specific measures each facility undertakes to insure your safety, but we have also collected the recent data from the state of Texas’s assisted living inspections and have found each of these properties and their citations received during their inspection. We will go into detail, allowing you to fully comprehend the scope of these inspections, as well as what the inspection results mean for each particular property. Where your peace of mind is concerned, we will spare no detail.

Knowing exactly where to look and what to look for is what I do best. As a healthcare employee for over a decade, and spending most of that time in long-term care settings, I have been exposed to all kinds of living arrangements- assisted living, skilled nursing, etc. I have been in both the best of the best, and worst places imaginable. With this experience, I look at each property with a detailed eye, and am able to fully analyze state inspection results for you with the utmost confidence in the accuracy of my evaluation.

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Best Assisted Living Facilities in Austin

If you’re new to the Austin area, knowing the lay of the land is the starting point for you to determine just where you’d like to settle. As the capital of Texas, Austin is home to many historical sites and cultures. There is a thriving and vibrant musical community in this city, and many people come to enjoy live entertainment on a regular basis downtown. Austin is also surrounded by natural beauty. Bordered by the beautiful Colorado River and Lake Travis, there are water sports abound for you to take in some leisure time. Visit Mt. Bonnell in downtown Austin and enjoy the 5.1 acre natural park with an elevated view of the city, or Zilker Park, an urban park located near to downtown that hosts sporting facilities, spring-fed pools, gardens and more.

The Village at the Triangle

At The Village at the Triangle, you are certain to enjoy every moment of the day. Located in the Triangle State area of Austin, the Village is situated uniquely by some serious amenities. A shopping district by nature, there are innumerable shops nearby, exceptional urban living communities to provide the neighborhood feeling, and dining options abound. A very unique property, The Triangle is also home to multiple gyms and offers classes like Yoga just down the street. Also an exceptional amenity, the Triangle is host to its own small green space park that hosts open air markets regularly.

If the area of the Triangle isn’t enough to draw you to The Village, the property itself is certain to win you over. The grounds at The Village offer an indoor heated pool, walking trails specific for the property, and even a community pond to take in some leisure time at. The property is situated nearby local area hospitals and rehabilitation centers as well, so your healthcare needs are addressed locally and expertly.

Upscale is the word of the day at the Village. Each floor plan offered includes floor-to-ceiling window views of the area and top-end finishings like quartz countertops. Property-specific amenities include a private yoga studio, chef-prepared meals throughout the day, and even outdoor dining options for when you’re up to enjoy the surrounding environment.

The Village’s base rates for their all-inclusive, exclusive property begins around $4,900/month. Keep in mind that these rates include all of the top-tier amenities listed above, as well as expected assisted living basic amenities like all food preparation and provision, housekeeping services, linen services and maintenance upkeep and needs. Healthcare oversight and on-site medical director consultation is also included in the base rate. While this is higher than the national average of $4,000/month, it is in-line with high-end assisted living community rates with similar amenities.

The Village underwent their annual inspection by the State of Texas in November of 2018 and was given a single citation for the inspection period. The violation of code was in the life safety code area which deals with more maintenance-related violations and building code violations. This citation was given for a particular building code violation, and was corrected with the state in quick fashion.

Brookdale Round Rock

Brookdale Round Rock is located in the Brushy Creek neighborhood of Austin’s Round Rock area. Nestled within a very neighborly community, Brookdale Round Rock is located nearby to local schools and the Brushy Creek Community Center. Brookdale communities are a chain of assisted living communities that all uphold similar community standards of care and ensure the delivery of top-notch assisted living amenities and values.

Brookdale Round Rock has a 24-hour security system in place for your safety and peace of mind. They offer on-site beauty salon and barber services, grounds that include walking trails and gathering areas for events, a garden for your green thumb, and a fitness center to keep you in tip-top shape.

Brookdale Round Rock offers six unique floor plans for your space needs, each with beautiful countertops, updated flooring and living spaces. A bustling events calendar keeps you occupied with daily events and clubs, including exercise programs, games, baking clubs, movies and more. Chef-prepared meals are also part of the community’s offerings.

At a monthly rate of around $4,550, Brookdale Round Rock is priced in-range with our other phenomenal properties on the best of Austin list. With daily housekeeping, maintenance, a concierge available for personal needs and doctor visits and so much more, Brookdale Round Rock really provides the bang for your buck in this fine facility.

With chain facilities like Brookdale, sometimes we worry that the state inspections will reveal significant deficiencies just due to the fact that there is corporate oversight, and less of a hands-on approach to senior living maintenance and management. That is not the case with Brookdale Round Rock. We found in March of 2019 that the property underwent their state inspection and the property had only two minor infractions- one related to sprinkler system maintenance and the other due to a smoker on the property. Both of these citations were easily corrected to the satisfaction of the state and posed no large concerns for the facility.

Elmcroft of Austin

Located in the South Austin district of Matthew’s Park, Elmcroft of Austin is surrounded by neighborly living and quiet subdivisions. Steps from Elmcroft’s front door is the Sprouts Farmers Market, offering a wide variety of options to help change up your daily food routine. Minutes away are great local restaurant spots as well, so your diet can be as varied as you choose.

Elmcroft of Austin offers a variety of floor plans with a studio layout, one or two bedrooms, and a variety of options on layouts. The best amenities at Elmcroft are the programs offered. There are a variety of programs aimed at keeping you at your most healthy and fit level you can maintain. There are memory care programs for increased memory assistance needed as you age. The best program Elmcroft offers is called the Second Wind Dreams program. This program is in place to help you realize a lifelong dream you have had. Whether it’s skydiving/thrill seeking, or reconnecting with those in your earlier years, the Second Wind Dreams program will help you make these dreams a reality.

Healthcare at Elmcroft is top-notch as well. The assisted living community has 24-hour staff onsite to assist with your every need. All staff has been trained in activities of daily living assistance, as well as specially trained staff for memory care needs. Dining is all about personal preference at Elmcroft as well- they offer personalized meal plans based on your personal preferences and if you require any sort of special diet to follow. There are multiple options for each meal so you aren't’ choosing from the same options day in and day out, and special events and holidays offer specialized meal options as well.

Elmcroft’s base rate of $3,665 falls below the other facilities listed above, and begins with the understanding that the rate is all-inclusive. This means that even if you don’t have a high level of need for care oversight at present, the rates won’t increase as your needs do. If you require additional assistance in the future with activities of daily living like eating, dressing and bathing, these additional needs won’t be added on an a la carte basis like many other facilities do. This is a unique feature to Elmcroft’s fee scale and one that puts it well in contention with the others on the list.

Elmcroft’s last state inspection was in July of 2019, and during the inspection they were found to have two deficiencies, both in the life code section of regulations. One citation was in regards to the sprinkler system being inspected, and the second was in relation to a very specific minor regulatory code issue. Both items were satisfied and in compliance with state regulations within the month.

Belmont Village Senior Living West Lake Hills

Located in the Westlake Park district of the West Lake Hills subdivision of Austin, Belmont Village is situated in an affluent community and among a very residential area of living. Nearby Belmont Village is the Barton Creek Wilderness Park, a nature reserve in the area that has abundant hiking trails that even bring you to views of spectacular waterfalls in the area.

Belmont Village itself offers a host of amenities at your every whim. With chef-prepared meals throughout the day, you may not need to take advantage of the upscale dining available within a short distance from the grounds. Belmont also offers an outdoor heated swimming pool for leisure time, along with an outdoor dining patio and terrace to take in the views and fresh air. There is even a bistro onsite for your snacking needs. Amenities include all utilities- WiFi too! Belmont is also a pet-friendly community, so you don’t need to worry about finding a place for your fur friends. With plenty of grounds to take yourself or your pet on a stroll, you’ll be glad for the extra space to move about.

For your healthcare needs, there are health programs onsite daily, and a licensed nurse on staff. Medications are managed for you as well as availability of staff for assistance with any activities of daily living that you may need a hand with. If you have an urgent issue, the property offers urgent care telemedicine appointments, so you can skip the hassle of the waiting rooms. There are therapy services offered onsite, and memory care groups and services to help keep your cognition in tip-top shape.

Of particular note at Belmont Village is the emphasis on memory care and groups they provide. There is the Circle of Friends program offered, which is a structured everyday program that provides exercises for the brain for those with mild impairment to their memory. These exercises are tailored to an individual’s current level of functioning. There is also a mind-body awareness club that addresses brain health from a dietary and physical activity perspective, providing guidance on meal options that are most beneficial for cognition and physical activities to keep you going through the day.

At a base price of $4,550, you can find yourself in one of many luxurious apartment layouts. One and two bedroom options are available, and the base price of course includes the amenities of all assisted living communities- housekeeping, laundry, transportation services and all maintenance needs.

Belmont Village underwent their most recent state inspection by the State of Texas just in January of this year, 2021. This inspection was thorough, but found absolutely no areas of deficiency to incur a citation with.

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