Best Assisted Living Facilities In Denton, TX

Looking to put down some retirement roots in Denton, TX but unsure of the best options? We’ll provide you with the best assisted living facilities in the area.

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Looking to put down some retirement roots in Denton, TX but unsure of the best options? We’ll provide you with the best assisted living facilities in the area.

The best assisted living facilities in Denton, TX are Anthology of Denton, Brookdale South, Fairhaven Denton, and Willowbend of Denton. These top four facilities in the city of Denton have uniquely qualifying features that set them apart from the rest of Denton’s community offerings.

Our list will show you the unique characteristics of each of the top four assisted living properties in Denton, TX. You will learn what amenities are common amongst the facilities, as well as which community amenities really made each property stand apart from the rest.

We will walk you through what each beautiful property has to offer. This includes floorplan options, location specific bonuses for you and your family to enjoy, and what Denton’s varied neighborhoods provide for activities and ambiance to keep you out and about in your retirement.

We will discuss costs associated with each property as well, and show how they stack up against the national average for assisted living costs. These costs will be detailed out and are reflective of a variety of different options and care levels, which will be discussed at length.

Finally, we will lay out the Texas state inspection report information for each of these communities and their semi-annual state inspections. These inspections detail out specific code and regulation infractions, and also establish what areas of improvement each property was found to have. We will further detail out when these inspections took place, and really break down for you what each infraction means so that you know the properties you are viewing are the safest options Denton has to offer.

After fifteen years in the nursing field, most of which has been dedicated to the care of the aging population in a variety of different settings, I can distinguish the best settings for your retirement years with the keen, honed-in eye for safety that most people searching for an assisted living community don’t always have. Knowing what areas are known to come up lacking in state inspections as well as what infractions are fluff and what are true liabilities allows me to to present the best of the best communities in the Denton area for you to sleep soundly in. Take a look at our exceptional list of options and find the right home for you in Denton today.

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4 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Denton, TX

Settled in the northern outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Denton is a thriving suburb with beautiful land and vibrant, large lakes close by. Lake Ray Roberts lays to the north of Denton, and the city itself lies just north of Lewisville and Grapevine lakes. Each of these lakes are superb destinations for vacation getaways, and their fishing prospects draw a myriad of guests each season.

Denton is also home to some beautiful museums to explore. There are some exquisite Victorian-era homes that have been converted to historical properties to preserve them, as well as the famous Denton County Courthouse museum that maintains the main courthouse that was built in 1896. These properties are what provide the character and ambiance that really puts Denton ahead of the surrounding suburban areas.

Anthology of Denton

The Anthology of Denton lies to the southeast of downtown Denton, and is located in a bustling area of development. There are shopping options galore in the district where Anthology is located- from Target to Kroger just steps away, to larger stores like the Home Depot and Lowes. There are abundant restaurant options steps away from the facility as well, in case you’re looking for a night out- Panda Express, Chick-fil-A and Buffalo Wild Wings are just some of the varied options within a stone’s throw from your front door.

The Anthology itself boasts significant amenities certain to make you swoon. The property boasts 5 different, unique floor plans to suit your individualized needs. Each floor plan is suited with built-in emergency alert systems to promote safety in your private space, and amenities like daily housekeeping and cleaning, trash removal and laundry services for both flat linen and personal laundry.

Healthcare in this facility is top notch as well. There is a nurse on staff to provide a comprehensive assessment of your healthcare needs, and staff available to assist with your activities of daily living that may need additional support. From electronic records tracking your needs to simple daily items like medications management, this community has been well-developed to evolve along with your healthcare needs as they increase.

The property itself has exceptional grounds that include entertainment spaces, lovely garden areas, and outdoor activities available for your amusement. The dining options on-site include restaurant-style settings that provide a wide variety of food options prepared by the on-site chefs. The property also hosts social activities and provides transportation to local destinations, so getting around is never a worry!

The Anthology starts at $3750/month, which compares well to the national average monthly assisted living costs of $4,000. You can browse all of the exceptional amenities and contact for a private viewing of the grounds through the community’s brochure.

The Anthology’s state inspection was last performed in July of 2019. They were found to have 5 infractions. One infraction was in the state’s health code, and was a minor violation regarding not observing a patient take their medications (all medications being administered by staff are supposed to be observed as they are taken by the resident). The other 4 infractions were in life code, which were specifically regarding some signage not properly in place and documentation on training not provided. All citations were minor and resolved in a short period of time.

Brookdale South

Brookdale South is located to the southeast of Denton and is surrounded by developed shopping centers designed for your ease of access in mind. Nearby stores like Hobby Lobby and Target will keep you well-appointed and up on all of your craft needs. Also nearby are dining-out options like Chili’s and The Olive Garden, so when friends and family come to visit, you can switch up the dinner arrangement and get out and about.

Brookdale South is part of a large network of Brookdale properties known for their superior assisted living environments, and Brookdale South is no different. From on-site staff 24 hours a day, to chef-prepared meals and standard amenities such as housekeeping and laundry, Brookdale has plenty of comfort to offer. You can even preview today’s menu here for an idea of what the daily offering looks like!

Brookdale South’s health care is aimed at taking care of the whole individual and not just the medical aspects of care. While they boast on-site nursing and 24/7 health and medical monitoring, the services provided at Brookdale South surpass others in the extras they provide. There are programs designed to look after your spiritual well-being, and even programs that incorporate new technologies to help you with day to day items like the new smartphone your family found you. Nature programs are designed to help you commune with the environment, and brain exercises as well as health exercise programs keep you in the best mental and physical shape you can muster.

Brookdale South floor plans start at $2,900 for a shared space, or $3,770 for a private apartment living arrangement. These costs are in-line with the majority of the Denton area assisted living communities, and also covers other amenities like a pet-friendly community, transportation to and from local appointments and shops, a concierge service for your quick needs, and a beauty shop on-site.

Brookdale South’s most recent state evaluation was in July of 2019 and found 6 inspection infractions. All infractions were in the life code violation category, and were related to paperwork not being submitted, storage of some items and minor maintenance issues. All were successfully cleared with the state board of inspections.

Fairhaven Denton

Fairhaven Denton is located in north Denton in a more residential setting than our previous options provide. Nearby to local churches, schools and neighborhoods, Fairhaven offers more of an at-home feel in their property than some surrounding facilities. If you have family living nearby, Fairhaven would be a great place to settle to be close to the grandkids.

Fairhaven is a new facility as of November of 2020, with luxury in mind as the grounds were created. The grounds are pet-friendly, and the community itself is within a historic district in Denton. Amenities included in this brand-new facility include private floor plans and kitchenettes, chef-prepared meals, cable and Wi-Fi included, standard housekeeping and laundry, and transportation to and from local appointments and shops.

The grounds at Fairhaven are well-cultured and have wonderful natural elements that will make you feel like nature is right in your backyard. There are walking trails to keep you in shape, gardening areas for your green thumbs, and leisure spaces that include a koi pond and fireplace to enjoy those hot Texas nights. Indoors, the luxury amenities continue, with an on-site beauty salon, a restaurant for your dining requests, and a library to enrich your mind.

Healthcare at Fairhaven includes ongoing evaluation by an on-site nurse, transportation to medical appointments, management of medications and management of any special diets required due to health concerns. Home health and hospice agencies are also welcome within the community, and can be closely worked with with the on-site medical teams.

Fairhaven’s monthly rate starts at $3,500 for a basic floor plan. This rate includes rent, the daily amenities of meals and housekeeping, as well as maintenance to your private living space and surrounding facility grounds. Exercise options are available on-site as well, and there is an emergency-response system to keep you safe.

Fairhaven Denton underwent a final evaluation of their updates to the pre-existing building before opening brand-new in November 2020. At this evaluation, the state found only 4 infractions in the life code category, related to documentation for some of the upgrades, communication with state authorities regarding some maintenance items, and small maintenance repairs required. All were cleared prior to building opening.  

Willowbend Assisted Living

Willowbend Assisted Living is located to the southeast of the city and is close by the beautiful Briercliff Park. Additionally, the surrounding area is very close to Medical City Denton, the local hospital system and medical appointment complex. Also nearby are dine-out options like the Olive Garden, Sonic drive-in, and Taqueria Monterrey. If golf is your leisure activity of choice, the rolling Timberlinks Golf Club course is minutes away.

With six individualized floor plans, Willowbend has plenty of space to offer. There is on-site chefs for personalized dining options, in-room housekeeping and laundry services, and grounds and personal space maintenance available for 24/7 emergencies and regular upkeep. There is a thriving activities calendar with events like Banjos and BBQ to enjoy culinary delights, and holiday-specific themed events to keep you and your loved ones entertained through each holiday.

Activities are full and robust at Willowbend, with daily activity options that include group games, arts and crafts options, live music that comes on-site, as well as some outings available off-site. There is a bible group and chapel services on-site as well, in case you are relocating and looking for a new congregation to celebrate with.

Willowbend starts their floorplans at $4,365. They have additional services on-site, and escalating healthcare available as your needs increase. This property is unique from the rest as they also offer on-site memory care, so if you or your spouse wind up needing more specialized reminders and safety in the future, this property can evolve as your needs do with you.

Willowbend was inspected in September of 2019 and was found to have 3 code violations. One was a health code violation in relation to a local food ordinance, and two were related to life code violations- one involving the storage of oxygen equipment, and one for a maintenance issue. All issues were resolved in a quick fashion.

Which Assisted Living in Denton is Right for Me?

Knowing your own personal care needs, budget and personal preferences is the first step in being able to select a property that is right for your exact situation. If you are a private person, ensuring you have a more secluded environment may be the item that tips the scale in favor of one property or the other. Each of our highlighted facilities all incorporate an emphasis on safety and optimum health care, and you will be certain to find a facility to meet your particular level of health care needs.

For specific answers to all of your healthcare, amenities and budgetary questions, reach out to the property that intrigues you the most. Specialists are always on-hand at these properties that are well-versed in meeting your needs and helping you identify what level of care they offer that best suits you and your spouse’s current and future needs. These specialists are also well-versed in the funding process, and can help you navigate how to arrange your finances and what programs are offered to help assist with the costs associated with the relocation into an assisted living community. Rest assured that all of the spectacular properties in Denton we have highlighted are sure to meet your every want and need.

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