Best Assisted Living Facilities In Houston, TX

Checking out the Houston area for assisted living living options may seem like a hassle, so I’ve found the top 5 communities to make your search easy!

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Checking out the Houston area for assisted living living options may seem like a hassle, so I’ve found the top 5 communities to make your search easy!

The best assisted living facilities in Houston, TX are the Abbey at Westminster Plaza, Brookdale Shadowlake, Brookdale Galleria, The Buckingham, and the Village of Meyerland. Each of these communities has distinct amenities that set them apart from the rest of Houston’s assisted living options.

I will show you the highlights of each of these wonderful assisted living facilities. These communities lie in beautiful neighborhoods surrounding the Houston area, each with unique features to meet your individual interests.

Amenities in all of these assisted living communities are top-tier and boast some of the finest, distinct luxuries that you could want in a senior living complex. We will also explore the costs associated with each of these communities and stack them up against the averages in the area so that you know what you expect from your pocketbook.

Finally, we will discuss the state of Texas’ inspections for each of these assisted living communities and break down their results in detail so that you can get to know and understand what specifics make a community stand above the rest in terms of safety and security for your peace of mind.

As a Registered Nurse in the long-term healthcare industry for over 15 years, my specialty has allowed me to approach the idea of what a “best” assisted living community truly looks like by having an opinion formed from the inside. I have had the opportunity to see what amenities are truly important in a community, and what is just fluff.

I know what locations are most desirable based on their surrounding features and what you need nearby to keep you out and about and occupied in your retirement. Mostly, I am able to speak to the important issue of health and safety in your assisted living search. This is the most vital aspect to consider, but one that not many people know to ask about.

If you’re searching for an insider perspective to know what you’re really getting from your new community, then look no further!

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5 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Houston, TX

Each of our featured communities has a unique situation in the Houston area, with their own individual neighborhood and feel. From a thriving downtown feel to a quieter, more family-oriented environment, we will show you where each of our communities stacks up.

Here you will find all of the amenities of each facility, and show you what makes each community’s amenities rise above the rest, along with costs associated with each community.  The average cost of assisted living communities in the United States is approximately $4,000/mo., so knowing what you’re getting for the price is important.

While not often thought of, the regulations overseeing all assisted living communities are put in place by the state in which they operate to ensure that health safety measures and overall environmental risks are mitigated in an appropriate fashion. Our highlighted communities are among 195 assisted living communities in the city of Houston and 364 in the greater Houston are that undergo annual or biannual state inspections to evaluate for infractions, major or minor, that require immediate corrective action.

These infractions are broken down into two code categories: Health code, in relation to healthcare regulations and oversight, and Life code, in relation to safety and maintenance-related regulations. Many of the Houston-area assisted living facilities have inspections resulting in double-digit infractions, often minor but sometimes major, that require corrective plans to remediate and update to the satisfaction of the state.

A successful inspection is one that results in a handful of minor infractions that usually require only small adjustments or submission of paperwork to satisfactorily correct for the state, as was the case for these communities. Not a single facility on our list incurred a health code infraction, indicating exemplary health care oversight and health standards met in the kitchen, housekeeping and health oversight.

Brookdale Galleria

2929 Post Oak Blvd.

Houston, TX 77056

(713) 489-5344

The Galleria location is part of an organization of Brookdale senior living communities. Located in the thriving downtown neighborhood of Afton Oaks and bordering the Uptown neighborhood, Galleria is a location unlike any other on this list. From the high-rise building surroundings to the upscale options nearby for shopping and dining, Galleria sets the scene for enjoying your retirement in the urban hustle and bustle.

If you’re looking to spend your down time strolling through Nordstrom or Dillard’s, Galleria is the place for you. Not only do you have the enjoyment of the urban scenery, but there is also nearby Hines Waterwall Park where you can enjoy greenery and beautiful water features while getting your exercise in for the day. Truly a unique selection, Galleria is the choice for anybody who wants to feel truly connected to the Houston downtown scene.

Amenities for Galleria

Brookdale Galleria has amenities including laundry for flat linens and personal clothing, housekeeping of private living area and the grounds, dining options that include in-room kitchens, shared meals and restaurant-style dining rooms.

Galleria also has unique features including a dedicated pet path for walking your four-legged companions, as well as on-site locations like a bank, library and sports bar for taking in your favorite teams. They also offer a program that gives you the option to maintain a garden, help out with the handiwork if you have the desire, and even lend a hand in the kitchen if keeping up with those duties is something you’d rather not go without.

Assisted Living at Brookdale Galleria starts at $4,800/month. Available at their website is a listing of a mind-blowing twelve different floor plans to choose from, a featured menu for an idea into their dining options, as well as detailed information regarding all of the other exceptional amenities offered at Galleria.

State Inspection Results for Galleria

Brookdale’s Galleria property underwent their state evaluation in December of 2020 and 3 minor life code violations were noted. These were satisfactorily corrected to the state board within 45 days.

The Buckingham

8580 Woodway

Houston, TX 77063

(713) 979-3090

The Buckingham backs up to Buffalo Bayou in the Midwest neighborhood of Houston. This area truly encapsulates a family atmosphere, and if you find yourself feeling nostalgic for the sound of children playing, or want an area where your family could settle nearby with ease, the Buckingham is the setting for you. There are schools nearby for your grandchildren to attend, Briarbend Park where you can take long walks and enjoy the nature the Bayou has to provide, and easy access to shopping and restaurant locations for a change in your culinary scenery should you choose.

Amenities for the Buckingham

The Buckingham features deluxe private apartments, laundry and housekeeping services, cable in rooms, WiFi throughout the grounds, and multiple dining options including in-room kitchens, shared meals and even room service. The Buckingham also boasts of community engagement resources that help keep you active in the surrounding area, including mentorships at a local university or discovery of a new hobby in local group settings.

The Buckingham also maintains an on-site salon, hiking trails, golf accessibility and an arts studio and woodworking shop so you can keep up all of your interests in hobbies in one central location.

Assisted Living at The Buckingham starts at $6,450/month. Available at their website is a comprehensive events calendar to browse available activities including scheduled workouts, card games, movie and popcorn events, and crafting options. The website also provides a unique floor plan fit tool that you can utilize to view what options they have that best fit you and your lifestyle.

State Inspection Results for the Buckingham

The Buckingham underwent their state inspection in January of 2019 and it revealed only one minor infraction regarding a life code back up generator compliance concern. No health code infractions were noted.

Village of Meyerland

4141 N Braeswood Blvd.

Houston, TX 77025

(346) 327-0522

The Village of Meyerland is located in the southwest side of Houston in the Link Valley neighborhood. Meyerland is located right next to Brays Bayou, and boasts some beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature areas.

Within close proximity to the grounds of Meyerland is Lafayette Park, where you can spend some leisure time in the greenery. At the park is Officer Lucy dog park for animal lovers who enjoy getting some socialization in for both their pups and themselves. Karl Young Park is also a beautiful green space park with dedicated walking trails and athletic event areas.

For shopping, there is the whimsy of the local Braeswood Farmers’ Market for you to supplement your fine dining experience with some local finds.

Amenities for Village of Meyerland

The Village of Meyerland provides housekeeping and laundry services for both linens and personal clothing, in-room kitchenettes and restaurant style dining options, as well as in-room cable, WiFi, and on-site therapies for any physical needs. They offer studio, one- and two-bedroom floorplans for private apartment living.

The Village of Meyerland also offers a wide variety of activities aimed at keeping your health in tip-top shape, including Tai Chi and yoga, as well as gardening opportunities and religious services on-site to maintain your spiritual well-being, too.

Assisted Living at the Village of Meyerland starts at $3,995/month. You can view a comprehensive virtual tour of the facilities, rooms and overall grounds here.

State Inspection Results for Village of Meyerland

The Village of Meyerland was found to have 7 total life code violations and zero health code violations in their inspection in December of 2018. Each code violation was cleared to the satisfaction of the state within the month.

The Abbey at Westminster Plaza

2855 Westminster Plaza Dr.

Houston, TX 77082

(281) 556-6020

The Abbey is located on the west side of Houston. Located in the Westchase neighborhood, this property sits nearby a laundry list of restaurants and stores for your shopping and taste buds to delight in. If golf is your game, this property is settled nearby the exquisite Royal Oaks Country Club which has some of the finest holes with some of the most beautiful scenery around. There are upscale shopping opportunities surrounding the area, and your visiting family is sure to find the location easy to stay near with great lodging options close by.

Amenities for The Abbey at Westminster Plaza

The Abbey at Westminster has your basic assisted-living features of in-room housekeeping, laundry services and restaurant-style dining options for their residents, along with sunrooms, exercise gyms and a movie theater. The Abbey also offers an on-site salon, spa and pool area to keep your look fresh and yourself cool in those hot Houston summers.

Assisted Living at The Abbey at Westminster starts at $4,045/month. Available is their brochure that details out their offered amenities, different levels of care offered, and room-specific options available. You can also browse their six options of floorplans here.  

State Inspection Results for The Abbey at Westminster Plaza

The Abbey was last evaluated in October 1st of 2019 and found to have 7 minor infractions. None were from the health code designation- each were in the life code category. Each infraction was corrected within the month of October 2019 to the satisfaction of the state oversight authority.

Brookdale Shadowlake

2835 Shadowbriar Dr.

Houston, TX 77077

(844) 598-7613

Also situated on the west side of Houston in the Westchase neighborhood, Brookdale Shadowlake is situated close to the Royal Oaks Country Club and all of the fine dining and golf it provides. Shopping opportunities to get out and about are abundant, or just get out for a beautiful walk and enjoy the safe, secure neighborhood.

Amenities for Shadowlake

Brookdale Shadowlake features the standard maintenance, housekeeping and laundry services, while also offering unique extras like hiking trails on-site and a general store for you quick, day-to-day items needing purchased when you can get out to the big outlets. Particularly nice are the offred guest suites for those who have frequent visitors, as well as a 24-hour security system to provide peace of mind to residents of the community. A fitness center as well as transportation into the surrounding community make the amenities at Shadowlake exceptional.

Assisted Living at Brookdale Shadowlake starts at $3,670/month. Brookdale’s website includes many helpful options available including an idea of what life is like in their assisted living community, a look at 5 different floor plans available, and even a peek at the current menu options available at their community.

State Inspection Results for Shadowlake

Brookdale Shadowlake was evaluated in January of 2021 and was found to have 5 minor infractions, all life code designation. Each infraction was addressed and corrected to the satisfaction of the state board within 45 days.

Where do I Choose in Houston?

Your individual needs in regards to healthcare oversight, financial capabilities, and which amenities best suit your personal lifestyle are what need to inform your decision in regards to which setting will be the best to settle into retirement in. You can be assured that any of these fine assisted living communities will live up to your expectations, and with their individual highlights and interests, can accommodate all of your needs and desires.

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