Best Assisted Living Facilities In Irving, TX

Looking to settle down in Irving, TX and need a little help around the house? We’ve found the top assisted living facilities in Irving, TX for you!

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Looking to settle down in Irving, TX and need a little help around the house? We’ve found the top assisted living facilities in Irving, TX for you!

The best assisted living facilities in Irving, TX are West Fork Village, MacArthur Hills Irving, Casitas at Las Brisas and Town Lake Court. Each of these stellar facilities highlight their diverse dining options and expansive amenities available to residents.

Assisted living provides a multitude of services and we have provided a detailed listing of what you can expect when you transition into your new apartment home in these assisted living communities in Irving. What sets our list apart from the rest includes their top-notch amenities, the scenic surroundings each property is settled into, and the health and safety they provide to each of their residents on a daily basis.

We will detail out the medical highlights of each community and explain what services can be expected for the assisted living level of care in each setting. We have also gathered the detailed information on what specific amenities are highlighted in each community and compare them to one another as well as surrounding area options. We will also provide location specifics so you can choose a setting for you community that best suits your individualized lifestyle.

We’ve done the research into base pricing details for you so that you don’t need to be inundated with unnecessary marketing and phone calls on the behalf of a place of residence. Base rates for assisted living typically begin at a private room or floor plan design, and work their way up based on care requirements and space differences. Rest assured, armed with our detailed budget information for each facility, you will know the specifics on what you’re paying for and just how much you can expect to spend per month in each of our fine establishments listed.

One often overlooked arena that we like to delve into in our reviews of assisted living communities is the specifics of state inspection results for each community. As an assisted living facility, each property is required to upkeep specific regulatory requirements and undergo regular state inspections to ensure that all health and safety code requirements are being met to satisfactory standards. It is our goal to share these results with you so that you have a comprehensive understanding of just how well each community adheres to policy and procedure to ensure your safety.

As a healthcare employee for the better part of two decades, I have had the privilege of working in some of the best assisted living communities that you could imagine. I have also been privy to the underside of that as well- and know just what it takes to maintain a community that is safe and can provide the best care that money can buy. Knowing what specific regulatory requirements the state is looking for in these facilities allows me to interpret the state inspection results and detail out the specifics of what you can expect from each facility- from expected amenities to the above and beyond, we provide all of the information you could possibly need to make your next move.

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Best Assisted Living Facilities in Irving, TX

Irving, a thriving community just northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, has a wonderful atmosphere and is full of vibrant culture to take in during your retirement. There is a rich artistic community in the city that provides the public with major art installations, sculptures and musical concerts both indoor and outdoor to give an exceptional ambiance to the entire city itself. There are also a multitude of museums that provide education and historical background to the city itself, and a host of other activities sure to keep your daily agenda filled.

West Fork Village

West Fork Village is located right in the heart of downtown Irving and has the big-city feel while still maintaining a quiet environment for relaxation. Surrounding the grounds of West Fork Village is a lovely downtown neighborhood that still maintains a residential feeling despite being in the center of the hustle and bustle of the city. There are a couple of schools nearby and a multitude of churches in the area to provide spiritual wellness and that residential feel.

West Fork’s grounds are expansive and feature a multitude of floor plans to suit your independent needs. Featuring an open design, some floor plans open to balconies and all contain full kitchens or kitchenettes and personal bathrooms. The on-site services include housekeeping for your private quarters and the main areas, laundry and linen services, and even a beauty parlor on-site for your maintenance and upkeep needs.

Part of the 12 Oaks Senior Living communities, West Fork Village assisted living amenities also include care staff on site 24/7 for you personal care needs- bathing, grooming and dressing are all part of the assisted living umbrella of services. There are also home-cooked meals provided in a restaurant-style dining environment, and a multitude of activities scheduled to accommodate even the busiest of lifestyles.

West Fork Village’s base rate for assisted living starts around $2,450/month, which is a far cry from  the national average monthly assisted living rate of nearly $4,000/month. This rate is for a studio apartment accommodation with private living and bathroom spaces, and for base costs for healthcare needs and oversight. Most healthcare services are provided on an a-la-carte basis, meaning that as your care needs progress, the cost of living in an assisted living community increases as well. Specific care details are located on the facility’s website or by a telephone call.

West Fork Village’s most recent state inspection was in December of 2020. The results showed five areas of code infraction requiring attention. All were code infractions in the life safety code category- meaning they were not incurred in the provision of healthcare services in the building. The specific infractions were in relation to structure and building codes, and all infractions were corrected to the satisfaction of state licensing within a short timeframe.

MacArthur Hills

MacArthur Hills is nestled to the far north of Irving in the upscale neighborhood of Las Colinas. Settled nearby to the airport, this facility is a shoe-in for those of you who have family flying in to visit on a regular basis. Also adjacent to the property is the Hackberry Creek neighborhood, home to upscale shopping centers and a multitude of fine residential communities. The highlight of Hackberry Creek is the country club within minutes of MacArthur Hills, so you can perfect your game while settling into your new community.

MacArthur Hills has the top-notch amenities expected of a luxury living community such as theirs. From scheduled transportation to and from appointments, local area shopping and restaurants, to a concierge service that can provide your odds-and-ends without hassle, the community has spared no expense to provide the luxury you expect.

MacArthur Hills has medical oversight that includes 24/7 on-site staff with help for your everyday needs in activities of daily living- bathing, dressing, etc. There is also medication management and oversight by trained staff as well. There is an onsite spa and salon, as well as particularly well-manicured landscaping on the grounds to provide the most aesthetically pleasing environment for you to take in the warm climate outdoors.

MacArthur Hills also has the advantage of on-site escalating levels of care for your needs. You can move in with independent living needs, and then upgrade to assisted living when your care needs increase. There is even a memory care unit within MacArthur Hills, so if you or your spouse have cognition concerns down the line, you won’t be required to relocate to a new home with these services in place. This can be exceptionally rewarding for those with cognitive decline, and can help prevent excess confusion with new surroundings.

MacArthur Hills rates begin right around the national average of $3,995 for their assisted living communities- this includes the healthcare assistance with activities of daily living and medication management. They also can assist with arranging your healthcare appointments and transportation to and from the appointments, making oversight of your own personal healthcare needs much less of a burden when you’d rather focus on relaxation and enjoyment of your leisure time.

MacArthur Hills underwent their state inspection in September of 2019 and were found to have five areas of improvement. All areas with citations were in the life safety category of infractions- no healthcare infractions were found deficient in the survey. All life safety code infractions were in relation to the submission of paper plans as well as compliance with smoking regulations in the facility. All infractions were satisfied with the state within a brief time period.

Casitas At Las Brisas

Located in the expansive Broadmoor Hills subdivision of northwest Irving, The Casitas at Las Brisas is nestled in a beautiful neighborhood. Nearby to Victoria Park and Cottonwood Creek Park, the area surrounding The Casitas has abundant nature and hiking opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Within a short drive is also located the Cottonwood Valley Golf Course a nd Las Colinas Country Club for the avid golf enthusiast’s delight.

The Casitas at Las Brisas has independent living with assisted living structures highlighted throughout the community. Features specific to the community include the option for a floor plan with a private patio, internet included with the all-inclusive utilities, full kitchens in each floor plan, and private dining options. There are the standard housekeeping and maintenance services, as well as a dedicated pharmacy service for your medication needs.

Bonus features at The Casitas that help set them apart from the rest include an on-site dog park for your furry friends, an on-site wellness gym and salon services available, and a culinary chef for the home-cooked meals you are provided 3 times a day. They also have a shuffleboard and game room for your entertainment needs, and they host a wide variety of events and outings, including happy hour events and pizza parties.

The Casitas is newly renovated with beautiful, high-end finishings and the amenities to match. Their starting base rate for assisted living is $4,200/month and is all-inclusive for health care needs, utilities, food and all of your other living needs. There is a health examination required prior to admission, including a health examination dated within 30 days of admission to the facility, TB testing, a full history of medications and diagnoses, and more. This comprehensive workup is necessary to ensure you are receiving the correct level of care for your personal healthcare needs.

The Casitas underwent their state survey inspection in October of 2019 and incurred only one area of deficiency. This citation was not in the health code- it had nothing to do with the healthcare provided on-site. The life-code infraction was incurred due to a structural code violation that was during renovation, and was remedied to the satisfaction of the state.

Towne Lake Court

Towne Lake Court is located in West Irving in the sprawling residential neighborhood of Townlake. Situated minutes from the expansive Towne Lake Park, home to wildlife, hiking trails and a leisure pond, Towne Lake Court is a very particular type of residence on this list. Housed within a full residential neighborhood, this facility is located in a large private home setting, situated with full brick facades and upgraded amenities within.

Unlike your standard assisted living communities, Towne Lake Court is more family-oriented, and has a living at home feel to its arrangements. The care staff is dedicated to only the small number of residents residing within the home itself, and the structure is much less formal than a traditional assisted living community. Staff provide all meals, daily care needs like bathing and dressing, and provide daily activities for the clients to engage in.

Towne Lake Court’s private living arrangements begin around an average of $3,726 for monthly care rates. This includes all care related tasks, utilities and food and board costs. This average falls just shy of the national average, but is on-par with individualized in-home care settings such as theirs.

Towne Lake Court is subject to the same inspections and oversight from the state as the larger assisted living communities. Its most recent state inspection was performed in February of 2019 and there were absolutely no infractions noted in either the life or health safety code violation categories.

Knowing your personal preferences and level of care needs are all you need to arm yourself with to make the decision to pursue assisted living arrangements and communities. You are certain to find a location to meet all of your needs within these fine facilities.

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