Best Assisted Living Facilities In Mesquite, TX

Need a little extra help around the house? Settling down in Mesquite, TX in a top-tier assisted living facility may be just the change you’re looking for.

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Need a little extra help around the house? Settling down in Mesquite, TX in a top-tier assisted living facility may be just the change you’re looking for.

The best assisted living facilities in Mesquite, TX are Christian Care Senior Living Community, Bradfield Place, Cambridge Court, and Sophya’s Assisted Living. Nestled just east of the Dallas metro area, Mesquite has the finest assisted living communities to offer your retirement years.

Knowing what to expect from a luxury assisted living community is difficult. Of course you expect high quality amenities, but what does that entail and what can you expect? We have gathered the details about expected assisted living amenities, as well as what makes an assisted living community a top-tier facility. Each of our highlighted communities has gone the extra mile to ensure you have the most luxurious living arrangement within their communities.

Cost is obviously a figure that everybody discusses when looking at moving. Assisted living costs are of particular interest due to the hybrid living of independence with medical oversight and some assistance with daily care. Knowing what combination of factors plays into your assisted living community and what pricing to expect from that is an area we delve into as well so you don’t have to do as much shopping around.

Safety and health are priorities for everybody, but especially when choosing a retirement destination within assisted living communities. We have expert knowledge on each facility that includes recent safety inspection results, details from those inspections, and what each area of improvement means for your health and safety in these facilities. We detail out how many citations were given to each facility, and the areas they were given for. Additionally, we’ve gathered the ratings of each facility from U.S. News and World Report’s most recent assisted living rankings for the Mesquite area so you can see how they stack up.

As a nurse for a number of years, and a healthcare employee in long term care facilities for over a decade, these facilities are my specialty. I know the ins and outs of regulations in the long term care community, and can look at a detailed survey report and pull out the important information. Knowing what paperwork citations are surface-level, and what citations indicate a larger concern for your health and safety is what I do best. Let me break down for you our spectacular list of assisted living communities in the Mesquite area and find you your new retirement living home.

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Assisted Living in Mesquite, TX

Living in Mesquite, TX is a treat for most with an adventurous spirit. The town of Mesquite is a major location for travel. Four of the major highways that expand through the Dallas metro area pass through Mesquite on their way to Lay Ray Hubbard, Downtown Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. With a central location like that, the sky's the limit on things to do in the nearby cities. If authentic Texas life is what you’re seeking, Mesquite also has the unique designation of being the rodeo capital of Texas. So bring your cowboy hat and boots and discover all that Mesquite has to offer.

Assisted living communities inside the town of Mesquite number around twelve in the city proper, though the surrounding areas, due to its proximity to Dallas, have approximately 220 facilities to choose from. In looking at the fine properties available inside of Mesquite, we considered location, safety, and overall aesthetic when choosing what would be included in our list.

Christian Care Senior Living Community

900 Wiggins Parkway

Mesquite, TX 75150

Located in the sprawling Country View neighborhood in the far north of Mesquite lies Christian Care Senior Living Community. Within minutes of two major highways, Christian Care is an exceptionally accessible location for visiting family and friends to pop on by. Directly near the grounds at Christian Care is the Mesquite Golf Club, so you can keep your swing tight and your tan intact. Just down the road is the Baylor Senior Health Center for your acute medical needs, and in the opposite direction, you can find an expansive shopping complex to help lighten your purse.

A faith-based institution, Christian Care provides medical and personal care with Christian ethics in mind. A unique feature to this particular community is the multitude of services provided within the same grounds and building. A large, expansive community, Christian Care has escalating levels of care provided on their grounds. From assisted living, to skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care and hospice services, you can expect a multitude of services available to you when you reside here. This feature is a particularly important amenity to consider, as aging-in-place is a much preferred progression than having to move once your level of care exceeds assisted living criteria.

Pricing at Christian Care Senior Living begins at around $2,800/month, which includes all amenities, the base floor plan, utilities and basic care needs. It is important to recognize that base rates at assisted living facilities are likely to increase based on the level of care that you or a loved one may have. Higher care requirements are often on an a la carte basis in a community, and will make the monthly rate variable by personal need level.

Christian Care Senior Living was surveyed in February of 2020 by the State of Texas. During this evaluation, Christian Care Senior Living incurred eight citations. Each citation was in the life safety code category, which means no areas of healthcare were found deficient. The areas requiring improvement were in relation to lighting, building codes and sprinkler systems. Each deficiency was brought up to code.

Bradfield Place

3700 Oates Drive

Mesquite, TX 75150

Buzzing just down the highway from the sprawling shores of Lake Ray Hubbard lies Bradfield Place, an assisted living community lying directly between downtown Dallas and the beautiful scenery of lake life. There are nearby restaurants and shopping opportunities for when you want to get out and about, and the grounds themselves are perfect for a stroll about on a pleasant day.

Bradfield place offers studio and one bedroom apartment style living arrangements in a beautifully kept facility. They offer in-room kitchenettes, community outings and events, and on-site entertainment to keep your days filled. Their facility maintains every square inch of the grounds with meticulous detail, and every area is updated with fine carpeting and finishings. The staff on site is trained in the everyday care needs of the clients on site.

Surprisingly low in cost, Bradfield Place’s starting rates come in at around $1,570/month. This is likely a starting rate for a studio apartment setting, and will increase with size of room, finishings and more. The rates include amenities and utilities, along with basic healthcare oversight. Additional care oversight from nursing, as well as higher care needs will increase the base cost of the facility. Items that may increase healthcare costs include more complex medical condition management like diabetes and hypertension, as well as functional needs like transfer status and increased help needs with dressing, eating and daily care needs.

Bradfield Place was evaluated in October of 2019 by the State of Texas. During this evaluation, areas surveyed included the healthcare provided at the facility as well as the upkeep and maintenance of the facility building itself and the grounds. Bradfield Place was able to successfully manage this survey with absolutely zero areas of improvement noted. A facility without citations is very difficult to come by, but Bradfield Place managed it.

Cambridge Court

711 Matador Ln.

Mesquite, TX 75149

Cambridge Court is located in northwest Mesquite, minutes from the expansive Broadmoor Plaza shopping complex and the Dallas Regional Medical Center with the Mesquite Specialty Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute attached. For those with more complex health needs and in-depth therapies to maintain them, this proximity to valuable healthcare assets is an amenity all itself that deserves consideration when searching for your new assisted living home.

Cambridge Court also offers tiers of care provided on-site. There are independent living options, as well as assisted living and a memory care unit on-site. This is also an important consideration, given that many seniors develop higher care needs and have the potential for memory care services at some point in their aging journey. Being able to remain in the same environment for these different phases of care in your life is an important asset. Cambridge Court also offers pet-friendly apartments so that you can keep your fur companion.

The pricing at Cambridge Court begins around $3,235/month on estimate. A higher rate than the others on our list, this monthly rate includes exceptional medical oversight and direct caregivers, all utilities, and amenities such as access to the on-site beauty salon, landscape courtyards, lavish walking paths on-site and more. Increases in healthcare needs will also affect this monthly rate, though with the exceptional oversight provided, will be a cost well worth it.

The facility at Cambridge Court was surveyed in February of 2020 and was found to have eleven areas of improvement noted by the state of Texas. None of the deficiencies were in the health care provision of the facility, but all were in the life safety code designation. These citations were in relation to some smoking guidelines and parameters, building codes and lighting requirements for exit areas and illumination of hallways. All areas of deficiency were brought up to code and to the satisfaction of the state.

Sophya’s Assisted Living

2621 Beeman Dr.

Mesquite, MI 75181

A unique choice for our list, Sophya’s Assisted Living community is a far cry from the buildings normally noted on our best-of lists. Instead of boasting a corporate oversight and a facility-like atmosphere, Sophya’s Assisted Living is unique in its arrangement. Located in the residential community of Creek Crossing Estates, Sophya’s is a home-based assisted living community. This means that the entire facility is a house within the residential neighborhood.

While not a traditional assisted living choice, selecting a facility like Sophya’s for your assisted living home has so many benefits not seen in the more industrial home settings. Sophya’s home is small and quiet, with a very small number of residents at any given time. The care staff in Sophya’s home is often the same, and a family-like bond develops quickly between caregivers and the residents. Home-cooked meals are on the menu every single day, and daily care tasks are provided with the dignity that staff would provide their own elderly family members.

Sophya’s home setting is an asset all its own. The monthly cost of assisted living in the area on average is around $4,300/month, and with the rates of Sophya’s home not readily available, it is important to note that this average is based on figures of the larger, more industrial communities. Sophya’s is likely to fall below that average, given that they are not a chain home situation, and costs covered will include all meals, healthcare oversight, maintenance and housekeeping chores, along with the utilities and all standard amenities.

Sophya’s home, while being a home-based residential community, is subject to the same oversight as the rest of the assisted living facilities in the area. The home is inspected by the State of Texas and surveyed with the same rules and regulations in mind. During Sophya’s most recent home inspection, there was only one citation noted from the home. This citation was not in relation to healthcare provided, but rather in relation to lighting levels in the home being below safety standards. This was rectified by the home swiftly and to the satisfaction of the state oversight.

Each of these highlighted properties has amenities unique to them, and with highlights that would blow away all of the competition. They are a varied group of healthcare settings and communities, and are certain to be able to provide safety, ease and comfort in your transition into assisted living care. There are admissions specialists located in each of these communities, and you can reach out to each of them at any time for further information on how to make one of these properties your new home.

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