Best Assisted Living Facilities In Rockwall, TX

If you’re searching for a new spot to settle in and enjoy your retirement days, look no further than our list of best assisted living facilities in Rockwall, TX.

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If you’re searching for a new spot to settle in and enjoy your retirement days, look no further than our list of best assisted living facilities in Rockwall, TX.

The best assisted living facilities in Rockwall, TX are Brookdale Summer Ridge, Revere Court of Rockwall, Rock Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care, and Essential Living Residential Care. Each property has distinct features and a variety of settings to choose from.

Settling into an assisted living community in Rockwall, TX requires knowledge of a variety of different factors to know what facility is right for you. Whether your needs require a higher level of healthcare assistance, or you prefer an emphasis on independent living, knowing the options available in this community is key. We’ve looked at the properties, their surrounding areas, and have the details about location specifics that will speak to you and what your personal preferences are for an ideal retirement setting.

We will detail out expected amenities in each of these properties- what the basics of assisted living communities entail. We then will detail out what specifically each of these communities has to offer by way of extra amenities and what exactly makes them a luxurious option for your retirement days. Whether it be meeting healthcare needs, or if your emphasis is on having high-end finishes, we have the details to provide you the best home available.

We have detailed out pricing specifics for each location as well, and have assembled nationwide average rates to help you understand what the monthly rates for assisted living entail. Knowing exactly what to expect for your dollar can go a long way in assisted living settings, and you should be as well-informed as possible in this arena before you start reaching out to properties to see what they offer.

In addition to costs, we will look at one often-overlooked area of the assisted living home community- detailed safety reports from state inspections. The state of Texas oversees all licensed care homes in the state, and has specific standards that must be met, both in the provision of healthcare and in the oversight of day to day safety requirements. Knowing the details of these reports is a key component to understanding if the assisted living community you are looking at is the right one to keep you safe and sound.

Having worked in long-term care environments for over a decade as a registered nurse, I have had the ability to oversee these regulations and requirements set forth by the state. I am therefore able to identify when a facility has significant impairments in their care or safety measures, and I know what to look for in the settings themselves to ensure you have access to not only the highest quality of care, but also the finer touches in life. To ensure your retirement days are spent in luxury and leisure, let us detail out for you the perfect settings for assisted living communities in the area.

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Best Assisted Living in Rockwall, TX

The Rockwall, TX community is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro complex and is settled just on the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard. With its proximity to the thriving lakeshore, Rockwall is an excellent small town with an abundance of activities to pass your time with. With kayaking and fishing on the lake, to small boutiques lining the roadways, Rockwall is a picturesque town with something for everybody in the family to enjoy.

Brookdale Summer Ridge

Located mere blocks from the lakeshore, Brookdale Summer Ridge has a vacation home feel while providing all of the amenities of your primary residence. Situated near beautiful shopping centers and local area restaurants, Brookdale Summer Ridge offers a multitude of options to spend your time away from the beautiful grounds- if you can tear yourself away. Just walking distance away is Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall in case your health is in a more fragile state.

Brookdale Summer Ridge has a plethora of amenities to offer. They have the basic assisted living amenities of housekeeping services to the grounds and your personal living quarters, assistance with daily living activities that may require more help like bathing, dressing and grooming, and maintenance of the grounds and all areas on the property. What Brookdale Summer Ridge offers above and beyond includes being a pet-friendly environment so you can bring your furry companions with you, an on-site fitness center, a beauty and barber shop on the grounds, private dining areas and an expansive courtyard and garden for your leisure time.

The grounds at Brookdale Summer Ridge underwent their state inspection in September of 2020 and were found to have seven areas of improvement identified. All of these citations were within the life safety code category, and were in relation to the backup generator, building codes, and updates needed to the smoke and fire system. All areas of improvement were brought up to code within a short timeframe.

The monthly fees at Brookdale Summer Ridge start at $4,670 and increase based on level of care needs, floor plan design chosen, and additional amenities added on. Level of care increases can include when assistance with transferring is needed to and from an assistive device like a wheelchair, when additional hygiene help is needed, or when medical oversight becomes more complex.

Revere Court of Rockwall

Revere Court of Rockwall is located in the luxurious Highland Meadows neighborhood of Rockwall. Steps away from the Plaza at Rockwall, there are abundant shopping opportunities available and chain restaurants for when your palate could use a change from the norm. Within a few minutes’ drive is Lake Ray Hubbard, where you can enjoy a multitude of lakefront activities such as boating, fishing, or strolling the abundant beach areas.

Revere Court of Rockwall is set apart from the other assisted living communities in Rockwall as it is specifically designated as a memory care setting for the aging population. This means that if you or your loved ones have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another dementia, this living community is geared towards the specialized care that is needed to provide care to those with memory deficits. Specialized care staff training, environmental safety features, and complicated medical oversight are all parts of the memory care continuum that you don’t find in a traditional care setting.

Along with specialized memory care staff and services, Revere Court offers standard amenities including maintenance, housekeeping, laundry services and linen services. There is a specialized diet menu available for your specific nutritional needs. All utilities are included in the monthly base rate, as are the three staff-prepared meals available along with snacks throughout the day.

One important aspect of memory care is the activities available for recreation, diversion and enrichment of the memory care patient. Revere Court has specialized services geared towards inclusion of memory care aspects into each activity provided. From an enriching exercise program that is certain to help keep you at your most physically healthy level of functioning, to professional entertainment and community trips to enrich your day to day activities, the community is dedicated to providing the best options to keep you the most engaged.

In addition to these outings, there are recreational activities on-site that are geared to keep your mind active and creative. Arts and crafts activities, library visits and games and contests are all regular parts of your day at Revere Court. Your physical and mental wellbeing are safeguarded with the inclusion of all of these aspects in your day to day life.

Revere Court underwent their state survey in August of 2021 and were found to have absolutely no infractions noted. With the hundreds of state oversight areas, codes and licensing requirements, it is exceptionally difficult to garner no infractions in a state survey. Revere Court is truly in a league of its own in this aspect.

Base rates for Revere Court start between $4,995-$5,995 for single or double room settings. With increased needs of physical care come increased monthly rates, and additional fees may be incurred with additional needs of the patient. Medical oversight or physical needs are both areas that often increase monthly care rates.

Rock Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care

Also nestled within the thriving Highlands Meadows neighborhood of Rockwall is Rock Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care. Settled near to shopping centers, restaurants and the lake, Rock Ridge is also near to the highway and is an easy distance to travel to nearby Dallas or other locations on Lake Ray Hubbard for when the family visits and is looking for some fun activities.

Rock Ridge prides itself on being a community that offers both traditional assisted living services as well as the advanced level of care incurred with memory care needs. Offering both services in the same setting allows Rock Ridge residents to begin their assisted living journey in place while advancing to a higher level of care right onsite. Oftentimes this is an exceptional benefit to those with cognitive decline, as familiarity with their settings is something that isn’t always guaranteed as dementia progresses. Unfamiliarity with the environment can cause rapid acceleration in cognitive decline. The folks at Rock Ridge have recognized this and provided an avenue for those with cognitive decline to age in place, a priceless benefit indeed.

Rock Ridge offers the standard amenities of chef-prepared meals, housekeeping, laundry services and maintenance. The grounds are exquisite, offering a variety of six different floor plan layouts to meet your individual needs. The chef-prepared meals are part of the community’s “Gold Leaf Dining” experience, which provides nutritionist insight into your daily meals and provides them in a restaurant-style setting. There are numerous community events held, along with religious services offered, entertainment outings and even transportation available to certain medical necessity events.

As discussed above, enrichment activities are key to those experiencing cognitive decline to help maintain mental functioning at the highest levels possible. Rock Ridge offers a variety of enrichment activities aimed at just that. There are group games, arts and craft items, group outings into the community, and musical entertainment brought onsite, just to name a few. Educational opportunities are available as well to those who are never satisfied with enough knowledge.

Rock Ridge garnered six areas of concern during its most recent state evaluation in October of 2020. All were in the life safety code category and were in relation to locking door mechanisms, building codes and upholding basic licensing standards. Each of these areas of infractions were rectified with the state to their satisfaction in a short timeframe.

The rates at Rock Ridge begin at $3,995, but it is important to note this is a very base rate and will likely increase with care level of needs and floor plan choices. Additional services like in depth medical oversight, up to and including memory care, can increase the a la carte service fee schedule significantly and should be reviewed in detail.

Essential Living Residential Care

A far cry from the others on the list, Essential Living Residential Care is not a facility-based assisted living environment. Located off of Lake Ray Hubbard, Essential Living is located firmly within a residential community and is based out of an individual house dwelling. This small-scale environment lends itself towards feeling a lot more family-centric, and is often preferred to large facility settings due to the intimacy of the setting.

Offering similar amenities to the other facilities on this list, Essential Living provides laundry, housekeeping and maintenance services on a small scale. Daily living assistance is provided to the small number of five residents in the setting at any given time, typically by one or two trained staff members, and medical oversight is limited in these sorts of settings. What is provided is a care staff that becomes like family to the residents there, and they are often looked at as such over time.

The state oversight of assisted living community guidelines are largely written to fit the large-scale facility type environments. As such, a smaller home setting like this often struggles to meet all of the licensing requirements for building codes. Essential Living garnered sixteen areas of concern in its review in August of 2018, nearly all in relation to fire inspection paperwork, plans and building code concerns. These areas are ongoing and continuing to be evaluated and remedied.

The base rate for living in a home setting like Essential Living is around $3,100/month. These rates are all-inclusive for the living quarters, shared community spaces like living room, dining room and kitchen, and inclusive to all assistive care provided to the residents. Additional fees aren’t as likely to be incurred in this setting, as any medically complex patients aren’t likely to reside in these types of communities.

Knowing which community setting best suits your needs is of the utmost importance when searching for an assisted living community, so utilize our guide and settle yourself into the perfect home in Rockwall.

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