Best Assisted Living Facilities In Tyler, TX

If you’re searching the Tyler area looking for a new assisted living facility to call home, look no further. We’ve found the best communities in Tyler for you.

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If you’re searching the Tyler area looking for a new assisted living facility to call home, look no further. We’ve found the best communities in Tyler for you.

The best assisted living facilities in Tyler, TX are The Hamptons at Greenridge, Atria Willow Park, Atria Copeland, Oak Hills Terrace Memory Care, and Prestige Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care. Each fine property has top-tier amenities and exquisite grounds.

Knowing what to look for in an assisted living community can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to detail out for you the specifics of each of our fine properties to examine in detail what makes a great assisted living community and what in particular your needs and desires are.

We’ve detailed out floor plans, community locations and their local amenities, property details and layouts, and amenities offered by each facility. If you’re one who looks at high-end finishings and attention to details, we have sought out those exact items to provide you with the best portrait of each of these wonderful locations.

Pricing out assisted living communities can often be a daunting task. We’ve gathered the pricing information for base rates for each of our communities, and stack them up against national averages. The area of Tyler in general runs lower, on average, than the national average for assisted living communities- so good choice of location- you’ve already shown great taste.

Oftentimes we’re told when people are searching for an assisted living facility for the first time that they are unsure of what to look at. One area that is frequently not considered when searching for a new assisted living community home is the safety of the environment and the healthcare oversight. The state of Texas has in place an inspection protocol for assisted living communities, and we have searched the database to find the best-rated facilities in the Tyler area not just based on amenities, but on how they pass their state inspection and live up to the protocols put into place. We will provide you with specific details of any infractions garnered by each property, and put your mind at ease regarding what to expect from these environments.

From a lengthy background in healthcare, I am able to pull a wealth of knowledge regarding the health care safety and oversight of an individual property. I have worked in the best looking facilities that just did not stack up when it came to health and safety oversight, and I have worked in some of the most modest homes that were immaculate in cleanliness and healthcare provision. It is from this knowledge base that I can pull from to assure you that you are choosing the best community to reside in to take care of your own personal health and safety needs.

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Best Assisted Living Facilities in Tyler

The city of Tyler, TX is located in the eastern part of Texas and is home to the “Rose Capital of America”. The city is widely known for its rose cultivation and processing, and houses a public rose growing complex and annual rose festival for tourists of the local and afar persuasions alike. There are shopping areas abundant in the city as well, including the well known Broadway Square Mall. Other activities to enjoy include the local zoo, viewing local history and art venues, and attending the local sports events.

The Hamptons at Greenridge

The Hamptons at Greenridge is located to the southeast of the city of Tyler, in the Elberta neighborhood just past the University of Texas’s Tyler Graduate campus. Located nearby to Lake Tyler, The Hamptons also borders the nearby Chapel Hill neighborhood and Pleasant Acres Lake. The neighborhood surrounding the Hamptons is largely quiet and country land, without too much urban hustle and bustle nearby to keep the peace and quiet.

The Hamptons offer private floor plan options mirroring private apartment living, but with the extra help on hand to ensure your independence while also taking care of the day to day tasks that you no longer need to be weighed down with. The assisted living community offers 24/7 on-site assistance for activities of daily living, including medications management, bathing and grooming needs, and more. The floor plans in the assisted living community are pet-friendly as well, which means you can bring your fur loved ones along with you to your new home.

The grounds at the Hamptons are exceptional as well. There are outdoor living community areas for events and a courtyard inside that many floor plans open up into. There is also a movie theater onsite for entertainment needs, walking paths to take your pet on, and a library and other indoor gathering areas to host your family events as well. Accompanying all of this is chef-prepared meals three times a day, your daily housekeeping and laundry needs, and maintenance of the grounds and your private facilities should the need arise.

The base costs for the Hamptons at Greenridge start at $3,480, which is below the national average cost of assisted living communities of $4,000. These costs are all-inclusive to the listed amenities, and can vary by floor plan layout and additional needs as they arise (for instance, memory care services). The base cost for this property is in-line with the others on our list, and similar to the Tyler area costs in general.

The Hamptons underwent their state of Texas assisted living facility inspection in May of 2018 and were found to have only one area where a citation was issued. This was in the life code category of infractions- meaning it was unrelated to the healthcare provided in the facility, and more to do with the day to day operations and maintenance of the grounds. This particular facility citation was due to a failure to have the sprinkler system inspected within a specified timeframe. The citation was cleared to the satisfaction of the state within one months’ time.

Atria Willow Park

Atria Willow Park is located to the southwest of downtown Tyler, and is seated within a thriving business community. Highlights of the local area include multiple shopping destinations, restaurants of both the chain and mom-and-pop shop varieties, and a farmer’s market within a few miles distance of the residence. Ideal for those with visiting family members, this particular area is located with nearby lodging available for your family and friends to settle comfortably nearby during their visit.

The grounds at Atria Willow Park are really second to none. They have a private three acre park that is host to a multitude of outdoor events. This park even has a putting green area and outdoor kitchen for dining for these events. The walking trails are second to none as well.

With on-site round the clock healthcare available at Willow Park, your assisted living needs will always be met. They provide medications management, assistance with meals, and daily living tasks like bathing and grooming. Housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services are all part of the package deal at Willow Park. Chef-prepared meals are served three times a day, and events are scheduled throughout the week to keep your days occupied.

Assisted living rates at Atria Willow Park start around $2295, which in respect to assisted living costs is far lower than the average for nationwide, Texas and even the area of Tyler’s rates. These rates include all of the above amenities, but do not take into account additional extras that may be needed on an a la carte basis should the needs arise.

Atria Willow Park underwent their state of Texas assisted living inspection in February of 2019. While a typical inspection will uncover one or two minor citation-worthy infractions in the best of facilities, Atria Willow Park was exceptional in that they garnered absolutely no infractions during their inspection period.

Atria Copeland

Located due south of the city of Tyler, Atria Copeland is nestled into a quaint residential community nearby to many attractions. Just west of Copeland is the West Mud Creek, which runs straight through a vibrant green space in Southside Park. This park is home to woodlands, playgrounds, hiking trails and even designated cycling trails if two wheels are your bread and butter. On the other side of Southside Park, there are multiple shopping areas and restaurants to dine out at when your friends and family are along for a visit.

Atria Copeland offers an abundant amount of floor plan options for your living space needs. From studio apartment style living to one and two bedroom options with one or two bathrooms, the Copeland offerings spare no expense when it comes to your comfort. These floor plans are a perfect accompaniment to the grounds that include a fountain at the main entrance, perfectly manicured gardens and outdoor living spaces to host events, and a variety of entertainment events scheduled to meet your cultural and educational needs.

Tria Copeland rates begin around $2595/month for the one-bedroom assisted living floor plan option. The rates include upkeep of the grounds and the private living space, along with 24-hour staff to meet your healthcare and personal care needs, 3 daily meals prepared by the on-site chef, housekeeping, laundry and transportation services, as well as apartment maintenance and maintenance of the main grounds as well. In addition to the 24/7 oversight, there is an emergency alert system on-site as well should you run into any trouble at night inside of your own private home.

The most recent State of Texas inspection of Atria Copeland was in January of 2019. There was one deficiency found in the health code violation designation- meaning in relation to the healthcare provided to residents of the facility. This violation was exceptionally minor however, and it was in relation to having paperwork on-hand to prove the designated manager had proper qualifications for the facility. This citation was cleared to the satisfaction of the State of Texas by February of that year.

Oak Hills Terrace Memory Care

If you’re one of millions of seniors who are starting to require help with the day to day tasks of livin and are finding that your memory is not what it used to be, Oak Hills Terrace Memory Care is a facility designed with your particular needs in mind. From mild cognitive impairment to advanced dementia diagnoses, Oak Hills Terrace is a specially designated assisted living community that has the capability and training to handle advanced memory care needs.

Located to the southwest of Tyler, Oak Hills Terrace is close to many restaurants and shopping areas, as well as very close to the prestigious Hollytree Country Club. The area is residential with an urban feel, and is sure to make your visiting loved ones fall in love with the area.

Oak Hills Terrace specializes in the health management of individuals with memory care needs. This means that all appointments, medications, and all other healthcare needs and oversight are handled by the staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The staff approach to care has been inspired by Montessori methods, and embraces the care of the individual as a whole, from dining to medical needs and more.

Paramount to the care provided at Oak Hills Terrace are the activities provided on a daily basis. While you can expect the standard assisted living amenities at Oak Hill Terrace- housekeeping, laundry, chef-prepared meals, etc.- Oak Hills Terrace stands apart in the activities provided. There are on-site baking and cooking lessons, art classes and musical programs to help enrich all areas of your life.

As Oak Hills Terrace does provide a heightened level of oversight to medical needs, the monthly rate is slightly higher than the average assisted living costs. At around $4,590, the costs for this memory care community are actually lower than comparable locations in the area that perform memory care items for their residents. With the top level approach to memory care provided at this campus, the costs of living are quite low in comparison.

Oak Hills Terrace was evaluated last in March of 2021 and was found to have only one identified infraction by the State of Texas. This infraction was in the life code designation of safety codes, and was in relation to the labeling, designation and storage of hazardous materials. This was a minor infraction, as evidenced by it taking less than a month to satisfy the state and clear the citation in the building.

Prestige Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care

Located in the Guinn Farms neighborhood of southeast Tyler, Prestige Estates is located nearby to area schools and houses of worship. The location of Prestige Estates is quiet and calm, and helps lend itself to a very residential community where you feel at home or visiting close friends when you come by.

Assisted living at Prestige Estates is top-notch with amenities that are unmatched. With four floor plan options, the private apartment living is loaded with an emergency call system, kitchenettes for basic snack preparation and high-end finishings. The assisted living community itself has healthcare oversight by a registered nurse on-staff, with an on-call registered nurse for any after-hours emergent situations that arise.

The grounds at Prestige Estates also offer outdoor gathering areas, a parlour with a gorgeous fireplace, and a whirlpool spa to ease your aching joints at the end of the day. There is an on-site salon and sunroom, and in the outdoors there are cultivated lawns and walking paths to take in the outdoors. There is chef-prepared dining as well, with restaurant-style service in the main dining room, with private dining available on-site as well.

Monthly rates at Prestige Estates start around $3,900 for this gated community, and include all assistance needed for activities of daily living, weekly housekeeping, safety checks, residential laundry services and routine maintenance of the grounds and your private apartment. Transportation for healthcare appointments is also arranged and provided by onsite staff.

The most recent inspection by the State of Texas for Prestige Estates was performed in January of 2021 and found one infraction. The infraction was in the life safety code designation, and was in relation to failure to comply with a basic regulatory oversight policy. This infraction was cleared to the satisfaction of the state and no further infractions were found.

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