12 Best Catamaran Sailboats (Is Yours Here?)

If you are a fan of the water and enjoy being out on the ocean on a catamaran sailboat, finding the best catamaran sailboat can be challenging.

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‍If you are a fan of the water and enjoy being out on the ocean on a catamaran sailboat, finding the best catamaran sailboat can be challenging.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a catamaran sailboat, from size and speed to price and features. It can be tough to figure out which one is right for you.

Catamarans are known for their superior sailing capabilities. The 12 best catamaran sailboats are the Lagoon 42, Lagoon 620, Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42, Leopard 45, Seawind 1600, Catana 62, Catana 70, Outremer 45, Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46, Bali 4.1, Nautitech 40, and Manta 42.

Catamarans offer many advantages over other types of boats, including stability, speed, and comfort. In this article, we will discuss 12 of the best catamaran sailboats for cruising the open waters.

We have compiled a list of the 12 best catamaran sailboats based on customer reviews. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or something that will blow your mind, you will find a suitable option here.

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Lagoon 42

The Lagoon 42 is a great example of what can be done in terms of cruising catamarans that are still easy to handle and comfortable because they were built with the owner in mind. It has two 45 HP diesel engines that allow it to reach up to 8 knots.

The Lagoon 42 features three or four-cabin layouts and eight to twelve berths. The master suite is at the boat's bow under the fixed hardtop.

The cockpit has a large lounge area with a bar and dining area on either side. Underneath, there is storage space for water toys, fishing gear, or dive equipment. There are also three tender garages

Also, since it was built for cruising, you can be sure that the decks were also designed with comfort in mind: there is enough room for lots of seating and ample sunbathing.

Overall, the Lagoon 42 is a well-balanced catamaran that allows you to cruise in comfort and luxury.


  • Price: $350000-$400000
  • Displacement: 26445 lbs
  • Beam: 25 ft 4 in
  • Draft: 4 ft 1 in
  • Fuel capacity: 79.3 gal


  • Easy to operate
  • Built with comfort in mind
  • Good storage space
  • Lots of room


  • Slow compared to other catamarans in its class

Lagoon 620

The Lagoon 620 is one of the higher-end catamarans on the market right now. It has a distinctive hull that makes it stand out in ways other boats cannot match.

You will be pleased to learn that this boat comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy yourself while out on the water, including five cabins, ten berths, and a decent amount of outside space for sunbathing.

The boat is also equipped with two powerful 110 HP diesel engines that can propel it to speeds of up to 20 knots. Along with the top speed, you will also be pleased to know that this boat also offers a great cruising speed as well.

You can spend hours enjoying yourself without worrying about where you need to go next because the Lagoon 620 is equipped with GPS and other modern amenities that make navigation easy.

In addition, this is one of the safest boats out there due to its high-quality construction and its simple but effective design. You can rest assured that your family is safe while they are on board this boat.


  • Price: $1000000-$2000000
  • Displacement: 71000 lbs
  • Length: 62 ft
  • Fuel capacity (gallons): 343 gal


  • Impressive speeds for its size
  • Can accommodate up to 10 passengers
  • Durable construction
  • Can handle rough waters


  • Expensive

Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42

If you are a fan of modern interior design, then the Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 might be for you. Her modern design and layout make her one of the best-looking boats on this list.

The salon is spacious enough for multiple people to socialize and relax. Plus, it allows for enough storage space to keep your belongings.

The master suite is located at the boat's bow under a fixed hardtop that also has two stays spreading all the way back to the transom area. Two 30 HP engines will push the Astréa 42 at speeds of up to 10 knots.

On top of that, all guests will enjoy spacious forward cabins with en suite bathrooms and plenty of storage space. All in all, when it comes to comfort and design, you can't go wrong with this catamaran!


  • Price: $300000-$550000
  • Displacement: 28000 lbs
  • Length: 41.3 ft
  • Fuel capacity: 124 gal


  • Good looking boat with modern interior design
  • Fast enough for cruising around coasts and islands
  • Durable construction


  • Low fuel capacity
  • Not suitable for deepwater excursions

Leopard 45

Another great catamaran for those looking to cruise in comfort and style is the Leopard 45. It features a large cockpit with plenty of seating as well as a bar and dining area so you can socialize and dine with your guests or crew.

For those who enjoy fishing, there is also a good amount of storage space under the benches so you can safely keep your fishing gear while out on the water.

One way this catamaran truly stands out compared to others is its front-facing cockpit. When you are out on the water, this allows for a better view and easier communication with the crew.

The Leopard 45 features a modern interior design with lots of windows and an open layout. This will maximize the amount of light inside, which is great for those who enjoy spending time on the water by letting some extra sun in.

The catamaran is also equipped with two 45 HP engines that will push it along at speeds of 10 to 12 knots. Plus, there is comfortable enough space for 8-9 guests in four cabins and bathrooms.

Overall, the Leopard 45 is an excellent catamaran that will provide you with comfort and entertainment during your trip on the water.


  • Price: $500000-$800000
  • Displacement: 32000 lbs
  • Length: 45 ft
  • Fuel capacity: 184 gallons


  • Spacious cockpit and living areas
  • Large storage space
  • Four cabins and bathrooms
  • Can handle deep waters


  • Not cheap for a 45-foot boat

Seawind 1600

The Seawind 1600 Catamaran is a great option for those planning to escape and go on a deep water adventure. It has an impressive range and can handle any type of trip, whether it be coastal exploration or long-term trips in the open sea.

This catamaran is perfect for families as well as couples looking for some time away from it all. It offers impressive comfort and can accommodate up to six passengers in its three cabins and bathrooms.

The Seawind 1600 is set up for serious performance, offering an impressive top speed of 25 knots. The catamaran will get you there quickly and safely, no matter where you are heading.

The boat isn't as spacious as the others on this list, but it makes up for that with its quick speed and impressive range. Plus, there is plenty of storage space onboard to keep your belongings safe during your trip.

Overall, the Seawind 1600 is a good option for those looking to embark on long-term cruises in the open waters.


  • Price: $800000-$1000000
  • Displacement: 28660 lbs
  • Length: 52 ft
  • Fuel capacity: 198 gal


  • Very fast
  • Can handle rough waters
  • Can accommodate up to 6 passengers
  • Generous storage space for its size


  • Not very spacious compared to other boats on this list

Catana 62

The Catana 62 is a large catamaran that offers a lot of amenities and comfort. It can accommodate up to 10 passengers on its spacious deck, which comes complete with comfortable seating as well as sunbathing space.

In addition to the passenger areas, there is also an impressive cabin below deck where you can relax or even take a nap if you are feeling tired. There are also two bathrooms on board for your convenience.

The Catana 62 also features two powerful diesel engines and a top speed of 22.5 knots, making this one of the fastest options on the market right now.

If you want to get where you are going in style, this is one of the higher-end catamarans on the market right now. It has impressive speed under optimal conditions and will ensure that everyone has a good time while still being comfortable.


  • Price: $1500000-$2000000
  • Displacement: 42,329 lbs
  • Length: 62 ft
  • Fuel capacity: 227 gal


  • Great for a large group of people
  • Has a nice cabin below deck to relax in between rides
  • Can go at great speeds when conditions are right
  • Ample storage space


  • A tad expensive

Catana 70

The Catana 70 is a great catamaran for those who are looking to spend some time on the water in comfort and style. It has three or four-cabin layouts and can accommodate up to twelve people in comfort.

It features two 120 HP engines that will push it along at 20 to 30 knots, which is plenty for cruising around coasts and islands.

Like with all Catana models, safety was taken very seriously, which is evident in the catamaran construction. There are four watertight bulkheads, two hulls, and a reinforced deck, all designed with safety and comfort in mind

The saloon on this boat has enough room for multiple people to hang out and even play board games or just chat. The salon has full-length windows so you can enjoy the view as well.

Also, there is plenty of room on this boat to relax and unwind after a busy day exploring new places. So, if you are looking for space, comfort, and safety, then the Catana 70 might just be for you!


  • Price: $2000000-$3500000
  • Displacement: 58422 lbs
  • Length: 68 ft
  • Fuel capacity: 526 gallons


  • Decent cruising speed
  • Spacious cockpit and salon
  • Built with safety in mind


  • A bit pricey compared to other catamarans with similar specs

Outremer 45

The Outremer 45 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a luxurious yet fast ride on the water. This boat will ensure you have all the comfort and safety while still being able to get you where you are going quickly.

The hull is made from a combination of fiberglass and polyester, making it very durable as well as lightweight. This catamaran was built for performance and speed, offering an impressive top speed of 20 knots thanks to two powerful 30 HP engines.

The Outremer 45 can accommodate up to four guests in its cabins and bathrooms, which come complete with all of the comforts of home. Plus, there is a small transom area that can be used for additional seating if you feel like socializing on your trip.

Perhaps the best thing about this catamaran is the striking wooden finish that gives it a luxurious look and feel. If you want a quick ride with great comfort, this is one of the top options on the market right now.


  • Price: $700000-$825000
  • Displacement: 19,000 lbs
  • Length: 48 ft
  • Fuel capacity: 113.6 gal


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Looks great thanks to its wooden finish
  • Can go at impressive speeds
  • Ample storage space for a catamaran this size


  • Less spacious
  • Low fuel capacity

Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46

The Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 is designed for families who appreciate space and comfort in their catamaran yachts. The boat has four-cabin layouts and eight to twelve berths. All cabins are equipped with plenty of storage places, reading lights, and lashing rails for your safety.

The catamaran's interior comprises high-quality mahogany wood, which is light and strong at the same time. The flooring covers are easy to clean vinyl laid on a soft polyethylene foam pad.

These Bahia 46 interiors are practically unaffected by humidity, making them perfect for living aboard. There are plenty of spacious places to relax, eat or play games.

Overall, this is an attractive catamaran that offers great accommodation in a safe, practical package.


  • Price: $150000-$250000
  • Displacement: 21855 lbs
  • Length: 46 ft
  • Fuel capacity (gallons): 106 gal


  • Attractive design
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality interior materials
  • Solid construction throughout the yacht
  • Decent cruising performance


  • Quite pricey for its features

Bali 4.1

The Bali 4.1 is a good option for anyone looking to have some fun on the water. It offers decent amenities and will get you where you need to go quickly so that you can enjoy your time on it as much as possible.

This boat has a modern design with a large cockpit area and great seating for everyone on board. There is also a large sundeck area equipped with a bimini top to protect you from the sun.

The boat itself is made out of fiberglass, so it can handle any type of weather you throw at it, be it heavy storms or choppy seas. The hull is very shallow, making it easy to get in and out of the water.

The Bali 4.1 is a great option for those who want to get out and have some fun, especially if you're taking your kids with you on the trip. It's also easy to maneuver, making it ideal for just about anyone.


  • Price: $337000-$450000
  • Displacement: 19000 lbs
  • Length: 41 ft
  • Fuel tank capacity: 105 gal


  • Great value for money
  • Modern design makes it easy to maneuver
  • Can be driven by just about anyone
  • Perfect for families with children


  • Not good for long trips due to its shallow hull

Nautitech 40

The Nautitech 40 is designed to be a performance catamaran that will get you where you need to go in style. It offers an impressive top speed of 25 knots and plenty of seating for everyone on board.

Like most high-end catamarans, it also features twin diesel engines that will give you good fuel economy while still providing you with great power on the open water.

In addition, the Nautitech 40 also offers a trampoline area that is large enough for everyone on board to enjoy themselves. The boat's hull allows you to stand up and walk around with ease, which not a lot of catamarans can claim.

The Nautitech 40 has ample storage space, making it perfect for anyone who wants to take a lot of stuff with them when they head out on the open water. It is also fully equipped with some modern amenities that make it great for a fun day out on the water with family and friends.


  • Price: $400000-$550000
  • Displacement: 16000 lbs
  • Length (feet): 40 ft
  • Fuel capacity: 72 gal


  • Good seating area for passengers
  • Stylish interior
  • Decent cruising speed
  • Ample storage space for its size


  • Low fuel capacity
  • Not suitable for large groups of people

Manta 42

The Manta 42 is a performance catamaran built to be as efficient as possible. It features a J-shaped hull with a sharp entry point and a hard bottom, allowing it to cut through the water at great speeds.

This boat also has a distinctive swing-up beach club which swings up to provide you with another place on board to relax.

The Manta 42 is also equipped with an impressive engine room, which gives you peace of mind when you are out on the water because there is no worrying about breakdowns while you are out in the middle of nowhere.


  • Price: $250000-$330000
  • Displacement: 16500 lbs
  • Length: 42 ft
  • Fuel tank capacity: 100 gal


  • Easy to operate
  • Stylish design
  • Good speed for its size
  • High-quality construction


  • Low fuel tank capacity
  • Less spacious

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