Best Gadgets For Bread Makers

Discover the kitchen tools that turn bread-making into a joyous adventure. Here’s a list of the best gadgets you’ll find fun to have.

Key Takeaways

  • Many gadgets are available for home bakers, like scoring tools and digital scales.
  • Tools like customizable bread machines simplify baking bread and make it fun.
  • The right tools help create diverse bread types and improve baking quality.

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Discover the kitchen tools that turn bread-making into a joyous adventure. Here’s a list of the best gadgets you’ll find fun to have.

The best gadgets for bread makers are Bread Lame for perfect scoring, a Digital Kitchen Scale for precise measurements, a Bread Proofing Basket (Banneton) for ideal dough rise, a Bread Machine with Customizable Settings for convenience, and a Dough Whisk for effortless mixing.

With years of hands-on bread-making and a deep understanding of expert opinions, I'm your go-to expert for bread-baking. Whether it's perfecting the dough or selecting the right gadgets, count on me to guide you through the delicious world of homemade bread.

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Best Gadgets for Bread Makers

Bread-making is an art that has been practiced for centuries, with countless techniques and tools developed over time to make the process efficient and enjoyable. Today, home bakers can choose from various gadgets designed to take their bread-making skills to the next level.

Whether you're a seasoned bread maker or just starting your bread-baking journey, many innovative tools can make the process easier, more enjoyable, and result in better quality bread.

Here's a table comparing the features of the best gadgets for bread makers:

Gadget Key Features Material Size/ Capacity
Bread Lame Precise scoring, ergonomic handle Stainless steel N/A
Digital Kitchen Scale Accurate measurements, tare function Stainless steel/plastic Varies by model
Bread Proofing Basket Even rising, durable rattan material Rattan Varies by size
Bread Machine Customizable settings, various loaf sizes Metal/plastic Varies by model
Dough Whisk Effortless mixing, sturdy design Stainless steel/wood N/A

1. Bread Lame (Scoring Tool)

Bread Lame
Bread Lame

A Bread Lame is your secret weapon for achieving those beautiful, artisanal bread designs. Its razor-sharp blade effortlessly slashes the dough's surface before baking, allowing for controlled expansion and a stunning crust. Get picture-perfect artisan loaves sandwich bread crusts.


A Bread Lame, an essential gadget for bread makers, is a tool with a razor blade. It is designed to score or slash the dough before entering the Dutch Oven. This aids in controlling the bread's expansion as it bakes, giving it a more defined shape and a beautiful appearance.

Bread Lames come in various designs, materials, and blade attachments, such as the O'Delice Bakery Stainless Steel Bread Lame and the SAINT GERMAIN Premium Hand-Crafted Bread Lame.


Bread Lames are designed to make clean, precise cuts on the dough surface, crucial to attaining a uniform rise and desirable crust formation during baking. With a sharp, fresh blade, a Bread Lame enables effortless scoring while minimizing the risk of dough sticking to the tool.

High-quality Bread Lames ensure smooth handling and excellent control, making the scoring process a breeze even for beginners in bread baking.

What Sets It Apart

While some bread bakers may use a sharp knife or a razor blade directly to score their dough, a Bread Llame offers better control and safety. Its handle is designed to fit comfortably in the baker's hand, providing more stability during the scoring process.

Moreover, a Bread Lame's blade attachment system allows for easy blade replacement, ensuring the tool remains sharp and efficient.

Recent Updates

Newer Bread Lame models have added features such as blade storage compartments and adjustable blade angles for more versatility. Some games now come with protective covers like the Authentic Leather Protector Cover to ensure the blade remains sharp and safe when not in use.


  • Cleaner and more precise scoring, resulting in better-looking crusts
  • Improved control and accuracy during the scoring process
  • Higher dough rise due to controlled expansion
  • Enhanced safety compared to using a bare razor blade or a kitchen knife
  • Easy blade replacement and maintenance


  • It may take some practice to perfect the scoring technique
  • The blades need regular replacement to maintain sharpness
  • Low-quality lames may lack sturdiness and comfort in handling

Who Should Buy It

A Bread Lame can be a worthwhile investment if you’re an avid bread baker or wish to level up your bread-baking game. It benefits those who bake bread sourdough starter, which requires more elaborate scoring patterns.

Where to Buy It

Bread Lames can be bought from online retailers like Amazon and specialized bread-baking supply dealers. They are also available at brick-and-mortar stores catering to kitchen supplies and bread-baking equipment.

2. Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Kitchen Scale
Digital Kitchen Scale

Precision is key in bread making, and a Digital Kitchen Scale ensures you measure your ingredients with absolute accuracy. Whether it's flour, water, or yeast, this gadget guarantees consistent results every time.


A digital kitchen scale is an essential tool for bread bakers, as it provides accurate measurements for ingredients. The best scales can weigh up to 11 lbs./5 kg and provide measurements in decimal increments.

Some popular options include tare functionality for measuring ingredients in sequence and an automatic shutoff feature to preserve battery life. These scales are designed to be user-friendly, allowing bread makers to create many bread recipes every time.


Digital kitchen scales are known for their fast and accurate readings. They have been tested and reviewed by professionals and home bakers alike, with some of the best options being praised for their ability to measure ingredients quickly and precisely.

Using a digital scale ensures that your bread dough has the proper ratio of ingredients, which is crucial for a successful bake.

What Sets It Apart

The best digital kitchen scales stand out due to their user-friendly design and versatile functionality. For instance, the MyWeigh KD-8000 has been recommended by many professional bakers for its feature-rich design, fast and accurate measurements, and durability.

Other top-rated scales, such as the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, have a sleek design and a highly intuitive interface.

Recent Updates

The world of digital kitchen scales is constantly evolving, with newer models boasting smarter tech and more features. Recent updates to these gadgets now include touchless tare functions for added convenience and increased accuracy in measurements.

Some scales are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to connect them to your smartphone and access various recipes and ingredients.


  • Precise measurements for consistent bread-baking results.
  • With easy-to-use interfaces, making bread is simple for everyone, including novice bakers.
  • Versatile functionality allows you to measure various ingredients for other recipes.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy storage and handling.


  • Scales can be affected by external factors, such as heat or humidity, impacting their accuracy.
  • Some scales require frequent calibration, which may be time-consuming for busy bakers.
  • Battery life can be an issue, with some models draining batteries quickly.

Who Should Buy It

A digital kitchen scale is a must-have tool for bread makers, whether you are a professional bread baker or a home cook. It is perfect for those who want to achieve precise measurements and consistent results, ensuring the success of their baked goods.

Where to Buy It

Digital kitchen scales can be purchased online from reputable retailers such as King Arthur Baking Company. You can also find them in-store at kitchenware shops and department stores.

3. Bread Proofing Basket (Banneton)

Bread Proofing Basket
Bread Proofing Basket

The Bread-Proofing Basket, or Banneton, is a must-have for achieving that classic round or oval loaf shape. Made from natural rattan, it provides support to your dough during its final rise, imparting those signature concentric rings on the crust and a professional touch to your bread.


Bread-proofing baskets or bannetons, are essential bread-baking tools for achieving the perfect shape and structure for your homemade bread. These baskets are typically made from natural rattan or wood and come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of bread dough, such as sourdough and rye bread.


Using a proofing basket allows the dough to rise evenly while maintaining its shape and preventing it from sticking to the sides of the basket. The textured surface of the basket helps create a crispy crust and visually appealing pattern on the whole loaf.

Many bannetons also come with a linen liner to make removing the dough from the basket easier after proofing.

What Sets It Apart

A good bread-proofing basket stands out from other bread-making tools by providing support and maintaining the desired shape for your dough while it rises. The natural materials help wick away moisture and create a consistent temperature for optimal proofing conditions.

A quality banneton also allows for better air circulation around the dough, resulting in better bread crust development.

Recent Updates

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials in bread-proofing baskets. Modern bannetons include removable liners, silicone brushes for applying flour, and dedicated storage bags for easy transport and storage.


  • Allows for even rising and shaping of the dough
  • Creates a crispy crust and appealing pattern on the finished loaf
  • Made from natural, non-toxic materials
  • Ensures optimal proofing conditions for various types of dough


  • Some bannetons may require a break-in period before achieving the best results
  • It can be challenging to clean if the dough sticks to the basket
  • Seasonal variations in humidity or temperature might impact the proofing process

Who Should Buy It

Bread-proofing baskets can be ideal if you’re a home bread baker who enjoys making homemade bread, especially those working with sourdough or other yeast-based dough.

Where to Buy It

Many retailers and online shops offer a variety of bread-proofing baskets. Some top-rated options are on websites like Amazon.

4. Bread Machine with Customizable Settings

Bread Machine with Customizable Settings
Bread Machine with Customizable Settings

For the ultimate convenience, a Bread Machine with customizable settings is a game-changer. It takes the guesswork out of kneading and rising, allowing you to experiment with various recipes and achieve consistent results.


The Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus is a top-tier bread maker known for its customizable settings and exceptional performance. Its stainless steel exterior features multiple menu settings for various types of bread, including gluten-free, whole wheat, and sourdough, making it an ideal choice for home bakers.

The device is designed to accommodate up to 2-pound shaping loaves, ensuring you can always make enough bread for everyone in the family.


The Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus is known for delivering consistent and evenly baked bread. Its dual kneading blades satisfy the need for thorough dough mixing, while the built-in heating element at the lid ensures that the loaf achieves a perfect crispy crust.

The bread maker's customizable settings allow users to control every aspect of the bread-making process, from the mixing and kneading duration to the rising and baking bread time.

What Sets It Apart

One of the defining features of the Zojirushi Virtuoso Plus is the array of customizable settings. Users can experiment with different recipes and dough types without the hassle of manual adjustments.

The menu settings include options tailored for gluten-free, whole wheat, and sourdough bread, making this bread maker versatile and suitable for various dietary preferences.

Recent Updates

The latest model of the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus boasts several improvements over its predecessor, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker. The updated machine now offers a rapid setting that significantly reduces the time required to bake a loaf, allowing users to have freshly baked bread more quickly.

It also features a larger viewing window and an improved control panel with an easy-to-read LCD for a more comfortable user experience.


  • Flexibility to create a wide variety of bread types
  • Customizable settings to accommodate personal preferences and unique recipes
  • Consistently even and well-baked loaves with a crispy crust
  • Easy-to-use interface and user-friendly design
  • Time-saving rapid setting for quick bread-making


Who Should Buy It

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus can be an excellent investment if you regularly bake various bread types and have specific requirements for your loaves' texture and taste. If you are a home baker with diverse preferences or dietary needs, this bread machine's customizable settings will suit you well.

Where to Buy It

The Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus bread maker is available through major online retailers like Amazon.

5. Dough Whisk or Danish Dough Whisk

Dough Whisk or Danish Dough Whisk
Dough Whisk or Danish Dough Whisk

Mixing and kneading can be a sticky affair, but a dough whisk, especially the Danish Dough Whisk, simplifies the process.

Its unique design allows for efficient mixing, incorporating ingredients evenly without overworking the dough. This handy bread-making tool with a stainless steel or wooden spoon handle is a must-have.


Danish dough whisks are a versatile and unique tool used by bread bakers, as they are excellent for mixing flour, yeast, pasta, and other ingredients. Each whisk has a long handle with a metal spiral attached, which sets it apart from traditional whisks or wooden spoons.

They are typically made from stainless baking steel, known for its durability and easy maintenance.


These whisks have gained popularity due to their performance, especially in making bread dough and other freshly baked goods. As they are designed to fold and mix ingredients efficiently, they prevent the formation of lumps or air pockets while kneading dough.

Using a dough whisk significantly reduces the amount of elbow grease needed and creates a smooth and homogenous mixture for bread-making or baking any recipe requiring dough.

What Sets It Apart

The unique design of the Danish dough whisk sets it apart from regular whisks and wooden spoons. Its long handle and spiral shape make it ideal for mixing large bowls, while the metal loops cut through sticky dough more efficiently than traditional utensils.

This makes the whisk particularly well-suited for heavy and sticky dough, such as bread dough, pizza dough, and other yeast-based bread recipes.

Recent Updates

Some manufacturers have introduced silicone-coated Danish dough whisks, which make them even more flexible and easy to clean. These versions also minimize the risk of the whisk scratching your mixing bowl while maintaining the same excellent performance characteristics as traditional stainless-steel models.


  • Efficient Mixing: Danish dough whisks mix ingredients thoroughly and prevent the formation of lumps or air pockets.
  • Easier to Clean: Unlike balloon whisks, Danish dough whisks have fewer crevices and are, therefore, easier to clean.
  • Versatility: They are suitable for preparing various types of dough, making them a valuable addition to any kitchen.


  • Danish dough whisks lack the flexibility of wooden spoons or spatulas when scraping dough from a mixing bowl using a clean dough scraper.
  • Some users might find the whisk's design odder than traditional bread-making tools, making it a bit unwieldy to use at first.

Who Should Buy It

A Danish dough whisk can be an excellent investment if you’re passionate about baking and bread making. If you seek a handy tool that simplifies mixing dough recipes and reduces your effort, then a Danish dough whisk is a perfect choice.

Where to Buy It

You can purchase Danish dough whisks at specialty kitchenware stores or online retailers like Amazon.

Gluten-Free Baking with Gadgets

Precision is critical when it comes to gluten-free baking. The right gadgets can make all the difference in achieving that perfect texture and flavor without gluten.

1. The Challenge of Gluten-Free Baking

Gluten-free baking presents unique challenges due to the absence of gluten, which provides structure and elasticity in traditional bread. Achieving a light, airy, and chewy texture can be tricky. That's where the right gadgets come in handy.

2. The Gluten-Free Bread Machine

A bread machine with a dedicated gluten-free setting is a game-changer for gluten-free bakers. These machines are programmed to knead and rise gluten-free dough just right, ensuring a consistent outcome every time.

Compare various bread machines and their gluten-free settings in the table below:

Bread Machine Model Gluten-Free Setting Features Loaf Size Options
Model A Precise gluten-free kneading and rising Small, Medium
Model B Customizable settings for different flours Small, Large
Model C Dedicated gluten-free cycle with crust options Medium, Large

3. The Specialized Gluten-Free Proofing Bread Basket

Using a gluten-free proofing basket designed to accommodate gluten-free dough is another secret to success. These baskets often have different shapes and designs to support the dough during proofing.

Here's a comparison of some popular gluten-free proofing baskets:

Proofing Basket Type Material Shape
Round Basket Rattan Round
Oval Basket Food-grade plastic bag Oval
Square Basket Bamboo Square

4. Precise Measurements with a Digital Scale

Precision is paramount in gluten-free baking stones. A digital kitchen scale helps you accurately measure gluten-free flours, ensuring the right balance of ingredients. Look for a scale with a tare function and various units of measurement for versatility.

5. The Dough Whisk's Role

A dough whisk with a stainless baking steel or wooden handle is your trusty companion in mixing gluten-free dough. Its design ensures thorough blending ingredients without overworking the dough, which can be detrimental in gluten-free baking.

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