Best Gadgets For Visually Impaired

Navigate life's challenges easily - Explore the best game-changing gadgets for the visually challenged. These gadgets will empower the visually impaired.

Key Takeaways

  • Technological innovations are enhancing the lives of visually impaired individuals.
  • Smart mobile apps provide real-time information and assistance to the visually impaired.
  • Advancements in this field promise a brighter future for individuals with low vision.

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Navigate life's challenges easily - Explore the best game-changing gadgets for the visually challenged. These gadgets will empower the visually impaired.

The best gadgets for the visually impaired are OrCam MyEye, Braille eReaders, Be My Eyes App, Sunu Band, and Talking Watches. These transformative tools empower independence, offering enhanced reading, navigation, and timekeeping support.

As an expert in the field, I've spent years honing my skills and knowledge, backed by firsthand experience and the trust of renowned authorities. With a deep passion, I'm here to guide you on your journey with practical insights and expert opinions. Let’s take a look at the ever-evolving field of gadgets that will improve the lives of the visually impaired.

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Best Gadgets for Visually Impaired

In today's rapidly advancing technology landscape, many smart gadgets are designed to assist people with visual impairment. These innovations make everyday life easier for visually impaired individuals by promoting independence and facilitating daily tasks.

From wearable devices that provide real-time audio guidance to specialized e-readers and mobile applications, these gadgets offer cutting-edge solutions to various challenges this population faces.

One milestone in this field is the development of smart glasses, which combine hardware features such as an intelligent camera app, sensors, and audio output to provide vital information to users about their surroundings.

This table compares some features of gadgets for the visually impaired:

Gadget Key Features Use Case
OrCam MyEye Reads text aloud, identifies objects, facial recognition Reading, object identification
Braille eReaders Displays Braille text supports multiple formats Reading digital content in Braille
Be My Eyes App Connects visually impaired users with sighted volunteers Real-time assistance for various tasks
Sunu Band Ultrasonic sensor for navigation, obstacle detection Mobility, navigating obstacles
Talking Watches Speaks time and date, tactile features for time-telling Timekeeping, accessibility for schedules

1. OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye
OrCam MyEye

The OrCam MyEye is your personal reading and object recognition assistant. Let’s go deeper into details and perhaps highlight how this wearable gadget empowers the visually impaired.


OrCam MyEye is a wearable device that assists visually impaired individuals in their everyday lives. This cutting-edge technology combines artificial intelligence and a smart camera to help users recognize objects, faces, and text.

The device offers a variety of features, such as:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Facial recognition
  • GPS navigation
  • Currency notes recognition


The intelligent camera app can quickly process images and provide audio guidance through OCR. The performance of OrCam MyEye is impressive, as it can recognize currency notes and even serve as an e-reader for the visually impaired.

It is compatible with Android devices and can be controlled using voice commands for easier access. The AI app processing speed allows for a seamless user experience, making everyday tasks more manageable for visually impaired people.

What Sets It Apart

OrCam MyEye stands out from other devices in the market due to its unique blend of hardware features and artificial intelligence. This device sets a new standard in terms of technological advancement.

Its ability to provide audio instructions, a currency recognition app, and facial recognition offers an all-encompassing solution for the visually challenged.

Recent Updates

The device has undergone continuous improvements due to technological advancements. The latest version of the OrCam MyEye boasts improved OCR, facial recognition algorithms, and a more accurate GPS navigation system. The company is committed to constantly updating and refining the device's features.


  • Enhanced independence for visually impaired individuals
  • Improved navigation capabilities
  • Streamlined reading experience through OCR
  • Greater convenience in various daily activities


  • The device's cost may be prohibitive for some users
  • It may take some time for users to adjust to the latest technology and learn its features
  • It might not have the same level of functionality as dedicated braille e-readers for some users

Who Should Buy It

OrCam MyEye can be an excellent investment if you have vision impairment or low vision conditions. It's beneficial for individuals suffering from conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Where to Buy It

OrCam MyEye Pro can be purchased on websites like,, and Amazon. Eligible veterans may qualify for the device through the VA, and other assistance programs might be available, depending on your location and circumstances.

2. Braille eReaders

Braille eReaders
Braille eReaders

Unlock the world of Braille with Braille eReaders. Explore how these devices revolutionize reading for visually impaired individuals.


Braille eReaders are explicitly designed to cater to the needs of visually impaired individuals. These devices usually come with a refreshable braille display, allowing users to read text in braille format.

Some popular eReaders with braille displays include Canute 360 by Bristol Braille Technology and electronic smart glasses like eSight for those with low vision.


The performance of braille eReaders varies depending on the device's hardware features and software capabilities. These eReaders can generally convert text from various sources, such as digital books, magazines, and web browsers, allowing users to read easily.

Some eReaders may include additional accessibility features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, audio instructions, and a currency recognition app.

What Sets It Apart

What sets these eReaders apart from conventional tablets is their focus on accessibility for visually impaired individuals. They feature braille displays alongside other assistive technologies like audio guidance and image processing, ensuring an engaging and interactive reading experience.

Recent Updates

Technological advancements have improved the functionality and capabilities of braille readers. Updates include enhancements in refreshable braille-display technology, improved battery life, and the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in specific devices.

The constant evolution of features embedded within these eReaders has transformed them into indispensable tools for the blind and visually impaired.


  • Greater access to reading materials in digital formats
  • Enhanced independence in daily activities at the Indian institute
  • Increased confidence in navigating the digital world
  • Better usability due to specialized accessibility features


  • They tend to be more expensive than their non-braille counterparts
  • There may be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with braille displays and blind people
  • Some models may have limited compatibility with certain devices or file formats

Who Should Buy It

Braille eReaders can be ideal for individuals with low vision impairment or blindness and wish to have improved access to digital reading materials. They can help users maintain an active reading habit, easily navigate the digital world, and ultimately enhance the quality of their everyday lives.

Where to Buy It

Braille eReaders can be purchased from various sources, especially specialized retailers. The New England Low Vision, website, which focuses on assistive new technology products, is a great place to start your search.

3. Be My Eyes App

Be My Eyes App
Be My Eyes App

The Be My Eyes App connects sighted volunteers and the visually impaired. Explore real-time assistance at your fingertips.


The Be My Eyes App is an innovative tool designed to assist visually impaired individuals daily. This free app is available on Android and iOS platforms, enabling users to seek help from sighted volunteers via live video camera calls.

With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow instructions, Be My Eyes is compatible with various smartphones and is equipped with technology that caters to those with low vision disabilities.


The Be My Eyes App consistently performs highly and has been known to successfully facilitate thousands of visual assistance calls daily. The Android app works seamlessly with smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and only requires an internet connection.

The app's performance is primarily due to its compatibility with various devices and widespread availability, making it accessible to a broad range of visually impaired users.

What Sets It Apart

Unlike other social media apps designed for visually impaired individuals, Be My Eyes relies on real-time human assistant service through video calls. This unique approach provides a more personalized experience (about a third), allowing users to communicate their concerns and receive tailored guidance.

Additionally, the app's extensive network of volunteers ensures quick response times and assistance in multiple languages, which makes it a valuable resource for those with visual impairment living in diverse communities.

Recent Updates

Be My Eyes continues to evolve with regular updates that improve usability and incorporate new features. Recent updates include more advanced video capabilities, increased compatibility with various devices, and enhanced user privacy features.


  • Increased independence it affords visually impaired individuals and instant messaging.
  • The app allows for more straightforward navigation through numerous daily activities
  • Some users even find value in using the app for more complex activities


  • The app's reliance on volunteer assistance means users may occasionally experience wait times for help, especially during peak hours.
  • The app requires an internet connection to work, which may be challenging for those with unreliable or limited Wi-Fi or mobile data access.

Who Should Buy It

The Be My Eyes app can be an invaluable resource for you if you’re a visually impaired individual seeking assistance and increased independence in your daily life. It is particularly well-suited for those with difficulty accessing other assistance forms, such as artificial intelligence-based apps or hardware features.

In addition, sighted volunteers who are interested in supporting this community can download the app and offer their help, making it a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved.

Where to Buy It

The Be My Eyes app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Once downloaded, users can create an account and immediately begin requesting assistance from sighted volunteers or offering their help as a volunteer.

4. Sunu Band

Sunu Band
Sunu Band

Navigate the world confidently with Sunu Band's ultrasonic sensor technology. Discover how it aids mobility and obstacle detection.


The Sunu Band is an advanced mobility aid explicitly designed for visually impaired individuals. This intelligent wearable resembles a wristband or watch that uses sonar and echolocation to detect objects surrounding the user.


Equipped with sonar and echolocation, the Sunu Band helps users navigate obstacles by detecting objects up to 16 feet or 5.5 meters away. Providing haptic vibration feedback informs users about the proximity of things in their path, allowing them to avoid potential collisions.

What Sets It Apart

Unlike other wearable devices for the visually challenged, the Sunu Band focuses on augmenting the user's environment with a sixth sense that uses sound waves and tactile vibration feedback for better navigation. This cutting-edge assistive technology device is lightweight, hands-free, and discreet.

Recent Updates

Since its inception, Sunu Band has constantly been enhanced and improved upon with software updates. As technology progresses, users can expect continuous refinements and advancements to the product. Keep your Sunu Band current by checking for the latest firmware and app updates.


  • Enhanced mobility and navigation in various environments
  • Increased safety and independence
  • Greater confidence while walking
  • Subtle, discreet design that doesn't draw unwanted attention


  • Sonar detection might not be as effective in highly cluttered environments
  • Its effectiveness relies on the user's ability to interpret and respond to the haptic feedback
  • Users must charge the device regularly

Who Should Buy It

The Sunu Band can be suitable for those with visual impairment and those seeking improved mobility, safety, and independent travel. It can benefit individuals with low vision, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy and those who want to navigate more seamlessly through their daily activities.

Where to Buy It

The Sunu Band can be purchased from online retailers like the official Amazon listing. Additionally, you can visit the Sunu website for more information on the product and to find authorized resellers in your region.

5. Talking Watches

Talking Watches
Talking Watches

Stay on schedule effortlessly with Talking Watches. Explore timekeeping and accessibility through audible time and date announcements.


Talking watches are designed specifically for visually impaired people, providing them with accurate timekeeping through auditory feedback. These smart devices have various features that cater to their needs, such as large fonts, contrasting colors, and adjustable brightness levels.

Some popular options include the Apple Watch Series 7, which boasts a VoiceOver feature that reads screen content, and ATOMIC! Talking Watch is known for its bold numerals and automatic time updates.


The performance of talking watches can significantly improve the daily lives of visually impaired people. They can rely on these smart gadgets for accurate time announcements, alarms, and notifications.

These watches are designed to operate easily, usually featuring user-friendly interfaces, voice commands, and tactile buttons. The watches also consider low vision users, ensuring clear and bright displays.

What Sets It Apart

Talking watches set themselves apart from conventional watches by providing an audible announcement of the time and other relevant information. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with low vision or complete vision loss, as it allows them to access time-related information without other visual conditions.

Utilizing technology like optical character recognition and voice commands, these devices offer a tailored solution for the visually impaired community.

Recent Updates

Recent updates in talking watches have led to even more innovative and useful features. For example, smart glasses can be paired with talking watches to provide additional information, like currency recognition app capabilities and audio guidance, improving overall quality of life for users.


  • Improved independence: Talking watches can help visually impaired people navigate daily activities more efficiently.
  • Increased confidence: Knowing the time allows users to make informed decisions and plan their days effectively.
  • Wide variety: Numerous models are designed to suit individual preferences, lifestyles, and budgets.


  • Battery life: Some talking watches might require frequent charging or battery replacements.
  • Accents and volume: Some users might find the pre-recorded voices difficult to understand or too quiet.
  • Compatibility: Not all devices or applications are compatible with every talking watch model.

Who Should Buy It

If you are blind and visually impaired, consider investing in a talking watch. These devices can enhance your overall quality of life by providing accurate timekeeping and other useful information in an accessible manner.

Additionally, visually impaired people's caregivers and family members can benefit from these devices by ensuring their loved ones maintain a sense of independence and confidence in their daily lives.

Where to Buy It

Talking watches can be purchased through various outlets, such as specialized online stores like Amazon and Watch Ranker, dedicated gadget websites, or physical retail stores specializing in products for the visually impaired community.

DIY Assistive Gadgets for the Visually Impaired People

In assistive technology, innovation often springs from necessity, and the visually impaired community has shown exceptional creativity in crafting their solutions. These do-it-yourself (DIY) assistive gadgets meet specific needs and demonstrate the power of resourcefulness and ingenuity.

1. The 'Smart' Cane Attachment

Some visually impaired people have ingeniously attached ultrasonic sensors to their white canes. These sensors emit sound waves, bounce them off nearby objects, and provide feedback through audible signals. This DIY project enhances mobility and safety, making navigation a breeze.

2. Tactile Maps and Graphics

Creating tactile representations of maps, graphs, and diagrams may seem challenging, but it's a beneficial DIY endeavor. By using materials like foam boards, pins, and specialized embossing tools, individuals can convert complex visual information into tactile graphics.

3. Voice-Activated Appliances

Imagine controlling household appliances with your voice. Visually impaired tech enthusiasts have ventured into hacking and retrofitting machines with voice-recognition modules, making daily tasks like setting the oven temperature or changing TV channels a hands-free experience.

4. Braille Labeling

For quick and easy identification of items, Braille labeling is a game-changer. DIYers emboss Braille labels using Braille slates or specialized label makers, ensuring everything from pantry items to clothing lives independently. It's a simple yet transformative solution for daily living.

5. Customized Mobile Apps

In a world driven by mobile technology, visually impaired individuals are taking app development into their own hands. With the help of accessible development platforms, some have created personalized apps that cater to their unique needs.

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