Best Garden Tool Brands

Are you excited about picking gardening as a hobby but overwhelmed by thousands of brands available? So, what are the best garden tool brands for beginners?

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Are you excited about picking gardening as a hobby but overwhelmed by thousands of brands available? So, what are the best garden tool brands for beginners?

Not everyone is born with a green thumb. Maintaining and caring for your lawn may get exhausting if you don't invest in the right tools. Since you're new to gardening, buying from any garden brand that crosses your mind isn't the right solution either.

Garden tools are mostly a matter of personal preference, but there are a few brands to keep an eye out for, including Bulldog, Spear and Jackson, Burgon and Ball, Fiskars, Sneeboer & Zn, Gardener's Supply, Felco, Bosch, Black and Decker, Husqvarna, Corona Tools, WOLF-Garten, Flymo, Tracmaster, etc.

Whether you're planning to grow vegetables in the backyard or a self-sufficient homesteader, gardening tools by these brands are trusted by every amateur horticulturist that exists. These brands manufacture high-quality tools and have also earned a Seal of Approval from the Gardening Product Reviews around the internet.

To assist you in locating the best gardening tools for all your upcoming gardening projects, we came up with a list. To ensure that the information provided is 100% authentic and gives you a real-life taste, we included products with four to five-star ratings from customers on retail stores and the manufacturers' websites.

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List of the Best Gardening Tool Brands

Here's our list of best gardening tools brands to shop in 2021.

Bulldog Hand Tools, Supplied by ToolChimp

ToolChimp was designed with only one simple goal, to sell products from the world's leading brands at the best prices and deliver them straight to the buyer's door. The company was formerly known as MAP UK during the beginning years around 2004.

After spending 30 years within the tool industry, the owner realized that the market lacks some essential products. If you're searching for premium yet reliable tools for gardening, look no further. From spades to shovels to pruners and rakes, Bulldog has been serving the gardeners since 1780 with high-quality British garden tools.

Spear and Jackson

With over 261 years of experience selling hand, garden, contractors, agricultural, landscaping, and professional tools from a base in Sheffield, Spear and Jackson will never let you down. Their brand has an enviable reputation and a market-leading product range that offers high-quality performance tools to suit a wide range of needs, thanks to their experience and continuous innovation.

The extensive selection of garden tools and outdoor living products includes everything you'll need to keep your garden in tip-top shape. We're confident that they have the resources you require, with products to suit all skill levels and budgets.

Burgon and Ball

Since 1730, Burgon and Ball have been working with steel in Sheffield. Heritage is significant to them, as it is the experience that allows them to manufacture some of the best tools available. The brand collaborates closely with several partners to ensure that the tools and accessories they offer are both high-quality and fashionable.

Burgon and Ball is known for their innovative approach to developing exciting new products to solve problems that gardeners face, as well as their unwavering commitment to quality. They are adamant that stylish design should be an inherent feature of their products.


Fiskars began as an ironworks in a small Finnish village in 1649 and has grown to become a global leader in consumer products for homes, gardens, and outdoors. Their products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, and their superior performance and design make everyday house and outdoor projects and tasks more attainable and enjoyable. People have bought and relied heavily upon dozens of Fiskars tools. People adore the way they package products together in a convenient, economical set.

Sneeboer & Zn

Sneeboer & Zn team mainly includes family members dedicated to producing high-quality, stainless-steel, hand-forged garden tools popular among discerning gardeners. New markets and modern methods are constantly investigated and evaluated by skilled craftspersons using traditional hand-forging techniques.

Sneeboer's artisans are always looking for new challenges, attempting to create innovative tools, improve on those that have proven their worth over time, and resurrect tools that have been forgotten. As the company's founder, Arie Sneeboer, put it: "The fourth generation is now ready to take over the company. If you've ever held a Sneeboer tool in your hands, you'll never want anything else."

Gardener's Supply

Gardener's Supply has solutions for almost every gardening problem, as well as friendly, knowledgeable advice. No matter what or where you are located, their innovative products, extensive how-to library, and a team of helpful gardeners will always be there to help you succeed.

Although their company has expanded in the past few years, they remain dedicated to providing garden-tested, eco-friendly products. Gardener's Supply is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gardener's Supply Company, which provides environmentally friendly tools to help customers have more fun and success in their gardens. It's good to know that the company also donates 8% of its profits to non-profit organizations with a mission to make the world a better place.


Felco deserved to be included in our list of the best garden tool brands. Made in Switzerland and known worldwide for providing the highest-quality pruning tools, Felco is definitely of the best in the gardening game. For over 65 years, Felco has produced high-quality, easy-to-use, and long-lasting tools; both professionals and amateurs use Felco pruners. These Swiss-made products come with a lifetime warranty because all parts are replaceable.


Founded in Stuttgart in 1886, Bosch has almost 440 subsidiaries and regional companies worldwide. The company deserves to be on our list of the best gardening tool brands. In the early days, the founder Robert did all precision mechanical and electrical engineering work that came his way, and that's when he decided to start his own business.

Today, Bosch is one of the most well-known power tool manufacturers globally, with the highest quality and customer service, making them a reliable source for people who want to buy gardening tools. They offer a wide range of professional cordless tools with powerful battery systems. All products are designed to last and are easy to use.

Black and Decker

If you've been gardening for a while, you've most likely heard of Black & Decker. The company was founded in 1910, making it just over a century old. When you look at Amazon and Alibaba, you'll notice that Black & Decker gardening power tools are among the best-selling power tools for people all around the world.


With over 330 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna is a forest, park, and garden tool manufacturer and the next one to make it to our list of the best gardening tool brands. All of their products are a blend of high efficiency with accessibility and protection, allowing gardeners to complete tasks on time. From chainsaws to power cutters and robotic lawnmowers, Husqvarna manufactures a wide range of products and devices.

Corona Tools

Corona Tools has been dedicated to providing a full range of professional lawn and garden tools. The company was founded in 1920 as a leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer tools, designed for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction, and agriculture industries.

With a retail and distribution network spanning across the United States and Canada, Corona's proven designs, quality manufacturing processes, and outstanding customer loyalty make it the best choice of tools for contractors, agricultural professionals, and enthusiastic gardeners alike.


Professional gardeners love this dependable brand because of its innovative German design and decent craftsmanship. WOLF-Garten's multi-star tools have a 35-year warranty, while their electric devices have a 3-year warranty, followed by hand tools and trimmers that have a 10-year warranty.

The company's philosophy revolves around providing high-quality, high-performance gardening tools and machinery that make gardening more enjoyable. From the innovative multi-change to the electric lawnmower range, all Wolf products undergo rigorous quality testing with a warranty that backs each tool.


Flymo invented the hover mower 55 years ago and has since remained a market leader in producing affordable garden care products. Their commitment to innovation is what distinguishes them from their competitors. Whether you want to save time in the garden by using a robotic lawnmower or achieve gardening freedom by using a cordless lawn mower, hedge trimmer, or grass trimmer, you can rest assured that you're in good hands with the UK's gardening experts.


When we think about lawn care, ground care, and conservation machinery, Tracmaster is our go-to source. The company is entirely focused on developing two brands of machinery, CAMON and BCS that have become well-known and respected for their performance and durability over the years. In 2020, Tracmaster relocated to a larger facility to accommodate the growing fabrication, welding, assembly, and technical departments. In addition, the new location provides more storage space for stock.


Hayter, based in Hertfordshire, has been designing and manufacturing* high-quality lawnmowers since 1946, and will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2021. Homeowners and professional contractors use Hayter lawn mowers all over the United Kingdom. With various electric and petrol lawnmowers available in multiple sizes, their collection has a lawnmower to suit almost every garden.


E P Barrus Ltd, a major British corporation formed in 1917, owns the Lawnflite trademark. Barrus has earned a well-deserved reputation for supplying and manufacturing high-quality machinery to various sectors. All of their goods come with an "exclusive service" package that includes over 350 professional Garden Machinery Sales and Service facilities throughout the United Kingdom.

It is a family-owned business that specializes in producing high-quality lawn and garden equipment. All their products have been hand-picked to meet high standards for quality, craftsmanship, and value for money, and every order is backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Since the company's inception, STIHL’s name has stood for its cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking ideas. Throughout their 90-year history, they've earned a reputation for advanced engineering. STIHL is known for quality and service all over the world. Their products assist people at work in more than 160 countries, making them the world's leading gardening power tools brand.

A.M. Leonard

A.M. Leonard is a leader in the horticultural tool and supply industry, having been founded in 1885 by Ashbel Merrel Leonard and emphasizing "old-fashioned" business practices. There are over 10,000 items to choose from, as well as high-quality products and excellent customer service. A.M. Leonard recognizes that customers have options for shopping, and it promises to uphold its reputation for superior products and services. The Leonard team learns, innovates, works hard, and does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Bond Manufacturing

Bond began importing bamboo products over 70 years ago, and this heritage still remains a part of their company. The company has established itself as a leading manufacturer and distributor of outdoor consumer goods. They've always stood behind every product they sell, and their highly efficient manufacturing processes enable them to provide superior quality and value.

Fence Armor

Fence Armor protects your fence posts from lawn equipment damage, such as powered trimmers. Their products are designed to help your fences, signs, mailbox posts, decks, and other landscape structures last longer. The company is a firm believer in environmental protection. Steel is recyclable, so Fence Armor requires fewer trees and resources to manufacture tools. Keep your posts safe, save money, and gain peace of mind.


Foxgloves' ultimate garden glove provides all-day comfort, agility, and durability. The company went on to create a full line of high-performance gloves. Whether you're looking for a glove for sensitive skin, one with the perfect grip, or a pair for your gardening drills, Fox has got you covered. Not just gardeners but birders, hikers, photographers, equestrians, and a variety of other outdoor enthusiasts prefer Foxgloves.

If you're planning to revamp your garden, make sure you have the right tools. We hope our list of best garden tool brands helped you find the necessary items required to create the garden of your dreams.

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