Best Grabber Tools For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens face problems due to old age, and restricted mobility is one of them. The best grabber tools for senior citizens make theirlives easier.

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Senior citizens face problems due to old age, and restricted mobility is one of them. The best grabber tools for senior citizens make theirlives easier.

One unfortunate thing about getting old is the pain and tiredness that comes with it. Senior citizens tend to have restricted mobility due to how little their joints allow them to move, and it gets hard for them to bend over or stand up on a stool to pick something they need. A caretaker usually addresses these needs of people who can't do it themselves. However, what if you are alone and need to get something off a shelf? Grabber tools come to your rescue here.

The best grabber tools include the TACKLIFE Grabber Reacher Tool, RMS Featherweight The Original Reacher, Ettore Grip’n GrabGrabber Tool, Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool, ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool, and the RMS Soft-Grip Folding Grabber Reacher.

 Using a grabber tool proves to be of significant help for senior citizens who struggle to move. Unlike typical old-style grabber tools, they now have essential upgrades and technological advancements. Some grabber tools have magnetic claws that help you pull and secure metal items in your hands, such as keys. You can extend their reach or collapse the rods to make them short and use them however you see fit. Several grabber tools are available with these features and more.

As caretakers who have worked with senior citizens for years, we are very fond of grabber tools and know all about them. This article talks about the best grabber tools for senior citizens. We will also discuss the key aspects to consider when buying a grabber tool.

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The Best Grabber Tools for Senior Citizens

TACKLIFE Grabber Reacher Tool

TACKLIFE Grabber Reacher Tool
TACKLIFE Grabber Reacher Tool

The Tacklife Grabber Reacher Tool has an angle-adjustable arm that helps you reach difficult angles and places like shelves and high cabinets. Tacklife Upgrade's arm can bend between a 0 to 180-degree angle that helps you reach items that might be in slightly uncomfortable positions.

Some items have unconventional handling that requires you to rotate your wrists in a certain way. This grabber tool replicates the hand movement closely as it has rotating claws. You can turn the claws either way to pick up an item safely. The aluminum construction helps you handle the grabber easily as it only weighs ten ounces. The good thing is, this doesn't affect the tool's weight capacity. You can pick up items weighing up to 12 pounds.

The rubber-covered claws help you secure a firm grip over any item, and it's even easier to grab metallic items thanks to the magnetized tip. Grab any item that is up to 34-inches in your range from the comfort of your chair.


You can get the TACKLIFE Grabber Reacher Tool for $14.99.

Ettore Grip’n GrabGrabber Tool

Ettore Grip’n GrabGrabber Tool
Ettore Grip’n GrabGrabber Tool

With a wide range of features and an advanced design, theEttore Grip’n Grab Grabber Tool looks nothing less than a robotic arm. Picking up items at a difficult angle, such as from over a high-shelf, cabinet, or under the sofa, has never been easier.

 The Ettore Grip’n GrabGrabber Tool is a heavy-duty tool that is durable and provides you with the utmost comfort you need in your senior years. It features a robust design with steel cables, so even heavy items won't damage it. While we're on that subject, you can easily pick up objects weighing up to 5 lbs. The claws coated with non-slip material ensure that your valuables are in safe hands (no pun intended).

The grabber tool has a reach of 32 inches, and the lightweight aluminum body ensures that your hands don’t tire quickly or gets fatigue easily. This grabber is also available in a 50-inch version. You can literally pick up objects from the deepest places easily with that length. On the other hand, picking up heavy objects with the extended length can cause the arm to bend and break due to the lightweight build.

Nevertheless, Ettore Grip’n Grab grabber tool is highly rated on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating from over 8,000 users. It is also listed as an Amazon’s choice product due to highly satisfied customers.

You can get the Ettore Grip’n GrabGrabber Tool from Amazon for $18.83.

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool
Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool

Would you like a grabber tool with a 4.6-star rating from over 13,000 users on Amazon and the best seller in the lifting clamps category? If yes, check out the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool. The rubber suction cup tips are a unique feature of these grabber tools, useful in many circumstances. The suction cup tips securely hold various types of objects, whether smooth or slippery.

No need to step on wobbly stools to change a light bulb. The grip is so tight and secure that you can perform such tasks while keeping yourself safe. Whether you need to pick up an object from a high shelf, over the cupboard, or from behind furniture, the 32-inch grabber tool lets you easily extend your reach.

The grabber has a rubber grip and ergonomic trigger, making it easy to handle - also, it won't cause your hand to hurt after extended use. The lightweight build of under nine ounces makes this tool easy to use. Besides, you can hang the reacher by the loop to keep it within reach.

You can get the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool from Amazon for $30.00.

RMS Featherweight the Original Reacher

RMS Featherweight the Original Reacher
RMS Featherweight the Original Reacher

If you want an affordable tool to help you extend your reach, the RMS Featherweight Reacher is the right tool for you. This basic tool doesn't have features like rotation and adjustable length; however, the lightweight tool has a strong build, which is perfect for its affordable price. The grabber has a single moveable claw with a serrated rubber grip that holds the items tightly without damaging them. Moreover, the claw has an insulated magnet that allows for easy handling of metal objects.

The other claw extending straight out of the handle is a straight aluminum piece with a hook at the end. The hook allows you to hold onto clothes and items with a loop. The 26 inches long RMS Featherweight provides sufficient length to grab several items conveniently. The grabber is also available in a 32-inch length if you want extended reach.

You can also put the grabber on your walker, cane, bed rail, or chair, so you have it on you all the time. The simplicity and convenience of the RMS grabber have helped it attain an Amazon’s choice badge and a 4.5-star rating from over 1,500 users.

You can get RMS Featherweight The Original Reacher from Amazon for $19.99.

ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool

ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool
ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool

The ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool is a 32-inch lightweight aluminum grabber tool that perfectly exemplifies how budget meets quality. This grabber tool feels the most comfortable in the hand, so you can maneuver it easily. It can grab anything under 3.9 inches wide, and the 360-degrees rotating jaws with 90 increments allow you to grab items at difficult angles. You can pick items up to five pounds. The rubber claws help you maintain a strong grip without damaging the item.

The ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool’s foldable design allows you to use it in confined places and makes storing the tool easier. You can reap all these benefits and surpass your mobility restrictions, all within a reasonable amount.

You can get the ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool from Amazon for $12.99.

RMS Soft-Grip Folding Grabber Reacher

RMS Soft-Grip Folding Grabber Reacher
RMS Soft-Grip Folding Grabber Reacher

This grabber tool is packed with multiple features, and it can easily be one of the most versatile grabber tools you can find. The RMS Soft Grip Grabber Reacher has a user-friendly design. It is available in two lengths: 26-inches and 32-inches. However, it has a mid-folding point that makes it easy to store and perfect for traveling. Its soft grip is a highly talked about feature that feels easy on your hand. What makes it better is the effortless trigger pulling. You can pull the trigger with only a finger and effortlessly pick up any item you want.

The claws are made of slip-free rubber at the other end, so don't worry about dropping anything. Small metal things like keys and coins are easy to pick with a metal tip. You can keep the grabber with you at all times by attaching it to your cane, chair, or bed rail with a yellow-colored hook. This tool makes your life easier with a durable yet lightweight aluminum body.

You can get the RMS Soft-Grip Folding Grabber Reacher from Amazon, starting from $17.99.

What to Consider When Buying a Grabber Tool for Senior Citizens

You should consider these factors when buying a grabber tool for senior citizens:

Weight Capacity

You should decide what items you or the senior citizens would need to grab with the grabber tool. Most good quality grabbers have a three to five-pound weight capacity, which is enough for everyday items like mugs, keys, clothes, etc. The stronger the grabber, the more weight it will handle. This doesn't mean the lightweight grabbers are no good.

Ensure you guide the users of the weight lifting capacity of the grabber, so they don't damage an item (or themselves).

Foldable Grabber

A foldable grabber is important if the user prefers to keep the grabber with them wherever they go. The foldability usually reduces half the size of the grabber and makes it easier to carry around. More importantly, it increases the functionality of the grabber as the user can grab items from difficult angles.

Grabber Weight

It is vital to consider the weight when choosing a grabber tool for senior citizens. They need something that can be carried easily and doesn't tire them out. The weight will obviously increase when they pick up an item. Luckily, most good-quality grabber tools are made using aluminum and are thus lightweight. Any grabber under ten ounces is easy to use and has the strength to hold several items weighing up to five pounds.

Adjustable Length

The length is the determining factor of how far you can reach from a certain position. However, a longer grabber tool can be hard to operate, especially in confined spaces. You should get a grabber tool with an adjustable length so senior citizens can use it effectively instead of adding to their mobility restrictions. The adjustable length also allows you to keep the grabber tool in small storage places.

Ergonomic Handles

After all, the part of the grabber that you will be holding needs to be comfortable. The more comfortable you are when holding the grabber tool, the better you will operate it. Ergonomic handles have rubberized handles that provide a firm grip and don't hurt your hand.

Rotating and Locking Claws

Rotating claws increases the functionality of the grabber by changing the angle of the claws. This helps you pick up a wider range of items more comfortably. On the other hand, locking jaws is another feature that only the best grabber tools have. It keeps the grabber claws holding on to the item tightly without requiring the user to maintain pressure. It’s indefinitely beneficial for senior citizens as they can access items effortlessly. These features make a great grabber tool that helps eliminate the maximum amount of restrictions due to immobility.

Magnetic Tip Grabbers

Magnetic tips might not be the most important feature when buying a grabber tool, but it surely makes a valuable addition for senior citizens. Dropping small items is generally easier, but magnetic tips ensure that metal items are picked up and safely secured in the hands of the users.

Portability Hooks

Grabbers are handy tools and can be needed at any moment. It is a relief to carry the tool with yourself, so you are not left stranded when you need to grab something. The portability hooks allow you to use this grabber with your cane, chair, or bed rail, and you can use it instantly when needed.

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