40 Best Jobs for Seniors

David Bolton


July 28, 2022

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Best Jobs for Seniors | Retire Fearless

What are the possible best jobs most befitting for a senior? Here, we list 40 of the best jobs for seniors seeking employment, how to find them and the benefits.

There are many possibilities for senior employment such as working in the community, part-time roles, exploring new career parts, working for the government, serving as consultant, pet keepers, child care services and even working an old job but in a more reduced capacity.

Not all seniors want to give up working forever, many find senior jobs a rewarding way to spend time and earn extra income here is a look at 40 employment opportunities recommended for seniors, one of which just might be perfect for you.

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40 Best Jobs for Seniors

Working Old Jobs

What are you best trained for? At this stage in life, in most cases, the most suitable job is probably the job you have spent the bulk of your career doing, as long as you are not too burned-out.

Consider staying on with your employer beyond retirement, but only in a reduced role. You might even pursue a phased out departure plan that sees your responsibilities gradually diminished over a fixed timeframe.

Consultant on Your Old Job.

Rather than staying on in your old role you could strike out on your own and put your experience to work as a consultant. Many companies seek out short-term or part-time consultants to offer advice and expertise on different projects.

If you're established in your field and have an analytical mind, then try your hand at some consulting projects.

The Local Sport Team

No, you are not going to be lining up at quarterback or swinging for the fences, but that does not mean you cannot get a job with a team in your town, whether major league or minor league teams.

Every sport needs seasonal staff to work as ushers, security, vendors, ticket sellers, and other roles. You can apply for one that is less strenuous.

Jobs like these offer a fun way to get a little closer to the action while spending time with fellow fans.

Turn your Hobby into a Job

Are you an accomplished photographer, a brilliant baker, or nifty with knitting needles?

Whatever it is there is probably a way to turn your hobby into a money-making opportunity like photographing weddings, providing tasty treats to local cafes, or selling handmade snacks.


You can work with kids or eager students of any age. Helping people master new subjects as a tutor can be a rewarding way to spend a few hours each week.

This is also a great way for retired educators to keep their skills sharp, or for experts in any field to help the next generation prepare for what's ahead.

ESL Instructor

Another job that is an ideal fit for seniors that are former teachers or anyone with enthusiasm and a good grasp of the English language is an ESL instructor.

It is also a remarkably portable position, do it in your home area with students of all ages or find the perfect place overseas and put your skills to work in an exciting new environment.

Dog Walker

Dog owners everywhere appreciate the chance to get their pooch out for some exercise while they are at work, not to mention the added benefit of avoiding accidents inside the house.

If you like dogs and can handle having a few on the leash at the same time, you will find out that working as a dog walker is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with animals.


The rise in ride-sharing apps has opened up new avenues for people looking to make a little extra money with their car. Working as a driver is as flexible as you want it to be and a good way to meet new people and explore your area.

If you are looking for something a little different there are plenty of part-time opportunities as a delivery driver, or you could pursue something with your local transit system.


If you have a passion for plants and will make a great gardener, you can take it up as a job. However, make sure you are fairly physically fit before taking on too much work digging up flower beds, pushing a mower, and picking out weeds.

As long as you are up to it, part-time work as a gardener is a great way to put some spare cash between your fingers


If you are a keen student of history or love learning and sharing the stories that shape your local area, you might make an ideal guide.

This is a great job for those who love to meet new people. Opportunities exist in a variety of fields including art and architecture, travel guide, etc.

Home Care Aide

Supporting someone in need by spending time working as a home care aide can be an extremely gratifying experience.

Besides, keeping tabs on a patient's physical and mental condition, aides also take care of basic errands such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Child Care Worker

Put your years of experience as a parent and possibly a grandparent to use in a part-time setting by providing part-time childcare services either in your home or at a local school or daycare facility.

Working with kids is also very rewarding and a great way to feel young at heart.

Work as a Retailer

A myriad of opportunities exists for work in the retail sector, whether it is something simple like a shop cashier or a sales position that suits your individual tastes and interests.

Many retail jobs are seasonal, offering retirees the option of working part-time and leaving them free to travel or simply relax at other times.


Put your expertise to work on a part-time basis by conducting research for an academic or professional client short-term.

Freelance positions are often available in different fields although certain qualifications may be necessary if the subject is highly specialized.


If you are a gourmet genius with serious skills in the kitchen, perhaps you will make a fine part-time chef or a caterer.

But make sure you are the kind of person who can handle deadlines because you will have to work whenever clients are holding events which will often be evenings and weekends e

Event Planner

As a senior, over the years, you have probably had cause to plan a wide variety of events from weddings and birthday parties to vacations and family reunions.

If you are good at the logistics of large events and you have not given it a thought as a possibility, you would be surprised how good you might be as a planner.

Here you can help people throw parties or assist corporate clients with their hospitality needs.

Restaurants and Cafes Jobs

Restaurants and cafes tend to offer flexible hours and plenty of seasonal opportunities for seniors.

Although many positions require evening and weekend work, you will find that this is a good way to combine work with meeting plenty of people, co-workers, and customers alike.

Some jobs in the sector can also be a source of bountiful tips.

Concert Halls galleries and Museums Workers

If you love music or enjoy art you might find a rewarding part-time position at your local concert hall or art museum.

It might even be a job as a ticket taker, as long as it gets you access to somewhere or something you couldn't otherwise get for free.

Music Teacher

Are you great with the guitar, terrific with a trombone, or a skilled singer? Turn your talent into extra income by working as a part-time music teacher.

Give lessons at your own home or travel to see clients. This job can offer a decent degree of schedule flexibility, although some lessons will tend to happen after school and work or on the weekend.


Assuming drones do not take over all deliveries, one line of work you might pursue in retirement is a job as a courier, whether you choose to deliver goods or documents in the vehicle, on a bike, or on foot.

Working as a courier is a job that keeps you active and exposes you to new people in places.


As a senior, another job you can earn from is writing, especially if you have a wealth of experience in a discipline, or you are a guru in a field.

The world we live in today is a world of information, and people do not mind paying large amounts to learn from someone who has seen it all in a particular field.

Most writing in this age is online, so you might become a blogger and earn in as many ways as possible, just by sharing your knowledge.

If you prefer writing in print, you can approach publishing companies to know how you can go about it.


How about becoming a teacher in colleges or community centers? Don’t get it wrong, this is not in the same capacity as a normal school teacher. It is just about sharing your knowledge with college students in your field.

You can make inquiries from your local college and offer to organize classes on hours where you think you will be free to take the students. You will be surprised that a lot of students will be interested.

Some seniors think that they must have worked in an academy setting as either a lecturer or professor before becoming a teacher but this is not true. If you have enough experience and knowledge in your career, you can offer to teach in the corresponding college department.

Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service representative is also suitable, especially if you like talking on the phone and solving problems.

You do not need special skills for this job, if you are a good communicator and you are patient enough to endure the ranting of some customers, you are good to go.

You also do not have to be onsite, you can work from home. There are also part-time options, so you only have to work in periods where you are comfortable without affecting your lifestyle as a senior.

Casino Worker

If you are a senior that enjoys being around people at all times, then working in a casino will be a great job for you.

Casinos have an exciting and fun filled environment and you will definitely enjoy the ambiance. Job opportunities for seniors in a casino are card dealers, roulette wheel runners, general surveillance personnel.

If you do not know how to go about it, do not worry. Most casinos offer to train their new workers. You may also take up classes in gaming school for enough knowledge.


This might sound quite hilarious, but seniors make money from just greeting people in events, stores, and buildings.

But depending on where you want to work as a greeter, you may be tasked with other jobs such as answering questions from inquisitive people, watching out for pocket pickers and shoplifters, etc.

This is not an everyday thing, so you can work as a part-time greeter. But have it in mind that you may have to be walking or doing surveillance for a long period.

Child Care Worker

Another job opportunity for seniors is working as a childcare worker or running a daycare. Other similar jobs in this capacity include being a private nanny.

If you have experience in taking care of children, then getting a childcare worker job will be very easy. But if you do not have the experience, consider taking up a childhood care program. Completing such a program will leave you open to this kind of job opportunity.

Other considerations for this job include being healthy enough to take care of children and not having a criminal record history.

Teachers Assistant

Aside from working as a teacher, you can also work as a teacher's assistant in a neighboring school and help out teachers working with a large pool of students.

Some teacher’s assistants get assigned with special students and based on how qualified you are for the role, you may take up advanced tasks.

Like most jobs on this list, you can take it up as a part-time role, or speak to the school management for a tailored schedule.

School Bus Monitor

This is another ideal job for seniors. All that is required is to keep the students in check so that they will not disturb the driver. This will prevent accidents and other bus hazards.

If you are a kid lover and not temperamental, it is a befitting job for you. Also, you do not have to be on ground during studying hours, since you are working after school closes.

Government Worker

If you are a senior looking for high paying jobs with enticing benefits, you can work in any of the specified government roles for seniors.

However, this job is very rare since only a few agencies within the government offer senior roles. But if you are lucky, you may find one and meet the work requirements.

SEE Program Participant

SEE is an acronym for Senior Environmental Program, organized by the agency for environmental protection. They offer perfect opportunities for seniors by offering them jobs.

Seniors, 55 years old and above can participate in this program and use their experience and knowledge for jobs that will impact the environment.

There are many job opportunities for SEE employees such as:

  • Clerical positions
  • Admin positions
  • Lab positions
  • Scientific positions
  • Professional positions
  • Non-typical clerical positions.

You will get handsomely paid for working with SEE, and there are other benefits such as paid holidays and health insurance.

Temporary Office Workers

Temporary office work is one of the most flexible senior works, especially for those whose health is not consistent. In this job, you may choose to come around only when you are up to it. On days when you are not feeling fine, you can call to tell them that you will not be available.

The job is also not demanding, and you will be sitting for most of the working hours. However, in some agencies, seniors working as temporary staff will only get paid for the number of hours they work.

Administrative Assistant

Admin assistant is just like working as a temporary office worker. All that you have to do is pick up calls, book employees, and client's appointments, and every other thing that will make the agency run smoothly.

The job does not involve a lot of effort, most tasks can be completed while sitting down, so it is a great option for seniors.

Virtual Assistant

This is just like administrative assistants, but they work from home. Seniors do not have to leave home to land this job, but those seeking human interaction in a job may not like this.

If you are a retiree who wants to tour the world, working as a virtual assistant is probably the best senior job you can find because you can work remotely from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a seamless internet network.

Tax Preparer

As a senior, you have paid tax all your lives and you understand how to prepare it. But have you thought about making money from preparing other people’s taxes?

People think only accountants can prepare taxes. This is not true, as long as you sit for the IRS competency exam and you pass, you can get a Preparer Identification Number and start making money as a tax preparer.


Have you thought of working as a handyperson? As long as you can help other people with repairs and other odd jobs, then you can make a lot of money from it.

You do not even have to apply for this job physically. There are many applications that can connect you with people in your location that need these services. You can get plumbing gigs, furniture gigs, and any other odd task you are good at.

You must be a fit senior before working as a handyperson.

Coach or Referee

If you are a sports lover and you can cope with the demands, this is another job opportunity for you. The pay might not be great because you will most likely be working with a local team. However, it gives you the opportunity of working and inspiring local lads. You may need to understand sports basics before getting this job.

There might also be openings to work as a referee for a local team training that needs unbiased opinions. This will mostly be on weekends or weekdays evenings.

Security Guards

Seniors with military experience can pick up a job as a security guard in the neighborhood. If you do not have a military background, you can train for the job.

To qualify, you must pass a criminal record and drug examination. Training for seniors that want to work as armed security will be more encompassing.


In most law firms today, the demand for paralegals is high, and this is another suitable job for seniors that are still quite fit because it involves a lot of physical work.

Paralegals assist lawyers with tasks such as researching, arranging files, and working on case reports.


You can also work as a receptionist but in off-peak regular hours unlike those that work day-to-day. You can get such opportunities in nursing homes and other health centers. The working hours will only be on weekends and evenings.

This job is also not demanding, it only involves welcoming visitors and answering phone calls.

Pharmacy Technician

Seniors that previously worked in the health sector can take up jobs like being a pharmacy technician. They will help registered pharmacists with tasks such as filling prescriptions for patients, keeping patients record, and related tasks.

As a pharmacy technician, you can work in hospitals, nursing homes, drug stores, and pharmacies. If you do not have prior experience in the health sector, you can undergo training that will make you qualify for the job.

Getting a part-time job or working in a more reduced role is the best option for a pharmacy technician because it is quite a demanding job.

Also, only fit seniors can work as a pharmacy technician.

How Can Seniors Become an Entrepreneur?

If you are a senior who is fed up with applying for jobs or working under someone, and would rather become an entrepreneur, being retired is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Although in America, people think millennials dominate the startup up of most industries, it is not usually the case.

Seniors should know that entrepreneurship is not a monopoly, and if they can, they should do it. They might even be more suited to the entrepreneurship game than they think.

Entrepreneurship is simply about understanding what people want and providing the services to satisfy them. Since seniors have more experience in their walk of life and field of expertise, they should be able to meet the demand and supply of entrepreneurship.

A study shows that in the tech industry, the ratio of startup masterminds above 50 years old to those above 30 years old is 2:1.

Seniors have limitless business ideas, and as a matter of fact, most of the 40 jobs in this article could serve as a Launchpad for entrepreneurship. Take for example starting a taxpayer company or a gardening business.

Also, entrepreneurship does not have to be all about innovation, a senior can purchase an existing franchise.

Seniors can also take advantage of the digital world and online sales. Platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay can serve as a perfect money-making channel for sales of products and services alike.

Seniors who want to sell off some of their possessions, maybe because they are not useful for old aged people, can make use of these platforms too.

Most millennials treat these as side hustles, so seniors have all the time in the world to enrich themselves with any of these strategies. Old age or not, making money never gets boring.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Senior?

But why would a senior want to work again after retirement? In fact, why should anybody work all their life, anticipate retirement and then go back to looking for a job after retirement?

The truth is that after retiring, most seniors realize that what they envisioned the retirement life to be is not what it is.

Most of them begin to miss working. This can lead to loneliness, and later aggravate, causing depression thereby affecting the senior’s mental health.

For others, they just want to explore new life activities or pursue new career paths that they didn’t have the opportunity to explore during their active year.

Some will find out the retirement life is more expensive than they envisaged, and that they need money to maintain their lifestyles.

There are a lot of reasons that motivate seniors to look for jobs, but regardless of what this reason is, we cannot ignore the fact that there are a lot of advantages seniors can benefit from working.

They include:


This is perhaps the main reason and benefits for seniors to work. After a few years, many of them realize that their retirement cannot sustain them anymore, so the best alternative is to look for a senior job with payment benefits.

Also, some seniors may want to live a more evasive lifestyle after retirement, like traveling the world or going on expensive vacations. Landing the appropriate senior job can make these dreams become a possibility.

Longer Life

Some seniors need these jobs to stay healthy and engaged such that it increases their life expectancy. One community health study revealed that seniors that work and remain engaged for more years will reduce death risk by about 10 percent.

Increase Mental Capacity

Another benefit of senior employment is the increase in mental capacity and well-being. This will help against mental illnesses like dementia and depression.

Make Them Feel Younger

According to Merrill Lynch's research, about 83 percent of seniors that are working or seeking employment agreed that working as a retiree helps them feel young.

Another similar research carried out by the Institute of Economic Affairs shows that senior employment helped 40% of them battle depression by just being happy and satisfied with work.

Better Social Well Being

Some seniors just want to work for more human interaction and engagements. This helps them battle loneliness.

Opportunities to try new things

It is difficult to try out new things when one is active in employment. A lot of seniors wanted to do so in their active years, but the risk involved was difficult because they cannot just leave their well paying job for something they are not sure of.

So, upon retiring, they have enough time in their hands to try new things out and make money from them. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Health Insurance

Some seniors have health needs that Medicare does not cover, hence it is necessary to find a job that will help offset the bills that accumulate as a result of these health issues.

They then apply for senior jobs that come with health benefits and insurance.

More Money for Retirement Savings

Seniors work to increase their retirement savings and at the same time increase the social security benefits they are entitled to.

The ones that earn enough may not apply for social security immediately. This will increase their entitlement by 8% annually until they clock 70 years old.

Getting a job also means that there will be a delay in the usage of retirement savings. This might even go into investment and garner a lot of interest.

NB: Seniors should speak to accountants and financial experts about working after retirement because there will be a reduction in social security entitlement if a person gains employment again after retirement.

How Seniors Can Find Jobs to Apply for

While looking for senior employment opportunities, it is important to do due diligence and be careful of companies, especially if they offer vague promises. Most of them are senior frauds.

You may also make use of the connections you have over the years; this should be much easier especially if you have a good reputation in the community.

Ensure you network as much as possible with other seniors and people in your life. Let them know that you are looking for a senior job opportunity.

Be rest assured that there are a lot of employment opportunities for you out there that will fit the satisfaction you crave from working.

Also, do not doubt yourself if the job you want is in a new career path. If other people have made that step, then so can you.


David Bolton

With multiple family members currently in senior living facilities, David is in the trenches every week, learning the ins and outs of nursing homes, assisted living, memory care, and general senior living.

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