Best Low Income Senior Housing In Indiana

For anyone trying to find affordable senior housing in Indiana, there are some good options to choose from around the state.

Key Takeaways

  • The United States is suffering from a housing shortage that is not only affecting low income people, but others as well.
  • Finding housing for seniors who have a low or are on a fixed income can be a challenge, but a state like Indiana is a good place to look, since the cost of living is low and there are a number of facilities that participate in low income housing assistance.
  • The best low income senior housing in Indiana is Brookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments, Cedarhurst Senior Living, Richfield at West Lafayette, Golden Oak Village Apartments, Fairington Apartments of South Bend, Patterson Pointe Senior Residence, Meadowlark Senior Apartments

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For anyone trying to find affordable senior housing in Indiana, there are some good options to choose from around the state.

The best low income senior housing in Indiana is:

  • Brookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments
  • Cedarhurst Senior Living
  • Richfield at West Lafayette
  • Golden Oak Village Apartments
  • Fairington Apartments of South Bend
  • Patterson Pointe Senior Residence

Finding the right type of senior living facility isn’t always easy, especially if an income is limited. I recently had a family member who lives in Indiana go through this process and luckily I was able to help her find the best living arrangement for her needs and budget. Hopefully, my research can help you as well.

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What is the Best Low Income Senior Housing in Indiana?

As the population in the United States continues to age, many experts and researchers have seen an alarming issue continue to develop - affordable housing for people who are on fixed incomes.

Most of us plan to receive social security benefits after we turn 65 years old, but will that be enough for retirement? If you have been fortunate to work at a job that pays out a pension, or if you’ve been able to save additional money through a work retirement plan, then you might be fortunate to have some money in addition to your social security allowance.

But what about those people who don’t have additional savings? Or, they have some, but not enough to fully support themselves long term?

With housing costs being the main item that makes up most of our budgets, it can be overwhelming for many Americans who are approaching retirement.

A good percentage of us don’t know if we will be able to live a lifestyle that allows us to retire with financial dignity.

Not to mention that the United States is suffering from a housing shortage that is not only affecting low income people, but others as well.

That said, people who qualify as low income are struggling to find reasonable housing more than any other group in the United States today.

Finding housing for seniors who have a low or are on a fixed income can be a challenge. But - there are options out there if you do your research and look hard enough.

The good news is that a state like Indiana already has a pretty low cost of living. So finding housing opportunities should be a bit less daunting than in other places.

Let’s look at some of the best options and see what they have to offer.

1. Brookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Brookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments
Image credit: Brookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments

Right in the heart of the bustling city of Indianapolis is the senior facility of Brookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments Apartments.

Indianapolis is a vibrant city with just about something for everyone.

Whether you’re a big fan of professional football or professional drag-car racing, Indianapolis has the sporting scene covered.

And for those who are more interested in museums or art shows, this town has plenty of that as well.

There are also plenty of educational opportunities as well that seniors can take advantage of for free, or at a greatly reduced price. Purdue University, for example, gives individuals who are over 62 free enrollment to the majority of their courses.

At Brookhaven at County Line Senior Apartments, there’s plenty to do as well.

Not only are there two separate community rooms to enjoy with your friends or visiting family members, but there are also patios of each and a fantastic view of the pond from both. There is also a media room, a library, and even a place to play billiards for those interested in the game.

The apartments themselves come in one or two bedrooms styles and have washer/dryer hookups, balconies, and full kitchens.

Another perk to Brookhaven is that it’s cat friendly, as long as your cat is able to be an indoor pet.

Brookhaven is committed to trying to keep its prices low for its community of seniors and the staff is well-versed in working with individual seniors who need help securing financial assistance.

2. Cedarhurst Senior Living (Ft. Wayne, Indiana)

Cedarhurst Senior Living
Cedarhurst Senior Living

Located in northeastern Indiana is the town of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

With a population of just under 650,000 Ft. Wayne really serves as the cultural hotspot for this area of the state. While Ft. Wayne wasn’t always a popular destination spot, it has become a good place for retirees, since the cost of living is low, the weather is relatively mild, and it’s easy to access Indianapolis from the town, which is aptly named after the historic fort that was built for the well-known revolutionary war general, General Anthony Wayne.

And just minutes from that fort is the Cedarhurst Senior Living center.

Cedarhurst Senior Living Center takes great pride in having a community approach to its residential home. They have a large staff that is dedicated to providing their residents with tons of activities, from dance events to bingo games.

One unique program that Cedarhurst offers is a chance for family members to stay with the residents when they are transitioning into the facility or on other important occasions, such as a birthday or holiday event.

There are several dining options for seniors at Cedarhurst, from in-room dining to a dining hall that is available for three meals a day.

Seniors who wish to prepare their own meals and choose a living style that has a kitchen with cooking capabilities.

Cedarhurst has three levels of living options: independent living, for the person (or couple) who still wants to have complete autonomy over their life and the ability to continue to care for themselves; assisted living, for those who need a bit of help doing everyday hygiene routines and chores; and memory care, for the senior who needs constant support and supervision.

There are a variety of living options at Cedarhurst, and a variety of cost options as well.

Cedarhurst participates in several low income subsidy programs and encourages those who are struggling financially to apply to their facility.

The knowledgeable staff will work with you to determine what you can afford, based on your current income.

3. Richfield at West Lafayette (Lafayette, IN)

Richfield at West Lafayette
Image credit: Richfield at West Lafayette

Located just a bit more than 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis and 125 miles to the south of Chicago, Illinois is the town of Lafayette, Indiana.

Lafayette is a relatively typical town for a midwestern city, with a fair amount of urban sprawl taking place to the north of the city.

Downtown Lafayette has some European influence in the building and street layout, and there are several cute and quaint coffee shops, restaurants, and boutique stores to bring some entertainment to the town.

Though Lafayette isn’t a thriving metropolis, those who are looking for some affordable senior living will be pleasantly surprised when they discover Richfield at West Lafayette.

This apartment complex doesn’t just cater to seniors, which may be a nice perk for some who would prefer to live amongst a diverse population.

What Richfield of West Lafayette does offer, however, is true affordable housing for those who need it.

Richfield at West Lafayette is committed to providing low cost housing to its residents, and few people are turned away based on income.

In fact, if your income is too high, there is a good chance you won’t get a spot at this complex, since they really work hard to find housing for families and seniors who are struggling financially.

Because Richfield at West Lafayette also caters to families and not just seniors, they have floor plans that include not just one and two-bedroom apartments, but three-bedroom apartments as well.

Though the one and two-bedroom apartments only have one bathroom, the three-bedroom apartments have one and a half.

The amenities include an on-site fitness center (that’s open 24 hours), a business center (ideal for those without internet), and an on-site laundry facility.

There is also a picnic area with grills that can be used by any resident and a play area (ideal when grandkids come to visit!)

This apartment complex is also located conveniently close to Purdue University (for those seniors who may want to take a class or two) and right on the bus line (for those seniors who like to use public transportation.)

You can access the leasing department by filling out the online form. Richfield at West Lafayette has staff that can then assist you with filling out any paperwork that may be necessary to help you get the housing assistance you need.

4. Golden Oak Village Apartments (South Bend, Indiana)

Golden Oak Village Apartments
Image credit: Golden Oak Village Apartments

Located just 5 miles south of the Michigan border is the town of South Bend, Indiana.

This town only has a population of 100,000 people, making it an ideal size for the senior who wants some modern conveniences, but doesn’t want to be stuck in long lines or traffic for hours at a time.

On the west end of the city is the low income, senior complex Golden Oak Village Apartments - aptly named for the mature oak trees that line the property around the homes.

These apartments look more like townhomes, with access from the outside and many of them being more than one story.

You can choose from one, two, or three-bedroom homes and all of them have laundry hookups available in the unit.

Though there is no security guard onsite, the area around Golden Oak Village is quiet, with residential homes bordering each side of it.

There are also convenient retail stores nearby as well as a grocery store and a pet store as well.

And speaking of pets, at Golden Oak Village, you can have up to two animals maximum, as long as you pay the nonrefundable $300 pet fee in addition to an extra $30 per animal per month.

(Even for those applying for low income assistance, the pet fee can not be waived.)

Many of the amenities at Golden Oak are what you’d expect in modest apartment or townhome living, but they’ve taken the time to be thoughtful about the older population that they cater to.

The fitness center is open 24 hours and is wheelchair accessible. The computer center is as well.

There is a clubhouse that can be rented out for gatherings but also is used for onsite events, such as a holiday party during December, and other various activities, such as bingo night, trivia night, and cards.

Another nice advantage of this property is its close proximity to outdoor recreation. Not only are Pinhook Park and Woodlawn Park nearby, but there are also a number of walking trails and even a dog park (Niles Avenue Dog Park) within walking distance of the facility.

Applying for an apartment or townhouse at Golden Oak Village can be done through their online website. A friendly staff member will reach out to you to discuss your financial situation and help determine what type of rent assistance might be available to you.

5. Fairington Apartments of South Bend (South Bend, Indiana)

Fairington Apartments of South Bend
Image credit: Fairington Apartments of South Bend

Another option for seniors who are looking for low income housing in and around the area of South Bend, Indiana have another option that is also one of the best low income housing choices in Indiana.

Fairington South Bend is an ideal spot for those who want to be on the south side of South Bend and need housing that’s affordable, safe, and well cared for.

Not only does Fairington only accept individuals that are over 62, but it also participates in all of Indiana’s affordable housing programs, including Title 8 funding.

The knowledgeable staff at Fairington is also well-versed in helping seniors make the most out of their applications and can walk through each step of applying for financial assistance with you, in order to make the process easier.

Not only do they have an on-site leasing and financial assistance team, but they also have around-the-clock security and a maintenance team that’s easily available during the day, and after hours and on weekends if there is an emergency.

The grounds around Fairington are well-maintained, and there are picnic tables, grills, and a gazebo for those seniors who want to dine or entertain outdoors.

And speaking of dining, for residents who need help with preparing their meals, there is an onsite dining service option that can be purchased for an additional fee.

The apartment homes themselves are modest, but well-kept and clean. Potential residents can choose from one-bedroom or two-bedroom layouts and all apartments have one bathroom.

Though there is no washer or dryer hookup in the units, there are laundry facilities onsite, and there is also a pick-up service available as well.

The Fairington Apartments at South Bend are not going to be the most luxurious accommodations, but they are safe and well-maintained. Knowing that they work closely with their low income population is also a huge plus to this property.

6. Patterson Pointe Senior Residence (Bloomington, Indiana)

Patterson Pointe Senior Residence
Patterson Pointe Senior Residence

The town of Bloomington Indiana has a number of low income senior housing, but the Patterson Pointe Senior Residence will be a tough one to beat when looking at which is the best to choose from.

Bloomington is the seventh largest city in the state of Indiana, with a population of just over 80,000 people.

The city is named for the enormous amount of blooming trees and the streets are lined with silver maples that look stunning for most of the year.

These silver maples are the first thing you will see when you approach the Patterson Pointe Senior Residence facility. The rest of the exterior is also nicely landscaped, and there is plenty of outdoor space for those seniors who want to get recreational activity outdoors.

Inside, there is a small but ample recreation center with fitness equipment, exercise bikes, and treadmills.

There is also a large clubhouse where planned activities are held as well as yoga sessions and other low-impact exercise classes are often scheduled.

As a property that was designed with seniors in mind, the Patterson Pointe Senior Residence  facility has been thoughtful in the construction of each apartment. There are spacious, wheelchair-accessible closets, energy star appliances, elevator access to all units, and 24-hour security throughout the entire premises.

Another perk to the Patterson Point Senior Residence is that the entire property is smoke-free, and the management is diligent in enforcing this rule, since many of the residents here are on oxygen and/or have other health problems that make it necessary for them to live in a smoke-free environment.

The residence offers one, two, and three-bedroom apartments and the application must be completed online. There are strict income guidelines, since this property is committed to providing quality housing to those who are over 55 and who qualify for low income housing.

In fact, on their main website page, there is a breakdown of what the maximum income is for someone to live at their facility. This is convenient for those looking to apply, so they know beforehand if they will even meet the basic criteria.

7. Meadowlark Senior Apartments (Bloomfield, Indiana)

Meadowlark Senior Apartments
Image credit: Meadowlark Senior Apartments

Not too far from Bloomington, Indiana is the also quaint and constantly-blooming town of Bloomfield.

This town only boasts about 4,000 homes, but it has plenty of conveniences. The main street is filled with coffee shops, used bookstores, and a few locally-owned restaurants.

Bloomfield has a small movie theatre and plenty of park space to be enjoyed as well. And, not only is the cost of living in Bloomfield low, but the crime rate is as well, making it an attractive option for seniors who want affordability and safety when looking for options of where to live.

Meadowlark Senior Apartments sits on the north side of the city and the property is easily accessible from the highway.

At Meadowlark Senior Apartments Apartments, anyone over 62 years can apply for a unit, and priority is given to those who are handicapped and/or have low income needs. There are one and two-bedroom units available and many of them are handicap-accessible as well.

The on-site amenities are adequate and the grounds are well-maintained by the ground staff. Any resident is allowed to use the picnic area and outdoor grills (though you may need to reserve them in advance during the warmer months, as they do get quite popular.)

Each unit has ample closet space, a full kitchen, and air conditioning. Some of the units are carpeted, while others have had the carpeting replaced with laminate flooring, particularly the handicap-accessible floor plans.

There is also an on-site laundry room for all residents to utilize and a community room for gatherings and events the facility staff hosts during the month. You can also reserve this room to host your own private event if you wish. (The community room is equipped to hold up to 50 people.)

For those seniors who are still active and wish to stay that way, there is a small fitness center and exercise classes are also held in the community room.

Bloomfield’s weather tends to be quite mild, so spending time outdoors is not much of an issue, and there are plenty of parks, hiking trails, and walking paths around the town to enjoy.

Because the application process will require documentation of your income and assets, you will have a better chance of gett

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