Best Low Income Senior Housing In North Carolina

For anyone who is looking for housing for themselves or a loved one who is a senior citizen, North Carolina has many options to choose from.

Key Takeaways

  • The National Council on Aging (NCOA) gives a broad definition of low income senior housing as anyone who is 60 or older that has an annual income amount of less than $30,000 a year.
  • There are many programs, like HUD, available to seniors to help with low income housing solutions across the United States.
  • The best low income senior housing in North Carolina are Carolina Spring Senior Apartments, Elders Peak Apartment Homes, Spring Brook Meadows, Hunt Park Senior Apartments, The Gardens of Statesville Anita Stroud Senior Complex, Spring Shire Apartment Homes, and Brookdale Senior Living

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For anyone who is looking for housing for themselves or a loved one who is a senior citizen, North Carolina has many options to choose from.

The best low income senior housing in North Carolina are:

  • Carolina Spring Senior Apartments
  • Elders Peak Apartment Homes
  • Spring Brook Meadows
  • Hunt Park Senior Apartments
  • The Gardens of Statesville
  • Anita Stroud Senior Complex
  • Spring Shire  Apartment Homes
  • Brookdale Senior Living

Last year, my father in law passed away and we spent many hours researching the best place for my mother-in-law to live. She is on a fixed income and doesn’t want to deal with yard maintenance or worry about her safety. She also wanted to be able to try and continue to live on her own for as long as possible. I was able to find several great options that would allow her to continue to live alone, live near family in North Carolina and be able to stay on her budget. Perhaps one of these options will work for you or your loved one as well.

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What is the Best Low Income Senior Housing in North Carolina?

Many of us spend a good portion of our lives thinking about retirement. Either we think about it from a standpoint of all the great things we can’t wait to do, once our careers and families are less demanding, or we think about it from a financial perspective, and wonder if we will be able to support ourselves when the day comes that we no longer have a constant paycheck coming in every month.

Between our social security benefits, possible pensions, and retirement savings, we hope that we will have a sufficient enough nest egg to live the life we’ve grown accustomed to, and be able to do the things we want.

Because of the cost of housing being what it is today, many states have programs in place that will help seniors who don’t have the adequate income stream or savings set aside to allow for them to purchase or rent a living space on their own.

Though each state is different in how they define and address low income housing, there are some national guidelines that states can use to help determine who qualifies for low income housing and why.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) gives a broad definition of low income senior housing as anyone who is 60 or older that has an annual income amount of less than $30,000 a year.

In the United States today, this means that 40% of Americans over 60 fall into this category.

We also know that - with housing costs and interest rates being high - there is a very good chance that this number is only going to increase in the upcoming years.

Knowing all of this, many states have worked hard to come up with ways to provide more housing options for their low income senior citizens.

The largest government-sponsored low income housing program is known as HUD, which is the acronym for the department of Housing and Urban Development.

HUD acts as an umbrella agency to assist people of all ages with housing needs and to ensure that equal and fair housing is available to all Americans, regardless of their gender, age, race, or income level.

Through the HUD program, many seniors can get help with things like finding adequate housing, filling out the appropriate paperwork for living assistance grants or apartment applications, and can even receive rental assistance and vouchers that will help subsidize their living expenses.

There are also private programs and organizations around different states that can help seniors find housing that they can afford.

In North Carolina, for example, Durham Center for Senior Life is a non-profit organization that is located in Durham, NC. Here, seniors can get help with everything from housing referrals, to in-home care and even help with filing tax paperwork or better understanding their social security benefits.

Though there are many housing prospects that are considered low income and are federally subsidized, many private options are available as well.

Depending on the area of North Carolina that you are looking for, your options may be limited. Most of the larger cities, like Raleigh and Charlotte, have more options, whereas smaller cities like Asheville and Boone might be more limited in what they can provide.

Let’s look at some of the best options throughout the region for yourself or your low income senior.

1. Carolina Spring Senior Apartments (Carrboro, N.C.)

Carolina Spring Senior Apartments
Carolina Spring Senior Apartments

For the senior who wants to live in an apartment complex that’s dedicated to those over a certain age, but still wants to be active, the Carolina Spring Senior Apartments might be just what you’re looking for.

Located in the quaint and relatively quiet town of Carrboro, this 55 and over living facility is close to just about everything.

It’s easy to walk to banks, post offices, restaurants and coffee shops from here.

There’s even a local farmer’s market every Saturday in the town square, an easy fifteen-minute walk from this facility's front door. There is also easy access to the highway for when family and friends come from farther away to visit.

This apartment complex is three stories, with a handicapped-accessible elevator and 24-hour monitoring onsite.

For those who don’t want to have to venture too far from home for some of their activities and needs, the apartment complex boasts a well-equipped gym, a beauty salon, and laundry facilities as well.

Carolina Spring offers one and two-bedroom apartment styles and many of the floor plans already have handicap facilities in place.

The rates for apartments in this complex are extremely reasonable, especially given the area in which they are located and the condition of the facilities.

They also have rent reduction assistance for those who qualify and they accept government rental assistance vouchers.

To apply, fill out your personal information on their website, and one of their housing assistants will contact you to gather more information, let you know what they have available, and share your rental assistance options with you after they’ve had a chance to review your income information.

2. Elders Peak Apartment Homes (Raleigh, NC)

Elders Peak Apartment Homes
Image credit: Elders Peak Apartment Homes

Not too far from downtown Raleigh, the Elders Peak homes are a good choice for someone who wants to stay close to the Triangle region of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, but doesn’t want to be right in the center of the city.

Located in a bit of a rural area, walking to shopping and places to eat may be a bit of a challenge. But Elders Peak is also nestled between Sanderford Road Park and the Carolina Gardens, so there are ample options for those seniors who want to enjoy the outdoors.

These apartments are age-restricted for those who are 60 and over. Guests who are younger can visit, but no one under the age of 60 can live on the property for more than 30 days, and that is only with approval from the management.

Elders Peak has onsite laundry facilities, 24-hour maintenance (emergency-only after hours), a fitness center, and a lovely barbeque and picnic area that is nestled into a park-like setting.

These apartments are accessed from interior hallways, though the bottom units do have access from the outside and are all wheelchair accessible.

There are one and two-bedroom units available, and one bathroom.

One of the best perks of these apartments for low income seniors is that they fully participate in a housing assistance program. This is good news for those on fixed incomes and/or for seniors who have struggled to get housing assistance on their own.

3. Spring Brook Meadows (High Point, NC)

Spring Brook Meadows
Image credit: Spring Brook Meadows

This senior living facility is located in High Point, NC, a rapidly growing city just 70 miles southwest of the Raleigh/Durham area.

High Point sits at the base of the Smoky Mountains, and residents of Springbrook Meadows Apartments will never be at a loss for stunning views of the mountains that surround this small, but well-equipped apartment complex.

Spring Brook Meadows has duplex-style living quarters and you can choose from one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans. Though there are only 44 units in this complex, they are designed with all a person’s basic needs in mind, such as laundry facilities, a 24-hour gym, an outdoor grilling area, and even a library and computer center for those who don’t have access to their own.

For the active senior, there is plenty to do off-site as well.

From hiking trails, to wineries and museums, no one is going to be without entertainment and activities in this area of North Carolina.

Spring Brook Meadows makes it very clear on its website that they are an affordable housing community and that they offer subsidies and sliding-scale pricing for residents with income restrictions.

You can apply on their website or stop by in person, as they have a leasing specialist on the premises during business hours.

Just know that you must be 62 or older and they will want to verify your income documents.

4. Hunt Park Senior Apartments (Winston-Salem, NC)

Hunt Park Senior Apartments
Image credit: Hunt Park Senior Apartments

Just an hour northwest of High Point is the Hunt Park Senior Living Apartments in Winston Salem, located just minutes from the center of Winston-Salem.

Winston-Salem has become a popular retirement spot for many seniors, and this town of just under 250,000 people is certainly growing.

The town has a low cost of living and boasts an exciting art scene, with plenty of museums and art festivals that are held practically year-round. There are lots of outdoor activities for active seniors as well.

Hunt Park Senior Apartments has 140 units, all either one or two bedrooms with one bathroom. Though residents have to pay for their own internet, the apartments do include trash and water in the rental price. (For those who can’t afford the internet, there is a computer lab onsite that is free for any resident to use.)

Other amenities include an expansive gym area, a community room with a kitchen for entertaining, a laundry room, and a scenic gazebo area that has picnic tables and grills that anyone can use.

Another reason that the Hunt Park Senior Apartments are on the “best” list for North Carolina is because of their generous pet policy.

Any resident can have up to two non-aggressive dogs or two cats, or a mixture. After paying a nonrefundable pet fee of $250 per pet, there is no additional cost, no matter how long you live at Hunt Park.

As with the other living facilities listed, Hunt Park is proud to participate in various housing assistance programs and will ask for income verification before quoting each resident a monthly rental fee.

You must be at least 55 to live at Hunt Park Senior Apartments.

5. The Gardens of Statesville (Statesville, NC)

The Gardens of Statesville
The Gardens of Statesville

Nestled into the picturesque town of Statesville, NC is the assisted living facility the Gardens of Statesville

This property is unique for a variety of reasons. One, is that it is capable of accommodating seniors who need the extra care of an assisted living facility, but still want to live independently and on their own.

It is also set up for those seniors who don’t need additional care, and prefer the complete independence and privacy of living in a standard apartment-style home.

Statesville is best known for Lake Norman, a popular destination for active individuals who live in Statesville as well as neighboring towns. For anyone who enjoys water sports, fishing or just languishing by the water, Statesville is going to be an appealing place to spend your senior years.

The Gardens of Statesville are set up to accommodate those who want basic studio living, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments.

Some apartments are handicapped accessible and have special features, such as call buttons for immediate care and alerting if there is a medical emergency. And, for those seniors who need extra care, housekeeping is available for an additional fee, as well as meal prep options.

The property is lined with mature trees and landscaping and has walking trails as well as an outside seating area.

Inside, there is a fitness center (that offers group fitness classes), laundry facilities, and a beauty salon.

A big bonus to this housing complex is that it is less than two miles from the Davis Regional Medical Center (a full trauma center), and plenty of shopping, entertainment, and eating options as well.

In order to qualify for financial housing assistance at The Gardens of Statesville, you’ll have to show various documentation that you are on a fixed income and that you don’t have other assets available to you. The staff at the facility can help you get your documents in order to apply.

Pets are also welcome at The Gardens of Statesville, with a $250 nonrefundable fee. No pet over 25 pounds is allowed on the premises, and guests can’t stay more than three nights, unless they are considered caregivers.

6. Anita Stroud Senior Complex (Charlotte, NC)

Anita Stroud Senior Complex
Image credit: Anita Stroud Senior Complex

Anyone who has spent any time in Charlotte, NC knows the appeal of this city and for seniors who are looking for the best low income housing need not look further than the Anita Stroud Senior Apartments if they want to be close to the hustle and bustle of this city.

Charlotte is known for many things - professional sports teams, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and plenty of outdoor activities to choose from.

There is also an active senior population here, as the cost of living is still reasonably low, compared to other cities the same size as Charlotte in other parts of the country.

Anita Stroud Senior Complex is a full amenity living facility. Not only does this complex have a computer room, a laundry facility, and an exercise room, but there is also a large space for community gathering events and the staff takes great care to organize things for its residents, like bingo nights, trivia parties and sport-viewing events in the community center.

For seniors who want to get out and about (but no longer drive) Anita Stroud also offers shuttle service to certain spots around Charlotte and can also assist seniors in getting to doctor’s appointments or going for haircuts or other appointments as necessary.

Anita Stroud only offers one-bedroom apartments and no one under 62 is allowed to reside on the premises for more than a few days. They have a great website that gives more detailed information about their rates, amenities, and other interesting facts about the area around the facility.

7. Spring Shire  Apartment Homes (Greenville, NC)

Spring Shire  Apartment Homes
Spring Shire  Apartment Homes

In the cute little college town of Greenville, NC is the highly regarded SpringShire residences.

Greenville, NC is only an hour away from Raleigh/Durham as well as an hour from some of the best beaches that North Carolina has to offer. There is plenty of shopping, restaurants, and coffee shops to choose from and the local university offers free classes for seniors over 65.

Just minutes from East Carolina University and the Trauma 1 hospital, Pitt County Memorial, the Spring Shire Apartment Homes are ideal for those who are over 60 and are looking for low-cost living for seniors who are on a fixed income.

There are three different plans to choose from and each has its in-apartment washer and dryer units. There is a large fitness center as well as a men’s and women’s sauna for use by any resident.

For those needing more care, but still want to live independently, Spring Shire has a variety of personal assistance options, from in-home meal services to nursing care that can be around the clock or on an as-needed basis.

Pets are more than welcome at Spring Shire, and after you pay the $250 nonrefundable fee, you won’t have any additional charges for each one. There is an on-site dog park that any resident can use. (Outside dogs are not allowed, and all dogs must be up-to-date on their shots and vaccines before they are allowed in the area.)

Spring Shire has people on staff that can assist you in learning about their payment options and how to best maximize your housing vouchers to help offset the cost of living at their facilities.

Their online portal is the best way to inquire about availability and cost.

8. Brookdale Senior Living (Wilmington, NC)

Brookdale Senior Living
Brookdale Senior Living

For those seniors who enjoy beach living, but income is a challenge, Brookdale Senior Living is a good option to look into.

Brookdale is located just minutes outside the beach town of Wilmington, NC. This area, known for its beautiful boardwalk, fresh seafood, and picture-perfect sunsets is an ideal spot to consider for spending your golden years.

Brookdale is set in a park-like setting and there are ample walking trails surrounding it.

Only a short drive to the beach or into the center of Wilmington is needed when you want to get shopping done, enjoy dinner or spend some time enjoying the Atlantic ocean.

Brookdale offers a wide level of senior care, from apartments that are completely set up for a person to live independently, to ones that have access to live-in help and round-the-clock assistance.

With amenities like a community center, exercise room, a computer lab, and a beauty salon, many of your most basic needs can be met without you even having to leave the facility.

Brookdale Senior Living strongly believes in finding ways to provide all seniors with quality living, regardless of their income level. They have several payment levels, and will work closely with you to determine what you can afford and whether or not financial assistance is available for you in your situation.

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