Best Nursing Homes In Austin, TX

If you’re in need of full-time nursing assistance and are looking to settle in Austin, TX, we have the top nursing homes in the area that can meet your needs.

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If you’re in need of full-time nursing assistance and are looking to settle in Austin, TX, we have the top nursing homes in the area that can meet your needs.

The best nursing homes in Austin, TX are Brookdale Westlake Hills, Longhorn Village, Querencia at Barton Creek, and  Buckner Villa Siesta Home. These facilities have consistently ranked highly in their safety and health measures.

To fully explain what makes a nursing home a top-level contender, we have to look at a multitude of factors. We will begin by explaining what nursing home level care looks like, what qualifies a person for nursing home care, and what you can expect going into a nursing home environment. The Austin area has a multitude of nursing-home level care facilities in the area, so whittling out the best takes time and dedication.

We will also detail out the specifics of each properties’ oversight and what we look at in regards to safety and health measures to ensure that you are receiving top-quality care. Oftentimes, we look at standard quality measures that include data from recent reports of the facility. Specifics regarding the facility’s ability to prevent falls as well as their infection control oversight are key factors in determining the facility’s ability to provide quality care. We’ve got the data to give an accurate overview of each of these quality measures for our facilities.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of emphasis has been put on nursing homes and keeping the residents safe. While there have been resurgences and efforts at curbing them, the vulnerable population inside of nursing homes remains especially at risk. It is estimated at one point in April of 2021 that in the pandemic nearly 10% of all nursing home residents in Texas have died from COVID-19. With that in mind, we’ve found the data on each nursing home’s infection control data and specific COVID-19 data to give you the best picture of the safety of each community.

We have, of course, also gathered pricing data for each of these nursing home communities. While nursing home care has a variety of options that go into paying for the care, including Medicare and Medicaid, it is important to note that many of these types of facilities also require a large up-front move-in sum amount of money along with the monthly fee schedule in order to reside in the community. We have the monthly sums for each community that you can expect to pay for nursing-home level care.

Finally, we looked up specific information regarding state survey evaluations of each of these facilities. These facilities are required to meet state standard regulations in a multitude of different areas. We look specifically at the life code section of regulations to make sure safety is a priority in the community, and the health code section to ensure that the healthcare provided is of the highest level.

Having worked in nursing homes for the better part of a decade, I have done the work from the ground up. I have been a direct care aide, floor nurse, unit manager and Director of Nursing inside of these types of facilities, and I can differentiate the good from the ugly within mere minutes of seeing the data available. Armed with this information, we can provide you with the true best of the best in Austin’s nursing home universe.

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Best Austin, TX Nursing Homes

Nursing homes in Austin, TX are abundant, with 28 homes lying within the city limits itself and an additional 24 in the surrounding suburban regions. Qualifying for nursing home care generally means that you require 24-hour care to ensure your safety. This could mean that you need assistance getting from bed to chair, need assistance with bathing and grooming, and have medical needs that supersedes the 40-hour a week oversight available at lower-level care facilities like assisted living.

Brookdale Westlake Hills

Brookdale Westlake Hills is part of a larger for-profit chain of assisted living, memory care and nursing home communities in the Brookdale family. Located just west of the Colorado River, the facility is nestled nearby to the Zilker Botanical Garden, Barton Springs Municipal Pool, and the Austin Nature and Science Center which makes outings and visits with family that much more enjoyable.

Brookdale Westlake Hills offers a variety of on-site amenities to compliment their 24/7 nursing care. The grounds offer an outdoor pool, on-site fitness center, a greenhouse for your green thumb, and walking paths with landscaped garden areas. There are community rooms available for your family visits, a private library, beauty and barber shop onsite to enhance your grooming needs, and a large social calendar to keep you occupied.

Brookdale Westlake ranks highly on our list of nursing home facilities due to a 99.7% fall prevention rate and an up to date infection control policy. A high fall prevention rate indicates that there is close staff oversight of patients and a safe environment for the patients to reside in. Brookdale Westlake as of May 2021 had a total of 34 positive COVID-19 tests between staff and residents from the start of the pandemic up to May 2021. Infection control policies are important in preventing the spread of infection, and is an even more important benchmark during the pandemic. The state was satisfied with Brookdale Westlake’s infection control planning.

Brookdale Westlake had 2 state citations in August of 2019 in relation to the life code section of infractions- related to safety oversight. These specific citations were in regards to storage of oxygen in the facility and a smoke detector. All areas of infraction were remediated to the satisfaction of the state.

Brookdale Westlake has a monthly base rate of approximately $5,090/month to start. This can fluctuate base on care needs, floor plans, whether you have a private or shared room, and move-in costs in general. Higher care needs, greater nursing oversight and specialized needs are all reasons for cost increase in long-term are settings.

Longhorn Village

Located in the Steiner Ranch region of northwest Austin, right in the bend of the Colorado River and adjacent to Lake Austin, Longhorn Village is situated near to some excellent water activities and within a short distance of the UT Golf Club. Surrounded by picturesque scenery and the beautiful outdoors in Austin’s hill country, Longhorn Village is a great outdoorsman location for a nursing facility.

Longhorn Village has skilled nursing 24/7 to provide for all of your healthcare needs. There is a registered dietitian for oversight of your nutritional needs, a medical director with on-site oversight of your healthcare needs and on-call availability outside of business hours, and both long and short-term care options if you find yourself in short-term needs for skilled nursing care. There are physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapies, and skilled nursing items like in-depth wound care and IV administrations if ordered.

Longhorn Village has a 98.3% fall prevention rate, which indicates a good staff to patient ratio and clinical oversight of patients. A low fall rate also indicates safety for the patients in the facility. Falls oftentimes lead to increases in complications and poorer outcomes, and are difficult to prevent if you don’t have appropriate staffing measures. A 98% fall prevention rate indicates significant effort put forth by the facility to maintain safe measures.

Longhorn Village had only 15 cases of COVID-19 reported by May of 2021. This indicates an exceptional and quick response to the pandemic. This is supported by the data: Longhorn Village has an exemplary infection control plan, that withstood the state oversight and had no deficiencies noted in it.

Longhorn Village was surveyed by the state of Texas back in July of 2019. It is exceptionally rare for a long-term care skilled nursing facility to come away from a state survey with no violations, but Longhorn Village managed to do just that. There were no areas of deficiency found either in the healthcare provided to the residents of the facility nor in the building and safety codes.

Longhorn Village has a large-sum entry buy-in at move in time, which varies depending on the level of care needs provided to the patient. Overall monthly base rates for the facility start around $5,300 which is a rate for a shared room. Private rooms, higher skilled care needs, and specialized treatments will all increase the monthly facility rate.

Querencia at Barton Creek

The facilities at Querencia at Barton Creek are located in the posh subdivision of Wimberly Place. Tucked close to Barton Creek and the Cabin Ridge Estates, elegance is what you’ll find at the Querencia. A short distance away for visiting relatives to enjoy is the Barton Creek Coore & Crenshaw Golf Course, and for nature enthusiasts the Barton Creek Habitat Preserve is just minutes away.

Querencia offers around the clock superior nursing staffing with a rarely achieved 5-star Medicare rating. The facility offers large private room accommodations as well as chef-prepared meals throughout the day. There are wellness programs onsite, with rehabilitation services available for your rehab and restoration needs. There are social calendars for events to keep you busy throughout the days, and an on-site beauty and nail salon for your personal care upkeep.

Querencia rates at an exceptional 100% for fall prevention, which is nearly impossible to achieve. This speaks volumes to the staff to patient ratio within the facility, and ensures that you or your loved one is certain to be well-cared for and supervised. Additionally, Querencia totalled 34 cases of COVID-19 as of May of 2021, with a well-rated, up-to-date infection control policy that was found sufficient by the state board of regulations in long term care facilities.

Querencia underwent their annual inspection with the state of Texas in October of 2019 and was found to have four areas of deficiency. There was one health code infraction found in relation to care planning documentation, and not related to direct care provided. Additionally, the other three infraction areas were in the life safety code, and were related to building code regulations. All were remedied to the satisfaction of the state.

Querencia’s monthly rates begin around $3,900/month for shared accommodations, but it is important to reiterate that there is often a large buy-in at the beginning of admission to a facility like Querencia. This buy in, along with floor plan options, living arrangements, and overall level of care needs can significantly impact the price of the monthly rate. With an exceptional facility like Querencia, there is certainly an additional price tag associated with the elegance it offers.

Buckner Villa Siesta Home

Buckner Villa Siesta Home is located in northeast Austin near the Walnut Creek Greenbelt. For the nature enthusiasts in your family, there is the Copperfield Nature Trail that provides exceptional scenery and a getaway excursion destination for visiting family members. There are also restaurants close by, so an ordered-in meal is just a call away for a change of pace.

Buckner Villa Siesta Home offers chef-prepared meals three times a day, as well as private room and shower accommodations. There is an on-site beauty and barber shop, wifi available, and community spaces. There is skilled nursing oversight 24 hours a day, and wellness programs and therapies to keep you at your peak functionality.

Buckner Villa Siesta Home also has a 100% fall prevention rating, which is an exceptional benchmark to achieve. This rating makes it evident that Buckner Villa staffs their buildings with safety in mind, and assures that your safety and security are well looked-after. Additionally, Buckner Villa had only reported 13 cases of COVID-19 through May of this year in the pandemic for both staff and residents alike, which goes to show that it’s infection control program is very highly functional. The state observed and was satisfied with all infection control measures at Buckner Villa as well.

Buckner Villa was surveyed by the state in November of 2019 and only had two areas of deficiency noted in their results. One was in the health code designation and was related to food handling during service, and the other was in the life safety codes in relation to not having an exit sign illuminated. Both violations were rectified to the satisfaction of state authorities.

Buckner Villa base pricing starts at $5,140/month and increases dependent on shared or private room, layout, and level of care needs for the patient. There may also be the additional move-in lump-sum payment requirement dependent on the facility. Additional services will also incur additional fees, such as memory care requirements or particularly skilled nursing care services.

Each of these fine properties has the perfect balance of safety and beauty and is certain to meet your particular nursing home needs.

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