Best Nursing Homes In Dallas, TX

If you or your loved ones in the Dallas area are in need of high level care, look no further. We’ve found the best nursing homes in Dallas to fit your needs.

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If you or your loved ones in the Dallas area are in need of high level care, look no further. We’ve found the best nursing homes in Dallas to fit your needs.

The best nursing homes in Dallas, TX are Adora- Midtown Park, C.C. Young Memorial Home, Crystal Creek at Preston Hollow, and Continuing Care at Highland Springs. Each facility ranks at the top of important health and safety quality measures that ensure the best care possible.

One significant area of consideration when looking at a higher level of care is what level of care you truly need. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of nursing home care and describe what makes it an appropriate setting for your care needs. We have the expected features, as well as what each of these communities offers that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Knowing what your care needs entail, as well as what can be expected from a nursing facility in relation to those needs, is information you will need to make an informed decision regarding your future care facility.

What is most important to us, and I’m sure to you and your loved ones, is the health and safety measures taken by each facility. There are a set of quality measures that are looked at by state and federal oversight entities that evaluate specific areas of performance within a nursing home to determine how they are doing in terms of oversight and safety. We have collected the data from these particular areas and can lay out what makes each facility stand out in terms of health and safety.

It is no secret that COVID-19 has detrimentally affected our nursing home populations harder than the general public. Knowing the risks entering a nursing home setting is therefore a must when researching the nursing home landscape. While we’ve all heard different things in the news regarding COVID-19 and nursing home infections, we’ve done the actual research behind our list of facilities and how their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic ranks in the general scheme of things. Regardless of where you stand politically or in regards to your personal beliefs on COVID-19 vaccination, knowing the status of the facility you enter and what safeguards they have against COVID-19 is essential to safeguard your life. With 10% of Texas’s nursing home residents succumbing to COVID-19 during this pandemic, there is no understatement when we say this item is a must-have when discussing nursing home care.

Obviously, pricing is also a key consideration when looking at nursing home care. While a majority of long-term care facilities utilize benefits like Medicare and Medicaid to fund your healthcare stay, it is important to know the specifics in the cost brackets for each facility so your budget can be kept in mind. Some entities in the long-term care community have started instituting an up-front buy-in price for their residents to ensure cost coverages. Others have a steep monthly rate that encompasses the full spectrum of care needs. Oftentimes, a facility will have a care tier approach to nursing home rates, and will charge according to your care needs. We have collected the monthly rates for each of our facilities for your comparison.

There is particular insight to be gathered in the details of the state surveys into each facility. Conducted annually or semi-annually, the state of Texas enters and evaluates the health and safety protocols of each long term care facility and measures them against the state regulations set forth. Nursing home evaluations are known to be particularly grueling and oftentimes result in many different citations set forth. We have combed through the annual evaluations of each of our facilities, gathered the data, and will lay out for you the specifics of what the results mean for your health and safety.

I’ve been a professional registered nurse for six years, and worked in long term care facilities for over a decade in total. I’ve been in the good, the bad, and the exquisite, and I can differentiate fluff from actually important detailed information. Rest assured, with my background and the data we have collected, you will enter your new Dallas, TX nursing home facility as the most knowledgeable person to enter the residence.

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Nursing Homes in Dallas, TX

Relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for retirement, long term care needs or just a change of scenery is a popular move to make for the aging population. Between beating the cold weather months in the warm Texas atmosphere, and the affordability of living, Dallas often comes up in conversation for retirement destinations. Known as one of the most affordable large cities in the United States, Dallas has a thriving over-65 population that is increasing as we speak. There are top-ranked hospitals all throughout the Dallas metro area, and healthcare needs are certainly a large consideration for the 65 and older population.

There is an abundance of care facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and many are extravagant in nature. There are retirement villas, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and nursing homes that all offer a variety of care levels for your healthcare needs.

Typically, a person looking into nursing home long-term care facilities is looking for the highest level of care needs that can be provided outside of a hospital or long-term acute care setting. These patients typically include those who have personal care needs like transferring to and from bed to chair and back, bathing assistance, hygiene assistance, and total care for items like laundry, food preparation and daily maintenance. Oftentimes, the patients have high level nursing care needs like medication management, complex medical regimens, wound care, tube feeding or other skilled care needs that supersede the care provision given at a traditional assisted living setting. These patients are who qualify for nursing home level of care. Currently there are 38 nursing home providers within the city of Dallas alone. Rest assured, we have vetted the best of the best.

Adora Midtown Park

Located blocks from the famous Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in downtown Dallas, Adora Midtown Park is a centrally located gem for long-term care needs. It is situated minutes from the Royal Oaks Country Club, White Rock Creek and the expansive and gorgeous Harry S Moss Park. These surroundings make the perfect combination for top-tier healthcare provision while having exceptional outing options available to change up your daily schedule.

Adora is a top-tier community for long and short term care needs. In a thoroughly modern, newly designed building, there are exquisite floor plans for private and shared room options that are Medicaid funding eligible for long-term care residents to choose from. With in-room cable options, beautiful hardwood floors, and up-to-date therapy gyms and communal dining areas, Adora has spared no expense in creating the luxury living arrangements you are looking for in your long-term care home.

Quality measures that help define the health and safety abilities of the nursing home facility are numerous and include a variety of factors. The main factors that are utilized for our review of these facilities include the data behind fall prevention measures, rates of flu vaccinations for the residents in the facility, and how developed and effective an infection control plan is for the facility.

Adora Midtown’s fall prevention program saw a 100% fall prevention rate over the duration of the last evaluation period. This benchmark is almost unheard of for a long term care facility, as falls are one of the most difficult adverse events to avoid in long term care. This speaks to Adora’s staff to patient ratio, as close oversight of patients is one of the biggest factors in fall prevention measures. 100% prevention means Adora puts exceptional value into the safety and care of their residents.

Adora’s infection control planning saw no citations in the plans put forth to the state of Texas. This also means that their facility has developed a tracking system for infections acquired within the facility and has put into place enough interventions to prevent the spread or transmission of easily passed along infections within their doors. One measure that points to the high caliber of the infection control plan is the flu vaccination rate of the facility. With a 90.4% vaccination rate among the residential community, infection control and prevention is thriving within the walls of Adora’s facility.

In early COVID-19 days, Adora saw itself with 112 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection between residents and care and support staff within the building. There is no demographic information available for what number of those infections led to hospitalization or fatality. In the most recent reporting period on US News and World Report, Adora had no reported cases of COVID-19 in their facility from April to May of 2021. This would indicate their infection control measures put into place were effective at mitigating possible spread.

Adora Midtown was most recently surveyed in April of 2021 and was found to have four areas of improvement noted by the state of Texas. Each was in relation to health code regulations. The majority were in relation to care planning details, with some relating to medication handling and procedures, PPE uses and food portion sizing. Each was satisfied with the state within a short timeframe.

Adora Midtown’s pricing begins in the $3,800 region, likely for a shared living space in the long term care unit. This base monthly rate would include all meals, healthcare oversight by a physician and nursing staff 24/7, and all daily care needs. This rate would increase with the increase in any daily needs from direct care staff, more intricate nursing oversight, or a private living arrangement.

C.C. Young Memorial Home

C.C. Young Memorial Home and Senior Living is located to the northwest of the metro Dallas area. In a vibrant community, the facility is backed up against the White Rock Lake Park, which is an easy distance for getaways for outdoor excursions and enjoying some lakeside activities throughout your days. If you have family settling nearby, there are local schools within a few minutes’ drive, as well as gorgeous neighborhoods for the family to choose from.

The nursing home at C.C. Young Memorial is a pillar in designed beauty, with modern finishings and exquisite amenities on-site. There is a large indoor pool for aquatic therapies, private suites with premium cable, and in-room shower setups. There are activities set up onsite including educational opportunities for seniors to continue your lifelong learning. There are casual restaurant-style dining options within the building 24 hours a day including carryout and delivery meals from each of the restaurants inside. There is also a fine dining restaurant onsite by reservation only, and areas to reserve inside for family events. There are additional snack service areas and a 24-hour cafeteria onsite as well to fulfill all of your last-minute cravings.

Quality measure data backs up what is already evident about the fine living arrangements at C.C. Young. The facility has a 99.7% fall prevention rate, which indicates exceptional oversight of residents onsite, especially considering the expansive interior and facility grounds. The staff to resident ratio must be high in order to facilitate such a low percentage of falls. Additionally, the flu vaccination rate for residents on site is at 90.1% which indicates a high level of infection control prevention within the healthcare provided there. This is backed up with the data, which indicates an intact infection control policy that meets state standards.

There were only 33 reported cases of COVID-19 among residents and staff through May of 2021, and no cases reported in the April to May reporting period of 2021. This would also indicate exceptional infection control standards and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and rollout of needed protocols.

The most recent state survey of C.C. Young was in May of 2021 which found eight areas of improvement needed. There were two citations in the health code in relation to drug storage requirements, and six citations noted in the life safety category. The six citations were in relation to building code infractions and general maintenance violations. Each area was evaluated and rectified within the satisfaction of the state within a few months’ time frame.

Costs for C.C. Young are not readily available in a review of their website. The state average starting costs for long term care is around $4,500 a month. Given the upscale environment of C.C. Young, the private suites, on-site amenities that far surpass the norm, and the very exceptional care provided by the healthcare staff, it is safe to say that C.C. Young’s starting monthly fees likely easily supersede the state average. There are additional fees that are likely to be considered at C.C. Young, like an introductory move-in fee schedule and a la carte healthcare services.

Continuing Care at Highland Springs

Continuing Care at Highland Springs is located in the far north Dallas neighborhood. Settled nearby the University of Texas in Dallas, the area is perfect for settling into with a nearby college town ambiance. The Canyon Creek Country Club is a short distance away as well, and your family is sure to enjoy the food and activity options surrounding Continuing Care at Highland’s grounds.

The facility at Highland Springs is an exceptional living area to move into. Each long-term care room is a private suite arrangement, with individual full bathrooms. There is cable television in each room, along with state of the art Tempurpedic beds for your rest and relaxation. Additionally, the nursing oversight is top-tier, and includes services that exceed those that you can find in assisted living communities. There is IV therapy, wound care, care for specialized medical needs like catheter and ostomy care, pain management and more. There is a dedicated, on-site medical team that oversees all of the aspects of your healthcare needs, and includes the ability to escalate the level of care needs you have as your health status fluctuates.

Amenities at Highland include onsite activities aimed at keeping you the most engaged you can be. Games, arts and crafts, and exercise groups are just the start of items you can engage in during your leisure time. There is a pool onsite, and exceptional dining options available. There are six dining areas to choose from, including finer restaurant options and bistro-style for your more casual meals.

Continuing Care at Highland’s ranking with quality measures is also among the highest. Their rating with fall prevention is 100%, meaning they have incurred no reportable falls within the report timeframe. Staffing appropriately is clearly a priority to Highland, and resident oversight is exceptional within the facility. The flu vaccination rate is 94.4%, the highest on our list of facilities, which indicates an excellent infection control protocol and drive to protect the residents. This is backed by the infection control plan they have in place in the facility, which was without citation last reporting period.

Highland’s total for COVID-19 cases between residents and staff were 47 reported during the pandemic, though through the April to May period of 2021, there were no active infections noted within the facility, indicating a solid infection control plan for the control and spread of COVID-19.

Highland’s most recent state evaluation was in October of 2019, with a total of five areas of concern noted. There were two citations in the health code category. One was in relation to care plan/paperwork issues, and the other in relation to medication handling during a medication pass. The other three citations were in the life code and safety category. These citations were in relation to an air conditioning unit, some electrical building codes and lighting requirements not met. Each of these areas were improved upon and reached satisfactory levels by the state in a few months’ time frame.

Highland’s monthly rates start in the $5,900 region for their exceptional floor plans and luxury suites. This rate of course includes all healthcare oversight along with all room and board needs. This rate is subject to increase based on care needs, floor plan design, or a la carte services like therapies.

Crystal Creek at Preston Hollow

Located in the Northwood Heights subdivision of Dallas, Crystal Creek at Preston Hollow is a short distance away from Royal Oaks Country Club, Harry S. Moss Park and the award-winning Medical City Dallas Hospital. Crystal Creek’s surroundings make short day trip outings a breeze with your family and friends, and ensures that top-notch medical care is moments away should you need an acute level of intervention.

The grounds at Crystal Creek are pristine and luxurious. With five amazing floor plan options available over a multi-level environment, Crystal Creek has something for everybody. They offer flat-screen televisions in each room with premium cable, an executive chef to oversee each meal in their dining spaces, a gorgeous outdoor garden space and luxurious patio and lounge areas for socializing. Additionally, Crystal Creek offers recreational and social programs to keep your day to day schedule enriched and religious programs and services on-site so you can maintain your spiritual well-being.

Crystal Creek’s quality measures include a 98.7% fall prevention rate. This indicates that there were an exceptionally low amount of falls incurred in the four floors of the facility offered. The staff to resident ratio is high quality, which means your needs are being met in a very quick fashion. Their flu vaccination rate was the lowest of our group, with only 87.1% vaccinated in the facility, but is still a high benchmark that indicates how closely their infection control policy controls and tracks infections. This also holds true with the infection control policy in general, that has met all regulatory requirements through the reporting period.

Crystal Creek totaled 79 COVID-19 infections through the 2020-2021 pandemic reporting period, with no active infections during the April to May reporting period of 2021. Their infection control policies have mitigated risk during the pandemic and continue at this time.

Crystal Creek incurred seventeen citations during their most recent evaluation in June of 2019. The majority of these were in life code violations, in relation to fire drill expectations, generator requirements, and building code violations that required maintenance to rectify. Additionally there were 5 health care code violations in regards to care plan documentation and lack of a quality review committee, and some discharge planning gaps. Each of these areas of concern were rectified in a short timeframe.

Crystal Creek starts their pricing at a monthly rate of $4,975 for a shared residence in the building. Additional healthcare needs will incur a la carte pricing increases, as well as changes in accommodation like a larger living space, private room and additional services required, like physical therapies. The medical care and oversight is included, but rates may increase dependent on additional skilled nursing care needs like wound care or IV therapies.

Overall, you can’t go wrong in any of our highlighted Dallas communities. With luxury living in mind, retirement into a long term care facility does not have to be a stressful experience. By knowing the health and safety records of each of these facilities, you are armed with the information you need to have a sound mind in your future residence.

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