Best Nursing Homes In Plano, TX

If you’re looking to settle in Plano, TX or relocating mom and dad to nursing home level care, you can’t miss the stellar communities we’ve assembled for you.

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If you’re looking to settle in Plano, TX or relocating mom and dad to nursing home level care, you can’t miss the stellar communities we’ve assembled for you.

The best nursing homes in Plano, TX are Life Care Center of Plano, Carrara, The Legacy at Willow Bend, and The Healthcare Resort of Plano. Each of these luxury communities offer top-tier nursing and medical care, in a setting that is sure to make you feel right at home.

Nursing home level of care isn’t necessary for everyone. Most residents in a nursing home community require 24 hour oversight of medical needs. Some high-level medical necessity items that would qualify you for a nursing home stay include IV therapies, wound care, and complex medical condition management. If you’ve found yourself exceeding the level of care at your existing assisted living community, or your needs at home have become too complex, our facilities are just what you are looking for.

Health and safety are our top priorities when evaluating nursing home level care, regardless of the city. When evaluating nursing homes for health and safety measures, we have collected the data on quality measure areas that the state of Texas and federal Medicare oversight committees look at when evaluating a nursing facility to determine the quality of care provided. Measurements like fall occurrences, flu vaccination rates and infection control policies are all benchmark areas to look at to determine if appropriate oversight and care is provided to the residents of the facilities. We will detail out this data so you can understand where each facility stands.

Nursing home safety has been a highlight over the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Infection control policies and procedures have come under a microscope in long term care environments, and assuring the safety of the vulnerable populations inside of the nursing home community is an issue at the forefront of the pandemic, both in the news and with the state oversight board. We have collected the COVID-19 infections rates for each of the facilities we highlight, and will detail out how this is reflected in their infection control policies. With a mortality rate of nearly 10% of all nursing home residents due to COVID-19 since the onset of the pandemic, this area of health and safety stands paramount in today’s age.

We have also collected expected pricing for each of the luxury long term care facilities we evaluate. Nursing home facilities typically accept Medicare and Medicaid funding sources for their rates, which can seem high when looking at them at face value, as well as some combinations of consumer insurances as well. We will discuss what these rates typically cover, what can cause them to increase, and what a reasonable rate is to expect from the long term care industry as a whole.

The biggest component to what makes for a quality nursing home environment is found in the results of their annual state survey evaluations. Each year, the state of Texas sends in nurses and administrators into each long term care facility and evaluates the facility based on standards of care and regulations that are required to be upheld by the facility as a whole. These reports are available to the public and have the citations garnered by each location. While no nursing home is expected to be without citation in these evaluations, a lower number garnered indicates a facility’s overall ability to manage the health and safety of their patients in an efficient fashion.

As a healthcare professional who has spent over a decade in long term care facility environments, I’ve been privy to the ins and outs of nursing home care and what a quality environment for long term care consists of. I have been in the survey process for multiple facilities, and can dissect the specifics of state survey results to determine what is important, and what citations are purely administrative. My background allows me to see beyond a beautiful exterior and evaluate the components inside of a facility that truly make it great.

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Nursing Homes in Plano, TX

There are nine nursing home facilities in the city of Plano, TX, with a total of 27 total in the county which Plano is located. With three top-tier hospitals in the city, healthcare is a known benefit of the Plano area. Plano is also a great place to retire due to a multitude of features of the city itself. Known for a low cost of living, Plano also boasts an exceptionally low crime rate for a metro suburban area.

There are also a multitude of outdoor activities to do in Plano when you want to change up your day. There is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve where you can get out and enjoy the wildlife during the daytime. Downtown Plano is a beautiful place to explore if you enjoy seeing boutique storefronts and historic sites preserved. If you have visiting young ones coming to town, there is a Crayola experience, the Play Street Museum, and the Texas pool where you can all visit and pass some quality time together creating memories.

When deciding on a nursing home, knowing the exact level of care you are looking for is an important feature as well as location. Long term care in a nursing home setting is typically reserved for those who need extensive assistance with their day to day care needs. You may also require significant medical oversight from nursing, whether it be for complicated medical issues, or care tasks like wound care or IV treatments. Knowing which levels of care you require is a fundamental starting point when searching for your long term care facility.

Life Care Center of Plano

At Life Care Center of Plano, you are assured top level healthcare, not just because of the facility but also the location. Nearly steps away from Medical City hospital of Plano, you have ease of access to a multitude of outpatient services, as well as immediate care access should you have a more acute concern. Life Care Center is also adjacent to a large cinema, which can be another place of excitement and diversion when your family comes to meet. Across the street is a large shopping complex, home to a multitude of stores and shops should you enjoy spending your time spending that extra dollar.

The grounds at Life Care Center are exquisitely maintained and include several amenities that are certain to meet your needs. There is an onsite barber and beauty shop, flat screen TVs in the rooms, a daily activity schedule to keep you moving and engaged, and both private and semi-private rooms available for floor plan options. There are even continuing education programs available onsite to keep your thirst for knowledge alive.

Quality measures for Life Care Center of Plano indicate a facility with exceptional staff to patient ratios and close oversight of residents within the community. The fall prevention percentage for Life Care Center for the previous reporting period is 99.2%, meaning that 99.2% of the residents did not fall in the reporting period. This is the quality measure that indicates superior staff to patient oversight. The flu vaccination rate of residents in the facility was 95.7%, indicating a strong infection control policy and oversight. This is also backed up by the fact that the infection control policies had no citations during the previous state survey reporting period.

Life Care Center of Plano had 92 reported COVID-19 cases through the pandemic between residents and care staff, though there is no data on how many of those cases required hospitalization. In the most recent available data, there were no reported COVID-19 cases between April and May of 2021. This indicates that through the course of the pandemic, the facility instituted and accelerated infection control protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the community with some efficacy.

The facility had their annual state survey conducted in October of 2019. During this survey, the officials from the state of Texas evaluated a number of measures and regulations in the health codes and building or life safety codes for nursing home environments. Life Care Center only came away with three areas of deficiency noted in this survey. All were in relation to life safety code infractions. One was regarding proper air conditioning venting, another with having proper equipment checking documentation, and the last in regards to a building code violation. All were brought up to satisfactory standards within a short timeframe.

The average cost for nursing home care in the Plano area starts at a monthly rate of $5,600/month. The facilities in our review tend towards slightly higher than the area average, due to the luxurious nature of the care facilities we are providing. Life Care Center of Plano begins their monthly rates around $6,800/month, which includes estimated costs of basic healthcare oversight, a semi-private room with shared bathing quarters, and basic standards of living like all utilities and care services. Additional fees are probable for higher levels of care.

The Legacy at Willow Bend

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Wellington Run, The Legacy at Willow Bend is situated in a neighborhood community feel with city amenities within a short distance. Home to hiking and biking trails along with some playground areas, Archgate Park is a few minutes away from The Legacy, to provide a place of leisure when your family and loved ones come to visit. If sporting events are your forte, the Carpenter Park Recreation Center is also minutes from the facility and has an abundant array of sporting events to spectate and cheer on.

The grounds at The Legacy are the definition of comfort. With large, private room dwellings for the long term care wings, to multiple restaurant-style dining options available onsite, The Legacy offers the upper echelon of amenities. In addition, The Legacy has an on-site physician, licensed therapies, wound care services and feeding tube management all available. There is even a dedicated infectious disease physician on staff to provide close oversight of any illnesses that you may encounter. Higher acuity care levels are provided for at this facility, with items including cardiac monitoring, aquatic therapy and IV therapies on site as well.

Upscale amenities specific to this facility are numerous and include 37-inch flat screen televisions in each room, private dining areas, a full service salon and barber shop and transport to local area appointments. Chefs prepare each meal with oversight from a dietitian who provides the nutritional support you need to age with strength.

The Legacy has exemplary oversight from staff when it comes to their quality measures. Their fall prevention rate is at 99.2%, nearly perfect, meaning the staff are truly attentive to their patient’s care needs. The facility also has a 92.5% flu vaccination rate for residents, indicating a strong influence on infection control in the facility and solid tracking rates. The infection control policy for the facility passed inspection without areas for improvement indicated in the survey.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Legacy only saw 24 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed amongst staff and residents, an exceptionally small number considering the scope of the pandemic overall in long term care settings. There have been no additional reported cases in the April to May timeframe of 2021, indicating a continuing success in the infection prevention measures within the community.

In June of 2019 The Legacy underwent their state evaluation and incurred five areas of improvement. All of these citations were in the life safety code category. Of the citations, the areas noted for improvement were updates to the sprinkler system, violation of some basic building codes, and lighting needed in emergency exit passageways. Each of these areas were addressed and improved upon to the satisfaction of the state of Texas in a short timeframe.

Pricing data for The Legacy is in line with their luxurious offerings. The base rate for these private suite accommodations start at around $8,100 and are subject to increase dependent on the specific healthcare services and oversight you may need.


Situated in the Prestondale neighborhood is Carrara, a nursing home unlike many others. Across the street is the Baylor Medical Center in Plano, and surrounding the area are many shopping center options. Uniquely, a few moments away from the facility is the Starcenter Community Ice Rink where you can take in some hockey or ice skating, and just down the road is the Summit climbing, yoga and fitness center for those with an adventurous spirit. Minutes away is also Medical City Plano, with pristine healthcare oversight of all of your acute care needs.

Services provided at Carrara are numerous indeed, and include care at many levels of patient need. There is transitional care from hospital to home, recovery from a multitude of ailments in cardiac and pulmonary health, stroke recovery, and even hospice and palliative care services. Advanced care services provided onsite include wound management, IV therapies, post-surgical care and skilled therapies.

Carrera’s fall prevention rate was 99.5% in the last evaluation period, the second highest on our list. Their staff oversight of residents is top-tier service, and the safety of each resident is ensured with superior staff to client ratios. Infection prevention in the facility is top-notch as well, with a stellar infection control program that garnered no areas of improvement from the state inspection. The flu vaccination rate in the building for residents is 95.7%, indicating a strong emphasis on infection prevention overall and solid policymaking.

Carrera encountered 48 total cases of COVID-19 through the beginning of the pandemic between staff and residents, with the most recent reporting period showing no new infections. With their top-tier infection control program, prevention of further cases of COVID-19 is likely paramount in the facility and will continue to be so.

Carrera has the lowest number of areas of improvement identified in their most recent state survey period. In July of 2019, Carrera garnered only three citations in their facility’s ability to meet state requirements. There was one in the health code designation, in relation to privacy provided during patient care. The other two were in the life safety category. These citations were due to missing annual maintenance and testing records. Each of these citations in both categories were improved upon through the reporting period and were cleared to the satisfaction of the state in a short period of time.

Pricing for Carrera’s facility was not readily available. Given the services available onsite, it is safe to reason that the state average pricing of $5,900/month is a fair guideline for base starting price in the facility. The multitude of services available in the facility are likely priced on an a la carte basis, and the more services required the higher the tier of care costs incurred. Additionally, the more invasive the services needed, the higher pricing can be expected.

The Healthcare Resort of Plano

The Healthcare Resort of Plano is located in the lavish community of Woodburn Estates. For those of you who are sports fans, the John Paul II sports complex is just steps away. A short drive from the grounds lies a sprawling shopping complex with boutique stores and take out dining options for the days when you just aren’t feeling the chef-prepared cuisine onsite. Also a short distance away is Liberty Park, featuring a playground for the visiting grandkids to enjoy and a life size Walker Bulldog tank for them to explore. There is a Hilton hotel minutes from the front door of the Resort as well, which will make visiting with out of town family and friends an easy convenience.

The Resort grounds themselves are exquisite and elegant, and boast a five star rating from Their dining is what they term a “culinary experience”, with seasonal ingredients and international cooking techniques that are certain to meet your culinary requirements. The floor plans boast fully-furnished private suites with private en-suite bathroom and shower accommodations. There are additional concierge services that provide all of your needs and desires. For outdoor entertainment, there is an outdoor courtyard and fire pit. Indoors, the Resort has a movie theater, full service spa and salon, gyms and libraries to meet all of your entertainment needs. There is even a pub onsite for happy hour!

The Resort saw 102 COVID-19 cases diagnosed during the height of the pandemic between residents and staff members. The most recent reporting period in April-May of 2021 saw no new cases however, and with an infection control policy that exceeds the state of Texas’s expectations, a continuing trend of infection prevention is expected in the facility. Additionally, the fall prevention rating of the facility was the highest of all of our communities highlighted, with a 99.7% fall prevention rate. The staffing ratio required for such a high rate of fall prevention indicates significantly close resident oversight and superior safety interventions in place. With a flu vaccination rate of 99.4%, infection control standards continue to be upheld throughout the facility.

In September of 2020, the Resort incurred eight citations in their annual survey inspection by the state. There were three health code related infractions, in relation to the pre-existing infection control policy and food handling. The remaining five citations were in the life safety code designation, and were in relation to documentation items and building code infractions. Each of these areas were evaluated and rectified to the satisfaction of the state.

The estimated base monthly costs for the Resort start at semi-private living arrangements at $4,500 a month. This estimate is the base and does not include a lot of the advanced healthcare services provided by the facility. Each of those items, such as wound care or IV maintenance, incur a higher level of reimbursement to the facility. Additional costs for private living quarters, larger floor plans, and add-on amenities and services will incur higher rates as well.

Each of our facilities on this list supersede all state and federal expectations and requirements, and are the true definition of lavish living in your retirement years. You are certain to find the right accommodations for you within this list.

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