Best Nursing Homes In San Antonio, TX

As you grow older, you will need the assisted living and care of a nursing home. The best nursing homes in San Antonio, TX help you cherish you’re remaining years.

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As you grow older, you will need the assisted living and care of a nursing home. The best nursing homes in San Antonio, TX help you cherish you’re remaining years.

All senior citizens have to prepare for the right time to move into an assisted living facility. As empowered as you have been through your life, it is necessary to recognize your requirements and shift gears towards a nursing home.

The best nursing homes in San Antonio include New Forest Estates, Madison Estates, Discovery Village, Franklin Part at Alamo Heights, Heritage at Westover Hills, The Waterford on Huebner, Villa De San Antonio, The Waterford and the Timberhill Villa Retirement Community, among many others.

A good nursing home provides the ultimate level of care to senior citizens and gives them medical care along with the amenities provided by a typical senior housing facility. The services provided in the nursing homes mentioned above are among the best in the country and will be elaborated on further to help you find the right choice.

We went through the websites for different nursing homes in San Antonio, Texas to pick the best out of the lot. The list has been compiled after reviewing the amenities provided by the nursing home, including the type of medical care, the professionals on board and the overall environment. The list is in no particular order and mentions the best nursing homes in San Antonio, Texas as per our research and experience.

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Best San Antonio Nursing Homes

Discovery Village at Dominion

The Discovery Village comes among the best nursing homes in San Antonio for the spacious facility and the amazing features on offer. The Discovery Village at Dominion includes an amazing outdoor environment, which works perfectly well for people living in nursing homes.

The outdoor facilities are meant for the health and physical wellness of all residents, as they include an amazing walking path, which is further complemented with an amazing lawn and garden.

The Discovery Village comes with an amazing natural campus, which includes a cluster of walking paths covering the lush green gardens and the labyrinth of trees. All of the scenic additions to the outdoor area make for a breezy environment indoors and outdoors.

San Antonio can get particularly hot in the summer afternoons, which is why the lush green outdoor area with all the trees can come in particularly helpful for the residents. Residents can take a stroll across the outdoor walking path and enjoy the breath of fresh air.

Outdoor excursions do not come at a compromise of safety, as all walking paths are fenced and the caregivers are present around the clock to make sure that all residents are monitored during their physical activity session outdoors.

Residents enjoy the activities on offer within the facility, including the outdoor physical excursions. All residents are duly asked to send in their input for social events and gatherings.

The input is then considered to create a packed calendar of events that everyone can follow. The best part about the Discovery Village at Dominion is that they come with interactive activities such as card clubs, art groups, book clubs and a lot more. All of these activities give residents in the facility an opportunity to interact with each other and grow better affinity.

The Discovery Village at Dominion also includes therapy and wellness centers inside the facility to make sure all residents are given expert medical care within the facility. There are entertaining exercises within the sessions as well, including yoga and zumba for those who can participate.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • The lush green gardens and tall trees are among the best you’d see in any nursing home in San Antonio.
  • The outdoor walking path is fenced to ensure optimal security for all residents in the facility.
  • The site features an on-site therapy center with wellness for all.

New Forest Estates

New Forest Estates come with an opulent environment, which is topped with the best on-site amenities for senior citizens. San Antonio tends to have hot weather during the summers, which is why it is necessary for an assisted living facility to be built in a spacious manner.

New Forest Estate is spacious in nature and has pet-friendly living quarters in place for pets and family. The facility comes with amazing room service, which all senior citizens living in the space tend to appreciate.

The room service is further complemented with sparkling appliances located within the kitchen and the living area. All appliances are accessible to residents.

The Estate is host to an amazing courtyard that is surrounded by a lush green garden and towering trees. The trees provide ample shade during the summers and ensure there is a cool breeze running around the Estate for much of the summer season.

Additionally, there is a small pool for seniors to sit beside during their outdoor breaks. Seniors can even have a dip in the pool if the on-site medics approve of it.

Active residents looking to build an active lifestyle absolutely admire the outdoor facilities provided by New Forest Estate. San Antonio is the second populous city in Texas, which is why it is often hard to find spacious outdoor spaces of the likes provided by New Forest Estate here.

The outdoor area comes with an amazing view and can provide a good outdoor experience to all senior citizens living in the facility.

Perhaps the best part about the facility is the outdoor walking path. Most senior citizens are forced to live indoors due to a lack of calm excursions outside. This outdoor walking path is perfectly suited for senior citizens and gives them an opportunity to head out in the open and have a good stroll with their pals.

The outdoor extravagance of New Forest Estate is coupled with some in-house amenities as well, including a beauty salon and a library. The beauty salon can be a good way for senior citizens to get cosmetic procedures done and to look at their very best, despite their age.

The library is also a good addition, as it helps all seniors to gather around indoors and impart in the knowledge sharing process. There are also different lounges available for senior citizens to sit with each other or with guests that have come to see them.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • The facility is generally spacious in nature and is good to be a part of.
  • Seniors in the facility can enjoy amazing views of the garden and the outdoor pool.
  • There is an on-site beauty parlor along with a library.
  • The lounges are pet friendly and perfect for pets and guests

Franklin Park in Alamo Heights

Franklin Park in Alamo Heights is known among the most popular and convenient nursing homes in San Antonio, Texas. The nursing home is nestled between large trees with canopies that extend over the lush green lawns of the facility.

The facility provides amazing personal care along with medical care for all users. There are also plenty of opportunities available to help residents experience personal and social growth with others around them.

The nursing home is built in the shape of an apartment. Living spaces within the apartment come in all shapes and sizes, based on what the resident wants and pays for.

All of the apartments in the facility include showers that are accessible by wheelchair, foyer entries, a lockable shadowbox and customizable decorations to display the personal accolades and certifications that every senior citizen wants to protect and showcase.

The facility also comes with indoor activities such as a fitness center with updated equipment, a pool for hanging out with others and a theatre for all. The exterior of the nursing home looks rugged and industrial but is contrasted by the modern décor style of the interior.

The sweeping staircase and the grand lobby make sure all guests are welcomed in style. Franklin Park in Alamo Heights comes with all the luxury some senior citizens may want as they age. The facility is perfect for those with an eye for the premium things in life.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • The place comes with sleek interior décor.
  • Medical and personal care is provided around the clock.
  • Luxury indoor facilities including salon, theatre and pool

Madison Estates

Madison Estates is another top notch nursing home, which provides residents with top-notch residency services. The assisted care facility also provides medical care, which makes it the perfect nursing home. Madison Estates isn’t just meant for seniors, as it provides medical and domestic care to residents of all ages.

Madison Estates is all about celebrating the individuality and the uniqueness of each individual, which is why they come with a magnificent indoor experience.

The indoors for Madison Estate are augmented with spacious lounges and an enriching environment. The care services provided by Madison Estate are tailored to the needs of each resident in the facility.

Madison Estate provides 24 hour attendance to residents from trained medical staff and caregivers. The residents are also provided additional assistance with almost all acts of daily living. The assistance can come in handy with eating meals, in housekeeping and in linen services.

The assistance provided by staff at the facility is at par with some of the best in the industry. Residents at Madison Estate enjoy the amazing views and the great food quality in place within the facility. The amazing views and food are complemented by friendly staff members who are ever present at your service.

Extroverts and senior citizens who are always looking for good conversation will enjoy the facility for the myriad of entertainment and social opportunities that it brings to the fore. Madison Estate has a calendar of social activities planned across the year and makes sure that every senior resident is included within the festivities.

The Estate has a decent outdoor area which can be fun to sit in and have a good time with everyone else in the facility. There are also opportunities for physical wellness with a walking track outdoors.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • Madison Estates provide 24 hours medical and domestic care for people through all stages of life.
  • The facility maintains an activity calendar, which is full of planned events for the future.
  • Residents can partake in outdoor physical wellness activities.

The Waterford on Huebner

The Waterford on Huebner is the perfect nursing home for seniors looking to benefit from an assisted living service.

The Waterford on Huebner is home to seniors from over the country, as it offers the best San Antonio, Texas. The facility focuses on a cognitive stimulation program, which provides all seniors with an exemplary standard of care and living.

The place utilizes all of the educational, social and recreational activities to make sure that seniors are given the best blend of services. Seniors get to socialize with others around them and be a part of a nourishing environment.

The care services include housekeeping, linen services and medical care for all residents around the clock. Seniors are also provided separate kitchenettes in their rooms to maintain independence.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • There is an increased focus on cognitive improvement.
  • Most rooms come with a kitchenette within the area.

Heritage at Westover Hills

Residents at Heritage at Westover Hills are subjected to a natural atmosphere with a modern interior. The nursing home comes with state of the art facilities for medical care and security.

Medical care is a big part of the features provided by a nursing home, which is why this facility predominantly focuses on good medical care and supervision. Heritage at Westover Hills provides all residents with 24 hour medical care around the clock to make sure they remain safe and healthy.

The comprehensive lifestyle program by Heritage at Westover Hills is among the best in the industry and includes the approach put forward by Dr. Bill Hettler. Heritage at Westover Hills follows the six dimensions of wellness and makes sure that all residents follow physical or mental wellness in one form or the other.

The wellness routine is focused on diet, exercise and mental activities, which help meet the social and physical needs most residents have while stepping in to the facility.

Residents can be part of the social activities in the space and speak with others in the facility to build friendships and be a part of something bigger and better than just assisted living.

The diets are maintained by professional nutritionists and medical experts to create customized diet plans for each individual, based on their requirements.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • Best security features in town.
  • Follows cognitive wellness for all.

The Waterford at Thousand Oaks

The Waterford at Thousand Oaks provides residents with a luxurious lifestyle that is coupled with comfortable care and medical services around the clock.

The enriching experience in the nursing home allows residents to meet and greet with fellow residents and make friendships that last for the rest of their life. The care staff is extremely friendly and is available around the clock for medical services, personal care, housekeeping and balanced meals.

All residents get customized meals, which are made as per their dietary requirements. Diet matters a lot for senior residents, which is why the facility follows stringent standards to ensure that all senior citizens get the kind of food they require as per their diet.

The facility also includes a post office, a library, a salon, an exercise room and an on-site therapist to help senior citizens with mental qualms. The pet-friendly space is generally spacious and comes with all basic utilities.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • Pet friendly interior space.
  • On-site therapist available for routine sessions.
  • Care staff present around the clock.

Villa De San Antonio

Not many nursing homes in San Antonio can parallel the brilliance of Villa De San Antonio. The facility includes opinions from senior citizens and residents in all plans.

The calendars for social and physical activities are best on the personalized input of all concerned, with the primary focus being on satisfaction for all residents.

There are multiple monthly plans, including brain games, water aerobics, scenic drives, shopping trips, regulated dining experiences and margarita Mondays. All activities are carried out in a regulated environment so that senior citizens are monitored throughout and no harm is done.

All residents in the facility are encouraged to participate in events and be a part of the interactive environment. The medical care facilities in the nursing home are top notch and go well with the complimentary housekeeping for full care around the clock.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • Interest groups led by residents themselves.
  • Linen services and housekeeping as complimentary services.

The Inn at Los Patios

The Inn at Los Patios treats all residents to an amazing service standard that is complemented by the amazing environment around them.

The facility ranks among some of the best nursing homes in San Antonio, Texas and comes with vast external grounds, which can be good for strolling around and getting a gentle breather. There is also a beautiful gazebo for senior residents to entertain guests. All outdoor activities are monitored to ensure safety and security around the clock.

The caretakers include medical professionals as well, who provide diet plans and can come in handy in case of a medical emergency. The housekeeping professionals are on their feet around the clock and make sure that the space remains in pristine condition.

Key Features:

The key features provided in the facility include:

  • Multiple leisure spaces for games and entertainment.
  • Spacious grounds for everyone to stroll across.

Timberhill Villa Retirement Community

Timberhill Villa Retirement Community comes in this list on the basis of its sprawling campus and the wonderful Mediterranean décor.

The spacious living space comes with apartment-like features and is further complemented with separate kitchenettes, balconies, microwaves, fridges, carpeted rooms and window treatments in each apartment.

Senior citizens and residents can get sit-down features inside the bathrooms with emergency call rooms and tile flooring.

Normal days in the Timberhill Villa Retirement Community include a number of activities such as art groups, exercise programs and happy hours. Residents can also listen to live band performances as part of a normal day.

The lifestyle provided to all residents includes housekeeping, meals, medical care and linen services as part of the package.

Key Features:

  • Live brand to perform weekly happy hours.
  • Apartments that come with a full bathroom and kitchenettes.

Cost of Nursing Homes in San Antonio, Texas

An average semi-private room in a nursing home in San Antonio, Texas will cost you roughly $4,715 each month. The rates for nursing homes in San Antonio, Texas are pretty much the same as the median for nursing homes in Texas at $4,798 a month.

San Antonio is the second most populated city in the state of Texas and is home to over 1.5 million people. Over 12 percent of the city’s population is aged 65 or over, focusing on the growing need for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Seniors in the state of San Antonio, TX can enjoy a wide array of facilities, including access to the nursing homes that we have studied here.

All of these nursing homes are easily accessible and are taking admissions around the year. You can find out more information on them and visit them to enroll yourself and enjoy the facilities on offer.

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