Best Places To Retire For Gay Couples

Retirement is something that all couples look forward to after a long career, but you may find that certain locations will suit you better if you are gay.

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Retirement is something that all couples look forward to after a long career, but you may find that certain locations will suit you better if you are gay.

The best places to retire for gay couples within the United States are Austin-Texas, Tucson- Arizona, Denver- Colorado, Tampa-Florida, and New Orleans- Louisiana. Whereas abroad, the best places to retire are Portugal, the Philippines, and New Zealand.

While so much of the developing world is moving towards a progressive future with gay rights being a standard and equality being the end goal, you will find that some places are still much less accepting of the LGBTQ community than others. The last thing that you want to experience after working your whole life is to retire in a place where you are not going to feel connected with your community. With that being said, you also want to retire somewhere that has all of the qualities that you want and - most importantly - is affordable! Luckily, there are some amazing places for you to consider in the United States and abroad to enjoy your years as a retired gay couple. Keep reading to learn more about the best places to retire for gay couples.

As someone who is gay, retired, and well-traveled, I have a ton of experience living in different places that are affordable and accepting of the LGBTQ community. My experience has taught me that the best places to retire for gay couples are those that are affordable, fun, and gay-friendly.

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Places To Retire For Gay Couples (U.S.)

Regardless of your sexual orientation, there are some key qualities that most couples look for when they retire. At the end of the day, retirement is all about kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying your time with your partner in a place that is favorable to your interests. Unfortunately, with the rise in the cost of living in so many places around the United States, retirement is something that needs to be strategized a little more carefully.

The classic retirement hot spots such as Maimi, Florida, or Hawaii have been used and abused by retirees for decades, which has made them simply too expensive for the average retired couple. Now, while that may be the case that does not mean that you can’t find a nice place by the beach to have some fun in the sun with your partner. There are a number of places around the country that are more low-key and realistic for the budget retired couple.

However, if the beach is not your thing, that is totally fine. In fact, so many of the up-and-coming retirement hot spots are actually in cities, which is great news for those of us who like nights out and city life. The most important thing that I value is being in a place that is safe and accepting of who I am so that my partner and I can live out our lives in peace.

This really narrows the gap for the best places to retire for gay couples in the United States, as some parts of the country simply do not have the vibe that I am about. With that being said, there are some fabulous places to retire in America that are beautiful, affordable, and most importantly - gay-friendly. To help you understand this further, we are going to dive deep into some of the best places to retire for gay couples in the United States.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas

If you were to have an initial reflection on places that you would like to retire in the United States as a gay couple, I am willing to be that Texas would be at the bottom of the list. While the highly conservative state may not be the definition of a ‘gay-friendly’ place to retire with your partner, you should think again and consider Austin to be a top pick.

The city of Austin is quite the anomaly in the State of Texas, as it defies all ideologies of the culture of its surroundings. This city is progressive, diverse, cool, and most importantly - has a strong gay community.

This hip town has been a breeding ground for progressive living for years and it is baffling that so many retirees overlook it as a prime spot for their retirement. This is one city that will not let you down as a gay couple as you will fit right in and fall in love with its vibe.

The one downside to Austin is that it is a little bit pricey in comparison to some other places around the country. The current rating for the cost of living in Austin is 119, which is nearly 20% above the national average.

The median price for a house is going to be around $555,000, which is quite steep if you are on a budget. If money is not a huge obstacle for you, then you really cannot go wrong with Austin as a great place to retire as a gay couple.

However, if you are on a tighter budget, not all hope is lost for you. Austin (like most cities) is much more expensive to live in if you want to stay central. If you are willing to branch out to some of the suburbs and live in the outskirts of town, you will find that the cost of housing drops dramatically. Aside from the expensive housing, you will find that the rest of your living costs are actually very well rounded - with most things hovering just under the national average.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

Many gay couples who spent their laborious working years somewhere cold, just want to retire somewhere that is warm and affordable. I completely know how you feel, which is why Tuscon, Arizona is a great place to consider to tick that box.

While Tuscon may not have the beach, it will certainly have the heat - with scorching summer temperatures, you will have more than enough sunshine to satisfy your soul. On top of that, Tucson is considered to be one of the most gay-friendly places to live in the United States.

You will find that the locals in Tuscon are extremely kind and easy-going, which makes this a perfect retirement destination for gay couples that want to live in a nice community of accepting people.

In addition, Tucson is very affordable! Not everyone has the finances to retire wherever they please and the city of Tuscon is all about giving gay couples a place to enjoy their later years without overthinking costs.

The cost of living for Tuscon is currently about 10% below the national average with a score of 91. The cost of housing is 20% of the national average with the median home cost hovering right around $270,000.

If you are the kind of gay couple that likes to get out and about, Tuscon won’t let you down. The state of Arizona has some of the world’s most beautiful national parks and nature areas. You can easily get to the Grand Canyon and neighboring parks in other states such as Zion National Parky.

Overall, Tucson is just a very well-rounded place to retire in, as it is affordable, beautiful, warm, and gay-friendly.

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is no stranger to retirees and it is still to this day a great place to spend your later years in life with your partner.

If you have ever visited Colorado, you do not need me to tell you that it is absolutely stunning. The natural scenery of this state is a calling to any gay couple that loves to spend their time in the great outdoors breathing misty mountain air.

Once the hiking season wraps up, the fun is really just beginning. Denver has got plenty of skiing and snowboarding well within reach, which is great for those of you that love to hit some of the best powder in the world.

If you are not already sold on this amazing place for your retirement, Denver has one of the strongest LGBTQ communities in the entire country, so you will feel right at home when moving here.

However, if you want to live somewhere that is predominantly warm, you should probably cross this one off of your list, as it is going to be chilly, to say the least. The summers are absolutely lovely but you can expect it to be pretty nippy throughout much of the year.

The biggest downside to Denver is that it is quite pricey. The overall cost of living for this Colorado city is 128, which is not too bad on the grand scale of things, but the housing is expensive.

The cost of housing is nearly double the national average at 184. That means that the median cost for a home is well over 500k at roughly $550,000. This is, unfortunately, outside the budget of many retirees looking to do it on the cheap. With that being said, if the housing costs are not a major issue for you, then Denver is a fantastic place to retire for gay couples.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida

For decades Florida has been the proclaimed retirement dream for so many couples. While some of the state’s hotspots have become insanely overpriced, there are some gems in the state that have stayed relatively budget-friendly.

If you need some Florida in your life for your retirement years, you and your partner are going to love Tampa. This is by no means a new place for retirement but it is as good now as it ever has been. And of course - it is gay-friendly!

For so many gay retirees, all we want to find is a nice warm place, by the beach, in a location with a strong LGBTQ community, and Tampa ticks all of the boxes. You can live out your years with your partner, under the sun, and have the beach be just a stones’ throw away from you.

Within just a half hours’ drive, you will have as many as a dozen beaches at your disposal, which are world-class. And if you get bored of the beach, you can always visit ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ and make trips to Disney World a regular occurrence.

On top of that, Florida has some amazing natural scenery scattered throughout the state. The Everglades are absolutely stunning and you can reach just about everywhere you want to go within a few hours on the road. You really can’t go wrong with retiring in Tampa as a gay couple.

What’s great about Tampa is that it is affordable for such a Florida hotspot. The cost of living is as well-rounded as it gets with the city having a score of 100. In addition, the housing in Tampa is actually lower than the national average believe it or not - with a current score of 95.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

Few cities in the United States have as much life as New Orleans - known for its festivities, great food, and strong LGBTQ community, this is one retirement destination that you should not overlook.

New Orleans is a place for retirees that need city life in their lives, as this is certainly not a beach destination - and for so many gay couples that is just fine!

Aside from being very gay-friendly, New Orleans is also very affordable - for even retirees on a modest budget.

The cost of living in this southern city is as well-rounded as any retired couple could hope for with an overall average score of 99. This is great news for couples that want to retire without breaking the bank - while at the same time enjoying their later years somewhere that is vibrant and fun.

If you are still not convinced, the median housing costs of New Orleans are just over $250,000 - with a score of 77.

Places To Retire For Gay Couples (Abroad)

It is very common for gay retirees to seek out retirement in other parts of the United States but all too few opt for finding somewhere that is overseas. This has been quite surprising to me considering how many incredible places there are around the world to retire in, which are gay-friendly!

Retiring internationally seems to be somewhat of a fantasy for so many gay couples but very few of them actually believe that it is realistic. Nothing can be further from the truth, as hopping on a plane with a one-way ticket has never been easier and more affordable. If you have always dreamed of traveling the world or at the very least living in another country, there is really very little standing in your way when

your retirement is on the way.

Taking your retirement out into the international world is amazing, to say the least. So many gay couples are beginning to come around to retiring abroad as it is often cheaper and more exciting than doing it in the states. With that being said, not every country on Earth is going to be ideal for gay couples looking to retire. There are plenty of places where the idea of LGBTQ rights is still a new concept and maybe even not accepted.

These are not the places to add to your list, but you should know that there are plenty of countries out there that are just as accepting (if not more) of gay people as the United States. Let’s get right into the best places to retire for gay people abroad.



The first thing I hear from people that want to retire in Europe is that it is too expensive. While this may be the case for some European nations it certainly is not for all. One country in Europe that has gay marriage and a very strong LGBTQ community in Portugal.

Portugal is home to some of the nicest people on Earth and they will accept gay couples from abroad as their own, which is why this is one of the best places to consider for your retirement. The food is amazing, the Mediterranean weather is lovely, and unlike many places in Europe - it is affordable.

If you can cut down your monthly expenses to be around $2,000, there is no reason that you cannot live a very comfortable life in Portgual. The cost of living is among the cheapest in the entire EU and you have a wide variety of locations within the country to choose from.

Many gay couples decide to live in Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, as it is very lively and beautiful. There is always something to do and the gay community here is very strong. However, if you are the kind of couple that enjoys their solitude and quietude, there are countless quaint Portuguese towns and villages that will satisfy your lifestyle.

The Philippines

The Philippines
The Philippines

South East Asia has been a retirement destination for people for decades. So many ex-pats have ventured to this part of the world and have never come back because of the charm and simplicity of life that Asia offers.

However, many hotspot countries in South East Asia such as Thailand have begun cracking down on ex-pats, which has crushed the retirement dreams of so many people. Luckily, some of the most beautiful and less traveled countries in this part of the world have done the opposite - with the Philippines being one of them.

If you want to retire to a dream destination that has some of the world’s most majestic beaches, the Philippines is a fantasy come true. This gem of a country is full of islands, beaches, and some of the kindest people on the planet. You will not get bored island hopping or jumping from beach to beach, as the Philippines’ 7,000 islands are more than enough to occupy your retirement.

Now, is it gay-friendly? While gay marriage is not legal in the country, the culture and people are so accepting of the LGBTQ community that you really have nothing to worry about when wanting to enjoy your retirement with your partner here. The country is full of locals that identify as LGBTQ and they will not bat an eye at another gay couple on the scene.

One of the best things about retiring in the Philippines is that it is very cheap! If you are on a tight budget and want to retire with your partner is paradise, the Philippines is really the way to go. With a mere budget of $1,000 per month, you can live a very comfortable life with all of your needs met - and then some. If you have more to spend, you will find that life can get luxurious in this part of the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand
New Zealand

If you are having a hard time visualizing exactly where New Zealand is at, it is literally about as far south as you can get before reaching Antarctica. This well-developed nation in the southern hemisphere is home to some of the kindest and most accepting people on the planet.

Gay marriage is legal and the LGBTQ community is as strong as any progressive nation (if not more so). New Zealand is a place like no other - it is beautiful in every single way shape and form.

If you are a nature lover and want to retire with your partner somewhere that is visually stunning, New Zealand is really the way to go. There is so much to do in a nation that is about the size of California, that you will have plenty to keep you occupied.

Enjoy New Zealand’s amazing walks, hikes, and treks all year long. If you love to surf or ski, this is one of the few places on the planet where you can achieve both in the same day. The natural aesthetic of this country will blow your mind and it is hands down one of the most pleasant places anyone could hope to retire in.

However, if you need a break from the outdoors and prefer to reside in a city, the capital Wellington is just lovely. With so many things being just a few hours away, you can use any of New Zealand’s small city ‘hubs’ as a place to relax in between your nature adventures.

In addition, to all of New Zealand’s amazing qualities, it is also quite affordable and is comparable to some of the best hot spots in the United States as far as the cost of living goes. With a monthly budget of just $1,800 to $2,200, you can live quite comfortably in this beautiful country with your partner.

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