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When it comes to sailboats, everyone wants the best of the best — your life may depend on it! So what are the best sailboat brands and why?

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‍When it comes to sailboats, everyone wants the best of the best — your life may depend on it! So what are the best sailboat brands and why?

If you are looking to buy a sailboat, you will want one that offers reliability, safety, comfort, and style. A brand that has a history of producing some of the best sailboats out there will offer you all these attributes and more.

Some of the very best sailboat brands are Wally, Catalina, Bavaria, Dufour, Groupe Beneteau, Hallberg-Rassy, Nautor’s Swan, Island Packet Yachts, Sparkman & Stephens, and Tartan Yachts, that deliver the best quality sailboats that perform well in both bluewater and coastal sailing.

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the must-have features that the best sailboat brands should have. In addition, I have written a short review of the aforementioned boat brands so that you can make an informed decision when buying them.

As a lifelong lover of the sea, I have owned my fair share of sailboats over the decades and have done all types of sailing on them. This guide has been created based on my experience working with boats and I hope it helps you to know which boat is well-suited to you.

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The Top 10 Best Sailboat Brands for 2022

There are no doubt a lot more than just 10 sailboat brands that can offer you excellent value for money. However, for the purpose of writing this article, I will focus on the brands that I consider best-in-class.


Wally is one of the most expensive boat brands in the market. But as far as its drawbacks are concerned, that is all!

Wally manufactures high-end, high-performance sailboats with an exquisite build quality. The company only crafts custom sailboats with a focus on sportiness, quality, design, and comfort. This is the reason why their superyachts run into tens of millions of dollars.

If you have that kind of money to spend, however, you should definitely consider investing in them since the brand is a pioneer in many aspects.

However, just like a luxury sports car, these racers and cruisers are not beginner-friendly. If you are thinking of buying a used Wally sailboat, you can expect to get a lot of value for it since it is engineered to last a long time both in terms of performance and quality.


Catalina is one of the most popular and revered brands out there for the simple reason that it has a mission to create reliable, practical sailboats that are suited to everyone.

Catalina boats deliver practical handling, a convenient interior layout, and a competitive price. The company makes some of the sturdiest boats in the market that can withstand exceptionally well in all sorts of weather. Because of its financial stability, Catalina is able to make excellent manufacturing facilities that result in economies of scale, the benefit of which is passed down to the user.

Catalina boats are family-focused and are designed so that the entire family can have loads of fun on it. The boats are suited to all sorts of lifestyles and offer the best ownership and competitive price. This brand is very high value and has some of the best resale prices in the boating industry.


Bavaria is one of the most popular sailboat brands chosen by Mediterranean sailors.

Bavarian sailboats are very practical and more affordable than Catalina as well because of their more streamlined and efficient German manufacturing process. These sailboats are incredibly reliable, easy to navigate, and cost-competitive which are the reasons why so many charter companies prefer them.

The German boat manufacturer designs its sailboats with a focus on comfortable cruises. This is an excellent boat brand for beginner users since its sailboats will allow you to have quick and easy access to everything and is very convenient for sailors who haven’t yet gotten their sea legs. Even smaller boats are designed to have a good amount of space.

The boats have a comfortable layout so they are a choice option for longer journeys. Coupled with their price range and reliability, it is no surprise why it is one of the top 10 most preferred sailboat brands among the masses.


Dufour is a French luxury sailboat brand that is known for creating innovative boats that are a result of years of research and development.

For over 65 years, Dufour has been using composite technologies and materials to revolutionize the design and comfort of boats. The company also focuses on manufacturing boats that have clean and simple esthetics and its signature design can easily be recognized from afar.

Aside from these, Dufour boats are created using highly innovative methods like contact molding and are created from strong and light materials like fiberglass and solid wood.

One of the most universally acknowledged boats is the Dufour 360, which, true to its name, is extremely versatile, featuring a quick hull that remains steady at every speed. The boat has a huge cockpit and a full-fledged steering station and aims to make every voyage a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Groupe Beneteau

Groupe Beneteau is the parent company of many of the world’s most renowned boating brands. In this guide, we will focus on the boats made by the Beneteau and Jeanneau brands, which, although have their distinct USPs, are quite similar deep down.

When it comes to image and design, Beneteau is more family-focused while Jeanneau creates more sporty, high-performance boats. However, both the brands deliver a very feel-good vibe and come with a lot of premium features, depending on the price tag of the boat.

Many boats by Jeanneau offer unique layouts that cannot be seen in traditional boats — these include a two master bedroom setup and a stern under the cockpit. Many of the brand’s boats are equipped with a 360 docking system which allows you to easily navigate the boat with a joystick as well as feature a finer hull that can slice through the water better, resulting in less rocking motion.

All of these features do come at a price, but it is not as high as you would expect, thanks to the enormous buying power of the Groupe Beneteau. This is one of the reasons why the manufacturers can afford to use expensive material like wood on their crafts without you having to pay an arm and leg for it.

As far as personal boats go, Groupe Beneteau is one of the top choices for sailboats.


The Swedish yacht maker, Hallberg-Rassy, is known across the world for making the most high-quality and sturdiest sailboats.

The brand not just produces the most dependable and durable boats, but the vessels are also equipped with a nicely protected cockpit and deck that prevents you from getting soaking wet. The layout is finished with fine woodwork and the boats are equipped with a powerful engine and a big tank that is very helpful for going on long voyages.

Boats made by Hallberg-Rassy have some stand-out features like its bowsprit that allows easy access to and fro the deck. They also have electric anchor winches which ensure smooth maneuvering. The boats also have fairly large steering wheels that grant more control to the sailor even in rough seas. As such, this brand offers a lot of maneuverability and safety.

Nautor’s Swan

Nautor’s Swan has created the most innovative sailboats that have not pushed boundaries but also helped fulfill key demands of sailors around the world.

The company designs very seaworthy, elegant, and high-performing boats that stand the test of time and offer a lot of value, year after year. The brand has set records with its sleek and fast models that never sacrifice safety over performance. To ensure that, Nautor’s Swan produces boat models that are made of foam-cored glass fiber which is strengthened with carbon fiber and epoxy.

The brand’s boats are very responsive as any sailor can tell just from grabbing the wheel. The boats are engineered to slice effortlessly even through the biggest waves. What’s more, the boats have a very comfortable interior even during the roughest weather.

Because of these designs, the brand is known for its exceptional seafaring abilities and safety.

Island Packet Yachts

The Island Packet Yachts are designed for all the seafaring adventurers who want to venture across the ocean in safety.

One of the main features of an Island Packet yacht is that it has a larger than average aft deck. This means you get plenty of opportunities for sunbathing as well as lots of space to entertain guests. The boats also boast large living spaces that can carry a lot of gear and supplies if you are planning to go on longer voyages.

With lots of refined features, the Island Packet Yachts are created to offer you sailing with luxury, comfort, and safety. You will also have more convenient access to the cockpit, will have plenty of space, and excellent seafaring abilities, which is all you need for an extended voyage on the open waters.

Sparkman & Stephens

Sparkman & Stephens have a mission to design boats that go beyond an excellent deck plan and hull lines. Instead, the company focuses on fine naval architecture; research, development, and innovation; and elegance.

When it comes to performance excellence and revolutionary innovation, Sparkman & Stephens is one of the top choices. Although the brand respects tradition, it has also worked effortlessly to improve the sailing experience through the use of sophisticated technology and has taken sailing to a whole new level.

If you are thinking of buying a Sparkman & Stephens, you won’t go wrong with that model.

Tartan Yachts

A lot of sailors will tell you that if you want to go off on a sailing adventure, there is nothing quite like a Tartan Yacht to begin your journey.

Tartan Yachts is an award-winning brand that has been lauded for the excellent design and construction of its boats. This brand is known widely for its excellent performance, stable platform, and easy handling. As such, every new model strives to deliver an exceptional experience to every sailor by fulfilling their unique needs.

Tartan Yachts are created with a focus on best-in-class engineering that delivers optimal performance, high-end interiors, and exceptional visibility on deck. No matter what model it produces, it prioritizes strength, lightweightness, and safety. The boats offer excellent features for both narrow channels and open waters. With its easy handling abilities, you can expect an exceptional performer in all sorts of weather.

Must-Have Features in the Best Sailboat

Although there is a versatile array of beautiful sailboats in the market, you need to buy a sailboat that has certain features that matter to you the most. Let’s look at some of the key features that can make a big difference in the safety and enjoyment of your sailing experience.

Sailing Cockpit

As a sailor, you will find yourself spending a large amount of time in the cockpit helming, keeping watch, or trimming sails. As such, a cockpit should have both good drainage and good depth for safety reasons. It should allow you quick and easy access to all the jammers, cleats, and other important features of your boat’s winch system. The height of the seat is also important and should be about 14 inches high and about 21 inches wide to offer you optimal support. It should also be adjustable and allow you to change your positions easily.

GPS Chartplotter

A GPS chartplotter not only allows you to chart your course across the water but ensures you follow it as well. This feature will offer you updates on the water and weather conditions as well as potential hazards like sandbars or dangerous currents in the water.

GPS Chartplotters are also equipped with safety features like a man overboard button that helps sailors get coordinates of a location where someone fell overboard.

Electric Winch System

An electric winch system is a highly useful addition to a sailboat. It allows you to sheet a jib even in strong winds, trim the mainsail, as well as help you carry other burdensome tasks.

This system is particularly important if you are short on crew. This is because it can automate several tasks, freeing up the crew to carry out other important sailing tasks. In addition, this feature ensures safety even in the roughest weather, reducing the risk of your crew members getting injured.

In short, it makes your journey less stressful and more enjoyable.

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

A reverse osmosis watermaker is a must-have if you are going on long voyages and need safe drinking water. This technology is used to turn seawater into purified water safe for drinking by removing parasites, bacteria, and salt.

Although this device is pricey, it can eliminate the need to install huge water tanks in your boat. Make sure this device is maintained properly so that you can have drinking water, no matter where you are in the ocean.

Spacious Deck

A wide and open deck, free of clutter, is a very important feature in a sailboat. A spacious deck can help you access different parts of the boat without getting tangled with wayward objects. This is very important in reducing stress.

In addition, you should also opt for a boat that offers you easy access to the winches, masts, and sails. I recommend against buying boats that have decks that are designed in a way that you have to climb on top of the cabin to access the features. This type of design is quite unstable and extremely risky in rough weather. 

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