Can You Use Apple Gift Cards For Apple Pay (How To Redeem)

An Apple Gift card is a newly released feature for Apple devices. But can you use Apple gift cards for Apple Pay?

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An Apple Gift card is a newly released feature for Apple devices. But can you use Apple gift cards for Apple Pay?

The updated gift card product combines the Apple Store gift cards with the prior iTunes Store gift cards and App Store. The new technique provides a considerably easier experience compared to the old technique.

You can use Apple gift cards in many ways on iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices. Your Apple Account Balance is increased when you use an Apple Gift Card, and you can use it to purchase any US-based goods at the Apple Store as well as in the iTunes and App Store on Mac and IOS.

With the new scheme, it's simple to check the balance for iCloud and other Apple subscription services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple Books. The previous strategy of having different gift cards for the iTunes and App Store created a great deal of confusion for inexperienced users.

As Apple enthusiasts, we have an in-depth knowledge of Apple Gift Cards and how they work. With that said, we will help you understand how to redeem your gift cards for Apple Pay.

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How to use Physical Apple Gift Card with an iPhone, iPad, iPod, MAC, or PC

If you want to use your physical Apple gift cards on Apple products like an iPhone, iPad, iPad, or others, there are a few steps to follow, which are listed below.

  1. Firstly, open the App Store on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  2. In the top-right corner, touch on “Today,” and then tap your picture.
  3. When prompted, select "Redeem Gift Card or Code" and use your Apple ID to log in.
  4. Select Use Camera to incorporate your gift card using the cameras on your devices. Be sure to adhere to the on-screen directions in order to obtain the redemption code.
  5. You might need to manually input the card if you're in a particular country or region or in the event your card is older.  Choose "You can also enter your code manually" and then adhere to the instructions.
  6. Insert the code which begins with X and has 16 digits. It will be visible on the back of your gift card if it is a gift card for Apple Music or an iTunes and App store gift card.
  7. Enter the content or promo code found on the back of your Apple Gift Card.
  8. Click Done.

How to Redeem Digital Apple Gift Cards

  1. You can redeem an Apple Gift Card you've received via email by bringing it to an actual Apple Store.
  2. You can also use it on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac by clicking the Redeem Now link mentioned in the email.
  3. Your Apple Account Balance will be added automatically with the value.
  4. To use it immediately, you have two options. Either you can click the Shop Apple Store Online or Shop App Store button.
  5. If you wish to use it sometime later, just press “done” in the top right-hand corner.

From Apple's newly launched Gift Card website, you may mail an Apple Gift Card to anyone. Your work is finished when you tap or press "Buy" in the top right-hand corner of the website. If you want to add money to your personal Apple Account Balance, there are various options, such as the App Store application.  Click Add Funds to Apple ID after tapping the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to do this.

How to Add New Funds to Your Device's Gift Card Wallet?

You may add money from an iTunes gift card into the Wallet app downloaded on your iPad or iPhone, even though there is no known way of utilizing it for Apple Pay itself. Additionally, you can add more money to your account, which you could then utilize easily in an Apple Store. This is advantageous if you would rather pay with cash than a credit card.

  1. To achieve this, you would have to first activate  Apple Pay and the Wallet on your devices when you’re in the Apple Store itself.
  2. On the Apple Pay and Wallet apps, select the iTunes and App Store cards.
  3. When the Pass opens, a distinctive QR code will appear.
  4. Inform an Apple Store staff member about how much cash you want to add to your accounts and display your device along with your App Store and iTunes pass.
  5. That amount must be paid in order for the money to be added. To do that, the worker will have to scan the QR code that is shown on your device.

Uses for Apple Gift Cards

The Apple Gift Card can be used for various things, including movies, TV shows, music, applications, and subscriptions. Apple will be using the Apple Account Balance first, rather than charging the credit or debit card associated with your Apple ID for any transactions that you make by using the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple News+, and Apple Music.

Steps for using a gift card on the apple store application

  1. When making purchases via the Apple Store application, you must first shop and choose the items you want to add to your shopping bag. After that, you will be able to use your Apple Account Balance or an Apple Gift Card
  2. Click on "CHECKOUT"
  3. Now find the option to use all or a portion of your Apple Account Balance.
  4. Click Apply in the upper corner at the right after inputting the desired amount.
  5. You can simply place orders now.

Checking Apple Account Balance on iPad or iPhone

By going to the Settings application and selecting your name, you may check your account balance at any moment. Then, select Apple Account after clicking on Payment & Shipping.

As an alternate way, you can view your Apple Account Balance by clicking on your profile symbol in the upper corner of the App Store on iPhones or iPads. Look near the top beneath Game Center to see how much balance you have.

Checking Apple Account Balance on Mac

Click the profile symbol located in the left corner on the bottom side of the Mac App Store. Select View Information from the upper corner on the right to continue. Enter your password when asked. The third section, which will be displayed on your screen after entering the password, is where you can simply check your Apple Account Balance on Mac.

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