Do Senior Citizens Get Discount On Airlines?

Senior citizens get their fair share of discounts when it comes to taxes and amenities, but do senior citizens get discounts on airlines?

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Senior citizens get their fair share of discounts when it comes to taxes and amenities, but do senior citizens get discounts on airlines?

Senior citizens travel often. It could be for medical reasons, seeing their children or grandchildren, or merely for recreational purposes. But senior citizens don’t really have much to spare on traveling, do they? This brings us to whether senior citizens are offered discounts on airlines.

Senior citizens do get discounts on airlines; however, not every time and not with every airline. Some airlines, including American Airlines, Air France, British Airways, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines, have exclusive rates for senior citizens.

Airfare is the major expense when traveling, and not many elderly people can afford to pay such hefty sums on tickets. The good news for all senior citizens is that many airlines offer great discounts for senior citizens. Choosing the airlines that take senior citizens into their consideration can really cut down a major chunk of their travel expenses.

As people who have worked in the travel industry for decades, we know all about the different rates that airlines charge senior citizens. As such, we’re in the perfect position to tell you all about the discounts that senior citizens get on different airlines.

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Do Senior Citizens Travel Often?

You might be surprised to know this, but the number of senior citizens traveling is constantly on the rise. More and more people choose to travel after they retire from not just their jobs but also from the responsibilities of their children. There are many reasons for the ever-increasing number of seniors who’re traveling actively.

They Have Plenty of Money Saved Up

Most people don’t really get the time to travel when they’re young. Their job keeps them occupied most of the time, and on the days when they don’t have work, they opt to relax and rest rather than travel. However, most wise people save up for retirement to keep themselves financially secure and stable when they don’t have a job. Having sufficient money saved, post-retirement seems like the best time to travel the world with all the money that they saved for years.

For Medical Reasons

One of the most common reasons why senior citizens have to travel often is for medical reasons. Someone may be suffering from a disease that requires specialized doctors in another state or country. Senior citizens have to travel to their doctors for their treatment.

To Meet Children and Grandchildren

Another common reason senior citizens travel often is to meet their children and grandchildren. Most of the time, people have to move to bigger houses as their families grow or when they find a job elsewhere. Not many people choose to take their parents with them. But that doesn’t stop parents from traveling all the way to meet their children and grandchildren!

Discounts for Seniors

Many hotels and airlines offer attractive discounts for senior citizens. The urge to avail of these attractive discounts is yet another reason why we see senior citizens traveling so frequently today. Also, most hotels are willing to go the extra mile to make senior citizens feel comfortable and welcome at their premises.

All of these cut down on the reluctance the elderly may feel during traveling, thereby encouraging them to enjoy the time of their lives that they couldn’t do while they were younger.

Airline Discounts for Senior Citizens

Like we said earlier, many airlines offer great discounts on airfare for senior citizens. It’s their way of showing love and respect and encouraging them to travel. Traveling is extremely good for mental health, especially for senior citizens.

Let’s have a look at some of the airlines that offer discounts on airfare for senior citizens.

American Airlines

If you’re 65 years old or more, you’re in for great discounts with American Airlines. You can avail of great senior citizen discounts when traveling on some international routes. You won’t get a discount on all routes. This is why it’s best to check which routes are applicable for the senior citizen discount and plan your trip around it.

You can always compare the difference in airfare on the American Airlines website. Simply search for a flight you’re planning to take using the feature of Advanced Search. Fill in your flight preferences and choose the option of ‘Senior (65+0’) from the ‘Passengers’ drop-down menu. The website will show the discounted rates, and you can book your flight directly from the website.

Air France

You’re in luck if you’re 60 years old or more and are planning to travel via Air France. Air France offers tremendous discounts and perks to senior citizens that you should not miss. You can enjoy as much as 30% off on your airline ticket. You can even make upgrades during the flight without being charged extra.

All you’ve got to do is carry proof of your age with you. If you’re over 65 years of age, you can even order your ‘My Senior Pass’ from the official website of Air France and enjoy the perks of discounted international travel.

British Airways

Traveling with British Airways allows you to enjoy the perks of being a senior citizen without being really old. Unlike other airlines on our list that offer discounts for senior citizens 60 years of age or older, British Airways offers discounts to people aged 50 and above. If you’re 50 years old, you’re eligible to join AARP. Members of AARP get a chance to save as much as $200 on all trans-Atlantic flights.

The discounts are valid for certain routes, including round trips from some U.S. gateways to the U.K and beyond. You’ve got to keep in mind that you’ll get the discount only if you book your tickets through the AARP website.

United Airlines

If you’re looking for the best airline discounts for senior citizens, you should book your flights with United Airlines. They’re known for the best discounts for senior citizens who are 65 years or older.

The discount is only applicable for some destinations, but you can always choose your destinations from these limited options. Discounted travel is way better than no travel!

Just make sure you’re informing the airline that you’re a senior and you would like them to make your booking under the senior citizen discount.

Delta Airlines

You can make use of a senior citizen discount when traveling with Delta Airlines. However, the airline hasn’t announced this publicly. When you contact Delta Airlines to book your flight tickets, make sure you tell them you’re a senior citizen, and they’ll share the details about senior citizen discounts with you then and there.

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