Do Snowboard Bindings Come With Screws & Hardware?

When you buy a snowboard, you are not guaranteed bindings. But when you do buy your snowboard bindings, you will need the screws and hardware to install.

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‍When you buy a snowboard, you are not guaranteed bindings. But when you do buy your snowboard bindings, you will need the screws and hardware to install.

A common issue that occurs is loose bindings or losing screws and hardware during use. This can be a major issue that leads to injury making it even more important that you take care of the parts that come with your snowboard binding purchase.

Snowboard bindings come with screws and hardware, but they are not always included if you buy used bindings. When you purchase new bindings, you will receive all of the screws, washers, mountain plates, straps, and discs to install them for a secure and safe fit on your snowboard.

Snowboard bindings are the most important part of a snowboard. They allow you to attach your boots to the board and also provide you with a way to control your speed and maneuverability. You should always buy bindings that come with the required screws and hardware.

Purchasing bindings from the top brands like Burton is a great way to ensure you will receive all of your screws and hardware too. We recommend doing this or buying snowboard setups that include all of your binding necessities too.

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‍Do Snowboard Bindings Come With Screws & Hardware?

You may need to purchase snowboard boots and bindings separately from the board. But they will come with all of the screws and hardware for the bindings. This allows you to properly install your bindings, lock them, and use them right away with a compatible set of boots.

The snowboard bindings allow you to attach your feet to the board and have control over how it moves. It comes with screws and hardware for the bindings already installed on them, so you don’t need anything else besides some small tools to install them.

When you purchase used bindings, you run the risk of buying them without proper screws or hardware for them to work properly. This is something you should always keep in mind, because some bindings do not use the same screws as others.

This will make it very difficult to properly install your bindings to the snowboard securely. They require at least four screws for a tight fit along with other screws and hardware for the heels and clips for the most comfort.

What Is Included With Snowboard Bindings?

Snowboard bindings come in various shapes and sizes, with some having different features such as straps that offer more support or give riders more control over their boards. With every purchase, you will receive all of the necessary parts to hook up your bindings with your board to start riding.

You will receive two bindings for each foot, toe straps, footbeds for each binding, ankle straps, base plates, screws, washers, and mounting discs. This may sound complex but putting them together is not too complicated either.


The snowboard bindings come in unique sizes to fit your boot size. They are designed to handle intense pressure without breaking because of the harsh turns and stopping required when using a snowboard.

When you buy your bindings, you need to make sure you are buying compatible boots too. This will help keep your bindings in the best shape too.

Toe Strap

The toe strap is usually made of elastic or neoprene. It secures around your boot's ankle so that it can't slip out when you're on a fast run down a steep slope. This is also where you will see many binding types lock your foot into place tightly.

The way they attach to your boot is also important and there are many different types of attachment systems available for boots. You will receive screws to tightly attach the toe strap onto the binding for a secure fit too.


The footbed is typically made of hard plastic, metal or fiberglass. It holds your boot firmly in place by squeezing it through a hole at an angle, which will be determined by how much room you want between your toes and the front of your snowboard.

The footbed is attached to the board and it provides the most control over how quickly and easily your board releases from your feet when jumping or riding rails.

Ankle Strap

The ankle strap included with your snowboard bindings is important for security and balance while snowboarding. It is the primary connection between your boot and the board.

It is designed to keep you from falling off the board, which would be disastrous for both you and your board. The most common mistake people make when sizing their straps is to have them too loose, which can lead to an awkward feeling of being unbalanced on the board.

Base Plates

The base plates included with your snowboard bindings are necessary for the snowboard binding interface. It also helps with easier releasing of bindings from the board when you want to put them on or take them off.

The design of a base plate can vary depending on what type of board you're using it for. For example, if you're using it for a freestyle board, then the base plate will be designed to allow for a lot more movement in order to do tricks.

Mounting Discs

The mounting discs included with your snowboard bindings is important for security and durability while snowboarding. The discs are mounted to the baseplate, which is attached to the underside of the board.

They are a crucial component in maintaining your center of gravity and keeping you balanced on the board. Your mounting disc should be mounted to a flat surface, such as a baseplate or an aluminum extrusion.

If it is not mounted correctly, it can cause instability on the board and lead to injury. They keep the board from sliding off and provide you with extra protection.

Screws & Washers

And most importantly, your snowboard bindings will come with all required screws and washers to make installation easy. All of the key components above will need screws to securely attach them to the binding too.

Are Snowboard Binding Screws Universal?

Snowboard binding screws are the small screws that hold the binding to the snowboard. They are often used in pairs with one screw securing the base of the binding while the other secures it at an angle.

There are some models of bindings that use a different screw than what is standard, but most use a standard screw size. You will need to check with the user manual on your bindings to determine whether they will work for you.

The answer to this question is no, snowboard binding screws are not universal. There are many different types of snowboard binding screws, and they do not all fit the same boards.

Snowboard binding screws have a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is important to make sure that you are buying the correct ones for your board.

How Long Will The Screws & Hardware Last?

The materials used in the binding screws and hardware are designed to be strong and withstand the pressure of your boots. They are also designed to be durable in a variety of weather conditions.

Different snowboard bindings use different types of hardware, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how long it will last. However, most bindings have screws that can last for about a year with normal use.

The life span of your snowboard binding screws and hardware can depend on how they are used. If you use them more, they will wear out faster.

But if you ride less, they can last for a longer period of time. And this is also dependent on the weather conditions and the type of snowboard bindings you have.

Your snowboard binding screws and hardware can last for about one year. But this depends on the weather and the way they are used. For example, if you ride in the extreme cold frequently or if you use your board a lot, it will wear out faster than someone who rides less often or rides in warmer conditions.

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