20 Family Fishing Vacations In The US

From Florida to Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, we bring you the best family fishing vacation destinations across the United States.

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From Florida to Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, we bring you the best family fishing vacation destinations across the United States. Whether you're looking for huge fish, scenic spots, or sandy beaches, we offer you a plethora of options.

As fishing becomes more mainstream, many people have realized that it's a family-friendly activity that those who live under one roof can indulge in. Whether you have teens or kids who are willing to take up fishing for the first time, fishing is an adventurous and quite enjoyable activity that will have everyone engaged. If you've been thinking about taking your family for a fishing vacation, you're probably looking for the best fishing-themed destinations.

There are a handful of destinations where families can enjoy the best fishing vacation. And because we're in the middle of summer, there are several places across the United States that ticks all the boxes as far as the best fishing vacations are concerned. So without further ado, let's jump straight in and highlight great family fishing vacation destinations.

Here are the best places around the country that can make great family fishing vacation destinations.

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Destin, Florida

Every year, families gather for their annual fishing trip in Destin, Florida. This destination presents endless fishing opportunities as you can catch a variety of fish including redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead inshore, and many more. Go deeper into the gulf and you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of fish species available. From pompano, mackerel to cobia, and many more, this destination is known for its endless species of fish.

And it's not just about fish; you can hit some of the best beaches in the world as you tuck in some fish tacos down in the hugely popular Destin Marina.

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

If you love enjoying the outdoors as a family, few places will top fishing with your loved ones in the Kenai Peninsula. A ride away from Soldotna, which is known as the King Salmon capital of the world, this place is widely known for some of the largest King Salmon in the world. The Kenai River will be filled with salmon and steelhead during summer and will make your fishing vacation much better as they're tasty and fun to catch.

That's not all; the Kenai Peninsula has some of the best walking and hiking trails in the state. Whether you choose to visit the Kenai Fjords National Park, Cunningham Park, or Meek's trail, you're guaranteed that your family will be in for a spectacular vacation.

Branson, Missouri

If you want an indication as to how fishing is good at the Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri, just take a look at the number of bass tournaments held in this destination every year. And how about the Ozark, which has become known worldwide as a fishing gem? This destination is, without a doubt, a vacation mecca in the Midwest and is a fantastic way of keeping the entire family happy.

Largemouth and bass are the main courses on Table Rock Lake but you can also fish for trout at the nearby Lake Taneycomo. You should also check out the 13-acre Silver Dollar City White Water Park, which is one of America's most popular water parks.

Black Hills, South Dakota

From the Wild West town of Deadwood to Custer State Park where bighorn and bison roam freely, the Black Hills is an incredible place for the entire family to catch fish surrounded by other wildlife. This area is often overlooked by most families due to its Wild West reputation but the area's streams are filled to the brim with trout that tumble through the Black Hills, as well as the little lakes that dot the marvelous rugged landscape.

Whether you want to fish from a small boat or the bank, these lakes and streams offer everything from jumbo lake trout to yellow perch. You'll not spend even a minute chasing fish!

Everglades City & 10,000 Islands, Florida

Tucked somewhere between Florida Everglades and 10,000 islands, Everglades City offers the best for an angling family. Whether you want to fish deep into the rugged saltwater flats or the Miller's World Resort, the entire family can cast everything from Sheepshead, snapper, snook to tarpon.

The wildlife that abounds you in the Everglades is immense, to say the least. Imagine a place where you can fish for saltwater and freshwater fish from the same spots.

Orange Beach, Alabama

If you want to give your kids a vacation to remember for ages, Orange Beach is your surest bet. A great combination of sumptuous Red Snapper and sandy white beaches, Orange Beach offers you the opportunity to unplug some Snapper, mackerel, and cobia.

There are also hundreds of artificial reefs that are close to the shore. The best time to come here is, of course, during summer and you'll witness first-hand the Red Snapper going viral.

Big Lake, Arizona

If you're planning to go for a fishing vacation deep in Arizona, Big Lake might be the best option. Boating and fishing are extremely popular in Big Lake, which makes it a truly perfect destination for a vacation or family gathering in Arizona.

The lake has a healthy stock of brown trouts, brook, rainbow and many more. You'll find many facilities for visitors, as well as local tackle shops that offer good fishing gear. With the White Mountains acting as your backdrop, you should never forget to bring a camera to snap some memorable photos.

Mammoth Lakes, California

Imagine fishing with your loved ones in ultra-clear lakes on the backdrop of snow-capped peaks. Well, this is exactly what Mammoth Lakes in California's Eastern Sierra offers to a family that wants to angle together. Peppered by dozens of lakes, this region is heavily stocked with trout to ensure that you never miss on some great catch.

To make it much better, there are several resorts, campsites, and cabins that cater to traveling families. Even though a boat isn't a must, there are several boat rentals if you want to venture deep into the lakes. Better still, these lakes have various shores that provide excellent fishing opportunities for families.

Douglas Lake, Tennessee

Located in eastern Tennessee, Douglas Lake is surrounded by jaw-dropping mountain scenery and a plethora of tourist attractions that make the area a great fishing destination for families. While it may be a lot difficult to concentrate on fishing alone given the presence of eye-popping English Mountain, this lake is well-stocked with feisty bass that will be biting at all times.

You can also indulge in several water sports that are available on this 28,000-acre lake. You can as well explore new fishing opportunities on Norris Lake and Cherokee Lake.

San Diego, California

If you want a destination where you can enjoy fishing from sunrise to dusk without any worry in the world, San Diego could be your place. This is a hub destination for hip anglers who want a lovely place to fish and enjoy the best that life has on offer as you marvel at the sunrise on Coronado Beach.

This is a great destination to fish for California Sheephead, Halibut, and White Seabass. Some of the greatest places to try your luck include La Jolla Cove and Point Loma. And if you want to catch some Tuna, Mahi, and Marlin, just head offshore but this would be only appropriate if your children are in their 20s or older.

Thousand Islands, New York

Even though you may not be lucky enough to catch a 60-inch musky, it's quite possible in the Thousands Islands. Located in Upstate New York, there are big muskies, bass, and other fish species that can be caught from the shore or aboard charter boats. From Lake Ontario down to St. Lawrence River, these areas are hugely popular for holding numerous bass tournaments.

The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton has all types of classic boats. You can also visit a couple of great places in the region such as Frederick Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg and Dwight Eisenhower Visitors Center.

Niagara River, New York

The Niagara River may be known throughout the world for its wonderful waterfall, but there are various spectacular places in the area where you can enjoy throwing some lines. In addition to visiting the waterfall, you can take your loved ones to Lake Ontario or Lake Erie for some fishing escapades as they're widely known for their fisheries.

During the summer, you'll be overwhelmed by the huge number of walleyes, smallmouth bass, and muskies. You can also visit the riverside town of Lewiston, which is a superb starting point for a family fishing vacation.

Traverse City, Michigan

From trout, walleyes to salmon, Lake trout, and many more, we can't pin down the type of fish you'll have on your line when trolling the waters of Traverse City in Michigan. You have the option of fishing in the big waters, as well as the region's lake system and inshore waters.

According to Field & Stream Magazine, Traverse City is the third-best fishing town in the country, so it's a great place for your family fishing vacation.

Bear Creek Lake Park, Colorado

If you want a great and quiet place to latch on rainbow trout, tiger Muskie, yellow perch, walleye, and smallmouth bass, the Bear Creek Lake Park in Colorado is a superb option. You can start your day by hiking, riding on a horse, or doing some archery before going swimming in the lake.

You can then head out to catch some fish or even trail along the 1.3-mile long Fisherman's Trail while looking for a great fishing spot. Just make sure that you have a fishing license ahead of your trip.

Port Isabel, Texas

Thanks to some of the clearest water and shallow grassy flats along the Texas Coast, Port Isabel and the Lower Laguna Madre is a fantastic family fishing destination for those looking to stalk speckled trout and redfish. If you're planning to take your family with you, this destination feels great during summer.

Located south of the Texas coast, Port Isabel is a fun fishing destination as it offers great access to rich fish species. You can also easily access local charter boats and dolphin cruises to make your fishing adventures more enjoyable. There are also plenty of sandy beaches to lie on, fresh Gulf seafood to enjoy, and superb shops to explore.

Flaming Gorge, Utah

Rising 502 feet above bedrock, the Flaming Gorge Dam collects its waters from the Green River to become the largest reservoir in Wyoming. It is famous for its trophy lake trout and you shouldn't be surprised if you catch a trout weighing over 30 pounds.

As a popular family attraction throughout the year, there is an endless list of recreational opportunities that will ensure that the entire family is engaged. The water at this reservoir is quite cool even when it's scorching hot, which is an excellent habitat for trout and invigorating for anyone who wants to try water skiing.

Pymatuning Lake, Pennsylvania

With its stained, shallow, and cover-laden waters, Pymatuning Lake beckons families that want to enjoy some fishing vacation in one of the best places in Pennsylvania. Whether you're looking to unplug bass, walleyes, bluegills, or crappies, you'll be in for a real fishing vacation.

This long but narrow lake is located on the Pennsylvania/Ohio border and has some of the most fantastic fishing shorelines in the region. It doesn't matter whether you want to fish from a pier or a causeway; Pymatuning Lake offers a wide range of fishing options to suit your preferences.

Westport, Connecticut

Have you been longing for a well-deserved family fishing vacation? Westport will never disappoint. You and your loved ones will access a wide range of fish species including Flounder, striped bass, scup, and little Tunny. The local waters are a great place to start your fishing escapades, especially between May and November, while the Combo Beach can be a great place during summer.

And if your kids love stargazing, the Westport Astronomical Society can be a great place to see how bright a summer night can be.

Lake Oahe, South Dakota

As the fourth largest water reservoir in the country and located in a 304,000-acre impoundment on the Missouri River, it's safe to say that Lake Oahe is a great family fishing destination if you do not want to be overcrowded by other anglers. Home to a wide range of fish species including smallmouth bass, salmon, catfish, white bass, yellow perch, and many more, Lake Oahe offers what's known as the great Midwest mix.

Besides fishing, this is a great place if you are interested in the Old West and American history in general.

Lewes, Delaware

Do you want a great family fishing destination that can give you the chance to enjoy the best of the Atlantic? Look no further than the city of Lewes, Delaware. This is an excellent place to reel various fish species such as black Seabass, Mahi, striped bass, and even shark!

While you can get the most out of your fishing escapade during summer, this is a great place to go fishing throughout the year. When done with fishing, you can visit the iconic Zwaanendael Museum and learn a thing or two about the short-lived history of the Dutch community that once graced Delaware in the 17th century.

These are some of the best family fishing destinations in the United States. Have you fished in any of them? Did you find them enjoyable? Were they captivating? Well, let us know by commenting below.

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