Going Fishing During The Coronavirus

Fishing is a fun and safe way to ride out the coronavirus pandemic. This is a perfect time to get out there on the water and get some bites on your line.

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Fishing is a fun and safe way to ride out the coronavirus pandemic. This is, therefore, a perfect time to get out there on the water and get some bites on your fishing line.

The coronavirus pandemic is a serious public health crisis that has ignited worldwide anxiety, extreme panic modes; shutdowns to any public gathering of more than 250 people and all types of sports, and overwhelming stress levels to families across the world. This unfortunate madness that’s almost akin to an apocalypse has left many Americans with fewer entertainment opportunities. However, this is perhaps the perfect time to lean more towards a traditionally favorite American pastime: fishing.

You’ve probably been wondering whether you can go fishing during the coronavirus shutdown. Well, fishing can be a perfect way to take the edge off the coronavirus fears, calm your nerves down, keep you on self-imposed isolation, and keep a social distance. Generally, fishing is a great way to keep at least six feet distance as recommended by the CDC while getting away from all the devastating news about how the coronavirus is affecting the entire world. There’s just no way you’ll contract or spread the coronavirus while out there fishing.

With that in mind, here’s how you can stay healthy and away from the coronavirus through fishing.

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Fishing is a Fun and Perfect Way to Keep a Social Distance

One of the best ways to keep the coronavirus on the low is by keeping a social distance. According to the CDC, it’s important to stay at least six feet away from one another to mitigate the spread of this deadly virus. While staying indoors looks like the right thing to do at this point, it’s not fully encouraged by public health experts.

According to Dr. James Buehler, a former Philadelphia health commissioner and a clinical professor at Drexel University; “There are high chances of transmitting or contracting the virus in an indoor setting if you’re exposed to someone with the coronavirus.” “The risk is much less in outdoor spaces because you’ll less likely be very close to people.”

It’s, of course, essential that we all avoid congested public places and public events that may lead to the spread of this virus. This only leaves us with this great pastime: angling. We have to note that fishing always adheres to the rules of social distance, with or without the coronavirus. In most cases, fishing doesn’t often call for proximity to a fellow angler. It’s an activity that stipulates that you give each angler his/her own space while out there on the water, especially if you’re strangers.

Again, self-imposed isolation can be quite challenging but fishing is a fun and perfect way to engage in something captivating while remaining isolated. You, of course, don’t have to remain alone and feeling lonely while out there. This is a perfect time to take a non-infected friend or loved one out on the water in search of the elusive bass. It a wonderful opportunity to interact with the immediate members of your family, build bonds and encourage each other during these trying times.

Fishing can bring down Stress Levels during the Coronavirus Spread

The coronavirus has indeed affected many parts of our lives. Whether it’s the jobs, schools, sports or any form of entertainment, the coronavirus has led to an almost complete shutdown of our everyday life. Believe it or not, most of us are either glued on their screens or following the coronavirus updates on social media platforms.

This can be a little overwhelming, especially if you start wondering how you can keep your loved ones safe. So what can you do? Well, fishing is healthy and open for business so all you have to do is get your rod, set your line and get out there! Going fishing at the nearby lake or river is a great way to avoid crowded places and get some peace of mind.

Get out of the house, change the scenery and hopefully you’ll get some relaxation and reduce the stress levels. If anything, you won’t be touching shoulders and hugging while out there on the water but you’ll at least get away from everything coronavirus even if it’s for a couple of hours.

Fishing Enables You to be Self-Sufficient

As we’ve noted before, the coronavirus has affected many parts of our daily lives. Many people are losing their jobs and the economy is on the brink. You’ve probably seen people in panic-buying mode stocking up in case the virus becomes worse.

Amidst all these, fishing can be a great way to become self-sufficient during these hard economic times. In addition to being healthy and delicious, you can go fishing and use your catches to sustain your loved ones for days. Even though fishing may not be the long term solution, it’s a fun way to supplement your diet and ensure that you at least have a great meal during this ongoing pandemic.

So instead of staying indoors and blaming the government for not doing enough to curb this deadly disease, get out there on the water and make sure that your family gets some wonderful source of protein to keep them going.

Take this Chance and Learn How to Fish

It’s always great if we can use such unfortunate situations to our advantage and better ourselves as human beings. If you’ve been procrastinating about learning how to fish, this is a perfect opportunity to get on with it. Almost all parts of our lives are shut and instead of sitting there watching Netflix, get out there on the water and learn how to set a rod and reel in fish.

You can reach out to a fishing friend or family member and accompany them to the nearby water body. You can as well learn a thing or two on YouTube before hitting the waters. Keeping in mind that fishing is a low-expense activity that won’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars, especially during the coronavirus spread. Get a fishing license, a rod, a line, a hook, and some lures and you’ll be good to go!

Reconnect with Nature

No offense to journalists as they do a tremendous job and risk their lives to update us on the coronavirus pandemic. But honestly speaking, staying indoors to the coronavirus new updates can be overwhelming. Why not take up fishing and reconnect with nature? Believe it or not, spending some time in nature is a lot better than lounging on the couch watching Netflix. In fact, going fishing will humble you and make you realize that there’s more to life than the human pain that the coronavirus has brought about.

Follow Safety Guidelines

It wouldn’t make sense to encourage you to go fishing during coronavirus without reminding you to take precautions. Whether you’re alone on the water or there are a few other anglers, it’s best to keep distance, have a safety face mask, thoroughly wash your hands, and do not go about touching every other place or object.

Although there are a lot of grey areas concerning this disturbing pandemic, the WHO and FDA have confirmed that there’s no evidence that this virus can be spread through food. However, it’s important to adhere to the health and safety measures whether at home or on the water.

Makes sure that you use a sanitized vessel and you can avoid the fishing trip altogether if you have any flu-like symptoms. It short, it would be in the best interest of everybody that you seek medical attention if you have any flu-like symptoms instead of going out on the water and scaring the hell out of everybody else. You should disinfect various surfaces such as rod handles and the boat vessel (if you’ll be using one) and avoid handshaking. Whether you are at home or out on the water, be responsible enough to help in mitigating the spread of coronavirus.

More importantly, avoid fishing in overcrowded public areas. Choose a secluded place where you can easily keep a safe distance from other anglers. You should also avoid using public transport to and from your fishing trip. You can choose to hike, ride a bicycle or drive. You’ve been told countless times that your safety is of great importance and it all starts with you, so do not take chances.

To this end, it’s so sad that the coronavirus has affected many parts of our daily lives. There are numerous precautions and limitations all set out to help decrease the spread of this deadly disease. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t go fishing. Well, fishing is a safe and fun activity that can help you during these trying moments.

So if by bad luck, you’ve contracted the disease, seek immediate medical attention, stay indoors, get some rest, and recover. But if you feel well, get your rod, your fishing line and get out on the water as it’s probably what any qualified doctor will tell you to do. Make sure that you remain responsible, stay safe, practice social distance, have fun and get ‘em fish!

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