How Did Amber From Teen Mom Lose Weight?

Anyone who may be following the weight journey of Amber from Teen Mom may be wondering how she has finally lost so much weight and kept it off.

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Anyone who may be following the weight journey of Amber from Teen Mom may be wondering how she has finally lost so much weight and kept it off.

For many of us, dieting is more than just a challenge. It becomes extremely frustrating when we finally figure out the formula for our body to lose weight, only to gain it all back again a few months later. It makes us want to throw up our hands and not try again, but Amber’s story may inspire you to try your own weight loss journey one more time.

Amber from Teen Mom lost weight by focusing on healing her deeper issues, finding an exercise routine that works for her, cutting all empty carbs out of her diet, and learned to take the slow-and-steady route to long-term weight loss.

We’ve all watched how some celebrities can go from heavy to thin in a seemingly short period of time, but Amber’s journey has been different. She has had a number of years where her weight was concerningly high, then she would show up in a magazine looking almost too thin. Now that she seems to have struck a healthy balance, we all want to know how she got there. Lucky for us, she’s been quite open about it and has shared her own secrets for successful weight loss and overall health.

I love following celebrity transformation stories because I think they live large lives that help inspire all the rest of us. Watching a woman like Amber go through her share of ups and downs is enough to remind any of us that our goals are possible, if we just follow a few simple steps and stay on track to get there.

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How Did Amber From Teen Mom Lose Weight?

Amber Portwood came into the public eye when she was cast in the 2009 reality television show, 16 and Pregnant.

The show focused on young girls who were trying to get through being a teenager, while also being pregnant.

Amber was a popular, but controversial character on the show. She was known for her loud and physical outbursts, and eventually was arrested on drug charges and domestic violence issues toward her then partner.

Amber’s story has not been a fairytale, and she’s had numerous problems throughout the years, including addiction, multiple failed relationships, and weight loss battles that would leave her either significantly heavier than she should be, or so thin that people worried for her.

But, she has finally made some big changes to her life that seem to be for the better.

One of those changes is her incredible weight loss. And this time, she seems to be keeping it off. There are some good reasons why.

1. She Focused on Healing Her Deeper Issues

Perhaps the first and most important thing that Amber did for her weight loss is that she learned to focus on healing her deeper issues instead of just focusing on the surface ones, like her weight.

After her jail time, she spoke openly about her addiction issues and how those fueled so many of her other problems, such as her violent temper, her extreme weight fluctuations, and her overall feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem.

Once she got sober, she said it was much easier to work on the other things, without substances in her life to distract her. And losing weight was one of her top priorities.

She has also told fans that she couldn’t see what was causing her to be so abusive to her body with food, drugs, and alcohol until she did some work on herself internally and figured out what was making her turn to these things.

It can be a vicious cycle when someone is dealing with substances they are using to self-soothe. Whether it’s one of Amber’s vices or something else, learning what it is and why you use it to sabotage your own physical health will go far in helping you lose the weight you wish to leave behind.

Before you set out to try another diet, consider spending some time focusing on any deeper issues you may have that are causing you to not be able to lose weight.

You may surprise yourself with how much easier your weight loss journey will become as a result of that inner work, once you are willing to do it.

2. She Found an Exercise Routine That Works for Her

Amber has admitted that exercise was never a part of her weight loss journey in the past.

She had focused more on fad diets, drastic calorie reduction plans, and using supplements to help her lose excess weight. But that weight just kept coming back, and she’d start the cycle all over again.

Now, Amber has adopted a series of exercise routines that she says work well for her body and her schedule. She likes to hike, do karate and her favorite exercise for keeping the pounds down is the stationary bike.

Amber is a testament to the idea that exercise alone won’t help us lose weight. We have to find a regimen that works for us, and that we will stick with.

Whether it’s cross-fit, fitness classes, hiking, or yoga, each of us needs to adopt an exercise plan that fits into our lives and that we will be successful at keeping at it.

Experts know that consistency with exercise is much more important to achieving and maintaining weight loss than what type of exercise you do.

Sure, some fitness activities will burn more calories than others. But if you aren’t able or willing to stick with it, then there’s no point in engaging in it.

Like Amber, finding the exercise routine that works for you, and that you can stick to, will make all the difference in your weight loss success.

3. She Cut All Empty Carbs Out of Her Diet

Another way that Amber was able to finally succeed at her weight loss goals was by taking a very careful look at her diet.

She has been very vocal about how horrible her diet was before, and how she would try to just eat less, but still indulge in all the foods that she loved.

Now, she has recently shared with fans that she is sticking with a low-carb/high-protein diet, and the results have obviously paid off for her.

Many nutritionists and medical professionals have given big praise to diets like Amber’s for long-term weight loss success. There are many that believe a low-carb/high protein diet is ideal for human’s overall health, not just physically but mentally as well.

Focusing on foods that pack a big protein punch like lean meats, cheeses, and eggs is great for weight loss, while also making sure you are getting the nutrients you need. Adding in green vegetables, like Amber did with her green beans, or trying spinach or kale will also boost your iron and fiber intake.

What Amber is eating on a daily basis is making a big difference in her weight loss success. But what she isn’t eating is just as important as well.

Staying away from high-carb foods, especially processed snacks, fast food and soda are all great ways to slim down. The fact Amber also doesn’t drink alcohol anymore helps as well, since alcoholic drinks tend to be laden with carbs and empty calories.

4. She Learned the Slow-And-Steady Route to Long-Term Weight Loss

Finally, we can all take a page out of Amber’s book when it comes to not only how we lose weight but also the speed at which we expect it to happen.

After years of yo-yo weight loss and gain, Amber finally settled down with a plan.

By looking at different areas of her life that she wanted to change, she allowed herself to take the time to lose weight the right way this time.

By focusing on her deeper issues and adding consistent exercise and healthy eating in, she stopped trying to find a “quick fix” for weight loss and let her body lose the weight at its own pace.

This is obviously easier said than done. Most of us set out on a weight loss journey because we have a reason – a wedding, a reunion, a New Year’s Eve resolution, or something else that has motivated us to lose weight in that very instance. We don’t want to wait a year, or even six months. We want quick results, not slow-and-steady ones.

But if we can look at weight loss as a long-term goal, like Amber did, we may have more success even though it very likely will take longer than we want it to.

If Amber’s weight loss journey is one that inspires you, it may be time to try her theory of slow-and-steady and see if you can achieve the same results that she has.

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