How Did Faith Evans Lose Weight?

Anyone who is a fan of Faith Evans has probably wondered what the singer has done to lose so much weight in recent months.

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Anyone who is a fan of Faith Evans has probably wondered what the singer has done to lose so much weight in recent months.

It’s always interesting to watch our favorite movie stars and singers go through life changes and relate them to our own. But when a big name in the industry succeeds in accomplishing a goal like losing a significant amount of weight, we are all curious as to how they did it and whether or not it will work for us.

Faith Evans lost weight by working out with a private trainer, using the stairs outside of her Santa Monica home, changing her diet to include more healthy food options, and adding more exercise to her daily routine.

Most of us, at one time or another, are working hard to lose weight. We often turn to celebrities for inspiration since these people live their lives in public, and often their success (and failures) are available for us to witness and learn from. But seeing their “after” photos is only so helpful. We want to know how they lost all that weight and if it’s going to work for us as well.

I like following celebrity success stories, especially those that center around weight loss. Faith Evans is a testament to setting your sights on something and achieving it. Let’s look more closely at her weight loss journey, how she embraced it, and if it can work for you as well.

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How Did Faith Evans Lose Weight?

Faith Evans is a female singer, best known for her R&B hits, and was the first female artist to contract with Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs back in 1994, at the age of 20.

She has been married three times, has been divorced and widowed, and has four children.

Faith Evans is known for her music, but recently has made headlines with impressive weight loss, sharing that at her heaviest, the 5 foot 7-inch star was almost 200 pounds but now weighs around 130 pounds and has managed to keep off the weight, despite her busy career.

So how has she done it? Her plan is one of consistency, patience, and putting herself as a priority.

1. She Worked Out With a Private Trainer

Faith Evans’s weight loss journey started a few years ago when she moved to Atlanta to work on an album. She was at her heaviest, weighing in at around 190 pounds, and wasn’t happy with it.

The first thing she did was enlisted the help of a trainer.

Though her goal was to work with someone who could help her get into the shape she wanted to be in for the album, she ended up continuing to work with a trainer long after the album dropped.

Working with a trainer has proven to be effective for many people who have been on the weight loss rollercoaster for years and just can’t seem to get off.

Trainers will not only show you what exercises are going to help you lose the weight in the places you want, but they are also a great way to help you stay accountable to yourself and your weight loss goals.

Many people think that hiring a trainer is going to be out of their price range. They don’t see how they can fit the additional cost into their current budget.

But trainers don’t have to be expensive. Though a typical private trainer will cost you around $50 to $150 an hour (depending on where you live and how much experience they have) you can also find trainers that work with groups that will cost less, or you can even start with online training sessions. Many of these are even free!

2. She Used the Stairs Outside Her Santa Monica Home

Speaking of a way to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine for free…

One of the biggest ways that Faith Evans claims she was able to lose weight - and keep it off! - was stair climbing right outside her own home.

Faith Evans's permanent home is in Santa Monica, California. There, she lives near the well-known sets of stairs that descend from Santa Monica and connect pedestrians to the city of Los Angeles below.

The stairs consist of two different sets - one wooden and one concrete - but both are extremely popular with tourists and exercise enthusiasts alike.

As Faith Evans found, these stairs are great for staying in shape, as the wooden steps have  170 planks to climb and the concrete stairs are made up of 199.

Faith Evans has said in multiple interviews that the stairs are something she climbs as often as she can and gives them credit for how easily she lost so much weight and how well she’s been able to maintain it.

That is no small climbing feat!

Stair Climbing has long been known to have excellent cardiovascular benefits, as it really gets your heart racing, even if you take it slow.

And, the amount of muscles it takes to climb stairs provides for an excellent strength and toning workout as well.

Finally, stair climbing can also be as high-impact or low-impact as you like, which makes it an ideal activity for people of all fitness levels.

3. She Changed Her Diet to Include Healthy Food Options

Being a music star has plenty of benefits, and it’s a lifestyle many of us envy.

But, there are also the downsides. Compromising your lifestyle habits is often one of them.

Faith Evans is no stranger to travel, touring, and performing on a regular basis. Spending significant amounts of time on the road can really sabotage a person’s eating habits, and Faith Evans is no exception to that.

She has said that while touring, it’s a struggle to eat the right foods and avoid ones that don’t contain the nutrients that will fuel her through her performances and the rest of her day.

Performing is hard work, and any artist will tell you that they come off the stage ravenous and ready to eat anything they can get their hands on.

Unfortunately, even though performing allows an artist to burn significant numbers of calories, they may also make some bad decisions when it’s time to refuel. Faith Evans has struggled with this.

But once she made the decision to change her eating habits, the pounds began to come off. And, once she learned what healthy food options would keep her fuller, longer, and give her the energy she needed to perform, she was able to incorporate those foods into her diet on a regular basis, thereby keeping the pounds off.

One of her favorite sources of energy and nutrients is veggie juice.

There are many foods that can provide you with the adequate energy to power through your day, while also staving off food cravings later, or a desire to overeat.  Choosing foods that are high in protein, like lean meats, nuts, eggs, and beans will keep your energy high and the hunger pains at bay.

Opting for lots of green vegetables will also help, as they are high in fiber, which is also great for appetite suppression and they provide a huge dose of the healthy nutrients your body needs, especially if - like Faith Evans - you are doing something that burns a lot of calories.

Look for vegetables like spinach, avocados, broccoli, and kale to help fuel your system and support your performance level.

4. She Added More Exercise to Her Daily Routine

As discussed earlier, Faith Evans knew she had to change her eating habits in order to lose weight, but she also learned - perhaps through the knowledge of her personal trainer - that diet alone won’t be enough to drop pounds. Especially if she wanted her weight loss to stick around for the long term.

Along with stair climbing, Faith Evans began to incorporate other types of exercise into her daily routine. She knew it couldn’t just be for the short term, as then the weight would just come back. She had to find activities she truly enjoyed, that would keep her body moving and the calories burning.

When she’s on the road - which is frequently - Faith Evans brings weight and resistance bands along with her. This way, no matter where she might be staying, she can continue to do her weight training exercises.

When there are no stairs to climb, she will walk, jog or do a fitness DVD in her hotel room or on the tour bus. She even has been known to do push-ups by the side of the stage before beginning a performance.

She is so committed to maintaining her current weight loss and fitness routine that she is in the process of creating her own motivational workout DVD to help other people see what she’s done to lose weight and hopefully inspire them through their own weight loss journey.

Faith Evans knows that weight loss isn’t easy but she is proof that it’s possible if you stick to a routine and are consistent with what you are doing.

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