How Did Kathy Griffin Lose Weight?

Recent photos of Kathy Griffin on the internet and in magazines may have you wondering what the comedienne and television star has been doing to lose weight.

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Recent photos of Kathy Griffin on the internet and in magazines may have you wondering what the comedienne and television star has been doing to lose weight.

Though Kathy Griffin has been a personality widely known in Hollywood for many decades, she has gone through a number of physical changes over the years. She’s also had several personal and professional successes and mishaps. It may leave you wondering if her weight loss is intentional or due to external factors.

Kathy Griffin has lost weight because of several different reasons, such as trying diet pills and drugs, having plastic surgery that helped eliminate excess weight from her body, and making some healthy lifestyle changes after her recent bout with lung cancer.

Griffin has been open and candid about her weight loss journey and decisions she’s made in the past – some of which she is fine with, and others that she would go back and change if she could. Her story can serve as inspiration for some and one of warning for others who may be contemplating trying some of her tactics themselves.

I find celebrity life stories to be fascinating. People like Kathy Griffin live large lives that are put on display for the rest of us to witness. We can take advantage of someone like Griffin’s willingness to be open about her struggles and triumphs and see that people like her are still people like us – trying to do the best they can with what they’ve got.

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How Did Kathy Griffin Lose Weight?

At sixty years old, Kathy Griffin has been a public figure most of her adult life. She is known best for her comedy acts, television sitcoms, and stand-up shows. She’s also well known for being very outspoken and has faced significant criticism for some of the opinions she has openly shared on stage and on the air.

Griffin has also had her share of personal struggles as well, one most notable is her body image. She has made a number of choices in an attempt to change the way she looks, some of them are more healthy than others.

1. She’s Tried Diet Pills and Drugs

Griffin has been honest about different shortcuts she’s tried in order to lose the inches and pounds. Back in the early 2000s, Griffin tried amphetamines and quickly lost 15 pounds in two weeks, an amount that is not considered healthy and isn’t sustainable.

Amphetamines – also commonly known as speed – are drugs that are often prescribed for people who struggle with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD for short. One of the side effects of amphetamines is that they are also known to work as an appetite suppressant and are sometimes taken by people – like Griffin – to help curb their hunger and lose weight.

These drugs are also highly addictive, so most doctors would not subscribe them to be used as a weight loss plan, the way Kathy Griffin was using them.

Though Griffin’s experiment with amphetamines was short-lived back in her younger years, she has admitted recently that she became addicted to other pills in her late 50s. She began taking painkillers that she had been given at different times for injuries she had suffered and this slowly led to her pill consumption getting bad enough to land her in the hospital.

Now free from substances and living a sober life, Kathy Griffin has oftentimes spoken about the fact that using drugs to attain a better body was not the route she would go again.

2. She’s Turned to Plastic Surgery to Change Her Body

Griffin has also been open about her willingness to go under the knife to get the changes she’s wanted for her body. Others she would do again, while some she regrets and wouldn’t recommend.

In her twenties, Griffin had a nose job that didn’t cause her any weight loss, but started her on the path to curiosity about what other surgical performances could give her the look she was craving. Though many believe she has had multiple plastic surgeries, Griffin has only admitted to one, a liposuction procedure that went wrong and caused her body to look worse than before.

Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from a person’s body by using a suction-type machine in targeted areas, usually a person’s stomach, upper thighs or neck. Though considered safe if done correctly and by a licensed medical provider, Griffin claims that since her procedure resulted in complications and a disfigurement, she tried plastic surgery again.

3. She’s Adopted Healthy Lifestyle Changes

After years of battling with body image issues and some unpleasant ways to try and lose weight, Kathy Griffin now claims that she’s finally discovered the secret to weight loss – healthy living.

After a lung cancer diagnosis left her scared she was going to die, Griffin finally realized how much she wanted to live, and started adopting healthy ways to do just that.

Her surgery to remove the tumor in her lung was successful and she now uses healthy eating choices and regular exercise to help her stay in shape and keep the weight off. She has also admitted to it taking her over fifty years to be able to really learn to love her body.

What Are Healthy Eating Choices?

If you are ready to stop fooling around with fad diets, pills, and even surgeries and come up with a viable way to lose weight and keep it off for the long term, here are several steps that are easy to take and will get you started down a path to lifestyle choices that will be sustainable and good for your body.

Eat Real Food

There are so many different theories on what foods we should (or shouldn’t be putting into our bodies). Whether you are considering a high protein/low carb diet, a vegetarian/vegan diet, or a high carb/low-fat diet, it can be overwhelming to know which one is actually best for long-term weight loss.

Two things we know for sure – whatever way you decide to fuel your body, consistency is key. If you can’t stand the thought of giving up meat, then a vegetarian diet will not work for you. But, you could adapt it and replace some of your red meats with more lean ones, like chicken.

Another thing we know is that no diet is going to encourage you to eat more processed foods if you are trying to lose some pounds. These items are called “empty calories” for a reason and do nothing for your overall health, let alone your waistline.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Water is essential to our bodies and we can’t survive without it. Water flushes unwanted toxins from our body and keeps things moving, so we can avoid bloating and extra weight from waste products.

It is suggested that people consume anywhere from 12 to 16 cups of water a day, depending on their sex, age, physical activity, overall health, and weather conditions.

Adding more water into your daily routine will help you shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. Hunger also curbs your appetite and when you are dehydrated, you may feel like you are hungry when a glass of water may do the trick.

Move That Body

Exercise – we all know we need it, but we are not always great at getting enough of it. Exercise requires effort, something that we don’t always have a lot of stored up during our days.

And exercise, like food, is constantly being debated. Should we run or walk for more weight loss? Should I lift weights over getting some cardio or is it better to join a gym or join a pool? The options sometimes seem endless and the debates so intense that it leaves us exhausted before we commit to anything.

But commitment is the key. I recently heard someone say that, regardless of what kind of exercise you do, just find something that will encourage you to move your body for at least 30 minutes every day. This sounded so simple and straightforward to me – and doable!

Sleep It Off

It’s hard to think that solid sleep is going to help you rid your belly of those extra bulges but think again.

Recent studies suggest that more sleep would not only do wonders for our productivity during the day but will also help our bodies burn fat accordingly. Good sleep like more water helps our bodies function in the way they are designed to and is imperative to keeping everything running smoothly.

It’s also true that when you are sleep-deprived, you tend to reach for higher calorie, comfort foods and have way less interest in getting some exercise. All these factors will certainly not help you lose weight, and could add to more weight gain if you continue to deprive yourself of sleep.

Shoot for 7 to 9 hours a night. And see if the scale reads lighter…and your mood too.

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