How Do Realtors Dress?

If you are a new real estate agent, you may be probably asking yourself, how do realtors dress? Well, this dressing guide for realtors has the answers.

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If you are a new real estate agent, you may be probably asking yourself, how do realtors dress? Well, this dressing guide for realtors has the answers.

Real estate agents should always dress in a clean, neat and professional manner. For men, tailored pants or khakis, matched with a dress shirt and tailored suit, will be a good choice. For women, windproof skirts, button-down blouses, tailored pants, and tank tops can all give a professional look.

In this guide, we will walk you through how male and female realtors should dress to maintain a professional, neat look. We will also take a closer look at the dressing options for both men and women in the real industry, as well as tips on how to match different outfits. And by the time you finish reading this article, you will have all the answers you are looking for on how realtors should dress.

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Dressing for Male Realtors

Dressing appropriately is vital in almost all jobs where you work in a professional setting. And working as a real estate agent is no exception. So, how should you dress a man in the real estate industry? Here are some options to explore:

Dress Shirts

As a realtor, your wardrobe should always have a couple of dress shirts. And for dress shirts, you should always go for those with a collar. Dress shirts with collars will add a formal look to your dressing.

Also, you should go for the basic colors and shades. Ideally, you should have light blue, plain white, pinks and light purple shirts. Avoid dramatic colors or shirts with too many colors.

Sticking to dress shirts with basic colors will make it easier to find matching pants, blazers, jackets and pants. Besides, you will always appear neat and professional.

As for patterns, you should also stick with the classic minimalist types. Such types will never go out of fashion, meaning you can wear them as long as possible.

Your dress shirts should also fit well. If they don't fit, they will make you appear poorly dressed while reducing your professional appeal.

Polo Shirts

When chosen carefully, polo shirts can also be a great dressing option for your real estate agent's wardrobe.

Unlike dress shirts, polo shirts tend to lean more towards the casual side. Furthermore, they are also highly versatile, meaning you can wear them both in casual and formal settings.

Also, polo shirts will be a great choice during warmer weather, especially during those days when you have to conduct several house tours.

When buying polo shirts, make sure you avoid those with large brandings. While polo shirts may be casual, you still want to maintain your professional look. You don't want to look as if you are going to a golfing tournament or football game.

Again, stick to basic colors, especially the monochromatic ones. Polo shirts with too many colors will be hard to match with other pieces of clothing like pants. Some of the best colors for polo shirts include grey, black, navy blue, taupe, and beige.

If you decide to go with polo shirts, always make sure they are tucked into your pants. Walking around with a polo shirt hanging loose may create the wrong impression.


You should also have a couple of suits in your wardrobe. A well-designed and fitting suit, combined with a dress shirt and khaki pants, can considerably enhance your professional look.

For colors, it will be highly advisable to stick to grays, blacks, and navy blues. Such colors will always be timeless. Also, most people won't notice even if you re-wear your suits.

When it comes to suits, you should opt for tailored suits instead of ready-made ones. With a tailored suit, you will get a chance to select your preferred fabric, color, texture and other features.

Furthermore, tailored suits will be designed according to your exact body dimensions. Therefore, it will fit you perfectly, further accentuating your professional look.

Ready-made suits, on the other hand, will never fit your body perfectly. And as you may probably know, fit is one of the most important factors when it comes to suits.


Your real estate agent wardrobe will also need a couple of pants. For pants, you have numerous options to choose from, including chinos, dress pants, khakis and some jeans.

Again, you should always go for fitting pants. They shouldn't be too tight or too loose. If you are struggling to find a pair of pants that fit you well, you can always take any pair to your tailor. And they will adjust them according to your size.

In case you decide to wear jeans, you should try as much as possible to avoid the light shades of blue. Instead, go for dark blue, dark grey, black and other darker tones. Also, avoid wearing baggy, ripped, or bleached jeans.


So, what shoes should male real estate agents wear? Well, you have numerous options to consider. But, if you are unsure where to start, then you should go with dress shoes.

For dress shoes, you should have at least three different styles. You can go for derbies, wingtips, brogues or loafers.

Having several pairs of shoes to choose from will help to minimize premature wear and tear. Also, it will be easier to select different outfits for different workdays.

Avoid shiny shoes and multicolored shoes. Such shoes will not only make you appear unprofessional, but they will also be hard to match with your work outfits.

Furthermore, multicolored shoes will be hard to polish since you have to polish each with different shades or colors of polish.

Always ensure that the shoe you are wearing matches your belt's color. While it may appear insignificant, focusing on such small details will help to tie your outfit together.

Dressing Guide for Female Realtors

Just like men, female realtors should always strive to maintain a professional look whenever they are around their real estate clients. So, how should female realtors dress? Here are some tips to guide your dress code:


For shoes, you can opt for flat or low-heeled shoes. The reasoning behind this is that you need to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

After all, you will be spending most of your time walking around or standing during property tours and open houses.

So, if your shoes are too high, there's a high chance you will end up with bruised feet at the end of your day.

If you decide to go for flat shoes, you should opt for those with pointed toes. Such designs will give you a professional touch while keeping your feet comfortable.

Some of the most popular choices include stilettos, kitten heels and leather loafers. When matched with pencil skirts or tailored pants, leather loafers will give that professional flair.


Tank tops are arguably the best choice for women working in this industry. Besides looking cute, tank tops will help your body to air out, especially if you are having an active day.

For tank tops, you should purchase neutral colors, which you can be wearing beneath your sweaters and coats.

Avoid branded tops, those with logos all over or anything with a design that looks outlandish.


You also need to add a couple of blouses to your wardrobe. And this is where button-down blouses come in.

Button-down shirts are classic and timeless. Furthermore, they can easily transition from formal to casual, day to night.

However, ensure you pay attention to the materials used. If possible, avoid button-down silk blouses. While silk may appear stylish, it shows wetness and stains easily. Furthermore, it tends to deteriorate faster than other materials.


Your wardrobe is not complete without several skirts. For skirts, go for the sturdy, windproof designs. And pencil skirts will be a good choice.

Avoid anything that you come across labeled "mini," as you may end up flashing your clients – which can be an embarrassing affair.


There's a high chance that you will be alternating between skirts and trousers. So, you should also add some trousers to your real estate agent's wardrobe.

Wide-leg trousers are the preferable design. However, you also need to mix them up with tailored dress pants. Tailored dress pants will come in handy, especially when it's too cold outside to wear the wide-leg designs.

Closing Remarks

Most real estate clients hire realtors based on appearance and perception. So, if you are poorly or unprofessionally dressed, you will struggle to get any clients. On the other hand, if you are neat, clean and professional dressed, most potential clients will feel confident working with you. And you will find it easier to land clients. So, regardless of whether you choose dress shirts or polo shirts, tailored pants or dresses, you should always come dressed to impress your clients. After all, you never get a second chance to make the right first impression.

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