How Much Does A Sandwich Bag Weigh?

At first, you might be thinking of those “Ziplock” bag kinds, but that’s just the tip of the Iceberg.

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Another puzzling question you might find interesting is the weight of a sandwich bag. At first, you might be thinking of those “Ziplock” bag kinds, but that’s just the tip of the Iceberg. In this age of technology, the sandwich bag has evolved to include a variety of materials to store your PB&J. We will explore the universe of sandwich bags and unlock the final answer.

How much does a sandwich bag weigh? Well, how much time do you have to read this fascinating look at sandwich bags? You might even stop buying those flimsy fold top bags you’re buying at Walmart. Get ready to pack up and take a wild ride into the unknown. You can finally learn how much these new sandwich bags weigh?

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Sandwich bag categories

Major brands


The industry leader with more years in the field than we know! When you think of sandwich bags, this is the standard go-to brand since it works reliably well. Their new XL sandwich bags are 40% larger to fit those extra-large Dagwood-sized sandwiches.

Sandwich bags: 2 grams apiece

Sandwich bags XL: 10 grams apiece

Sandwich and Snack bags: 2 grams apiece

Compostable: 3.5 grams apiece

Snack bags: 2 grams apiece


Another trusted brand that everybody knows and uses for all sorts of sandwiches! If you went to school with those fold top baggies, you probably had one of these in your lunch bag. Their newest Flex’n Seal is heavy duty with a very reliable zipper.

Fold top bags: 1 gram apiece

Sandwich zipper: 2.5 grams apiece

Flex’n Seal sandwich: 3 grams apiece

Silicone reusable sandwich bags

These new sandwich bags work remarkably well and keep your sandwiches from getting wet. Perfect for camping and trips to the beach. No more sand in your sandwich! These also have built-in zippers.

Stasher reusable silicone bags: 90.7 grams apiece

Homelux reusable silicone bags: 105 grams apiece

Heavy plastic reusable sandwich bags

These must be hand washed since they are not meant for the dishwasher. They have zipper closures and are perfect for kids who like cool printed patterns too. The Qualeap stand-up bag is neat since it can stand up on its own in a travel bag or suitcase easily.

Qualeap stand-up sandwich bags: 28 grams apiece

Clever4You sandwich bags: 32.2 grams apiece

Dishwasher safe sandwich bags

These bags are dishwasher safe and will outlast those throw-away 1000+ times longer. Just open the bag and drape it onto a plate rack wire form to wash it. These also feature printed patterns and have the zipper closure to seal your sandwich.

Langsprit: 33 grams apiece

Russbe: 9.8 grams apiece

Machine washable fabric sandwich bags

In recent years the eco-friendly movement against plastic is now being replaced with fabric sandwich bags. These bags have special liners that keep the fabric from getting ruined. Best yet they can be thrown in the washing machine and reused over and over.

Yummi pouch: 13 grams apiece

Bumkins reusable: 9 grams apiece

Biodegradable plastic sandwich bags

Some plastics can be used once and thrown away knowing they will naturally break-down in the sunlight. This is a better way to go green in this world of plastic waste. These bags are perfect for outdoor trips. They have re-sealable top closures.

BioBag: 4.5 grams apiece

PrideGreen: 9 grams apiece

Non-stick toaster bread sandwich bags

Wouldn’t you know that they have a special sandwich bag for putting in toasters! The Toastabag can be reused several times over. It’s great for grilled cheese! The Bluedrop bags can be thrown out and break-down naturally in the sunlight.

Bluedrop toaster bags (compostable): 4 grams apiece

Toastabags toaster bag (reusable): 4.2 grams apiece

Paper sandwich bags

This category has many variations that are popular with sandwich shops and can also be bought at the store. The most unique in the bunch is the Toastabags foil-lined to keep your sandwich insulated. It’s technically not a paper bag but is a zipper top foil bag.

IF YOU CARE paper sandwich bag (compostable): 1 gram apiece

Reynolds wax-lined sandwich bags (recyclable): 3.9 grams apiece

Cellophane lined paper sandwich bags (clear window): 20 grams apiece

Swoosh Supplies Foil-lined (inside) sandwich bags: 10 grams apiece

INSU-BAG foil-lined (outside) sandwich bags: 9 grams apiece

Toastabags foil-lined (closable) sandwich bags: 30 grams apiece

Cloth-based sandwich bags

One of the newer hip trends that offer cloth-like material for re-useable sandwich bags. These all have different liners that protect your sandwich. Two of these use a polyurethane liner that can melt in washing machines. The nylon liner is longer lasting.

DIWEIYA (Cotton fabric/PU liner): 17 grams apiece

Green Sprouts (100% polyester w/PU liner): 4.5 grams apiece

HeyHome reusable (Burlap w/ nylon liner): 27 grams apiece

No-Name disposable sandwich bags

You’ll see these at the Dollar Store and are the most common in this family of plastic sandwich bags. They are cheap and usually reliable, but not all the time. Yet they are always thinner than most plastic sandwich bags, making them feel like cheaper knock-offs at best.

Fold top bags: 1 gram apiece

Zipper brands: 2 grams apiece

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