How Much Does an Airstream Weigh?

If you're planning on dry camping this summer, you will have to tow your Airstream. This is where you need to know how much an Airstream weighs.

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‍If you're planning on dry camping this summer, you will have to tow your Airstream. This is where you need to know how much an Airstream weighs.

Knowing the weight of the Airstream you wish to purchase makes it easier to tow whether you plan a short weekend trip or are traveling cross-country. You also need to plan your fuel requirements because, remember, the more you tow, the more fuel you need.

Since Airstreams are available in multiple types and models, their weight tends to vary depending on your choice, ranging from around 8000 lbs for the Classic 30RB to the much lighter 2,500 lbs of the Basecamp Standard Airstream. However, this is the kind of weight range you can expect. 

Airstreams are known to be chock full of features and appliances with the idea to make your stay a comfortable one, especially while you're on the road. So with all that on board, how much does one weigh? And will it be an issue when you're lugging it around with you on your travels?

As experts in camping and cross-country travel, including Airstreams, we can provide you with all the information you need when it comes to the various Airstream options and their weight.

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How Much Does an Airstream Weigh?

Airstream trailers are believed to be more aerodynamic, with a lower center of gravity, than other types of trailers, thanks to their characteristic glossy metal appearance. However, Airstream trailers have become heavier over time.

Mind you, it's not simply the base weight. It's the items that folks throw into their trailers that we're talking about. This means that once the trailer is fully loaded, it demands a towing setup that is far from standard. When it comes to determining the trailer's weight, automakers prefer to throw a lot of figures at you.

The majority of Airstream models weigh between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds, while there are a few that go outside of that range. The Classic is the biggest model, weighing over 8,000 pounds, while the Basecamp is the smallest, at little over 2,500 pounds.

Keep in mind that weights differ by model year while looking at the list below. This list was compiled using specs from a variety of recent model years, so take it with a grain of salt. To better understand what to expect in terms of towing, look up the specs for the specific model year and vehicle.

Airstream Classic Weight

Whenever you think about an Airstream, you've probably pictured this one. The Classic Airstream has been sprawled across magazines for years and has garnered much attention. It is also the heaviest in the lineup.

It boasts the timeless design that has made Airstream so popular throughout the years. The trailer comes in various sizes, ranging from 30 to 33 feet long. As a consequence, you have a choice of four different floor plans.

You won't have to worry about comfort when you buy this trailer because it comes with a designated kitchen, eating, lounging, bathroom, and sleeping rooms. Even if you bring your children, you will be able to get away from them for a bit and spend time alone with your husband. It can sleep up to five people.

The hitch weight of this trailer is 886 pounds, while the unit base weight is 7788 pounds. It can tow a trailer that weighs up to 10,000 pounds. Finally, it features a 2212-pound net carrying capacity.

Globetrotter Airstream Weight

The Globetrotter is one of Airstream's most popular models. There are numerous floor plans to select from. Although they share many similarities, each floor plan has its own personality. The main difference between the floor designs, though, is the size. These trailers range in length from 23 to 30 feet and can accommodate up to six people.

Now that there is a new version of the Globetrotter, it comes with a slew of modern conveniences. It boasts a kitchen with a lot of modern features, such as stainless steel equipment. The trailer is also furnished with a variety of amenities for your enjoyment. The highlights are the Fusion Touchscreen radio and a subwoofer with surround sound speakers.

Bambi Airstream Weight

You have a couple of different size options for the Bambi. It may be anywhere between 16 and 22 feet long. As a result, each size has a few slight variances in what you get. However, the biggest distinction is the amount of storage available. Regardless of the size, the primary features are relatively similar.

This camper can sleep four people, so you may take your children on a journey with you. The hitch weight is 430 pounds, while the trailer has a base weight of 3000 pounds. The trailer has a 3500-pound maximum trailer capacity and a 500-pound net carrying capacity.

Base Camp Airstream Weight

The Base Camp is on the smaller side of what Airstream has to offer. In fact, it is the smallest RV on their lineup.  It's barely 16 feet long, but that doesn't rule it out as a viable choice if you're simply going on a vacation with your spouse. It crams a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room into a compact area.

The trailer weighs 2585 pounds without the hitch and 410 pounds with the hitch. In addition, the trailer has a 915-pound net carrying capacity and a 3500-pound maximum trailer capacity. The trailer is equipped with air conditioning and heating.

Weight Types

Once you've decided on the ideal vehicle type for your purposes - hybrid, van, truck – it's critical to understand and adhere to the following weight considerations and constraints. When weighing up (pun intended) your options, keep in mind that having too much towing capability is preferable to having too little.

All of the intricacies of this data for the Airstream units and tow vehicles you're considering may be addressed by your Airstream dealer and car dealership. The automotive experts can explain how different configurations, such as a tow package, a diesel engine, or four-wheel drive, affect your towing capability and overall driving experience.

Hitch Weight

The amount of weight a trailer's tongue exerts on the tow vehicle's hitch is referred to as Tongue Weight. Because the hitch is coupled to the tow vehicle's frame, exceeding the tongue weight rating will drive the tow vehicle's back end down, resulting in insufficient weight on the front axle.

As a result, you'll have issues steering, maybe losing traction, and stopping. The weight distribution within your Airstream might affect your hitch weight. Consider using a distribution hitch to assist level up your Airstream and tow vehicle if you're approaching the Hitch Weight restriction on your tow car. The batteries and propane tank are included in the Airstream hitch weight.

Net Carrying Capacity

The net is the total weight of freight and people that your Airstream can transport. The weight of the unit is not included in the NCC. Never put too much weight on your Airstream. That extra weight can lead to harmful inertia, making it difficult to stop. Those extra pounds will wear down your tow vehicle's engine, frame suspension and brakes over time.

A few other weight metrics that you need to know when it comes to using an Airstream include the Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity, which is the standard that applies to motorized RVs. The maximum permissible weight for everything onboard the unit — people, pets, water tanks, and appliances.

As determined by the manufacturer, the maximum permitted loaded weight of your tow vehicle or Airstream is known as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) takes into account the weight of passengers, luggage, and the vehicle itself. Exceeding the GVWR provides a considerable danger since it makes it harder to manage, slow, or stop the vehicle.

Pulling an Airstream

Most half-ton trucks have the power and pulling capability to tow the majority of the airstreams on this list. Check your truck's engine to see what it is. Most half-ton trucks with V8 engines can tow over 10,000 pounds, but if your vehicle has a V6, you may not be able to tow an Airstream Classic model securely, even if all of its tanks are empty.

Consult your truck's owner's handbook to find out how much you can tow, and be sure you have the necessary hitch and connections to do it. If you have a Heavy Duty or Super Duty truck, you should be able to tow a minimum of 10,000 pounds and a maximum of 20,000 pounds.

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